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3 Miles Varsity
Womens Races
3 Miles Varsity

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Mens Results

3 Miles Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Saratoga Central Catholic51
2.Greenwich Central62
3.Stillwater Central77
4.Hoosic Valley Central95
5.Berlin Junior-Senior102
1.12Kevin Cronin
17:03.6 SRSaratoga Central Cat...
2.11Joe Yusaitis
17:33.3 PRStillwater Central
3.12Ben Corey
17:40.4Hoosic Valley Central
4.12Nick Roy
17:50.2 SRStillwater Central
5.10Aiden Scott
17:52.4 PRHoosick Falls Central
6.12Sam Grimmke
17:54.5Greenwich Central
7.12Josh Hendericks
17:58.6 PRBerlin Junior-Senior
8.11Caden Awad
18:03.7 PRSaratoga Central Cat...
9.10Collin Douglas
18:09.7Berlin Junior-Senior
10.12Matt Rose
18:13.4Hoosic Valley Central
11.11Griffin Day
18:25.3 SRSaratoga Central Cat...
12.11Peyton Howard
18:28.6 PRGreenwich Central
13.9Bruce Gregg
18:40.0Greenwich Central
14.9Dylan Oliva
18:45.9 SRMechanicville
15.10Ryan Savage
18:52.3 PRGreenwich Central
16.10Collin MacDonald
19:00.4 PRHoosick Falls Central
17.12Michael Halligan
19:08.9 SRSaratoga Central Cat...
18.12Cole Diffenbach
19:14.4 PRMechanicville
19.FRMicah Day-O'Connel
19:15.9Waldorf ofSaratoga
20.10David Millard
19:18.4 SRMechanicville
21.12John Tagliafierro
19:23.6 SRSaratoga Central Cat...
22.10Jack Rubenstein
19:25.1 PRStillwater Central
23.12Jamie Haskell
19:26.4 PRGreenwich Central
24.10Jackson Flowers
19:39.0 PRBerlin Junior-Senior
25.11Derek Cipolla
19:40.0 SRHoosic Valley Central
26.10Blake Dunteman
19:41.4 PRTamarac
27.10William Ashley
19:42.2 PRTamarac
28.9Sam Moraci
20:02.4 PRStillwater Central
29.10Yando Shane
20:24.0 SRHoosic Valley Central
30.11Gavin Yetto
20:27.9 PRHoosick Falls Central
31.10Jack Kirkwood
20:33.2 PRStillwater Central
32.10Michael Gendron
20:35.3 PRTamarac
33.11Max Lockett
20:41.0 PRBerlin Junior-Senior
34.8Michel Ghorayeb
20:51.9 PRStillwater Central
35.11Michael Tagliafierro
20:56.5 PRSaratoga Central Cat...
36.JRTyler Grubb
20:59.6Waldorf ofSaratoga
37.11Erik Sicko
21:01.6 SRStillwater Central
38.11Zach Zanella
21:03.2 PRSaratoga Central Cat...
39.9Alex Motta
21:10.1 PRMechanicville
40.10Aaron Mcclements
21:22.5 PRStillwater Central
41.8Cameron Marotta
21:23.9 PRHoosic Valley Central
42.9Sean Murray
21:24.5 PRSaratoga Central Cat...
43.10Josh Germain
21:56.0 SRMechanicville
44.9Tyler Filarecki
22:26.2 PRTamarac
45.9Michael Loughlin
22:50.0 PRBerlin Junior-Senior
46.11Nathanie LaPlante
22:51.7 SRTamarac
47.12Hunte Fitzpatrick
23:05.5 SRTamarac
48.9Shane Thrasher
23:09.4 PRTamarac
49.9Trevor LeVan
23:13.3 PRTamarac
50.12Dylan Clarkson
23:23.8 SRHoosic Valley Central
51.9Hayden Day
23:31.9 PRSaratoga Central Cat...
52.9Jeremy Yerdon
24:01.3 PRBerlin Junior-Senior
53.9Aiden Olsted
24:07.7 PRMechanicville
54.9Michael McDonald
24:50.3 PRSaratoga Central Cat...
55.11Tyler Senecal
25:11.4 PRHoosick Falls Central
56.12Braden Allen
25:33.3Hoosic Valley Central
57.10Joe Canam
27:00.2 SRBerlin Junior-Senior
58.10Philip Oakes
30:36.3 PRBerlin Junior-Senior
59.10Chris Thompson
32:07.9 SRBerlin Junior-Senior
60.12Brendan Thrasher
32:19.0 PRTamarac
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Womens Results

3 Miles Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Greenwich Central17
2.Hoosic Valley Central85
3.Emma Willard89
4.Berlin Junior-Senior97
6.Saratoga Central Catholic126
1.10Brynne Wright
18:35.4Greenwich Central
2.10Emma Cronin
19:06.7Greenwich Central
3.7Teagen Wright
19:16.3 PRGreenwich Central
4.10Quinn Collins
19:39.4Greenwich Central
5.10Skylar Dailey
19:44.3 SREmma Willard
6.11Carolyn Burnell
19:54.9Hoosic Valley Central
7.11Annabel Gregg
20:30.7 SRGreenwich Central
8.10Brooke Wright
20:38.5Greenwich Central
9.8Emily Skiff
21:19.5 PRGreenwich Central
10.8Katie Cronin
21:24.3 PRSaratoga Central Cat...
11.10Jenna Urbanski
21:29.3 SRStillwater Central
12.12Rebecca Viall
21:31.1Hoosic Valley Central
13.8Sara Fitzgerald
21:32.3 PRMechanicville
14.12Kat Rice
21:53.7 PRHoosic Valley Central
15.7Elise Corbett
21:54.5 PRBerlin Junior-Senior
16.11Cayla Hungerford
22:05.1 SRBerlin Junior-Senior
17.9Mackenzie Bacromb
22:16.3 PRTamarac
18.10Eleni Northrop
22:27.0 SRMechanicville
19.12Calynn Cerniglia
22:31.0 SREmma Willard
20.9Hailey Beckwith
22:35.3 PRBerlin Junior-Senior
21.10Cecelia Lagomarsino
22:53.0 PREmma Willard
22.11Samantha Simmons
23:07.5 SRMechanicville
23.10Lauren Maher
23:10.3 PRSaratoga Central Cat...
24.12Julia Carlo
23:13.2 PRHoosic Valley Central
25.12Chloe Littell
23:34.0Greenwich Central
26.11Angelica Ballard
23:39.5 PREmma Willard
27.7Sam Rokjer
23:41.0 PRBerlin Junior-Senior
28.12Emma Bisaillon
23:48.2 SRStillwater Central
29.12Nina Xie
23:50.0 SREmma Willard
30.8Brady Hills
24:02.6 PRBerlin Junior-Senior
31.12Katie West
24:11.0 SRSaratoga Central Cat...
32.10Cate Nguyen
24:34.2 PREmma Willard
33.10Li Felicity
24:46.6 PREmma Willard
34.11Isabelle Schroeder
24:46.9 SRTamarac
35.11Sarah Simmons
24:50.4 PRMechanicville
36.10Faye MacDonald
25:02.1 PRHoosick Falls Central
37.7Kate Waugh
25:07.7 PRHoosick Falls Central
38.8Kayla Walker
25:13.8 PRMechanicville
39.11Amber Hsu
25:14.9 PREmma Willard
40.10Madelyn Rohne
25:21.5 SRSaratoga Central Cat...
41.11Ann Nie
25:44.7 SREmma Willard
42.11Maria Rice
26:01.5 SRHoosic Valley Central
43.10Zoe Nguyen
26:02.5 PREmma Willard
44.9Ramona Jordan
26:13.8 PRGreenwich Central
45.FRLily Kendall
26:14.4Waldorf ofSaratoga
46.11Shereen Haji
26:17.8 PREmma Willard
47.11Lourdes Colon
26:19.3 PRHoosick Falls Central
48.12Dimnika Popov
26:19.6 PRBerlin Junior-Senior
49.8Katie Lockett
26:28.7Berlin Junior-Senior
50.10Ria Walsh
26:51.0 PRSaratoga Central Cat...
51.10Ema Nicolas
26:54.8 PREmma Willard
52.12Tierney Bisaillion
26:55.2 SRMechanicville
53.11Madison Jones
26:59.8 PRHoosic Valley Central
54.9Rosalea Claeys
27:13.2 PRMechanicville
55.12Gigi French
27:16.1Berlin Junior-Senior
56.FRVivian Sweet
28:26.1Waldorf ofSaratoga
57.11Stephanie Zhang
28:30.1 PREmma Willard
58.10Franki Farano
28:31.7 PRBerlin Junior-Senior
59.12Ava Cristiano
30:05.5 PREmma Willard
60.9Layla Burkhouse
30:11.6 PRMechanicville
61.9Amanda Thrasher
30:33.5 PRTamarac
62.10Emily Chan
30:39.2 SRMechanicville
63.9Ami Melville
30:46.6 PREmma Willard
64.11Melanie deLaurentis
31:03.2Berlin Junior-Senior
65.9Fleming Felicity
31:39.4 PRBerlin Junior-Senior
66.10Jordan Shupe
33:49.0Berlin Junior-Senior
67.11Alice Buckley
35:16.1 PREmma Willard
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