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3 Miles Varsity
3 Miles Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

3 Miles Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Albany Academy for Boys & Gi...28
3.Ichabod Crane Central92
4.La Salle Institute93
5.Catholic Central134
6.Voorheesville (Bouton)156
8.Cobleskill Richmondville211
1.11Francisco Beltran
2.11Antonio Beltran
3.12Alex Foyt
16:10 SRAlbany Academy for B...
4.12Marcus O'Leary
16:21 SRAlbany Academy for B...
5.11Evan Ensslin
16:24 SRVoorheesville (Bouton)
6.11Nick Graziano
16:39 PRAlbany Academy for B...
7.12Conners O'Brien
16:53 PRAlbany Academy for B...
8.12Chris Verstandig
17:07 PRAlbany Academy for B...
9.11Joseph Marchese
17:08 PRLa Salle Institute
10.10Spencer Daley
17:29 PRCatholic Central
11.10Vishal Hada
17:38 PRAlbany Academy for B...
12.11AJ Roohan
13.10Michael Vecellio
17:42 PRIchabod Crane Central
14.11Alex Christian
17:43 PRIchabod Crane Central
15.12Tom Rotello
17:45 PRLa Salle Institute
16.9Jay Madan
17:49 PRAlbany Academy for B...
17.11Ronan Coughlin
17:53 PRLa Salle Institute
18.12Ben Cohn
17:55 PRIchabod Crane Central
19.12Calvin Luckfield
17:57 PRIchabod Crane Central
20.12Jacob Freehart
17:58 PRCatholic Central
21.12Ryan Ingle
18:07 PRLa Salle Institute
22.11Nelson Brito
18:07 SRLansingburgh
23.11Jacob Wilson
24.12Trevor Gulock
18:13 SRAlbany Academy for B...
25.11John-Michael J.M. ...
18:15 PRSchalmont
26.12Christian Carr
18:19 SRRavena-Coeymans-Selk...
27.10Paul Barber
18:22 PRCatholic Central
28.11David List
18:24 PRSchalmont
29.9Ross Kelly
18:27 PRCohoes
30.12Habib Affinnih
18:29 PRIchabod Crane Central
31.10Matt Waddingham
18:31 PRRavena-Coeymans-Selk...
32.11Kellen Chowenhill
18:34Voorheesville (Bouton)
33.9Gabe Lucarelli
18:43 PRLa Salle Institute
34.9Samuel Lasher
18:47 PRCobleskill Richmondv...
35.9Dexter Tries
18:48 PRCobleskill Richmondv...
36.8Ethan Hansen
18:48 PRVoorheesville (Bouton)
37.9Louis Warner
18:57 PRIchabod Crane Central
38.11Tim Decelle
18:59 PRCohoes
39.10Zeb Pecora
19:01 PRRavena-Coeymans-Selk...
40.11Jake Foster
19:03 PRCatholic Central
41.11Hunter Fallat
19:07 PRSchalmont
42.12Ossian Mapes
19:13 PRRavena-Coeymans-Selk...
43.11Jared Jimenez
19:14 PRCatholic Central
44.12Brian Hotopp
19:17 SRVoorheesville (Bouton)
45.12Evan Bell
19:19 PRLa Salle Institute
46.11Ethan Chichester
19:20 SRCobleskill Richmondv...
47.12Elijah Meaux
19:21 PRVoorheesville (Bouton)
48.11Matthew Vandenburgh
19:27 PRLa Salle Institute
49.10Andrew Martin
19:29 PRLa Salle Institute
50.11Ian Spoor
19:30 PRCatholic Central
51.11Nate Masick
19:41 PRSchalmont
52.11Daniel Baran
19:42 PRCohoes
53.12Oscar Martin
19:43 PRCobleskill Richmondv...
54.9Scott Race
19:44 PRIchabod Crane Central
55.11Quinn Hosgood
19:45 PRVoorheesville (Bouton)
56.12Juan Estrada
19:48 PRRavena-Coeymans-Selk...
57.10Corey Miner
19:49 SRCobleskill Richmondv...
58.9Cameron Gemmill
20:05 PRCatholic Central
59.11Reese Hosgood
20:06 PRVoorheesville (Bouton)
60.12Jake Feller
20:16 PRVoorheesville (Bouton)
61.10Matthew Miranda
20:29 PRSchalmont
62.12Chance Santoro
20:31 SRCobleskill Richmondv...
63.10Samuel Wikstrom
20:42 SRVoorheesville (Bouton)
64.12Bradley McLaughlin
20:55 PRCobleskill Richmondv...
65.12Alex Sapone
21:33La Salle Institute
66.8Matt Decelle
21:38 PRCohoes
67.11Jacob Almeida
21:39 SRCohoes
68.11Eric Strasser
21:49 PRCobleskill Richmondv...
69.9Avery Smith
23:40 PRWatervliet
70.10Ryan Storm
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3 Miles Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Albany Academy for Boys & Gi...19
2.Ichabod Crane Central55
3.Catholic Central73
4.Voorheesville (Bouton)90
5.La Salle Institute121
1.12Daniel Lacey
18:27 PRAlbany Academy for B...
2.12Jefferson LaMountain
19:07 PRAlbany Academy for B...
3.12Alex Na
19:30 SRAlbany Academy for B...
4.9Dalton Reagan
19:35 PRSchalmont
5.10Sebastian Kania
19:44 PRCatholic Central
6.11Lucas Fores
19:54 SRIchabod Crane Central
7.9William O'Brien
19:55 PRAlbany Academy for B...
8.9Alex Li
19:56 PRAlbany Academy for B...
9.9Brody Chandler
19:57 PRIchabod Crane Central
10.12Joseph Farley
20:00 PRCatholic Central
11.10Nicholas Farley
20:06 PRCatholic Central
12.12Derek Brower
20:07 SRVoorheesville (Bouton)
13.10Ivan Baker
20:12 PRIchabod Crane Central
14.11Ben Mager
20:22 PRLa Salle Institute
15.10Quinn Halpin
20:35 SRIchabod Crane Central
16.12Alex Denn
20:46 SRVoorheesville (Bouton)
17.10Alex Regan
20:59 PRIchabod Crane Central
18.11Cuyler Reynolds
21:04 SRAlbany Academy for B...
19.8Yuta Duffy
21:19 PRVoorheesville (Bouton)
20.11Aidan Cooney
21:30 SRAlbany Academy for B...
21.9Gryphon Homer
21:31 PRVoorheesville (Bouton)
22.9Nick Gould
22:00 PRIchabod Crane Central
23.10Aidan Ciancio
22:12La Salle Institute
24.12John Murphy
22:13 PRCatholic Central
25.11Tyler Garrison
22:14 PRIchabod Crane Central
26.9Dantes Tapler
22:20 PRIchabod Crane Central
27.10Keqing He
22:26 PRAlbany Academy for B...
28.11Ryan Ma
22:36 PRLa Salle Institute
29.9David Fesmire
22:39 PRVoorheesville (Bouton)
30.9Matt Barber
22:43 PRCatholic Central
31.9Silas Strich
22:43 PRAlbany Academy for B...
32.11Drew Bogdan
22:49 PRAlbany Academy for B...
33.9Jordan Banks
22:50 PRSchalmont
34.9Chris Rarick
23:02 PRRavena-Coeymans-Selk...
35.7Tiernan Chowenhill
23:03 PRVoorheesville (Bouton)
36.11Jay Alden
23:07 PRVoorheesville (Bouton)
37.9Owen Kane
23:11 PRLa Salle Institute
38.9Colton Luckfield
23:11 PRIchabod Crane Central
39.10William Fan
23:12 PRAlbany Academy for B...
40.9Boden Reynolds
23:13 PRAlbany Academy for B...
41.12Alexandre Demoly
23:29Albany Academy for B...
42.11James Klingaman
23:42 SRLa Salle Institute
43.9Carsten Renken
23:54 PRAlbany Academy for B...
44.9Mark Walker
24:21 PRRavena-Coeymans-Selk...
45.9Josh Krizar
24:40 PRIchabod Crane Central
46.11Andrew Barkley
24:43 SRIchabod Crane Central
47.12Daniel Loomis
24:55 SRLa Salle Institute
48.7Sam Bashant
25:04 PRVoorheesville (Bouton)
49.11Cael Fleischer
25:16 PRAlbany Academy for B...
50.9Joshua Garcia
25:24 PRIchabod Crane Central
51.12Nolan Cleary
25:29 SRCatholic Central
52.11Declan O'Leary
26:28La Salle Institute
53.10Sean Foley
27:41 SRVoorheesville (Bouton)
54.11Shane Craig
29:56Albany Academy for B...
55.9Zain Jafri
31:18 PRAlbany Academy for B...
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Womens Results

3 Miles Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Academy Of The Holy Names44
3.Cobleskill Richmondville82
4.Albany Academy for Boys & Gi...93
5.Voorheesville (Bouton)99
6.Ichabod Crane Central102
7.Catholic Central207
1.8Isabel Vogel
19:12 PRAcademy Of The Holy ...
2.9Mya June
3.8Livingston Ottman
19:51 PRAcademy Of The Holy ...
4.11Emily Pahl
19:56 SRSchalmont
5.7Mariem Sayahi
19:58Voorheesville (Bouton)
6.12Kerry Flower
20:04 SRSchalmont
7.12Madeleine Vogel
20:09 SRAcademy Of The Holy ...
8.11Rachel Comstock
20:26 PRCobleskill Richmondv...
9.11Cate Tomson
20:28 PRAlbany Academy for B...
10.12Ashley Kubat
20:41Cobleskill Richmondv...
11.8Julianna Tourangeau
20:53 PRRavena-Coeymans-Selk...
12.10Emily Wall
20:55 PRIchabod Crane Central
13.11Caitlin Buzas
21:12 SRSchalmont
14.12Caroline Seely
21:17 PRAcademy Of The Holy ...
15.10Emily Johnson
21:18 SRCobleskill Richmondv...
16.10Caroline Doolan
21:21 PRAlbany Academy for B...
17.12Eleanna Sakoulas
21:26 PRAlbany Academy for B...
18.9Kendyl Desroches
21:35 PRCobleskill Richmondv...
19.11Lillith Bassette
21:37 SRWatervliet
20.8Anna Hampston
21:50 PRVoorheesville (Bouton)
21.-Legget Oligny
22:01 PRIchabod Crane Central
22.8Adrianna Drindak
22:02 SRAcademy Of The Holy ...
23.11Lily McDonnell
22:05Voorheesville (Bouton)
24.12Halley Dollar
22:06 PRAlbany Academy for B...
25.10Samantha Kubow
22:10 SRIchabod Crane Central
26.11Susana Dolan
22:11 PRIchabod Crane Central
27.-Ackert Curran
22:12 PRIchabod Crane Central
28.11Sydney Wilson
22:14Voorheesville (Bouton)
29.12Olivia Armstrong
22:15 PRSchalmont
30.11Maya Ellis
22:16 PRCatholic Central
31.12Amanda Sumner
22:33 PRRavena-Coeymans-Selk...
32.7Julia Young
22:36 PRVoorheesville (Bouton)
33.10Donlon Theresa
22:45 PRAcademy Of The Holy ...
34.12Hanieka Balint
22:46 PRAlbany Academy for B...
35.7Caitlin McCarthy
22:57 PRVoorheesville (Bouton)
36.11Mackenzie Fogel
22:58Cobleskill Richmondv...
37.11Hannah Woodruff
23:01 PRVoorheesville (Bouton)
38.11Liz Macneil
23:03 PRSchalmont
39.10Morgen Ingerson
23:06 PRAlbany Academy for B...
40.12Emma Hampston
23:19Voorheesville (Bouton)
41.10Molly Sheldon
23:23 PRWatervliet
42.10Maris Seabury
23:36 PRIchabod Crane Central
43.11Christina Giammattei
23:42 PRCobleskill Richmondv...
44.10Sarah Franchini
23:43 SRAcademy Of The Holy ...
45.12Meghan McAlary
23:44 SRAcademy Of The Holy ...
46.11Alexis Stratton
23:56 PRCohoes
47.10Ciara Blizinski
23:59 PRCohoes
48.10Katie Hampston
24:04 SRVoorheesville (Bouton)
49.9Melody Ascioti
24:18 PRCatholic Central
50.9Abby Cowieson
24:23 PRCatholic Central
51.10Sophia Stampalia
24:25 SRVoorheesville (Bouton)
52.12Mikaela Cooney
24:31Albany Academy for B...
53.11Livia Silverbush
24:35 SRRavena-Coeymans-Selk...
54.11Elena Suarez
24:35 SRAcademy Of The Holy ...
55.7Amanda O'Palka
24:53 PRCohoes
56.9Morgan Bick
24:54 PRCatholic Central
57.12Vama Rao
24:59 PRAlbany Academy for B...
58.9jessica Epstein
25:03 PRAlbany Academy for B...
59.10Madison Geddes
25:08 PRAcademy Of The Holy ...
60.12Emma Zlomek
25:11 SRIchabod Crane Central
61.9Sarah VanDenburgh
25:49 PRCatholic Central
62.12Erin Maloney
25:51 PRCohoes
63.9Jenaya Smith
26:00 SRCohoes
64.9Mackenzie Ford
26:35 PRWatervliet
65.12Elizabeth Jewett
26:45 SRCohoes
66.10Jasmine Salgado
67.10Ashley Serson
27:19 PRLansingburgh
68.10Amber Carey
27:30 PRCatholic Central
69.9Elicia Swedish
30:28 PRCatholic Central
70.9Anisa Parsons
33:41 PRWatervliet
71.12Delaney Kendrick
34:40 SRCohoes
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3 Miles Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Cobleskill Richmondville29
2.Ichabod Crane Central38
3.Voorheesville (Bouton)55
1.8Victoria Iacabucci
23:01 PRVoorheesville (Bouton)
2.12Naiela Kooyoomjian
23:34 SRCobleskill Richmondv...
3.12Suzzy Kotoku
24:13 SRCobleskill Richmondv...
4.11Hannah Gardella
24:36 PRIchabod Crane Central
5.9Alexis Winning
24:48 PRCobleskill Richmondv...
6.9Hannah Meredith
24:58 PRIchabod Crane Central
7.11Olivia Chandler
25:04 SRIchabod Crane Central
8.12Kamryn DesRoches
25:10 SRCobleskill Richmondv...
9.11Kayley Gier
25:13 PRIchabod Crane Central
10.10Kyra Schafer
25:17 PRVoorheesville (Bouton)
11.12Emily Benton
25:45 SRCobleskill Richmondv...
12.11Molly Hamilton
25:48 PRIchabod Crane Central
13.11Claire Reilly
25:55 PRVoorheesville (Bouton)
14.12Abby Reilly
26:11 PRVoorheesville (Bouton)
15.11Sarah Mullarkey
26:12 SRCobleskill Richmondv...
16.12Caroline Clickman
26:18 PRIchabod Crane Central
17.12Emma Bidell
26:52 SRVoorheesville (Bouton)
18.12Jess Alessi
27:12 PRIchabod Crane Central
19.9Sydney Cook
27:38 PRIchabod Crane Central
20.10Sarah Insull
28:34 SRCatholic Central
21.10Zoe Henzel
29:59 PRCatholic Central
22.12Virginia Magdziuk
30:21 SRCobleskill Richmondv...
23.11Abir Ahmed
32:13 PRLansingburgh
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