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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men

Official Team Scores

1.Northern Arizona24
2.Southern Utah36
3.Weber State82
5.Montana State145
6.Idaho State159
7.Northern Colorado238
8.Sacramento State239
9.Eastern Washington251
11.Portland State298
12.North Dakota315
1.JrTyler Day
23:21.0Northern Arizona
2.SrMatthew Baxter
23:22.0Northern Arizona
3.SrAndy Trouard
23:58.7Northern Arizona
4.SrMike Tate
24:08.0Southern Utah
5.SrMatt Wright
24:08.7 PRSouthern Utah
6.SrJordan Cross
24:23.2Weber State
7.JrJosh Collins
24:26.6Southern Utah
8.FrLuis Grijalva
24:28.0Northern Arizona
9.JrKasey Knevelbaard
24:31.4Southern Utah
10.SrCory Glines
24:32.9 SRNorthern Arizona
11.SrGeorge Espino
24:38.2Southern Utah
12.SoAidan Reed
24:51.0Southern Utah
13.FrBrandon Hough
24:55.9Montana State
14.SoDallin Leatham
24:57.9Weber State
15.JrWyatt Diderickson
25:00.2 PRIdaho State
16.SrAlejandro Cisneros
25:02.5Portland State
17.SoTyson Green
25:03.3Weber State
18.SoDwain Stucker
19.FrChristian Ricketts
25:06.9Southern Utah
20.SrHarvey Nelson
25:07.1Northern Arizona
21.FrJacob Stone
25:11.3Weber State
22.SoDrew Schultz
23.SrTim Delcourt
24.FrNate Osterstock
25:21.2Southern Utah
25.SrJoe Maloney
25:21.9Weber State
26.FrCollin Buck
25:29.0Montana State
27.JrJesse Allen
25:31.6 PRIdaho State
28.FrFabian Cardenas
29.FrColton Rimann
25:38.4Weber State
30.JrJonathan Eastwood
31.SoCameron Carroll
25:42.1Montana State
32.SoStephen Haas
25:46.1Northern Colorado
33.SoElijah Changco
25:50.9Sacramento State
34.JrWilliam Godfrey
35.SrCody Glad
25:53.2Weber State
36.SoJoe Simmons
25:53.8 PRIdaho State
37.SoColton Johnsen
25:57.5Eastern Washington
38.SrRyan Salcido
25:58.2Sacramento State
39.JrAnthony Schmalz
25:58.3Montana State
40.FrRiley Collins
26:01.6 PRMontana State
41.SrCataldo DiDonna
26:02.8 PRNorth Dakota
42.FrRicky Kuciemba
26:03.9 PRIdaho State
43.SoJoe Petty
26:04.1Idaho State
44.JrAustin Fred
45.SoGrayson Ollar
46.FrGarrett Condelario
26:08.1Idaho State
47.JrSkylar Ovnicek
48.SrBraden Perry
26:12.9 SRWeber State
49.FrAndrea Baratte
50.JrLogan Stahl
26:17.4Eastern Washington
51.SoCade Burks
26:20.4Northern Arizona
52.SrAidan Schraer
26:22.9Sacramento State
53.JrTristen Irish
26:31.9Northern Colorado
54.SoJeremy Romero
26:33.0Northern Colorado
55.JrJoshua Rogerson
26:37.7Northern Colorado
56.JrRyan Wolff
26:37.8Northern Arizona
57.SrAustin Oser
26:39.9Eastern Washington
58.SoJosh Campbell
26:40.3Northern Colorado
59.SrScott Kvidera
26:44.0North Dakota
60.SrPaden Alexander
61.SrMatthew Hommel
26:47.2Eastern Washington
62.FrRonan Price
26:47.3Eastern Washington
63.SrTyler Sickler
26:49.5Sacramento State
64.FrKyle Peterson
65.JrDillon May
66.FrTrevon Lockwood
26:52.9Sacramento State
67.SoJacob Henne
26:56.1North Dakota
68.SrJustin Wikler
26:56.2Portland State
69.SoGannon Chamberlain
26:56.7Montana State
70.SrTommy Dolan
26:58.9Eastern Washington
71.JrNick Bailey
27:02.1Northern Colorado
72.FrJayson Maule
27:03.9Portland State
73.SoAndrew Vandine
27:08.6Montana State
74.SrKyle DeGraaff
27:16.2Idaho State
75.SrMicah Drew
76.JrElmer Shelevy
27:21.0Portland State
77.SoIsaiah Remington
27:21.3Northern Colorado
78.SrMason Nicol
27:24.0Eastern Washington
79.FrMatthew Bakken
27:32.3North Dakota
80.SoTristen Thomson
27:33.5Sacramento State
81.SrSamuel Scheuer
27:37.0Sacramento State
82.FrChris Bianchini
27:50.8 PRMontana State
83.JrDomenic Rehm
27:53.1Eastern Washington
84.FrAndy Solano
27:58.1Portland State
85.SoNigel Leonis
28:15.8Portland State
86.SoJacob Emeterio
28:17.8Portland State
87.FrJack Rubalcave
28:59.0Portland State
88.FrKyle Kredo
89.SoNoah Schiller
29:20.4 PRNorth Dakota
90.SoConner Oswald
29:45.2Idaho State
91.FrTaron Townsend
29:52.1North Dakota
92.FrMatthew Russell
30:36.6 PRNorth Dakota
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Women

Official Team Scores

1.Northern Arizona51
2.Montana State83
4.Southern Utah100
5.Weber State131
7.Idaho State142
8.Eastern Washington218
9.Northern Colorado264
10.Sacramento State265
11.Portland State290
12.North Dakota295
1.SrPaige Gilchrist
17:12.1Northern Arizona
2.SrJenica Dodge
17:23.0Idaho State
3.JrMikayla Malaspina
17:32.1Northern Arizona
4.JrKelsi Lasota
17:32.7Montana State
5.SoMaddy Kauffman
17:37.4 PRSouthern Utah
6.JrMiranda Myers
17:42.6Northern Arizona
7.JrKrista Story
17:44.2 PRIdaho
8.JrCandace Sharp
17:44.5 PRWeber State
9.JrEmily Pittis
10.SrCaroline Hardin
17:51.1Montana State
11.SoKara Story
12.FrPatricia Carlson
17:54.5Montana State
13.SoKaili Keefe
17:55.0 PREastern Washington
14.SrSamantha Johnston
17:56.3 PRIdaho State
15.SoEmma Amundsen
17:57.2 PRSouthern Utah
16.SoSummer Harper
17:59.9Weber State
17.JrAndrea Condie
18.SrEmily Roughan
18:04.9 PRNorthern Arizona
19.JrKaila Gibson
18:05.2Portland State
20.SoMaizy Brewer
21.SrAshley Tyndall
18:08.1 PRSouthern Utah
22.JrJessica Bailey
18:08.9 SRMontana
23.FrPipi Eitel
18:09.6Northern Arizona
24.FrMadison Fruchey
18:11.2 PRSouthern Utah
25.FrSamantha Kelderman
18:11.3Montana State
26.JrAmy Quinones
18:12.1 SRSacramento State
27.SrReagan Colyer
28.SrMaryn Lowry
29.FrReagan Badger
18:18.0Idaho State
30.JrLexie Thompson
18:18.7 PRWeber State
31.SrKaty East
18:19.4Northern Colorado
32.SoAnna French
18:20.7Montana State
33.FrJoby Rosenleaf
18:21.1Montana State
34.SrKari Hamilton
18:22.9 PREastern Washington
35.SoMorgan Porcaro
18:24.5 PRSouthern Utah
36.SrEmma Keenan
18:25.7 PRNorthern Arizona
37.JrCammy Sargent
18:27.9Northern Colorado
38.JrMarlee Mitchell
18:28.8Weber State
39.SrPaige Dilmore
18:31.1Weber State
40.SrSierra Speiker
41.SrChiara Warner
18:32.4 PRMontana State
42.SrCarmela Albano
18:33.1 PRSacramento State
43.FrDelaney Rasmussen
18:40.1Northern Arizona
44.SrKylie Goo
18:42.4Northern Arizona
45.SoHannah Oscarson
18:43.6North Dakota
46.FrLydia Kantonen
18:43.9 PRNorth Dakota
47.FrJaycie Schmalz
18:48.1Montana State
48.SrAshley Sondag
18:49.1Idaho State
49.SoSamantha Engebretsen
18:49.6 PRMontana
50.FrMadeline Hamilton
18:52.1 PRMontana
51.SoJulieta Navarrete-...
18:52.5 PRSouthern Utah
52.SoIsabella Williams
18:57.2Weber State
53.SoRachel McGovern
18:58.2Idaho State
54.FrFaith Dilmore
55.SoKaelah Corrigan
18:59.8 PREastern Washington
56.FrBailey Winter
19:03.8Weber State
57.FrEllyssa Peterson
19:06.6North Dakota
58.FrCelie Mans
59.FrMeggie Karp
19:09.0Portland State
60.SoCarli Corpus
19:11.1 PREastern Washington
61.FrHannah Tomeo
19:11.4Portland State
62.FrLily Tyrrell
19:12.8 PREastern Washington
63.FrMolly Olsen
19:14.1Idaho State
64.SrGracie Ledwith
19:22.0 PREastern Washington
65.JrErin Thomas
19:23.2Northern Colorado
66.FrCagnei Duncan
19:24.8 PRSacramento State
67.SoAmelia Pear
19:28.7 PRSacramento State
68.JrAlaina Anderson
19:30.6Northern Colorado
69.JrAlicia Thompson
19:31.1Northern Colorado
70.SoSavanna Perez
19:33.7 PRSacramento State
71.JrDenise Reis
19:34.0 PRSacramento State
72.FrMegan Auernig
19:34.8 PRSacramento State
73.SoMorgan Taylor
19:40.3 PRSouthern Utah
74.JrCami Kennedy
19:48.7 SRNorthern Colorado
75.FrKatie Weedn
19:49.2Idaho State
76.JrSydney Raboin
19:51.9North Dakota
77.FrJordan Herrera
20:04.1Northern Colorado
78.FrRachel Victor
20:06.5 PRSacramento State
79.JrAlana Chaplin
20:10.0Portland State
80.JrJanessa Meuleners
20:17.1North Dakota
81.FrKendra Frank
20:29.8North Dakota
82.FrAlana Baldwin-Joiner
20:35.6 PRPortland State
83.FrMaeve Holman
84.JrJocelyn Reynolds
21:03.9 SRPortland State
85.SoMegan Olson
21:08.7North Dakota
86.FrMalaina Thacker
87.FrAmanda Robbins
21:17.1North Dakota
88.FrMcKenna Martin
21:21.8Portland State
89.FrAshley Arreola
21:45.7 PREastern Washington
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