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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Franklin Academy41
2.Raleigh Charter86
3.Voyager Academy118
5.Research Triangle161
6.Roxboro Community186
7.Chatham Central198
8.Woods Charter216
10.Granville Central278
11.Neuse Charter280
13.Oxford Prep310
15.Falls Lake Academy381
16.East Wake Academy418
17.River Mill Academy453
18.North Duplin470
1.9Aaron Rovak
17:12.1 PRFranklin Academy
2.12Thomas Moore
17:14.6 SRRaleigh Charter
3.12Caleb Johnson
17:19.1Chatham Central
4.9Brian Sause
17:25.1 PRVoyager Academy
5.11Jeddy Waldon
17:25.5Franklin Academy
6.11Zachary Bunner
17:28.4Franklin Academy
7.11Xavier McLamb
17:29.3 PRHobbton
8.12Jonathan Wertz
17:33.4 PRFranklin Academy
9.11Karson McKenzie
17:42.8 SRRoxboro Community
10.11Nick Teta
17:50.7Woods Charter
11.12Noah Benjamin
18:10.1Raleigh Charter
12.10Nathan Metcalfe
18:17.1 PROxford Prep
13.11Michael Keriher
18:20.9Voyager Academy
14.12Barry Parton
18:25.3 PRPender
15.10Robert Pilson
18:27.2Raleigh Charter
16.9Milan Desai
18:29.0Research Triangle
17.12Cameron Chase
18:29.7 PRRoxboro Community
18.10Anthony Register
18:30.1 PRPender
19.10Tyler Turecky
18:30.8 PRNeuse Charter
20.11Jordan Savoy
18:32.2Granville Central
21.10Caleb Robinson
18:34.5 PRFranklin Academy
22.11Sam Williamson
18:34.8 PRVoyager Academy
23.11Earl Cottle
18:38.4 PRPender
24.12Quintyn Bobb
18:41.6 PRFranklin Academy
25.10Adan Rodriguez
18:42.5 PRFranklin Academy
26.10Carter Lewis
18:46.6 PRNeuse Charter
27.12Cameron Smith
18:55.9 PRRosewood
28.12Calvin Koonce
19:01.3Raleigh Charter
29.10Luke Thomasson
19:02.2 PRVoyager Academy
30.11Bhavin Chaudhari
19:03.2 PRRaleigh Charter
31.9Cole Houck
19:12.1Research Triangle
32.9Bryce Garrett
19:13.6 PROxford Prep
33.12Andy Ocampo
19:14.0 PRPender
34.11Lane Woodall
19:23.6 PRPrinceton
35.11Abel Maasho
19:24.5Research Triangle
36.11Colson Teal
19:25.6 SRFalls Lake Academy
37.11Jermias Rush
19:26.6Granville Central
38.9Josh Lewis
19:30.8Research Triangle
39.12Chase Mashburn
19:36.2Chatham Central
40.12Chase Norris
41.10Simi Singh
19:45.7Research Triangle
42.12Luke Brush
19:48.3 PRPrinceton
43.9Henry Macombe
19:48.5Raleigh Charter
44.12Casey Barnes
19:54.6Woods Charter
45.10Hayden Maldonado
19:59.7 SRRosewood
46.10Ian Stone
20:00.4 PRWoods Charter
47.12Noah Gurganus
20:02.1 SRPender
48.9Parker Crowley
20:04.9Chatham Central
49.10Jalen Bailey
20:05.1 PRRoxboro Community
50.10Ryan Thrall
20:06.5 PRVoyager Academy
51.9Jayden Gilliland
20:07.7Chatham Central
52.10Chase Cadman
20:10.6Research Triangle
53.12Wilson Gallagher-smi
20:14.0 PRLouisburg
54.11Tyson Royster
20:18.4Henderson Collegiate
55.11Caleb Hyman
20:19.5Woods Charter
56.11Seth Wade
20:20.3 PRGranville Central
57.10Alex Adkins
20:21.4 PRRoxboro Community
58.11Bricen Jones
20:21.6 PRRoxboro Community
59.11Caden Fields
20:22.5Chatham Central
60.10Zeb Whitley
61.9Devin Chamberlin
20:24.0Granville Central
62.9Adam Casey
20:24.4 PRPrinceton
63.11Martin Missy
20:26.0 PRNeuse Charter
64.10Noah Smith
20:30.1 PRVoyager Academy
65.11Mitchell O'Connor
20:37.6 SRWoods Charter
66.12Andrew Bryant
20:38.8 SREast Wake Academy
67.10Ryan Lanford
20:39.9Woods Charter
68.11Benjamin Wilson
20:43.3Raleigh Charter
69.12Caden Reiss
20:50.3 PRRosewood
70.10Alex Witten
20:55.7 PRFalls Lake Academy
71.9Freddy Slaminski
20:57.3River Mill Academy
72.11Kevin Ibanez
73.11Josh Edward
21:00.7 PRFalls Lake Academy
74.11Jonathan Spencer R...
21:01.0 PRRosewood
75.9Thomas Shelton
21:01.2River Mill Academy
76.12Kyle Balageo
21:01.5 SRPrinceton
77.9Henry Carr
21:05.6 PRNorth Duplin
78.11Kyle Satterwhite
21:08.0 PROxford Prep
79.10Scottie Bell
21:11.1 PRRoxboro Community
80.11Ovidio Rojas
21:11.5 PRNorth Duplin
81.11Michael McKenna
21:14.9 PRVoyager Academy
82.12Richard Chriscoe
21:17.5Chatham Central
83.9Carl Blevins
21:28.9 PRRosewood
84.10Carter Thompson
21:30.6 PRWoods Charter
85.11Caleb Powell
21:33.3 PRRoxboro Community
86.10Elliot Sullivan
21:34.2 PRNeuse Charter
87.10Jackson Pate
21:37.7 SREast Wake Academy
88.11Tristen Zurcher
21:44.8 PRPender
89.9Gray Thomas
21:48.8 PRPrinceton
90.12Cody Hunt
21:51.9 SREast Wake Academy
91.12Caleb Hudson
21:52.9 PREast Wake Academy
92.9Ethan Boykin
21:54.8 PRNeuse Charter
93.11Shawn Matthews
21:58.3 PROxford Prep
94.10Ross Driver
22:03.8 PREast Wake Academy
95.12Owen Blevins
22:04.9 SRRosewood
96.12Patrick Mccarthy
22:06.5 PRNeuse Charter
97.11David Alonso
22:08.0 PRHobbton
98.11Hunter Hudson
22:19.5 PRNorth Duplin
99.11Zach Fitzgerald
22:20.0 PRFalls Lake Academy
100.12Keith Hair
22:27.3 PRLakewood
101.12Tony Balderas
102.10Alex Slack
22:35.9 SROxford Prep
103.12Harrison Rodgers
22:58.7 PRRiver Mill Academy
104.9Keith Harrington
23:04.2Henderson Collegiate
105.10Brandon Sapp
23:21.6 SRPrinceton
106.9Jalen Green
23:24.9Henderson Collegiate
107.12Timothy Price
23:38.7 SREast Wake Academy
108.10Macon Shoemaker
23:43.9 SREast Wake Academy
109.10Taylor Stewart
23:44.7River Mill Academy
110.10Jonathan Cortez
23:46.3 PRNorth Duplin
111.10Eligha Lee
23:47.3 PRLakewood
112.12Jordan Harris
23:50.1Chatham Central
113.10Micah White
24:02.4River Mill Academy
114.9Johnny Rogers
24:04.1Granville Central
115.10Gabe Bender
24:06.7 PRFalls Lake Academy
116.11Zack Buck
24:12.5 PRHobbton
117.11Sean O'Dowd
24:47.8 PRGranville Central
118.11Rigo Labra
25:05.2Henderson Collegiate
119.9Alex Rote
25:34.0 PROxford Prep
120.12Ben Oates
25:41.2 SRHobbton
121.11Cameron Copley
26:33.7 PRFalls Lake Academy
122.11Cameron Copley
26:39.5Falls Lake Academy
123.11Brian Paschal
124.9Michael Marcin
27:39.8 PRNorth Duplin
125.12Ryan Morzas
27:58.9 PRRiver Mill Academy
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Franklin Academy35
2.Research Triangle92
3.Voyager Academy94
4.Raleigh Charter111
5.Granville Central132
7.Roxboro Community185
8.Woods Charter219
9.Chatham Central234
10.River Mill Academy277
11.East Wake Academy293
12.Oxford Prep295
1.11Caitlyn Burkett
19:08.8Franklin Academy
2.9Victoria Swepson
20:17.4Research Triangle
3.10Caroline Foley
20:21.5Research Triangle
4.11Gillian Scott
20:24.0 SRRaleigh Charter
5.9Sam Burr
20:27.6Franklin Academy
6.12Kathleen Burroughs
20:31.3Granville Central
7.10Amy Rosie Scott-Be...
20:39.2Voyager Academy
8.9Taylor Roberts
20:45.3Franklin Academy
9.10Audree Catlin
20:48.4 SRVoyager Academy
10.12Hannah Franklin
20:58.0 PRFranklin Academy
11.10Leah Given
21:24.8 PRFranklin Academy
12.10Catherine Slack
21:43.5Oxford Prep
13.12Chesney Crowley
21:56.6Chatham Central
14.11Sydney Fryman
22:00.6 PRRoxboro Community
15.9Ember Penney
22:13.7 PRWoods Charter
16.10Bailey Credle
22:14.3Voyager Academy
17.10Merytt Haney
22:30.9Franklin Academy
18.11Haley Turner
22:31.2 SREast Wake Academy
19.9McCarty Hudson
22:36.1Research Triangle
20.11Anna Schulz
22:43.9Franklin Academy
21.12Elaina Amy
22.11Rachel Scrudato
23:11.5Raleigh Charter
23.12Amina Bash
23:11.9 PRRosewood
24.12Karlee Bjurstrom
23:12.7Granville Central
25.10Nicole Parrish
23:23.7 PRPender
26.10Ashley Rogers
23:26.2Voyager Academy
27.10Ainsley Cutlip
23:28.8River Mill Academy
28.11Jansen Mc Falls
23:31.4 PRGranville Central
29.9Katie Vick
23:36.0Raleigh Charter
30.12Natalie Bowers
23:36.3 SRResearch Triangle
31.12Annie O'neill
23:39.0Raleigh Charter
32.12Aislinn Whalen
23:50.8 SRRaleigh Charter
33.9Emily Taylor
23:51.4 PRRoxboro Community
34.10Sadie Parrish
23:52.5 PRPender
35.12Kate Schauss
24:04.9 SRRaleigh Charter
36.10Abigayle Crumpto
24:06.5 SRRoxboro Community
37.11Mya Fisher
24:11.0 PRPender
38.11Elise Moses
24:13.9Woods Charter
39.11Destiny Vanegas Pe...
24:14.2Granville Central
40.9Sydney Rogers
24:19.4Voyager Academy
41.10Malika Haines
24:23.8 PRRosewood
42.12Caitlin Beavers
24:28.2Chatham Central
43.10Jamie Marold
24:31.6Research Triangle
44.10Hope Schultes
24:36.3 PRGranville Central
45.10Grace Stultz
24:40.1 PRRoxboro Community
46.11Erin Tyler
24:43.6Woods Charter
47.11Hayleigh Chadwick
24:47.8 PRPender
48.12Kaitlyn Hubschmitt
24:48.2 PRPender
49.11Anne Elise Norris
24:51.4Research Triangle
50.9Alyssa Bell
24:52.2 PRPender
51.9Emma Steiner
25:00.6Research Triangle
52.9Emily Rubio
25:04.8 PRPrinceton
53.9Carla Sanchez
25:10.2 PROxford Prep
54.11Meg Woodburn
25:26.4Raleigh Charter
55.9Shelby Thompson
25:28.7 PRPrinceton
56.10Macy Lowery
25:35.8 SRGranville Central
57.12Sarah Brown
25:38.3 PREast Wake Academy
58.11Hayley Mashburn
25:46.9Chatham Central
59.11Regan Fernandez
25:51.0Voyager Academy
60.12Janet Thompson
25:53.8 PRHobbton
61.9Robyn Barlow
25:54.9River Mill Academy
62.11Jennifer Velazquez
25:57.4 SRGranville Central
63.10Raea Tyson
25:59.5 PRRiver Mill Academy
64.9Ruthie Hester
26:01.8 PRPrinceton
65.12Esmeralda Lopez Pere
26:11.2 SRNorth Duplin
66.10Hannah Swinson
26:12.2 PRPender
67.11Gabrielle Williams
26:13.2 SRHobbton
68.9Maddie Kearns
26:19.8 PRFalls Lake Academy
69.12Heather Krombach
26:21.6Chatham Central
70.11Nicole Avila
26:46.0Woods Charter
71.11Cheynie Wray
26:54.5Woods Charter
72.11Jailyn Mattos
26:57.6 PRRoxboro Community
73.11Joanna Flores
26:59.2 SRNorth Duplin
74.11Denisse Sada Romero
27:08.8 SRHobbton
75.11Sally Newcomb
27:18.6River Mill Academy
76.11Emily Powell
27:19.3 SREast Wake Academy
77.9Madison Gaines
27:21.8 PRChatham Central
78.12Krystal Martinez
27:27.3 SRHobbton
79.11Brenda Lopez-Herna...
27:29.5 SRNorth Duplin
80.10Sophia Metcalf
27:36.6 PROxford Prep
81.12Yocelyn Rivera
27:44.2 SRHobbton
82.10Sarah Singer
27:45.6River Mill Academy
83.9Jasmine Nelson
28:08.9Henderson Collegiate
84.12Lucy Gentry
28:10.5 PRChatham Central
85.11Martina O'briant
28:15.6 PRFalls Lake Academy
86.11Aimee Duran-Ruiz
28:20.9Henderson Collegiate
87.10Kailtyn Wilson
28:27.2 SRRoxboro Community
88.9Ashley Ramos
28:32.3 PRHobbton
89.11Allison Keys
28:33.0 SREast Wake Academy
90.11Jackie Agular
29:00.4Chatham Central
91.9Jordan King
29:20.3Voyager Academy
92.12Catherine Stallsmith
30:08.4 SROxford Prep
93.12Brianna Lindly
30:29.0 SRLakewood
94.9Samantha Thompson
31:00.0 PREast Wake Academy
95.9Ashley Hudson
31:00.4 PREast Wake Academy
96.9Rhiana Barnes
31:01.2 PRRiver Mill Academy
97.10Katie King
32:19.4 PRRoxboro Community
98.10Jayla Wilkes
32:55.0 PRHobbton
99.12Mya McGilvary
33:33.8 SRLakewood
100.10Sarah Slack
34:46.6 PROxford Prep
101.9Stefany Hendrix
36:36.4 PRRiver Mill Academy
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