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5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Durham School of Arts37
2.North Carolina School of Sci...40
6.East Montgomery217
7.East Davidson218
10.South Granville298
11.Providence Grove303
12.Eastern Randolph306
15.T W Andrews380
1.12Ethan Barber
16:37.4 PRDurham School of Arts
2.11Trevor Pharr
16:42.3North Carolina Schoo...
3.11Ethan Frey
16:43.6North Carolina Schoo...
4.12Kade Sutton
16:44.4 PRClinton
5.12Karna Morey
16:56.6 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
6.12Charles Jordan
17:06.8 SRClinton
7.12Sam Bloodworth
17:16.2Durham School of Arts
8.12Ben Kearsley
17:16.4Durham School of Arts
9.12Jarod Parker
10.10Benson Mangum
17:19.2 PRDurham School of Arts
11.9Ryker Mattioli
17:29.5 PRDurham School of Arts
12.11Daniel Bennett
17:36.4 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
13.11Peter Sumner
17:36.6 PRDurham School of Arts
14.12Jack Clemens
17:41.4 PRCarrboro
15.10Christopher Knotek
16.11Jesse Tymas
17:47.1 PRDurham School of Arts
17.10Balmir Rene
17:54.3 PREast Davidson
18.11Garrison Bullard
17:55.3 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
19.12Ryan Greenblatt
17:56.2 SRNorth Carolina Schoo...
20.11Max Hirsch
18:00.0 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
21.12Noe Mercado
18:01.7 PRRandleman
22.12Nick Gimble
18:04.9 PRRandleman
23.12Grayson Browder
18:08.4 PRProvidence Grove
24.12Greg Monk
18:11.8 PRClinton
25.12Eric Wynn
18:15.6 PRClinton
26.12Nick Malpass
18:24.7 PREastern Randolph
27.10Benjamin Garcia
18:28.8 PRRandleman
28.10Austin Hargrove
29.12Emil Usinger
30.12Owen Welch
31.12Amado Ruiz-Perez
18:43.9 SRCarrboro
32.9Maxwell Spadavecchio
18:52.5 PRCarrboro
33.11Luis Molina-Flores
18:58.4 PREast Montgomery
34.10William Flores
19:03.3 PRRandleman
35.11Joseph Callus
19:19.6South Granville
36.11Brad Cassidy
19:27.8 PRRandleman
37.11Keyon Ellis
19:34.8East Montgomery
38.10Ryan Bass
39.10Luke Gentry
40.11Isaiah Fields
19:43.9J. F. Webb
41.11Samuel Barnhart
19:44.8 PRCarrboro
42.9Isaac Moretz
19:46.8 PREast Davidson
43.10Travis Pendry
19:47.6 PRTrinity
44.12Zachary Hatch
19:48.1 PRWhiteville
45.9Jaxon Kimmons
19:50.8 PRWheatmore
46.11Hernan Rodriguez-V...
19:53.8 PREast Montgomery
47.11Ivan Valdovinos
20:00.0 PREast Montgomery
48.11Barrett Hiskett
20:05.2 PREastern Randolph
49.11Alex Jones
20:11.5South Granville
50.9Jacob Allen
20:15.9 PRProvidence Grove
51.10Ian Daniels
20:19.0 PRMidway
52.10Jessie Pratt
20:23.2 PRFairmont
53.9Gavin Comer
20:23.8 PREast Davidson
54.9Tyler Mathews
20:24.4East Davidson
55.11Dakota May
20:36.7South Granville
56.10Jacob Hunt
20:43.1 PRFairmont
57.11Tristan Cannoy
58.9Devin McLamb
20:49.5 PRMidway
59.12Christian Mortera
20:52.0 PREast Montgomery
60.11Adem Bektic
20:56.7 PREast Davidson
61.12Bailey Albertson
20:58.5 SRWheatmore
62.10Terrance East
21:02.4 PRT W Andrews
63.9Khari Walker
21:02.6 PRT W Andrews
64.10Bryce Faircloth
21:03.6 PRWhiteville
65.10Jalen McMillian
21:04.2 PRWhiteville
66.12Joshua Bryson
21:05.4 SREast Davidson
67.10Robert Smith
68.11Cole Register
21:07.3 PRMidway
69.11Riley Hallisey
21:09.8 PREastern Randolph
70.12Mason Matthews
71.12River Swartz
21:14.5 PRProvidence Grove
72.11Khalid Abdul Matin
73.11Eli Argueta
21:23.8 PRFairmont
74.10Dillion Simmons
21:25.9 PREast Davidson
75.9Connor Bressan
21:31.9 PRMidway
76.9Brandon Nguyen
21:40.4 PRWhiteville
77.9Austin Hensley
21:44.1 PRT W Andrews
78.12Ian Hyatt
21:45.3 PRProvidence Grove
79.12Tyler Allen
21:50.7 SRTrinity
80.9Joshua Bowen
21:59.0 PRWhiteville
81.11Michael Weiss
22:00.6South Granville
82.12Tony Grimes
22:08.8 PRWhiteville
83.9Tyler Brooks
84.12Luke Greer
22:14.0 PRWheatmore
85.10Tyrese Bradley
22:18.9 PRFairmont
86.11Austin Shelar
22:30.9 SRTrinity
87.9Diego Penafiel-Jim...
22:32.4 PREast Montgomery
88.11Jared Haithcock
22:34.4 SREastern Randolph
89.10Elijah Sheek
22:34.6 SREastern Randolph
90.11Axcel Martinez
22:46.0 PRRed Springs
91.9Gary Locklear
22:46.1Red Springs
92.10Ka'shawn Hallback
22:51.5South Granville
93.9Isaac McPherson
22:52.5 PRWhiteville
94.10Drake Spell
23:01.7 PRMidway
95.9Finn Owen
23:05.1 PRWheatmore
96.9Adam Wilhoit
23:05.6 PRProvidence Grove
97.11Logan Routh
23:09.3 PRProvidence Grove
98.9Jacob W Wright
23:21.5 PRWheatmore
99.12Rodolfo Vera
23:51.3 SREast Montgomery
100.12Rashaun Noble
23:56.8 PRT W Andrews
101.9Bryson Flinchum
24:36.8 PREastern Randolph
102.10Kevin Henry
24:42.3 PRT W Andrews
103.9Kaleb Glenn
25:22.3 PRT W Andrews
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Durham School of Arts30
3.North Carolina School of Sci...61
4.East Davidson121
7.East Montgomery216
1.9Emma Luther
18:53.9 PREastern Randolph
2.9Emma Humphreys
19:13.6 PRDurham School of Arts
3.11Elizabeth Coleman
19:57.4 PRClinton
4.10Cora Van raay
5.9Madeline Ramsden
6.9Jessie Foday
20:18.1 PRDurham School of Arts
7.12Olivia Gregory
20:19.0 PRDurham School of Arts
8.11Emmaline Daggett
20:19.3 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
9.9Gabbi Battaglini
20:27.0Durham School of Arts
10.11Kennedy Poppler
20:35.0North Carolina Schoo...
11.11Bella Cude
20:38.9 PRDurham School of Arts
12.12Michelle Kennedy
20:46.3Durham School of Arts
13.12Scout Hayashi
20:50.4 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
14.11Hope Hosford
20:50.6 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
15.10Summer Watkins
21:02.0 SREast Davidson
16.10Lia Miller
21:07.0 PRCarrboro
17.9Olivia Frankel
21:09.7 PRProvidence Grove
18.10Selia Lounes
19.12Audrey Tannous-Tay...
21:12.1 PRDurham School of Arts
20.10Louise Lounes
21.11Carina Taylor
22.11Emma Reinhardt
21:27.0 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
23.11Elise Deshusses
24.12Brittany Watkins
21:55.4 SREast Davidson
25.12Gabrielle Marushack
22:04.5North Carolina Schoo...
26.10Ellen Moore
22:12.0 PREastern Randolph
27.11Johanna Vazquez-Ro...
22:17.1 PREast Montgomery
28.11Maegan Lamb
29.12Katie Danis
22:24.5North Carolina Schoo...
30.11Holly Joyner
22:51.3 SREast Davidson
31.10Victoria Abate
32.10Tara Oldaker
22:58.3East Davidson
33.11Taylor Deaton
23:17.6 SRRandleman
34.10Abby Kennedy
23:17.8 SREast Davidson
35.12Hannah Southern
36.10Sarah Jackson
23:58.0 PRProvidence Grove
37.10Katie Kocher
23:59.7 SRRandleman
38.11Keira Bryant
24:20.4 PRRed Springs
39.9Morgan Cunha
24:23.2 PRWheatmore
40.9Olivia Gillespie
24:28.9 PRClinton
41.9Bailey Spell
24:52.5 PRClinton
42.9Melissa Ferguson
25:01.7 PRSouth Granville
43.10Alecia Johnson
25:06.5 PRRandleman
44.10Olivia Williford
25:07.6 PRClinton
45.10Lizbeth Estrada-Ja...
25:17.6 PREast Montgomery
46.10Tanya Martinez
25:23.5 SRMidway
47.10Jessika Simmons
25:24.2 PREast Davidson
48.10Alexandria Bellamy
25:31.4 PRWhiteville
49.12Jessica Marcell
25:35.4 SRMidway
50.11Madison Butler
25:38.3 SRMidway
51.9Fatima Copto Reyes
25:38.9 PRWhiteville
52.11Ella Faison
53.12Arianah Jamison
25:46.1 PRWhiteville
54.9Alexis Sebastian
25:46.4 PRSouth Granville
55.9Gina Vela
25:54.8 PRRandleman
56.12Jamie Johnson
26:01.2 PRRandleman
57.10Katerin Escobar
26:11.9 PREast Davidson
58.10Shanekera Faulk
26:14.0 PRWhiteville
59.12Alyssa Rushing
26:19.4 PREast Montgomery
60.11Kayla Islas
26:39.4 PREast Montgomery
61.12Jennifer Norland
26:45.3 PRMidway
62.11Madison Gore
26:55.7 SRWheatmore
63.11Cindy Vargs
26:58.4 PREast Montgomery
64.9Maria Rojas
27:50.1 PRWhiteville
65.11Kelsey Burgess
27:53.8 SRWheatmore
66.11Meredith Cunha
28:03.2 PRWheatmore
67.9Brianna Hamilton
28:07.4 PRRandleman
68.12Kenady Hargrove
28:07.9 SRMidway
69.10Itzia Tellez
28:09.4 PRRed Springs
70.12Taya Jones
29:24.4 SRRed Springs
71.12Autumn Reitzer
29:25.8 PRProvidence Grove
72.12Gabby Griffin
29:38.6 PRProvidence Grove
73.12Yenia Medina
29:48.7 PREast Montgomery
74.10Karyn VArgas
30:15.0 PREast Montgomery
75.9Kaylynn Hinson
30:56.2 PRWhiteville
76.9Ellie Greene
30:56.5 PRWheatmore
77.12Yesenia Moreno
31:05.1 PRRed Springs
78.12Rebekah Williams
32:34.2 SRReidsville
79.11Trinity Denman
32:42.0 PREastern Randolph
80.11Vivian Torres
33:52.2 SRRandleman
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