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8,000 Meters Men
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5,000 Meters Women

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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men

Official Team Scores

1.Lane (OR)42
2.Community Colleges of Spokane49
3.Treasure Valley64
6.Everett Community College119
7.Mt Hood161
8.Olympic College215
9.Green River231
1.FrAndy Muha
26:47.3Lane (OR)
2.SoMichael Martin
26:56.9Lane (OR)
3.FrEthan Green
27:23.6Community Colleges o...
4.SoLevi Lewis
27:27.2Treasure Valley
5.SoWilliam Medellin
27:39.8Community Colleges o...
6.FrJarod Hulsizer
7.SoMoises Martinez
27:43.7Lane (OR)
8.FrBenjen Lilly
27:55.5Treasure Valley
9.SoCarlos Lamas
28:01.2 PRTreasure Valley
10.FrSam Andersen
11.SoBen Giachetti
28:29.5Community Colleges o...
12.FrMarcus Rice
28:31.3Community Colleges o...
13.FrDemario Mootz
28:35.9Lane (OR)
14.FrHayden Earl
15.SoZachary Cushman
28:46.4Everett Community Co...
16.JrJacob Shaffeld
28:50.4Treasure Valley
17.SoAngel Castellanos
18.FrCody Westerman
28:58.5Community Colleges o...
19.FrNolan Bylenga
29:01.7Lane (OR)
20.FrAnthony Meza
29:15.4Everett Community Co...
21.SoBrandon Reyes
22.FrGalmo Said
29:28.1Everett Community Co...
23.FrSeth Martin
24.FrLuke McLean
29:45.8Mt Hood
25.FrJavier Tavera
26.SoCortlend Novak
30:02.3Everett Community Co...
27.SoHayden Lewis
30:05.2Treasure Valley
28.FrDyrrel Francisco
30:07.8 PRMt Hood
29.FrGustavo Lopez
30.FrMicklo Luna
30:17.0Treasure Valley
31.FrBen Davis
32.FrChris Llanos
30:25.1Mt Hood
33.FrLamont Klepper
30:26.6Southwestern Oregon
34.SoBraden Walters
30:31.6Southwestern Oregon
35.FrIsaiah Homer
30:31.9Treasure Valley
36.FrGarrett Moyes
30:32.7Treasure Valley
37.FrIsaiah Miller
30:45.9 PROlympic College
38.FrSanto Roquel
39.FrChanning Frolich
31:03.4Everett Community Co...
40.SoDrake Adams
31:45.9 SROlympic College
41.FrWayne Jaworski
31:48.3Umpqua CC
42.FrTim Lottis
31:54.7Mt Hood
43.SoTerek Thornburg
32:20.1Mt Hood
44.FrPatrick Carrier
32:48.9 PRClark
45.FrNicolas Bourgeois
32:49.8 PROlympic College
46.FrNoah Baldwin
32:53.6 PRGreen River
47.FrJose Cruz-Solis
48.SoMichael Ha
33:10.7Everett Community Co...
49.FrAlex Perez
33:50.2Green River
50.FrTyler Penrod
33:53.7Green River
51.FrXavier Bendorf
33:56.4Green River
52.FrIsaiah Lepre
34:05.9Umpqua CC
53.SoJason Ernst
54.SoDaniel McNabb
34:48.1Everett Community Co...
55.FrElijah VanDer Most
34:58.3 PROlympic College
56.FrRyan Cecil
35:18.0Southwestern Oregon
57.FrHarold Naneng
35:22.1Southwestern Oregon
58.FrYichi Zhang
37:30.5 PRGreen River
59.FrAndrew Kanzler
42:32.7 PRGreen River
60.FrDarren Junt
46:13.3 PROlympic College
FrDonell Rome
DQMt Hood
FrJoel Trousdale
DNSOlympic College
FrChristopher Garcia
DNSTreasure Valley
FrChongHyun Lee
DNSSouthwestern Oregon
FrJames La Coste
DNSOlympic College
FrMatthew Nechiporuk
DNSGreen River
FrGrant Laiblin
DNSUmpqua CC
FrDerian Handfield
DNSCommunity Colleges o...
FrDevan Stancil
DNSSouthwestern Oregon
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Women

Official Team Scores

1.Community Colleges of Spokane41
2.Treasure Valley44
3.Lane (OR)84
5.Everett Community College149
6.Green River179
7.Olympic College185
9.Southwestern Oregon207
10.Mt Hood221
1.FrDelia Deleon
18:29.2 PRTreasure Valley
2.FrMicaela Kostecka
18:41.4 PRCommunity Colleges o...
3.SoCarly Kleefeld
19:35.2 PRLane (OR)
4.SoIndya Price
19:36.4Treasure Valley
5.FrNatalia Urtiaga
19:46.2 PRClark
6.SoNaomi Gonzalez
19:55.1 PRTreasure Valley
7.FrAubrianne Knudsen
19:55.2Community Colleges o...
8.FrAnnastasia Chapel
19:57.7Community Colleges o...
9.FrLizzye Rybalka
10.FrOlivia Baerny
20:19.9 PRLane (OR)
11.SoRebekah Henry
20:28.0 SRCommunity Colleges o...
12.FrKaitlin Morgan
20:45.8Everett Community Co...
13.FrEmily Farden
20:46.8Community Colleges o...
14.SoAislynn Hansen
15.FrMalia Hassen
21:00.3 PRTreasure Valley
16.FrReilly Frerk
21:04.0Lane (OR)
17.SoLaRee Graham
21:05.3 PRGreen River
18.FrAllie Gibson
21:08.9 PRTreasure Valley
18.FrElizabeth Thornton
21:08.9 PRCommunity Colleges o...
20.SoEmily Morin
21:12.8Lane (OR)
21.SoErica Veltkamp
21:17.2Mt Hood
22.FrLyubov Meksheneva
23.SoJeniya Guillen
21:33.8 SREverett Community Co...
24.FrJenny Garcia
21:40.9 PRTreasure Valley
25.FrJulia Claeys
21:46.3 PROlympic College
26.FrErin Herman-Kerwin
21:54.1 PROlympic College
27.FrMcKenna Tanselli
28.SoEmma Adkins
21:58.3 PRTreasure Valley
29.SoSuzy Botsford
21:59.8 PRClackamas
30.FrMadison Velasquez
22:01.4Everett Community Co...
31.FrShyla Guzman
22:02.9Community Colleges o...
32.FrRachel Sherson
22:03.1 PREverett Community Co...
33.FrBrittany Kreutzer
22:17.7Southwestern Oregon
34.SoErika Hettick
22:21.3Olympic College
35.SoReesha Carnine
22:22.7Lane (OR)
36.FrSofia Reyes
22:28.2 PRClark
37.FrJasmine Gonzalez-A...
22:58.9 PRGreen River
38.SoNatalie Bryant
23:07.5 SRGreen River
39.FrAnna Gurnik
23:15.2 PRClark
40.FrSamantha Shook
23:22.2Southwestern Oregon
41.FrLou Mei Gutsch
23:30.4 PRSouthwestern Oregon
42.FrFrances Nguyen
23:39.2 PRGreen River
43.FrBailey Payne
23:45.6 PRUmpqua CC
44.FrMaddie LaVoie
24:00.3Community Colleges o...
45.FrJennifer Lopez
24:11.8 PRSouthwestern Oregon
46.SoHanna Patterson
24:16.6 PROlympic College
47.FrAlicia Medley
24:31.3 PRGreen River
48.FrEssence Foster
24:39.9 PRClackamas
49.FrJolene Knott
24:58.2 PRTreasure Valley
50.FrMicaela Davis
24:58.4Mt Hood
51.FrHanna Steigman
52.FrCrystal Ambrocio
26:10.7 PRMt Hood
53.FrDestiny Martinez
26:26.1Southwestern Oregon
54.SoPrisma Flores
26:30.5Mt Hood
55.FrCamren Salmonson
26:33.1 PREverett Community Co...
56.FrKarlee Edwards
26:40.3 PRMt Hood
57.FrJennifer Morales
26:44.7 PRMt Hood
58.FrJasmine Gloden
59.FrPaola Ramerez
30:45.6 PROlympic College
60.FrTeagan Kline
33:23.7Green River
FrSayge Hansen
DNSLane (OR)
FrReagan Bedard
DNSMt Hood
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