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2.9 Miles Varsity
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Cedar HS

2.9 Miles Varsity

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Mens Results

2.9 Miles Varsity

11Jon Hermansen
15:54 PRCedar City
4.10Corey Kimzey
16:09Pine View
6.10Trevor Thompson
16:17Pine View
7.11Austin Smith
16:28Pine View
12Glenn Rice
16:42 PRCedar City
10Danny Stevenson
16:51 PRCedar City
12Aaron Montague
16:58Pine View
12Matt Bryson
16:58 PRCedar City
11Danny Gillespie
17:05Pine View
10Alan Payne
17:22 PRCedar City
12Dawson Flake
17:23Desert Hills
10Will Crockett
17:25 PRCedar City
11Willy Heinrich
17:30Pine View
11Tason Turek
17:34Pine View
12Devin Weber
17:36 PRCedar City
9Devin Gillespie
17:39Pine View
11Derrick Starley
17:47 PRCedar City
12Josh Decker
17:58Pine View
11Ryken Harris
18:06 PRCedar City
12Miles Brooks
18:07 PRCedar City
12Stetson Bassett
18:14 PRCedar City
12Joel Einfeldt
18:17 PRCedar City
10Ryan Nielsen
18:18Pine View
10Dyllen Cafferty
18:21 PRPine View
10Merrick Taylor
18:31 PRCedar City
10Lance Brown
18:35 PRCedar City
11Jordan Ellsworth
18:38Pine View
12RJ Smith
18:39Pine View
9Jared Rhoton
18:39 PRCedar City
10Brennan Williams
18:39Desert Hills
11Shaun Coan
18:47 PRCedar City
11Jesse Carter
19:03 PRCedar City
11Luke Peck
19:06Pine View
11Chad Call
19:07Desert Hills
10Robert Lusk
19:16Pine View
10Burkeley Christian
19:19Desert Hills
9Jacob Powell
19:19Desert Hills
9Andrew Flake
19:29Desert Hills
11Ethan Janson
19:41Pine View
10Mark Albrecht
19:42Desert Hills
10Parker Sheeran
20:09Desert Hills
10Justin Jones
20:11 PRCedar City
10Daniel Hilton
20:17Desert Hills
10Matt Adams
20:18Desert Hills
9Tyson Boyer
20:19Pine View
11Jacob Graff
20:22Pine View
11Ethan Nickerson
20:23 PRCedar City
10Stephen Montague
20:28Desert Hills
9Dillon Judd
20:28 PRDesert Hills
10Nefi Oliva
20:29Desert Hills
10Zachary Snyder
20:31Desert Hills
9Austin Manuele
20:32Pine View
11Taylor Stout
20:35Pine View
11Preston Stratford
20:35Desert Hills
9Art Cowles
20:47Desert Hills
11Nathan Gladd
21:05 PRCedar City
10Andrew Coonen
21:09 PRCedar City
9Nathan Heinrich
21:20Pine View
10Morgan Potter
21:35Desert Hills
10Nick Atkin
21:55 PRCedar City
9Austin Judkins
22:04Desert Hills
9Cody Benham
22:09Desert Hills
10Kendall Wilkey
22:19Pine View
9Jared Ellsworth
22:37Pine View
9Jordan Hardman
22:53Desert Hills
10Aaron Cass
22:54 PRPine View
11Tyler Stocks
24:00 PRCedar City
9Derek Jones
24:54Desert Hills
9Logan Kimzey
25:07 PRPine View
11Greg Kunzler
26:57 PRCedar City
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Womens Results

2.9 Miles Varsity

1.10Aubrey Bryson
19:12Cedar City
2.10Brakel Yardley
19:45Cedar City
3.12Hannah Ellsworth
19:46Cedar City
5.10Ashley Gray
19:56Cedar City
6.12Ashley Judd
20:14Pine View
11Jenna Miller
20:28Cedar City
10Laura Dalton
20:33 PRDesert Hills
12Hannah Grover
20:37Cedar City
12Shelby Crockett
20:59Cedar City
10Venice Jardine
21:01Cedar City
11Angela Ruof
21:07Desert Hills
12Heidi Thorley
21:24Cedar City
12Callie Kunz
21:31Cedar City
9Rachel Heinrich
21:58 SRPine View
10Mikenzie Thompson
21:58Desert Hills
11Kezia Brown
22:16Cedar City
11Hope Braithwaite
22:16Cedar City
9Katie Pearson
22:20Cedar City
11Cassidy Ferris
22:30Pine View
12Jessica North
23:02Cedar City
10Brandy Holm
23:18 PRCedar City
11Jessica Fausett
23:22Cedar City
10Monica Olds
23:24Desert Hills
11Katie Rhoton
23:29Cedar City
11Erika Dobson
23:33Cedar City
12Kareena Hudson
23:57Pine View
11Micci Hafen
24:00Pine View
12Quincey McGuire
24:13Cedar City
10Angie Azbill
24:24Cedar City
10Sierra Worlton
24:50Pine View
9Stephanie Fausett
24:51Cedar City
10Shayna Henrie
24:51Pine View
10Aubrey Boneck
24:52Cedar City
11Chandis Paramore
24:52Pine View
9Camie Littleford
24:54Cedar City
10Shaylee Warren
25:46Cedar City
11Rachel Stewart
25:46Cedar City
12Emily Sargent
25:52Cedar City
11Rachel Pulsiphier
25:56Desert Hills
11Maureen Decker
26:22Cedar City
10Kara Stewart
26:44Cedar City
10Alexis Thornton
26:59Cedar City
9Emily Chandler
27:01Cedar City
9Rachel Pearson
27:09Cedar City
12Melanie Wilson
27:28Cedar City
9Megan Leavitt
28:09Cedar City
10Tina Yakovich
28:47Cedar City
11Becca Barclay
29:24Cedar City
12Cadie Allred
29:51Cedar City
10Brianna Black
29:52 PRDesert Hills
10Katelin Roper
29:52Desert Hills
11Sarah Musser
30:21Pine View
10Brooklyn Clayton
31:34 PRDesert Hills
10Brooke Phillips
32:18 PRPine View
10Sadie Tanner
32:28 PRPine View
11Lisa Brueckner
33:55Pine View
10Rashell Bryan
34:40 PRPine View
10Ashley Greenwood
37:39Pine View
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