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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity+JV Club Scoring

HS 3 Loops

5,000 Meters JV 10/89:30 AM
5,000 Meters Varsity 10/810:15 AM

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Last Updated 6:22 PM, Thu, Aug 16

Meet Information  (coaches)

*** Due to course space limitations, this is an invitation-only meet.
*** If your team is interested in competing, please contact  Jon Knight  - entries are necessary BEFORE the entry deadline so that bib numbers can be assigned. 

Use the JV races to register ALL runners who might participate in this meet:  
At the top of the 'Register Athletes' section, in the list of races, 
click 'Boys JV 10/8' (or 'Girls JV 10/8') to make it the only choice for every athlete; 
then click the selection box for each runner who might participate.  

Registered runners may run in either the JV race or the Varsity race.
Varsity races are limited to 10 runners per team - all 10 are scored, top 8 scores give the team score.
JV races have no limit on runners per team - top 10 are scored, top 8 scores give the team score.

Team packets - including bibs - will be available Friday, Sept 7, in the Audubon Park parking lot from 3 to 6 PM.
Last Updated 6:22 PM, Thu, Aug 16

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity+JV Club Scoring

Official Team Scores

2.North Central3386
4.Lewis and Clark2784
6.Joel Ferris1393

Hypothetical Scores

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5,000 Meters JV 10/8

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.North Central56
4.Lewis and Clark233
6.Joel Ferris405

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Koshi Schunter
17:26 PRNorth Central
2.9Grayson Wilcott
17:31 PRKamiakin
3.12Jamie Christner
17:53 SRNorth Central
4.12Alec Kness
18:02 SRNorth Central
5.11Micah Brauhn
18:12 SRNorth Central
6.10James Byrnes
18:15 PRNorth Central
7.11Sam Mercado
8.12Lance Stites
9.12Crew Morris
10.10Kamron Murphy
18:27 SRNorth Central
11.9Forrest Hopkins
12.11Matt Roth
13.9Jonah Aden
18:48 PRNorth Central
14.9Sam Kushnerchuk
18:51 PRNorth Central
15.9Kase Ostler
18:52 PRKamiakin
16.10Luke Cronin
18:52 PRNorth Central
17.11Noah Davis
19:12 SRLewis and Clark
18.10Nathanael Ellsworth
19:13 PRSouthridge
19.9Zach Kness
19:15 PRNorth Central
20.9Brian Bowers
19:19 PRLewis and Clark
21.10Jordan Sanguino
19:32 SRKamiakin
22.10Collin Jackson
19:38 SRKamiakin
23.10Isaac Edwards
19:39 SRKamiakin
24.9Johnathon Rexus
19:40 PRKamiakin
25.10Kolter Lynch
19:41 SRKamiakin
26.9Tommy McGivern
19:43 PRLewis and Clark
27.10Mitch Sumner
19:44 SRSouthridge
28.11Kaleb Durham
19:49 PRKamiakin
29.10Thomas Middleton
19:51 SRSouthridge
30.9Kenndyl Mobley
19:52 PRNorth Central
31.9Aaron Bruce
19:53 PRLewis and Clark
32.9Michael Jasper
19:55 PRKamiakin
33.11Owen Middleton
19:55 SRLewis and Clark
34.10Miles Sumner
19:58 SRSouthridge
35.10Yafet Abreha
20:01 PRJoel Ferris
36.10Konner Frandsen
20:13 SRNorth Central
37.10Koby Frandsen
20:13 SRNorth Central
38.9Jordan Steinhart
20:14 PRNorth Central
39.9Aiden Mueller
20:18Lewis and Clark
40.9Jace Henderson
41.10Matthew Sakamoto
20:30 PRSouthridge
42.11AJ McPhearson
20:32 PRKamiakin
43.11Curran Middleton
20:36 SRLewis and Clark
44.12Peyton Krych
20:41 SRLewis and Clark
45.9Ethan Greiner
20:42 PRNorth Central
46.11Elijah Hansen
20:42 SRLewis and Clark
47.10Micah McCollum
20:49 SRSouthridge
48.9Eli Skidmore
49.10Nick Phillips
20:54 PRKamiakin
50.10Devin Figart
51.10Eden Dona
52.12Don Kelly
20:58 SRLewis and Clark
53.9Jackson Glade
21:01 PRKamiakin
54.12Evan Thiessen
21:01 SRLewis and Clark
55.10Wyatt Tolman
21:08 PRSouthridge
56.9Grady Ahlquist
57.10Brit Meek
21:16 SRKamiakin
58.11Cody Spacek
21:20Lewis and Clark
59.10Thomas Costar-Dunlap
21:22 PRKamiakin
60.10Teo Quinn
61.11James McGivern
21:24 SRLewis and Clark
62.9Jonathan Barker
21:25 PRNorth Central
63.10Nathan Crumby
21:27 PRSouthridge
64.9Joshua Crane
21:34 PRKamiakin
65.10Hugh Clarke
21:39 PRLewis and Clark
66.12Cameron Taylor
21:40 PRJoel Ferris
67.12Adam Dickman
21:42 SRSouthridge
68.9Bryant Pettijohn
21:42 PRSouthridge
69.10Nickolas Warren
21:43 SRSouthridge
70.9Cole Nyce
21:43 PRKamiakin
71.10Manny Dorr
21:43 PRNorth Central
72.10Sam Powell
21:52 SRJoel Ferris
73.10Jack Bender
21:52 PRJoel Ferris
74.10Kaden Morris
21:53 SRSouthridge
75.10Jacob Marquart
22:00 SRSouthridge
76.12Bryndon Powell
77.10Matt Kannapien
78.10Adan Wilkinson
22:15 SRSouthridge
79.10Ryan Thien
22:16 SRSouthridge
80.9Jacob Marvin
81.12Taylor Forbes
22:26 SRKamiakin
82.10Ki Hill
22:35 PRKamiakin
83.10Alex Rambo
22:37 PRSouthridge
84.9Jarom Cobb
22:37 PRJoel Ferris
85.9Martin Liu
86.11Ben Mallonee
87.12Jason Wiley
22:57 SRLewis and Clark
88.9Raymond Holder
23:04 PRSouthridge
89.9Nate Barilo
23:06 PRKamiakin
90.11Caymus Ducharme
23:08 PRLewis and Clark
91.11Donald Batayola
23:09 SRSouthridge
92.11Ole Svensson
23:10 PRLewis and Clark
93.9Conner Harris
23:18 PRKamiakin
94.11Cameron Behm
23:19 SRUniversity
95.10Carlos Guitron-Arceo
23:26 PRSouthridge
96.9Layton Mendoza
23:26 PRUniversity
97.10Troy Hines
23:27 SRSouthridge
98.10Mason Gregerson
99.12Ashton Ford
23:30 PRJoel Ferris
100.10Matthew Page
23:32 SRKamiakin
101.9Ashton Chan
23:35 PRSouthridge
102.9Zachary Cotton
23:36 PRSouthridge
103.9Blake Bro
23:58 PRJoel Ferris
104.10Saul Guerrero
24:01 SRSouthridge
105.12Benjamin Hargreaves
24:02 SRLewis and Clark
106.11Mason Allen
24:20 SRSouthridge
107.9Max Barnes
24:29 PRJoel Ferris
108.10Eddie Marines
24:30 SRSouthridge
109.11Maxwell Bailey
24:31 PRUniversity
110.9Jack Hainsworth
24:42 PRJoel Ferris
111.12Jose Eleno Garcia
24:57 PRSouthridge
112.10Aaron Gomez
25:01 PRKamiakin
113.9Jaxon Boyce
25:07 PRKamiakin
114.9David Johnson
25:55 PRNorth Central
115.10Kenneth Riel
26:09 PRJoel Ferris
116.9Brayden Koci-Price
26:28 PRSouthridge
117.9Eli Brown
27:39 PRSouthridge
118.9Jay Gutierrez
28:07 PRKamiakin
119.10Aidan Cooper
28:50 SRJoel Ferris
120.10Connor Cole
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5,000 Meters Varsity 10/8

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Lewis and Clark169
3.North Central177
6.Joel Ferris329

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Ryan Child
2.11Wil Smith
16:01Lewis and Clark
3.11Stanford Smith
4.11Jacob Easton
16:27 SRUniversity
5.12Porter Grigg
6.12Patrick Korus
16:44Lewis and Clark
7.9Issac Teeples
8.11Jax Weide
9.12Silas Chapman
16:55 SRNorth Central
10.12Tristan Robinson
11.12Brett Bergler
17:02Lewis and Clark
12.11Isaac Morris
17:03 SRNorth Central
13.11Andrew Holladay
14.12Peyton Hill
15.10Drew Roberts
17:13 PRUniversity
16.12Grant Starkey
17:15 SRJoel Ferris
17.11Andrew Larson
18.12Cameron Gutierrez
19.12Dallin Larson
17:19 PRNorth Central
20.10Ethan Crawford
17:21Lewis and Clark
21.11Ian Barville
17:21 SRUniversity
22.12Seth Farmer
17:22 SRNorth Central
23.10Lars McDermott
17:27 SRNorth Central
24.12Travis Hicks
17:27 SRUniversity
25.11Danny Maxwell
17:29Lewis and Clark
26.12John Dorr
17:33 SRNorth Central
27.10Connor Aikins
17:34 SRUniversity
28.11Jonathan Lagonegro
29.11Nathan Carter
17:36 SRNorth Central
30.10Justin Stirpe
17:38 SRJoel Ferris
31.12Will Miller
17:39 SRJoel Ferris
32.12Anders Nielson
17:50Lewis and Clark
33.12Hayden Gorham
17:53 SRSouthridge
34.11Jonah Bloom
17:57 SRJoel Ferris
35.10Sam Kindl
18:00Lewis and Clark
36.11Ethan Dorow
37.12Ryley Vandergriend
18:04 SRNorth Central
38.11Kian Miner
18:08Lewis and Clark
39.12Nicholas Cotton
40.11Dalton Feist
18:17 SRNorth Central
41.12Evan Nessen
18:32 PRLewis and Clark
42.11Ethan Mueller
18:40Lewis and Clark
43.10Theodore John Weber
44.11Kyle Leaming
18:45 SRNorth Central
45.12Clayton Lawson
18:49 SRSouthridge
46.12Ivan Talavera
18:58 PRSouthridge
47.12Timothy Duenas
18:59 SRSouthridge
48.11Owen Ogden
19:00 PRSouthridge
49.9Ian Koenig
50.10Riley Conrad
19:28 SRUniversity
51.10Heath Hines
19:38 SRSouthridge
52.12Jacob Mayo-Manson
19:39 SRJoel Ferris
53.10Henry Moe
19:49 SRJoel Ferris
54.10Evan Zapalac
55.10Andrew Schafer
20:06 SRUniversity
56.10Addison Ditto
20:27 PRJoel Ferris
57.9Soren Bates
20:30 PRJoel Ferris
58.11Aidan Knighton
59.9Jack Toillion
21:09 PRJoel Ferris
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