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Mens Races

Region II Course

2.8 Miles Varsity
2.8 Miles Junior Varsity
Womens Races

Region II Course

2.8 Miles Varsity
2.8 Miles Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

2.8 Miles Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.12Zac Hastings
14:28.22 PRHillcrest
2.10Anthony Davies
14:37.11 PRHillcrest
3.11Caylor Willis
14:56.86 PRHillcrest
4.11Jacob Atkinson
15:07.97 PRHillcrest
5.10Daniel Poulson
15:21.72 PRCyprus
6.11Nathan Diggins
15:29.65 PRHillcrest
7.11Zakia Kirby
15:36.50 PRHillcrest
8.10Jaron Snider
15:40.90 PRKearns
9.12Isaac Atkinson
15:42.61 PRHunter
10.11Dallin Moon
15:43.72 PRHillcrest
11.12Carlos Preito
15:58.68 PRCyprus
12.10Brian Prieto
16:03.82 PRCyprus
13.9Gabriel Juarez
16:07.97 PRKearns
14.10Camdon Ketchum
16:12.22 PRCyprus
15.10Vincent Montoya
16:15.32 PRKearns
16.11Seth Helton
16:16.36 PRKearns
17.12Gabriel Sherman
16:25.36 PRCyprus
18.11Alejandro Garcia
16:32.47 PRKearns
19.12Nicholas Roach
16:41.32 PRKearns
20.12Ben Ellis
16:42.03 PRHunter
21.11Emmanuel Perez
16:47.50 PRCyprus
22.12Tanner Lunceford
16:53.53 PRHunter
23.11Jzauq Caldwell
16:55.90 SRCyprus
24.11Ivan Maria Lopez
17:07.32 PRKearns
25.12Aaron Connelly
17:10.93 PRHunter
26.-Matthew Brooks
17:17.32 PRGranger
27.12Ben Hall
17:34.68 SRGranger
28.-Brian Walker
17:42.40 PRGranger
29.10Jacob DeVries
17:49.36 PRHunter
30.10Calvin Clarke
18:17.25 PRHunter
31.10Nathan House
18:18.22 PRHunter
32.-Jacob Turcsanski
18:36.86 PRGranger
33.12Luis Rodriguez
18:50.25 SRGranger
34.-Jose Gaytan
18:57.28 PRGranger
35.10Jacob Hall
19:22.25 PRGranger
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2.8 Miles Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.10Greg Canals
16:51.62 PRHillcrest
2.11Niclas Holman
16:59.12 PRHillcrest
3.11Parker Guzman
17:00.22 PRHillcrest
4.11Antonio Martinez
17:26.12 PRKearns
5.11Jordan Gonzalez-Or...
17:42.72 PRHillcrest
6.10Giancarlo Reinoso
17:46.30 PRKearns
7.10Zachary Jessop
17:56.87 PRHillcrest
8.10John Baird
17:57.15 PRHillcrest
9.11Miles Rollins
18:07.05 PRKearns
10.12Cameron Peterson
18:13.72 PRCyprus
11.9Ian Brinkerhoff
18:15.94 PRKearns
12.12Josemaria Galindo
18:21.65 PRKearns
13.10Logan Olsen
18:21.90 PRCyprus
14.10Gabriel Sloan
18:27.12 PRHunter
15.12Cole Crison
18:32.87 PRHillcrest
16.12Ben Anderson
18:33.94 PRCyprus
17.9Cody Andreason
18:34.19 PRCyprus
18.9Warren Ellsworth
18:35.33 PRHillcrest
19.10Ben Snow
18:47.00 SRHillcrest
20.9Russell Meyers
18:49.19 PRKearns
21.9Toby Chapman
18:52.75 PRHunter
22.-Daniel Rupp
18:58.40 PRGranger
23.11Lucas Schreiber
24.11Jannik Schnell
19:20.15 PRKearns
25.10Cole Carlile
19:20.40 PRHillcrest
26.9Samuel Ovalle
19:22.94 PRKearns
27.11Johnny Chau
19:24.83 SRKearns
28.10Hector Arpero
19:38.72 PRHunter
29.10Aksel Bautista
19:39.37 SRKearns
30.-Lorenzo Tapia
20:07.72 PRKearns
31.9Kaden Thomas
20:10.25 PRCyprus
32.-Daniel Brown
20:14.72 PRGranger
33.9Carter Rollins
20:15.65 PRKearns
34.12Cesar Rodriguez
20:21.94 SRHunter
35.10Caleb Jarrett
20:34.90 PRHunter
36.11Samuel Shrewsbury
20:39.83 SRKearns
37.11Daniel Call
20:41.83 PRHillcrest
38.9Charles Hooper
20:45.62 PRHillcrest
39.-Esidro Martinez
20:46.30 PRKearns
40.11Aiden Paul
20:49.65 SRHillcrest
41.11Nathaniel McKenzie
21:02.05 PRCyprus
42.9Derek Croft
21:20.75 PRHillcrest
43.9Jacob Austin
21:34.50 PRCyprus
44.-Alexis Godinez
21:39.19 PRKearns
45.9Kyler Thomas
21:43.08 PRCyprus
46.-Jesus Dominguez
21:44.22 PRKearns
47.11Duncan Glover
21:53.47 PRHillcrest
48.Angel Ballandares
49.9Juno Crison
22:10.83 PRHillcrest
50.-Josh Limb
22:22.50 PRHunter
51.9Logan Rolfson
22:59.19 PRHillcrest
52.-Victor Granados
23:01.97 PRGranger
53.-Austin Sorensen
24:04.75 PRKearns
54.10Grady Crosby
30:58.94 PRKearns
55.10Julian Galindo
31:10.08 PRKearns
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Womens Results

2.8 Miles Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.10Abbygale Schooley
18:30.47 PRKearns
2.9Yexari Landa
18:48.94 PRKearns
3.10Faith Amos
18:58.84 PRHillcrest
4.10Vivianne Tapia
19:08.00 PRKearns
5.10Kaylee Glover
19:43.59 PRCyprus
6.10Angela Jeffery
19:44.00 PRHillcrest
7.11Natalia Warren
19:45.37 SRHunter
8.10Brynn Webster
20:00.81 PRHillcrest
9.10Teanna Vigil
20:07.44 PRHillcrest
10.-Daniela Vimbela
20:13.06 PRGranger
11.11Sophia Paradis
20:13.46 PRHillcrest
12.12Christina Truong
21:09.81 PRKearns
13.10Jael Hymas
21:16.62 PRCyprus
14.9Abigail O'Leary
21:20.97 PRKearns
15.Jessica Lopez
16.12Gaby Sutherland
21:41.88 PRGranger
17.10Aurora Roach
21:42.24 PRKearns
18.12Rosana Martinez
21:42.65 PRKearns
19.12Meshell Whiting
21:49.97 PRCyprus
20.12Emily Liddiard
21:57.34 PRHillcrest
21.11Elizabeth Wallace
22:10.34 PRHunter
22.10Margarita Morales
23:14.97 PRHunter
23.12Osiris Astorga
23:56.94 PRHunter
24.12Ana Nava
24:10.94 PRHunter
25.10Fernanda Rodriguez
24:11.31 PRHunter
26.12Kylee Herrick
24:58.12 SRHunter
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2.8 Miles Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.9Erin Atkinson
21:29.97 PRHillcrest
2.10Jade Rogers
21:30.88 PRHillcrest
3.11Tianna Corpuz
21:45.00 SRHillcrest
4.10Paris Snow
22:22.66 PRHillcrest
5.10Megan Liddiard
22:25.50 PRHillcrest
6.12Ryleigh Startup
23:07.22 PRKearns
7.12Julie Bankhead
23:07.68 PRKearns
8.9Elizabeth Kofoed
23:18.09 PRHillcrest
9.11Julie Wellman
24:17.38 PRKearns
10.9Samantha Heller
24:29.88 PRKearns
11.9Anna Fetzer
25:53.62 PRKearns
12.11Megan Glover
26:05.53 PRHillcrest
13.-Aria Conlin
26:08.81 PRKearns
14.12Elise House
27:12.80 PRHunter
15.-Anita Martinez
27:44.00 PRKearns
16.12Mckenna Sorenson
27:49.03 SRHunter
17.-Sierra Bloomquist
28:32.60 PRHunter
18.10Abriana Anguiano
28:57.60 PRHunter
19.11Leilani Ford
20.11Kylee Okelberry
31:29.60 PRKearns
21.12Karisa Moran
32:31.67 PRHunter
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