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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Var Coastal North
5,000 Meters Varsity Coastal South
5,000 Meters JV Coastal North
5,000 Meters JV Coastal South
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity2:30 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity3:30 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity & JV Coastal North
5,000 Meters Varsity & JV Coastal South
5,000 Meters Varsity3:00 PM

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Team Results for the 2008 Coastal Conference XC Finals

(individual results below)


Boys JV - Overall Conference
Place School Score
1 San Dieguito Academy 29
2 Canyon Crest Academy 59
3 La Jolla Country Day 77
4 The Bishop's School 86
5 Tri-City Christian 132
  Francis Parker INC
  Calvin Christian INC
  Escondido Charter INC
  Horizon INC
  Army and Navy Academy INC


Girls Varsity - Overall Conference
Place School Score
1 The Bishop's School 25
2 Canyon Crest Academy 38
3 San Dieguito Academy 102
4 Francis Parker 104
5 La Jolla Country Day 131
6 Calvin Christian 149
7 Tri-City Christian 174
  Horizon INC
  Escondido Charter INC
  Santa Fe Christian INC


Boys Varsity Overall Conference

Place School Score
1 La Jolla Country Day 42
2 Francis Parker 74
3 San Dieguito Academy 79
4 The Bishop's School 86
5 Canyon Crest Academy 114
6 Tri-City Christian 165
7 Calvin Christian 200
8 Escondido Charter 204
9 Santa Fe Christian 228
10 Horizon 271
  Army and Navy Academy INC



Girls Varsity Coastal North
Place School Score
1 San Dieguito Academy 24
2 Calvin Christian 46
3 Tri-City Christian 63
  Escondido Charter INC
  Santa Fe Christian INC


Girls Varsity Coastal South
Place School Score
1 The Bishop's School 24
2 Canyon Crest Academy 37
3 Francis Parker 82
4 La Jolla Country Day 97
  Horizon INC


Boys Varsity Coastal North
Place School Score
1 San Dieguito Academy 26
2 Tri-City Christian 59
3 Escondido Charter 79
4 Calvin Christian 89
5 Santa Fe Christian 93


Boys Varsity Coastal South
Place School Score
1 La Jolla Country Day 30
2 Francis Parker 53
3 The Bishop's School 60
4 Canyon Crest Academy 79
5 Horizon 145



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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Conor Paris
19:16San Dieguito Academy
2.10Nick Magnuson
3.10Phillip Poyhonen
19:59La Jolla Country DayMi1:5:50; P:6:26
4.11Abdullah Paul
20:05Canyon Crest Academy
5.11Eric Holakiewicz
20:14 PRSan Dieguito Academy
6.10Kevin Lonergan
20:16San Dieguito Academy
7.11Elliott Adams
20:20Canyon Crest Academy
8.9Evan Armstrong
20:24San Dieguito Academy
9.10Sam Young
20:38San Dieguito Academy
10.12Ross Piccinini
20:39Army-Navy Academy
10.10Jack Sailer
11.11Logan Gallagher
20:44San Dieguito Academy
12.11Travis Norton
20:55San Dieguito Academy
13.12Spencer Mosher
20:56Canyon Crest Academy
14.11Zach Mayeda
20:57San Dieguito Academy
15.10Sage Hagstrom
20:59La Jolla Country DayMi1:6:13; P:6:46
16.9Zackery Zounes
21:00San Dieguito Academy
17.11Miles Himmel
21:03La Jolla Country DayMi1:6:07; P:6:47
19.11Zack Black
21:04Army-Navy Academy
18.12Riley Brokaw
21:05San Dieguito Academy
19.9Chase Brokaw
21:05San Dieguito Academy
20.9Danny McNeela
21:07Canyon Crest Academy
21.10Brandon Rowley
21:16San Dieguito Academy
22.10David Cohn
23.10Paul Dodaro
21:21Tri-City Christian
24.9Dillon Irwin
21:23Canyon Crest Academy
25.12Matt Skerritt
21:24Canyon Crest Academy
26.9Steve Camacho
21:25San Dieguito Academy
27.11Chris Cappel
21:31Canyon Crest Academy
28.12Jake Eliasberg
21:32La Jolla Country DayMi1:6:42; P:6:56
29.11Garrett Schneider
21:34La Jolla Country DayMi1:6:27; P:6:57
30.9Matt Checchia
21:48San Dieguito Academy
31.9Michael Chen
21:49Canyon Crest Academy
32.12Eric Olsen
22:08San Dieguito Academy
33.10Kyle Shumate
22:10 SRSan Dieguito Academy
34.12Matt Chiles
22:11Tri-City Christian
35.12William Craycroft
22:23La Jolla Country DayMi1:6:08; P:7:13
36.9Nick Junge
22:24San Dieguito Academy
37.12Eric Cook
22:27San Dieguito Academy
38.11Michael Lanaiselee
22:29Canyon Crest Academy
39.9Tanner Bracci
22:37San Dieguito Academy
40.9Nolan Kulik
22:39La Jolla Country DayMi1:6:30; P:7:18
41.10Zack Brown
22:40Canyon Crest Academy
42.11Adam Lai Fatt
22:44San Dieguito Academy
43.12Armand Harb
22:48La Jolla Country DayMi1:6:29; P:7:21
44.10Alex Blum
22:50Francis Parker
45.9Michael Villasenor
22:52Canyon Crest Academy
46.10Cody Scheiwe
22:59San Dieguito Academy
47.10Chase Mertz
23:06La Jolla Country DayMi1:6:14; P:7:26
48.10Evan Watkins
49.9Max Rudolph
23:13La Jolla Country DayMi1:6:54; P:7:29
10Fasil Ahmed
23:14 PRArmy-Navy Academy
50.9Greg Thorsell
23:14Tri-City Christian
51.10Rex Kaplan
23:29San Dieguito Academy
52.10Austin Servais
23:34Tri-City Christian
53.11Sean Holcomb
23:35San Dieguito Academy
54.9David Pessotto
23:36Calvin Christian
55.12Eric Oleynick
23:47 PRSan Dieguito Academy
56.12Ryan Farmer
23:58Canyon Crest Academy
57.12Canaan Schlesinger
24:02San Dieguito Academy
58.10Jaron Wohlwend
24:03 PREscondido Charter
59.12Drew Feenstra
24:08Calvin Christian
11Chris Mui
24:09Army-Navy Academy
10Joshua Kim
24:09 PRArmy-Navy Academy
60.9Michael Youngdahl
61.12Casey Wu
24:09Canyon Crest Academy
62.10Mathew Clark
24:15Canyon Crest Academy
63.10Nathan Myer
24:32San Dieguito Academy
9Chi-Wen Lo
24:44Army-Navy Academy
64.9Raymond Wu
24:45Canyon Crest Academy
65.10Luke Arnell
24:55 PRBishops
66.9Narayan Gopinathan
67.9Johnny Edman
24:57La Jolla Country DayMi1:7:29; P:8:02
68.9William Fluharty
11Kevin Burnett
25:05 PRArmy-Navy Academy
10Cannon Bonar
25:15Army-Navy Academy
69.9Alex Naire
25:25Canyon Crest Academy
70.11Gunner Galloway
25:31San Dieguito Academy
71.10Kyle Luvisa
10Gregory Mui
25:40 SRArmy-Navy Academy
72.9David Swan
25:49San Dieguito Academy
10Yu Lo
25:52 PRArmy-Navy Academy
73.10Ray Lin
25:52 PRBishops
74.9Tyler Nicholson
75.11Matthew Voss
26:59Canyon Crest Academy
76.10Jonathon Feng
77.9Aaron Mak
27:14La Jolla Country DayMi1:7:45; P:8:47
78.12Robert Dunn
27:28San Dieguito Academy
79.12Samir Junnarkar
27:47La Jolla Country DayMi1:8:23; P:8:57
80.10Ryan Grenier
27:54 PREscondido Charter
81.9Jeffery Glassett
27:58 PREscondido Charter
82.10Richard Picard
28:29Tri-City Christian
83.12Greg Simon
28:48Tri-City Christian
84.10Matthew Vasile
29:08Tri-City Christian
10Eric Tucker
29:14 PRArmy-Navy Academy
86.10Ryan Richards
29:27Tri-City Christian
87.12Eric Moroney
30:10 PRBishops
88.9Ian Helstrom
30:18 PREscondido Charter
89.9Riley Martin
31:17Canyon Crest Academy
90.9Vic Millar
91.12Andrew Dunn
31:47 PRSan Dieguito Academy
92.12Cole Wilson
31:48 PRSan Dieguito Academy
93.9David Case
9Joshua Machtolff
33:51 PRArmy-Navy Academy
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5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Alex Poyhonen
16:55La Jolla Country DayMi1:5:16; P:5:27
2.9Eric Causey
17:15Tri-City Christian
3.11Dennis Roth
17:25La Jolla Country DayMi1:5:17; P:5:36
4.12Marco Pallavicini
17:30Francis Parker
5.12Adam Rolph
17:32Canyon Crest Academy
6.11Brendan Junge
17:34San Dieguito Academy
7.10Lee Klitzner
17:37La Jolla Country DayMi1:5:24; P:5:40
8.12Riley Kilpatrick
17:39 PRFrancis Parker
9.9Will Wilde Botta
10.11Nate Burns
17:50San Dieguito Academy
11.11Zubin Anklesaria
17:54Francis Parker
12.12Kyle Broxterman
18:03 SREscondido Charter
13.11Alex Fleischhacker
18:05La Jolla Country DayMi1:5:24; P:5:49
14.12Henry Su
15.9Patrick Hoagland
16.10Steven Forsythe
18:21San Dieguito Academy
17.9Duncan Tomlin
18:24Francis Parker
18.12Eric Blodgett
18:26La Jolla Country DayMi1:5:35; P:5:56
19.10Andy Kramer
18:30 SRSanta Fe Christian
20.10Lane Jackson
18:34San Dieguito Academy
21.9Noah Wolfenzon
18:35La Jolla Country DayMi1:5:35; P:5:59
22.10Jake Bons
18:35Calvin Christian
23.9Zach Lana
24.11Nick Irza
18:42Canyon Crest Academy
25.10Tyler Davidson
26.12Tom Dial
18:58Canyon Crest Academy
27.12Nick Armstrong
19:06San Dieguito Academy
28.9Chad Karczewski
29.11Arturo Ortega
19:08Canyon Crest Academy
30.10Christopher Gardner
19:21Canyon Crest Academy
31.11Jake Wengronowitz
19:25Tri-City Christian
32.9Jake Mack
19:26La Jolla Country DayMi1:5:50; P:6:15
33.11Khashy Hakamian
19:33Canyon Crest Academy
34.10Jimmy Kinsey
19:38Francis Parker
35.12Carson Colpean
19:39Tri-City Christian
36.10Eric Mintz
19:43Canyon Crest Academy
37.11Sam Richerd
19:54Calvin Christian
38.11Ryan ORourke
19:59Santa Fe Christian
39.11Daniel Lupin
40.10Chris Kuntz
41.12Evan Moring
20:19San Dieguito Academy
42.12Jacinto Dominguez
20:27 SREscondido Charter
43.12Murray Doig
20:29Calvin Christian
44.10Michael Bergsma
20:30Francis Parker
45.10Robert Gregg
20:32 PREscondido Charter
46.9Max Lee
20:33Francis Parker
47.12Adam Brouwer
20:35Calvin Christian
48.10Joe Pichette
20:39Tri-City Christian
49.12Tyler Kinzie
20:56Tri-City Christian
50.10Paul Keating
20:57Tri-City Christian
51.11John Hall
21:03Calvin Christian
52.10Westin Lahr
21:09 PREscondido Charter
53.9Trent Broxterman
21:18 PREscondido Charter
54.10Tim Hoekstra
21:31Calvin Christian
55.12Isaiah Giddings
56.12Arin Loudon
22:05Santa Fe Christian
57.10Kevin Changaris
22:17Santa Fe Christian
58.10Eric Trexel
22:45Santa Fe Christian
59.10Tony Savage
60.12Peter Valdes
22:47 PREscondido Charter
61.9Chris Boone
23:02Calvin Christian
62.9Freddie Reid
23:21Santa Fe Christian
63.9James Franklin
23:46Santa Fe Christian
64.12Kevin McClintock
65.12Jacob Giamanco
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Elizabeth Schulze
2.12Laura Wyatt
3.9Charlotte Kuzminsky
21:15Canyon Crest Academy
4.9Brianna Bockman
21:34Canyon Crest Academy
5.10Lauren Collins
6.12Naomi Wagner
7.12Anabel Arrendondo
22:11Canyon Crest Academy
8.11Alex Lyon
22:39Francis Parker
9.12Sara Zlotnik
22:57Canyon Crest Academy
10.10Madison Roberts
23:05San Dieguito Academy
11.12Alicia Triana
12.11Michelle Wu
13.9Leyna Rowan
14.9Charlotte Brutten
15.9Samantha Staszak
23:37La Jolla Country DayMi1:7:00; P:7:37
16.9Rachel Duong
23:38Canyon Crest Academy
17.11Monica Kozak
23:47Calvin Christian
18.10Julia Pederson
23:59San Dieguito Academy
19.9Katherine Swanson
24:02San Dieguito Academy
20.11Lisa Considine
24:06Francis Parker
21.10Kaitlyn Maffuid
24:17 SRFrancis Parker
22.12Sasha Binderow
24:21La Jolla Country DayMi1:7:22; P:7:51
23.10Serena Glynn
24.10Natalie Harper
24:37Tri-City Christian
25.9Kelly Davidson
24:37Canyon Crest Academy
26.10Rachel Stein
24:41Canyon Crest Academy
27.9Keely Craig
24:43Calvin Christian
28.12Rosa Thompson
29.11McKenna Taylor
24:50San Dieguito Academy
30.9Emily Domanico
24:55La Jolla Country DayMi1:7:24; P:8:02
31.11Alia Kiran
24:58Francis Parker
32.12Kierstie Svatos
25:00Francis Parker
33.12Sarah Rawi
25:02Canyon Crest Academy
34.12Erin Thorsell
25:04Canyon Crest Academy
35.12Chelsey Servi
25:10Tri-City Christian
36.12Ashley Armstrong
25:17San Dieguito Academy
37.9Maggie Taylor
25:22La Jolla Country DayMi1:7:29; P:8:10
38.10Kaylin Greene
25:27San Dieguito Academy
39.10Hannah Riegler
25:36Calvin Christian
40.12Alexandra Matthews
25:43San Dieguito Academy
41.10Alexa Shapiro
25:44San Dieguito Academy
42.11Tanya Vos
26:02Calvin Christian
43.12Chateria Scheideman
26:03 PREscondido Charter
44.9Emelie Deans
26:04Canyon Crest Academy
45.12Alex Vilas
26:15 PRSanta Fe Christian
46.11Lisa Felber
26:18La Jolla Country DayMi1:7:32; P:8:29
47.11Courtney Swan
26:22San Dieguito Academy
48.9Sara Miller
26:45Canyon Crest Academy
49.11Lanie Biggar
27:07 PRCalvin Christian
50.9Annie Kelly
27:23 SRBishops
51.10Holly Keating
27:39Tri-City Christian
52.9Madeliene Holcomb
28:02 SRSan Dieguito Academy
53.12Laura Duskin
28:09San Dieguito Academy
54.10Christy Cosentino
28:11 PRCalvin Christian
55.12Kelsey Saake
28:16San Dieguito Academy
56.12Eve Paxton
28:18San Dieguito Academy
57.9Erin Pannek
58.9Emily Paarman
28:56 SREscondido Charter
59.9Cara Chesney
60.10Mia Fleming
29:14Tri-City Christian
61.11Mieu Bry
29:16San Dieguito Academy
62.9Hannah Dewitt
29:35Tri-City Christian
63.11Lauren Blau
64.10Yanai Gonzalez
29:40 PREscondido Charter
65.12Chanelle Herring
29:45La Jolla Country DayMi1:9:04; P:9:35
66.10Caroline Hernandez
30:08Santa Fe Christian
67.11Hilary Hartman
30:23Tri-City Christian
68.9Haley Lesser
69.10Courtney Collins
31:35 PRSanta Fe Christian
70.12Sarah Levin
31:41 PRBishops
71.9Jessie O'Dell
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