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3 Miles Varsity
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City Conference CC Course

3 Miles Varsity

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Mens Results

3 Miles Varsity

1.12Jon Patino
16:19Mira Mesa
3.10Adrian Rafiee
16:29 SRPatrick Henry1
4.11Costner McIntosh
16:42Patrick Henry2
6.11Carlos Caballero
16:54Patrick Henry3
9.9Kellen Blumberg
17:00 SRPatrick Henry4
10.10Erik Figge
17:05Patrick Henry5
12.11Felix Martinez
17:16 PRPatrick Henry6
16.11Zack Brown
17:47Mira Mesa
17.10Chris Eggett
17:49 SRPatrick Henry7
18.12Daniel Tostado
17:52Patrick Henry8
19.10Brett Gutierrez
17:54 SRPatrick Henry9
20.10Nick Haines
18:14Patrick Henry10
21.10Kyle Granali
18:20Mira Mesa
22.10Chris Mena
18:56 SRMira Mesa
23.12Anthony Jereza
18:57 PRMira Mesa
24.11Hubert Huynh
19:04 SRMira Mesa
25.9Chris Steinke
19:26Mira Mesa
26.12Jeff Meilander
19:33Mira Mesa
27.12Gerry Rapelo
19:45 PRMira Mesa
28.10Adam Ally
19:47 SRMira Mesa
29.10Timmy Bui
19:54Mira Mesa
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3 Miles Junior Varsity

1.12Jeff Hemphill
17:39 PRPatrick HenryJV1
4.9Nick Taylor
17:58 SRPatrick HenryJV2
5.9Casey Dugan
18:01 SRPatrick HenryJV3
8.12Phil Kiner
18:13Patrick HenryJV4
9.9Nick Tammadge
18:18 SRPatrick HenryJV5
10.9Aaron Barranco
18:23 SRPatrick HenryJV6
11.10Sean Mulderig
18:29Patrick HenryJV7
12.10Michael Dean
18:33Patrick HenryJV8
14.11Zach Perry
18:47Patrick HenryJV9
16.10Spencer Everett
18:55 PRPatrick HenryJV10
17.10Kevin Cullen
19:09 SRPatrick HenryJV11
18.10Jesse Hill
19:12 PRPatrick HenryJV12
19.9Tony Gardella
19:14 SRPatrick HenryJV13
10Bryan Gruner
19:16 SRMira Mesa
23.10Ryan McMonigle
19:19 SRPatrick HenryJV14
24.11Randy Stuck
19:23 PRPatrick HenryJV15
25.11Vladimir Medenica
19:24 PRPatrick HenryJV16
11Brett Vigil
19:27Mira Mesa
11Ariel Lett
19:28 PRMira Mesa
29.9Steven Gagniere
19:31Patrick HenryJV17
30.11Skyler Katz
19:32Patrick HenryJV18
31.10Andrew Gordon
19:35 SRPatrick HenryJV19
32.9Matt Kucharski
19:36Patrick HenryJV20
12Bobby Workman
19:37 PRMira Mesa
34.10Eric Stuck
19:58 PRPatrick HenryJV21
35.10Duane Palmer
20:03Patrick HenryJV22
12Phillip Ruiz
20:04 PRMira Mesa
36.9Paul Senelick
20:04Patrick HenryJV23
37.9Kevin Meriwether
20:04 PRPatrick HenryJV24
12Juan Lopez
20:12 PRMira Mesa
40.12Justin Cook
20:18 PRPatrick HenryJV25
41.9Dean Murdoch
20:25 PRPatrick HenryJV26
10Ying Moua
20:26 PRMira Mesa
9John Black
20:41 SRMira Mesa
45.10Chase Cabrera
20:48Patrick HenryJV27
9Nathan Carr
20:54Mira Mesa
10Phi Ton
21:02 SRMira Mesa
9Devin Dahlberg
21:10Mira Mesa
9Joseph Charlot
21:11Mira Mesa
51.10John Ly
21:18Patrick HenryJV28
10Edward Chin
21:22Mira Mesa
9Angel Vargas
21:43Mira Mesa
56.11Robert Klap
21:44Patrick HenryJV29
57.9Matt Abrams
21:51 PRPatrick HenryJV30
10Brian Truong
22:01 SRMira Mesa
10Khoa Mai
22:11 SRMira Mesa
9Ulysses Savage
22:13Mira Mesa
61.9Wesley Pingel
22:17Patrick HenryJV31
10Theja Chadalawada
22:44 SRMira Mesa
63.9Mandarin Mathouchanh
22:48 SRPatrick HenryJV32
64.9Devan Aguilar
23:12 SRPatrick HenryJV33
9Tyler Jimeno
23:45 SRMira Mesa
67.9Ian Flagstad
23:53Patrick HenryJV34
11Kurt Diwa
24:20Mira Mesa
10Loi Ngo
25:07Mira Mesa
11Anthony Tong
25:30 SRMira Mesa
72.9Evan Stanner
25:50 PRPatrick HenryJV35
9Kevin Yabes
29:12Mira Mesa
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Womens Results

3 Miles Varsity

1.11Carli Kierstead
20:14Patrick Henry
2.10Kelsey Pepin
20:36 PRPatrick Henry
3.9Leigh Martin
20:46Patrick Henry
4.10Emily Parker
21:01Patrick Henry
6.10Kayla Cashman
21:08 PRPatrick Henry
7.10Carly Pfizenmeier
21:08Patrick Henry
10Theresa Calderon
21:13Mira Mesa
10.11Therese Redlinger
21:36Patrick Henry
11.11Annie Szafranski
21:41Patrick Henry
12.9Susan Redlinger
21:46 SRPatrick Henry
13.10Victoria Nguyen
21:51 PRPatrick Henry
14.10Holly Nguyen
21:54Patrick Henry
15.10Kayla Nelson
22:01Patrick Henry
16.9Erin Fink
22:04Patrick Henry
9Theresa Palafox
22:23 SRMira Mesa
18.10Amanda Sorourbakhsh
22:23Patrick Henry
12Nicole(Nic-Nac) Ba...
22:24 PRMira Mesa
20.10Carolyn Ponting
22:32Patrick Henry
9Phylicia Hisel
22:33 SRMira Mesa
25.9Juliet Murdoch
23:25Patrick Henry
10Raquel Burgett
23:35Mira Mesa
27.12Bonnie Oplinger
23:37Patrick Henry
10Madonna Sarmiento
23:43 SRMira Mesa
12AnnMarie Harris
23:46Mira Mesa
30.10Allison Branch
23:52 SRPatrick Henry
12Cassie Miranda
23:58 PRMira Mesa
10Leiza Abad
23:59 SRMira Mesa
33.9Shelby Oneal
24:01Patrick Henry
11Jessie Scott
24:09Mira Mesa
35.10Emily Suon
24:13 PRPatrick Henry
12Ashley Graham
24:19 PRMira Mesa
37.10Stacy Roome
24:25 SRPatrick Henry
11Shelby Ross
24:27 SRMira Mesa
10Stacy Wilkinson
24:30Mira Mesa
40.9Aliya Levy
24:34Patrick Henry
9Melissa Antonio
24:35Mira Mesa
10Sarai Mora
24:48 SRMira Mesa
9Stacey Rabanal
24:59 SRMira Mesa
11Elizabeth Scott
25:01Mira Mesa
45.12Mary Klap
25:08Patrick Henry
10Tanya Kim
25:18Mira Mesa
12Bernice La
25:38 PRMira Mesa
9Tina Nguyen
25:39 SRMira Mesa
11Carol Manisouk
25:41 PRMira Mesa
9Jihong Jin
26:15Mira Mesa
53.9Meghan Swaney
26:15Patrick Henry
11Adhi Smith
26:16 PRMira Mesa
10Alicia Percy
26:18Mira Mesa
9Nhu Ngo
26:18 SRMira Mesa
10Thuy-An Nguyen
27:15Mira Mesa
59.9Ashley Cook
27:15Patrick Henry
10Kim Nichols
27:32 SRMira Mesa
11Raquel Abad
27:34Mira Mesa
63.10Lily Ean
29:58Patrick Henry
11Diana Ottey
30:30 PRMira Mesa
10Jessica Luu
32:40Mira Mesa
12Reyna Misa
35:06 PRMira Mesa
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