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3,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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3,000 Meters Varsity
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Sisters Middle School

3,000 Meters Junior Varsity
3,000 Meters Junior Varsity II
3,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

3,000 Meters Junior Varsity

6Bronco Hollowell
11:34 PRHigh Desert
6.7Jimi Seeley
11:49 PRObsidian
6Quinn Fettig
12:04 PRHigh Desert
12.6Ross Duncan
12:17 PRTrinity Lutheran
6Tanner Abbott
12:35 PRElton Gregory
6Jake Buehner
12:38 SRHigh Desert
6Tristan Hollingswo...
13:06High Desert
7Max Stamler
13:22 SRSt Francis
7Andy Jensen
13:27 SRObsidian
6Miguel Martin
13:34 PRElton Gregory
6Alex Stevens
13:55 SRElton Gregory
7Austin Purcell
13:56 PRObsidian
7Patrick Mann
14:07 SRObsidian
7Augie Brunette
14:18St Francis
6Matthew Crawmer
14:39Trinity Lutheran
7Tony Watters
14:39 SRSt Francis
6Nathan Dougherty
14:54Trinity Lutheran
6Carson Manselle
15:17Elton Gregory
7William Fischahs
15:22 PRObsidian
7Jared Scheimer
15:44 PRSt Francis
7Michael Sims
15:47 PRObsidian
7Cooper White
16:00 PRObsidian
6John Theobald
16:22 SRHigh Desert
6Keenan Dodge
16:35High Desert
6Nikos Skoufos
17:43High Desert
7Riley Shelton
17:57St Francis
7Justin Bass
6Jonathan Terry
20:55Trinity Lutheran
6James Seed
22:05Trinity Lutheran
6Andrew Uldricks
22:12Trinity Lutheran
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3,000 Meters Junior Varsity II

3.6Gabe Wyllie
11:32 SRSt Francis
5.6Alec Carter
12:05 SRObsidian
6.6Troy Purcell
12:06 PRObsidian
6Joe Murphy
12:18 PRSt Francis
6Teddy Widmer
13:05 SRSt Francis
6Cooper Shaw
13:56 PRObsidian
6Ryan DeCastilhos
14:14St Francis
6Jordan Banister
15:08 PRObsidian
6Mitch Seals
15:49 SRObsidian
6Blaine Matthews
6Sam Earnest
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3,000 Meters Varsity

8Travis Neuman
10:15 PRSeven Peaks
8Chris McBride
10:23 PRSky View
8John Murphy
10:45 PRSt Francis
8Lucas Eschelbach
11:05 PRHigh Desert
8Luc Boileau
11:06 PRSeven Peaks
6Zach Heiden
11:33 PRSky View
12.8Hayden Baney
11:53 PRTrinity Lutheran
7Garrett Roth
11:57Sky View
13.8Klye Wells
11:57 PRTrinity Lutheran
8Stephen Drgastin
12:10 PRTrinity Lutheran
7Niko Crosse
12:11 PRHigh Desert
8Nick Eby
12:11 PRSeven Peaks
8Thomas Theobald
12:16 PRHigh Desert
8Jaxson Landrus
12:18 PRHigh Desert
7Samuel Taylor
12:21 PRSky View
7Cole Burford
12:22 PRTrinity Lutheran
7Javier Colton
12:24 PRSeven Peaks
8Jeffrey Bierman
12:26 PRElton Gregory
8Sam Cooper
12:31 PRHigh Desert
8Stephen Dunn
12:37 PRSky View
7Joseph Rainaldi
12:42 SRSeven Peaks
6Dakota Thornton
12:48Sky View
8Jay Borland
13:00 PRHigh Desert
8Curtis Jensen
13:01High Desert
7Eduardo Anguiano P...
13:24 SRSky View
7Max Audette
13:25 PRSeven Peaks
7Jacob Rogers
13:47 SRSky View
8Conor Smith
13:51 PRSeven Peaks
8Knut Renton
13:52 PRSt Francis
8Conor McCue
13:53 PRObsidian
8Kyle Brooks
13:53 PRObsidian
7Colten Rogers
14:05Sky View
6William Johnson
14:07 SRSky View
7David Hoover
14:16Seven Peaks
8Ben Jungck
14:20 SRTerrebonne
7Hayden Coleman
14:20 SRSky View
8Jared Probert
14:21 PRObsidian
7Clayton Crenshaw
14:22Sky View
8Matt McGrath
14:34 PRTrinity Lutheran
8Kilen Multop
14:43 PRTrinity Lutheran
6Tanner Ensworth
14:55 SRSky View
7Riley Anderson
14:55 PRTrinity Lutheran
8Mitchell Parks
14:56 PRTrinity Lutheran
8Kai Freeman
14:59 PRTrinity Lutheran
6Dan Ekman
15:29Sky View
6Hunter Hassell
16:23Sky View
7Andrew Joyce
16:24 PRHigh Desert
7Sean Murphy
17:07 PRHigh Desert
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters Junior Varsity

6Abigail Lange
12:21 SRHigh Desert
9.6Shae Wilcox
12:47 SRElton Gregory
6Jessica Cornett
13:42 SRHigh Desert
6Madison Odiorne
13:47 PRHigh Desert
7Shelby Marthaller
14:11 PRObsidian
6Tiffany Soliz
14:15 PRElton Gregory
6Kaylie Becker
15:44 PRElton Gregory
7Jami Smith
15:48 SRSt Francis
7Kelly Ackerman
7Anna Thom
17:47 SRTerrebonne
7Cassie Coleman
17:54 PRObsidian
7Taylor Lynn
18:08Elton Gregory
6Katrina Wilson
19:25Elton Gregory
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3,000 Meters Junior Varsity II

6Una Wagner
15:15 SRObsidian
6Kaily Fineran
15:40 PRObsidian
6Noelle Kuper
16:01 PRSt Francis
6Jessa Kirzy
16:54 PRObsidian
6Savannah Debudge
18:37St Francis
6Ellie Conklin
19:21 PRObsidian
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3,000 Meters Varsity

6Piper McDonald
11:44 SRSky View
1.8Sommer Kirk
11:55 PRElton Gregory
6Hannah Cockrum
12:09 PRSky View
8Mikayla Cant
12:17 PRSky View
8Jenna Mattox
12:25 PRHigh Desert
5.8Madison Walker
12:26 PRTrinity Lutheran
7Megan Patterson
12:27 PRSky View
8Makeila Lundy
12:41 PRHigh Desert
8Amanda Lawrence
12:43 PRSky View
8Jamie Garr
12:49 PRObsidian
8Mckenzie Bell
12:49 PRObsidian
8Elayna Boot
13:08 PRElton Gregory
8Tatum Aneluk
13:11 PRSky View
8Kiersten Hatton
13:17 PRSky View
8Samantha Scholz
13:25 PRElton Gregory
8Kennedy McGahan
13:27 PRSeven Peaks
6Tia Hatton
13:29 SRSky View
8Aspen Hassell
13:36 PRSky View
8Zamesha Reitz
13:48 PRObsidian
8Jessica Marthaller
13:48 PRObsidian
8Lili Wagner
13:52 PRElton Gregory
7Devon Costa
14:18High Desert
7Sage Wiltse
14:38 PRSeven Peaks
7Maria Johnson
14:55 PRHigh Desert
6Delaney Hood
14:55Sky View
7Andreia Todd
15:11 PRSeven Peaks
7Olivia Coffman
15:44 PRHigh Desert
7Hannah DeAlicante
15:56Trinity Lutheran
8Amanda Elmer
16:22 PRObsidian
7McKenzie Crew
16:27Trinity Lutheran
8Sierra Lantz
16:37 PRObsidian
7Megan Culbertson
16:41Sky View
7Miyah Neal
17:19 PRHigh Desert
7Charlotte Swaney
18:13 SRSky View
-Kailee Scot-unger
24:36Sky View
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