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Mens Races

River Valley HS

2.9 Miles Varsity1:00 PM
Womens Races

River Valley HS

2.9 Miles Varsity1:30 PM

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Boys Varsity Team Scores
Place	School				Score
1	SeRo	Sedona Red Rock		25
2	Wick	Wickenburg		55
3	Chno	Chino Valley		74
4	Estr	Estrella Foothills	80
5	RiVa	River Valley		148
6	Park	Parker			163
Girls Varsity Team Scores
Place	School				Score
1	SeRo	Sedona Red Rock		25
2	Wick	Wickenburg		48
3	Chno	Chino Valley		68
4	Estr	Estrella Foothills	83
5	RiVa	River Valley		112

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Mens Results

2.9 Miles Varsity

1.12Larry Hermance
17:09 PRChino Valley
2.11Juan Martinez
17:19 SRChino Valley
3.11Jesus Rivera
17:29 PRSedona Red Rock
4.11Garrett Debs
17:49 PRSedona Red Rock
5.11Brian Hoyer
17:53 PRSedona Red Rock
6.12Chris Lloyd
17:54 PRSedona Red Rock
7.10Dylan George-Sills
18:29 PRSedona Red Rock
8.12Edgar Reynoso
18:41 PREstrella Foothills
9.12Bentley Regehr
19:00 PRWickenburg
10.12Shane Martin
19:01 PRWickenburg
11.12Edward Valadez
19:06 PRWickenburg
12.11Levi Staten
19:10 PRWickenburg
13.11Chase Killer
19:13 PRWickenburg
14.12Graham Greenfield
19:20 PRSedona Red Rock
15.11Hunter Wodd
19:36 PREstrella Foothills
16.12Doug Richards
19:37 PREstrella Foothills
17.9Jorge Rivera
20:07 PRSedona Red Rock
18.10Adrian Ruiz
20:11 PRWickenburg
19.12Davenn Mannix
20:23 PRChino Valley
20.12Steve Perez
20:47 PREstrella Foothills
21.12Jess-see Hagans
20:47 PREstrella Foothills
22.10Dylan Prevost
21:03 PRWickenburg
23.12Razvan Neagoe
21:16 PRRiver Valley
24.12Matthew Warren
21:17 PRChino Valley
25.11Jeff Risano
21:37 PREstrella Foothills
26.10Andrew Honadick
22:15 PRParker
27.12Michael Bellamy
22:20 PRRiver Valley
28.10Andy Jones
22:23 SRChino Valley
29.9Trey Osborn
22:23 SRChino Valley
30.12Ryne Carlson
22:30 PRParker
31.10Richard Hill
23:04 PRRiver Valley
32.11Reynaldo Castaneda
23:10 PRParker
33.10Keith Williams
23:15 PRRiver Valley
34.11Richard Schweitzer
24:21 PRRiver Valley
35.11Jacob Teragouchi
25:04 PREstrella Foothills
36.9Josh Saxton
28:00 PRParker
37.9Aragon Tylin
31:44 PRRiver Valley
38.9Vincent Gregory
35:16 PRRiver Valley
39.11Stanley Vescio
37:34 PRParker
40.9Logan Conley
39:38 PRParker
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