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    Mens Results

    8,000 Meters Varsity

    Official Team Scores

    1.Whatcom Community College27
    2.Edmonds College28
    1.Roberto Aguilera Jr27:37.87Whatcom Community Co...
    2.FrDylan Lennon28:44.48
    Edmonds College
    3.-Alek Schwiesow29:25.16
    Edmonds College
    4.Carson Lee30:24.18Whatcom Community Co...
    5.Derek Thornton30:31.06Whatcom Community Co...
    FrRyan Barene30:49.06
    Everett Community Co...
    6.FrChance Pearston31:15.24
    Edmonds College
    7.FrBrandon Schenck32:46.7
    Edmonds College
    8.Jesse Stoddard32:48.14Whatcom Community Co...
    Antonio Hernandez32:56.88Unattached/EVCC
    9.Logan Clabaugh34:41.81Whatcom Community Co...
    10.FrGage Herriott35:04.94
    Edmonds College
    FrTyler Buck35:05.16
    Everett Community Co...
    11.Anthony Brim35:05.11Whatcom Community Co...
    12.Cameron Maddox35:43.86Whatcom Community Co...
    13.FrRaphael Miranda37:48.39
    Edmonds College
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    Womens Results

    5,000 Meters Varsity

    1.FrChristina Savenkova19:01.49
    Edmonds College
    SoAvery Daniels19:07.05
    Everett Community Co...
    2.FrArella Rihn19:25.89
    Edmonds College
    3.Alyce Harlan20:21.41Whatcom Community Co...
    4.Rubi Stuit21:18.93Whatcom Community Co...
    5.FrHannah Bomgardner22:03.25
    Edmonds College
    6.Makenna Holz22:55.92Whatcom Community Co...
    7.FrIvy Ewing23:56.05
    Edmonds College
    FrJoanna Schmidt25:56.25
    Everett Community Co...
    8.Aliyah Mintah-Myers27:56.52Whatcom Community Co...
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