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5,000 Meters Varsity4:00 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity4:00 AM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Billy Ledder
16:45.56Gonzaga College
2.12Jack Strabo
3.11Collin Leibold
17:32.72Gonzaga College
4.12Tom Belikove
17:36.27St. Andrew's Episcopal
5.12Will Fleury
17:44.58Gonzaga College
6.12Ben Zeiss
17:50.70Gonzaga College
7.11Connor Ryan
17:52.17Gonzaga College
8.11Fran Lewis
17:54.82Gonzaga College
9.10Mike Crozier
17:58.27Gonzaga College
10.10Gregory Hadley
18:04.82The Heights
11.12Kevin Greene
18:15.77Gonzaga College
12.10Nathan Thompson
18:16.20Gonzaga College
13.9Adam Brill
14.10Jimbo Briody
18:33.13Gonzaga College
15.12Duncan Harvey
18:38.20 PRLandon
16.12Elliot Silverman
18:40.19 SRSt. Andrew's Episcopal
17.11Ryan Dougherty
18.12Ben Naughton
18:50.58St. Andrew's Episcopal
19.10Worth Smith
20.10Adam Broeckhart
18:56.23St. Andrew's Episcopal
21.11Eli Robbins
18:56.82 SRSt. Andrew's Episcopal
22.10William Kuhn
23.12Ceena Modarres
24.9Edward Douglass
19:05.89St. Andrew's Episcopal
25.10Thomas Fergus
19:06.81Gonzaga College
26.11Brendan Reim
19:11.28The Heights
27.12Matt Esposito
19:13.20Gonzaga College
28.12Michael Kelly
19:13.57Gonzaga College
29.10Henry Meyerson
19:13.99Gonzaga College
30.12JP Shannon
19:14.81 SRGonzaga College
31.12Austin Dice
32.10Brenden Kelley
19:15.60Gonzaga College
33.9Charlie Quinlan
19:20.80 PRGonzaga College
34.10Nick Lindsay
19:25.43Gonzaga College
35.12Ryan Creamer
19:26.72Gonzaga College
36.11Scott Womer
19:28.43 SRSt. Andrew's Episcopal
37.10Matt Gatti
19:29.01Gonzaga College
38.10Drew Dawson
19:32.83Gonzaga College
39.12Henry Zhu
40.10Mark Strabo
19:39.68 PRLandon
41.10Brian Liu
42.10Sean Wallisch
19:41.99Gonzaga College
43.10Phillip Allen
19:42.31The Heights
44.12Andrew Lopatka
19:56.04Gonzaga College
45.12Amir Elmaani
19:57.84 PRBullis
46.10Jeff Bass
47.12David Sturgeon
20:00.37St. Andrew's Episcopal
48.11Brandon Kolb
20:00.98The Heights
49.11Joseph Beatty
20:06.52The Heights
50.10Kevin Keena
51.12Kaquan Little
52.9Thomas Pullano
20:12.61Gonzaga College
53.11Sean Kerrigan
20:17.67Gonzaga College
54.11JP Raynal
20:23.14Gonzaga College
55.12Alvin Zepeda
20:23.64Gonzaga College
56.10Luke Soltero
20:28.64The Heights
57.12Pavan Jagannathan
20:35.24 PRLandon
58.10Dom Pugliaresi
20:38.17St. Andrew's Episcopal
59.11John Overall
60.9Kevin Wong
20:41.17 PRGonzaga College
61.11Kevin Chen
20:42.49 PRCalverton
62.10Matt McQuillen
20:48.21Gonzaga College
63.11Lincoln Leahy
64.11Anthony Holland
21:07.71Gonzaga College
65.11Andrew Carras
66.10Frankie Cipollone
21:33.25The Heights
67.9Patrick Hisle
21:34.25Gonzaga College
68.11Drew Davis
21:40.64 PRBullis
69.9Santiago Lulli
21:46.93The Heights
70.12Steven Lydanne
71.10Tommy Prominski
21:54.62 PRGonzaga College
72.10Matt Skibinski
21:59.55 SRGonzaga College
73.9David Krohn
22:04.56The Heights
74.12Geoffrey Malloy
22:05.85Gonzaga College
75.10Xander Seton
22:08.42Gonzaga College
76.12Edgar Caiza
22:17.06 PRGonzaga College
77.9Connor Lau
22:26.18 PRGonzaga College
78.9Andrew Brubaker
22:27.41The Heights
79.12Matt Kent
22:38.34Gonzaga College
80.9Harrison Nealley
22:51.48St. Andrew's Episcopal
81.10Will Morris
23:01.15Gonzaga College
82.9Joe Seeger
23:05.33Gonzaga College
83.9Nick Getka
23:06.15Gonzaga College
84.10Adam Gauthier
23:06.52Gonzaga College
85.9Nick Recka
23:13.43Gonzaga College
86.10Jack O'Neill
23:14.07Gonzaga College
87.9Mark Creamer
23:18.31Gonzaga College
88.11Peter James
23:39.47St. Andrew's Episcopal
89.9Harry Liu
90.9Roland Mellies
91.11Ryan McMahon
24:50.04 SRBullis
92.10Max Gaitan
24:56.09Gonzaga College
93.11Chris Hutson
25:03.91Gonzaga College
94.11Kojo Kamjo
95.9Daniel Marino
25:19.59The Heights
96.9Brandon Lee
97.9Joseph Barron
25:53.59Gonzaga College
98.9Max Bramson
25:54.99 SRBullis
99.10Sean Greene
25:58.68Gonzaga College
100.10Mark Perry
26:10.05 SRLandon
101.12Sam Funger
102.9Mark Horn
26:21.76Gonzaga College
103.9Billy Petito
26:29.49 SRSt. Andrew's Episcopal
104.9Bing Dickenson
27:04.09 PRCalverton
105.11Marcus Maibach
27:17.83 SRSt. Andrew's Episcopal
106.10William Christner
107.9Butler John
28:10.85Gonzaga College
108.10Cameron Buck
109.10Aurian Darvashi
28:32.45 SRBullis
110.9Jacob Maibach
28:46.91St. Andrew's Episcopal
111.9Jason Lee
28:50.12Gonzaga College
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Ann (Scarlett) Gla...
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