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Mens Races

St. Andrew's Middle School

2 Mile Middle School (MAC)4:00 AM
2 Mile Middle School (IAC)4:00 PM
Womens Races

St. Andrew's Middle School

2 Mile Middle School (ISL)4:30 PM

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Mens Results

2 Mile Middle School (MAC)

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Official Team Scores

1.Georgetown Day43
2.Sidwell Friends58
4.Flint Hill80
5.St Andrews Episcopal98

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Mark Ramsey
12:18.1 PRPotomac
2.8Adam Moses
12:23.1 PRPotomac
3.7Aidan Pillard
12:28.9 PRGeorgetown Day
4.8Carlton Marshall
12:52.7 PRGeorgetown Day
5.8Shaner LeBauer
12:55.8 PRSidwell Friends
6.8Lynn Reed
12:59.8 PRGeorgetown Day
7.8Ben Charo
13:01.7 PRSidwell Friends
8.8Aidan Herderschee
13:04.1 PRSt Andrews Episcopal
9.7Phillip Caraci
13:27.2 PRFlint Hill
10.8Drew Altizer
13:28.0 PRSt Andrews Episcopal
11.7Josh Wertzberger
13:29.8 PRFlint Hill
12.7Zeke Cohen
13:35.1 PRGeorgetown Day
13.8Mark Kensinger
13:41.8 PRPotomac
14.8Luke Friedman
13:46.8 PRSidwell Friends
15.7Nicholas Girdis
13:51.6 PRSidwell Friends
16.8Alexander Walsh
13:57.4 PRFlint Hill
17.8Ben Abeles
14:00.2 PRSidwell Friends
18.8Rueben Moghadam
14:02.6 PRGeorgetown Day
19.8Nathan Trail
14:30.4 PRSaint James
20.7Teddy Wessel
14:31.3 PRSidwell Friends
21.7Christopher Salmon
14:33.9 PRFlint Hill
22.8Noah Landay
14:36.6 PRGeorgetown Day
23.7Nico de Toledo
14:38.8 PRSidwell Friends
24.8Eric Magalhaes
14:40.2 PRSt Andrews Episcopal
25.7Trevor Maco
14:48.4 PRFlint Hill
26.8Andrew Coffee
14:54.0 PRFlint Hill
27.7Ryan Hoang
15:08.5 PRSidwell Friends
28.7Jacob Roberts
15:22.2 PRGeorgetown Day
29.8Maina Kamau
15:25.6 PRPotomac
30.7Ara Kharazian
15:27.0 PRSidwell Friends
31.8Noah Nash
15:28.5 PRSidwell Friends
32.8Raffi Ohanian
15:36.9 PRSt Andrews Episcopal
33.8Porter Goss
15:37.3 PRSt Andrews Episcopal
34.8David Ball
15:40.0 PRPotomac
35.7Peter Benjamin Hut...
15:44.8 PRSidwell Friends
36.8Aaron Fisher
15:53.7 PRGeorgetown Day
37.8Carl Thomas
15:58.9 PRSaint James
38.7Andrew Hodges
15:59.5 PRSidwell Friends
39.8Tristan Timblin
15:59.9 PRFlint Hill
40.7Caden Ulanet
16:12.5 PRPotomac
41.7Benj Ogden-Lord
16:24.7 PRSidwell Friends
42.8Jack Sollee
16:26.3 PRSidwell Friends
43.7David Bergreen
16:33.1 PRGeorgetown Day
44.8Ben Gray
16:36.7 PRGeorgetown Day
45.7David Gunby
16:47.8 SRGeorgetown Day
46.8Alexander Samaha
17:00.3 PRGeorgetown Day
47.7Ryan Alexander
17:09.3 PRSidwell Friends
48.7Jack Cruse
17:09.5 PRFlint Hill
49.7Noah Werner-Winslow
17:59.1 PRSidwell Friends
50.7Wesley Harris
17:59.8 PRSidwell Friends
51.8Aaron Sibarium
18:27.7 PRSt Andrews Episcopal
52.8Arthur Kohn
18:27.9 PRSidwell Friends
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2 Mile Middle School (IAC)

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.St Albans21
4.St Stephens and St Agnes112

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Tai Dinger
11:45.0 PRSt Albans
2.8Leo Falcone
12:01.2 PRLandon
3.8Sam Cavanaugh
12:03.6 PRSt Albans
4.8Will Ford
12:27.0 PRSt Albans
5.8Jack Chellman
13:12.1 PRBullis
6.7Nikolai Medish
13:18.7 PRSt Albans
7.6Matthew Andreoli
13:19.0 PRSt Albans
8.7Brooks Mays
13:24.0 PRBullis
9.8Ephrem Rae
13:49.4 PRSt Albans
10.8Samuel Fox
13:54.3 PRLandon
11.6Ross Munk
13:54.8 PRSt Albans
12.7Alec Ward
14:04.3 PRSt Albans
13.7Stone Dreyer
14:14.2 PRLandon
14.8Eric Zhao
14:32.3 PRSt Albans
15.8Thomas Boley
14:45.2 PRSt Albans
16.7Hunter Voslow
14:46.4 PRLandon
17.8Nick Sussman
14:49.0 PRBullis
18.8Thomas Blair
14:49.7 PRSt Albans
19.7Joey Gaines
14:54.7 SRSt Albans
20.7Teerit Vongkovit
15:05.1 PRLandon
21.6Logan Giles
15:05.9 PRLandon
22.8Drew Micholas
15:28.9 PRBullis
23.8Luke Kennedy
15:32.3 PRLandon
24.8Matthew Romer
15:33.4 PRSt Albans
25.7William Brandt
15:34.5 PRSt Stephens and St A...
26.7Tucker Burnett
15:35.8 PRSt Stephens and St A...
27.8Kendall Buck
15:48.0 PRBullis
28.6James Flood
16:14.6 SRSt Albans
29.7Alec Economakis
16:31.0 PRBullis
30.8Adam Naidorf
16:31.7 PRSt Stephens and St A...
31.6Adam Schauer
16:38.8 SRSt Albans
32.6Jabril Arnold
16:55.8 SRLandon
33.7Jesse Vargas
16:58.5 PRSt Stephens and St A...
34.6Jordan Torres
17:13.4 PRBullis
35.7Stephon Burton
17:20.8 PRSt Stephens and St A...
36.8Mark Czerner
17:27.2 PRSt Stephens and St A...
37.7Benjamin Levinson
17:28.0 PRLandon
38.8John Pearson
17:35.0 SRLandon
39.6Luke Ellis
18:02.4 PRLandon
40.7Joshua Reed
18:26.9 PRSt Stephens and St A...
41.8Adam Cohen
18:54.2 PRBullis
42.7Alex Zakrzeski
19:54.6 PRBullis
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Womens Results

2 Mile Middle School (ISL)

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.St Andrews Episcopal29
2.National Cathedral for Girls53
3.Flint Hill70

Hypothetical Scores

1.6Mia Gyau
12:35.5 PRBullis
2.8Kristin Butler
13:17.8 PRSt Andrews Episcopal
3.7Katherine Ann Van ...
13:23.4 PRNational Cathedral f...
4.7Farrin Saba
13:57.6 PRFlint Hill
5.7Lily Shahabi
14:36.7 PRSt Andrews Episcopal
6.7Caroline Spartin
14:46.4 PRPotomac
7.7Aoife Magner
14:48.2 PRConnelly School of t...
8.8Annie Graham
14:56.9 PRNational Cathedral f...
9.8Dorothy Hastings
15:06.7 PRSt Andrews Episcopal
10.8Alex Smith
15:11.1 PRSt Andrews Episcopal
11.8Shirah Moffet-Darko
15:19.4 PRNational Cathedral f...
12.7Gracie Pereles
15:33.1 PRConnelly School of t...
13.8Clare Specht
15:34.2 PRHolton-Arms
14.7Nora Leibold
15:36.8 PRConnelly School of t...
15.8Madison Oliver
15:51.2 SRFlint Hill
16.8Natalie Edwards
16:04.0 PRGeorgetown Day
17.8Catherine Ahmad
16:11.9 PRSt Andrews Episcopal
18.7Karla Rivera
16:16.9 PRSt Andrews Episcopal
19.7Viena Forkas
16:24.0 PRFlint Hill
20.7Rachel Cherner
16:34.2 PRGeorgetown Day
21.7Jocelyn Krim
16:35.1 PRHolton-Arms
22.7Maya Meltsner
16:38.5 PRHolton-Arms
23.7Katie Dock
16:41.1 PRSidwell Friends
24.8Louise DeMarco
16:41.5 PRNational Cathedral f...
25.7Christine Poisson
17:16.1 PRSt Andrews Episcopal
26.7Jeanne Ryan
17:29.1 PRConnelly School of t...
27.7Jennifer Bi
17:35.2 PRHolton-Arms
28.7Shanzay Kahn
17:37.0 PRHolton-Arms
29.7Caroline Graves
17:39.1 PRSt Andrews Episcopal
30.7Emma Freeman
17:41.2 PRHolton-Arms
31.8Samantha Chen
17:49.3 PRFlint Hill
32.8CiCi Lekakos
17:51.7 PRSt Andrews Episcopal
33.7Sophia Wonneberger
18:00.8 PRSidwell Friends
34.8Falere Fagoroye
18:43.4 PRSt Andrews Episcopal
35.8Nora Kelsall
19:07.3 PRSidwell Friends
36.7Amina Rahill Marier
20:05.4 PRNational Cathedral f...
37.8Emily Broeckaert
21:48.5 PRSt Andrews Episcopal
38.8Cheryl Ouayoro
22:28.4 PRFlint Hill
39.7Loli Lambert
23:20.9 PRSt Andrews Episcopal
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