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5,000 Meters Varsity
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5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.11Cody Glad
16:34 SRKearnsregion champion
11Matthew Stradley
16:54.8 SRCopper Hills
8.11Richard Obele
11Oscar Zamudio
17:29.1 PRCopper Hills
10Jake Baker
17:33 SRCopper Hills
19.10David Bass
17:34 SRKearns
9Hunter Weintz
17:37 SRCopper Hills
11Taylor Read
17:44Copper Hills
12Adam Eddington
17:49 SRCopper Hills
12Emilio Zamudio
17:55.3Copper Hills
11Marc Summers
17:56.1 SRCopper Hills
31.12Emanuel Oling
17:57 PRKearns
32.12Dakota Jacobson
18:14 PRKearns
11Kjeld Nelson
18:16 SRCopper Hills
36.11Marcus Tarr
37.10Jeremiah Haidentha...
12Joseph Silva
18:50Copper Hills
40.11Jimmy Pena
41.10Chris Sandaval
43.12Devin Hickenlooper
19:32 PRKearns
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

12Matt Earl
18:13 SRCopper Hills
12Brady Ziegler
18:48.0 PRCopper Hills
10Jaysen Hatch
18:49 SRCopper Hills
10Josh Smith
19:03 SRCopper Hills
12Matt Gregory
19:37Copper Hills
10Mitchell Crane
19:38 SRCopper Hills
12Robbie Fletcher
19:41Copper Hills
11Mack Bawden
19:46Copper Hills
10Jayden Christensen
19:47.2 PRCopper Hills
11Logan Anderson
19:54 SRCopper Hills
12Tommy Tautkus
20:06 SRCopper Hills
11Zac Pritchett
20:19 SRCopper Hills
12Jake Lewis
20:25Copper Hills
9Austin Ziegler
20:32 PRCopper Hills
10Steven Pedersen
20:35Copper Hills
11Robert Hansen
20:36 SRCopper Hills
10Josh Merkley
20:39 SRCopper Hills
11Caleb Baker
20:49.5 SRCopper Hills
10Tyrone Michaelis
20:49.8 SRCopper Hills
41.11Rusty Jones
21:06 PRKearns
10John Scott
21:24 SRCopper Hills
12Bryant Kesler
21:28.7 PRCopper Hills
48.10Tanner Hurst
11Ian Heagren
21:46.8Copper Hills
10Jordan Thomas
22:06Copper Hills
12Mike Woolsey
22:28 SRCopper Hills
11Andrew Davis
22:58Copper Hills
66.10Zach Ohwiler
10Trevor Kunz
24:04Copper Hills
12John Oakley
24:11Copper Hills
10Cory Ortiz
26:12Copper Hills
10Max Brandenmayr
29:06Copper Hills
9Skyler Davis
33:00Copper Hills
9Dalton Nell
33:50 PRCopper Hills
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