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Mens Races
3,350 Meters Freshman9:30 AM
5,250 Meters Sophomore10:20 AM
5,250 Meters Junior11:10 AM
5,250 Meters Senior12:00 PM
Womens Races
5,250 Meters Senior
3,350 Meters Freshman9:00 AM
5,250 Meters Sophomore9:50 AM
5,250 Meters Junior10:40 AM

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Mens Results

3,350 Meters Freshman

10.9Jimmy Gorman
12:46 PRSt Joseph
13.9Eric Williams
12:54.4 PRHolmdelWow!
15.9Christian Tabedzki
13:05 PRSt Joseph
24.9Jack Baisley
13:19.7 PRHolmdelGet Healthy!
32.9Christian Goldy
13:28 PRSt Joseph
33.9Sean Rankin
13:29 PRSt Joseph
37.9Justin Torrisi
13:31 PRSt Joseph
48.9Steve Taraska
13:39 PRSt Joseph
59.9Jason Laio
13:52.9 PRHolmdelGreat first race!
69.9Jonathon Galvez
14:00.5 Governor Livingston
73.9Billy Kenney
14:03 PRSt Joseph
77.9Connor Clarke
14:07 PRSt Joseph
78.9Alan Sciarrillo
14:08 PRSt Joseph
80.9Jonathan Eng
14:11.5 PRHolmdelGet that 13:00!
104.9Christopher Foley
14:32.7Governor Livingston
109.9Brian Colella
14:35.7 PRHolmdelBe more aggressive!
125.9Dane Yelencsics
14:56.1 PRHolmdel1 week of training...
132.9Alex Lin
15:06.4 PRHolmdelSo close to the 14's
133.9Anthony Coughlin
15:07.8 PRHolmdelRun the middle!
155.9Andrew Tsai
15:24.2 PRHolmdelFamily PB!
158.9Kevin Chiou
15:27.5 PRHolmdelAim for 14:30
164.9James Marzano
15:38.3 PRHolmdelGood start, keep rolli
171.9Matthew Staniforth
15:56.9 PRHolmdel1 week of training...
178.9Ryan Benson
16:14.8Governor Livingston
184.9Guy Yelencsics
16:30.2 PRHolmdel1 week of training...
215.9Mark Ripley
18:16.8Governor Livingston
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5,250 Meters Sophomore

6.10Travis Fodor
17:39.0 PRHolmdelWow!
24.10Luke Sprenger
18:38St Joseph
28.10Santino Cozza
18:44St Joseph
30.10Sean Hahner
18:58.0 SRGovernor Livingston
43.10Daniel Gaston
19:15.6 PRGovernor Livingston
49.10Michael Choie
19:22.7 PRHolmdelPB, good race!
50.10Michael VonOhlen
19:24St Joseph
60.10Vinay Nathan
19:43.1 PRHolmdelGreat race!
66.10Joseph Graham
19:56St Joseph
66.10Joseph Graham
19:57St Joseph
73.10Chris Guerrero
20:05.3 PRGovernor Livingston
75.10Brian Simone
20:07.5 SRGovernor Livingston
78.10Dylan Gallagher
20:11St Joseph
95.10Anthony Simuro
20:28.9 PRHolmdelWay to be aggressive!
104.10Allen Chang
20:47.5 PRHolmdelGet that intensity bac
110.10Thomas O'Hara
20:54.6 SRGovernor Livingston
115.10James Chen
21:07.0 PRHolmdelKeep your form!
135.11Nima Jamalkhani
21:47.8 PRHolmdelGood first 5k!
141.10Zachary Heissler
21:59.9 PRGovernor Livingston
145.10Scott Buchanan
22:08.9 SRGovernor Livingston
157.10Eric Vanchieri
22:26.9 SRGovernor Livingston
180.10Sean Jones
23:15.2 PRHolmdelDrink more water!
192.10James Liu
23:54.5 PRHolmdelGreat improvement
195.10Steven Kotz
23:58.5 PRHolmdelJust under 24!
208.10Jeff Chan
25:59.0 PRHolmdel
213.10Nicholas Trimarco
27:09.8 PRGovernor Livingston
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5,250 Meters Junior

8.11Michael Fernandes
17:16 SRSt Joseph
24.11Bryan Sobol
17:49.6 PRGovernor Livingston
28.11Arthur Eng
18:01.9 PRHolmdelFinish!!!
36.11Thomas Cunningham
18:20St Joseph
71.11Jacob Yang
19:02.6 PRHolmdelGreat PB!
80.11Kieran Hall
19:22.0 PRHolmdel18:30!!!
109.11Vince Buccigrossi
19:52St Joseph
116.11Anthony Gazzo
19:58St Joseph
137.11Oliver Hendy
20:36.4 SRGovernor Livingston
139.11Jack Cushing
20:39 PRSt Joseph
166.11Stephen Janiec
21:06St Joseph
204.11Raghaz Malhotra
22:27.8 PRHolmdelGet that 21!
212.11Siddharth Senthiln...
22:47.9 PRHolmdelGood race!
225.11Conor Quinn
23:11.5 SRGovernor Livingston
240.11Paul Jackson
24:34.0 SRHolmdelKeep working hard...
253.11Mark Jackson
27:44.8 SRHolmdelAim for 24's!
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5,250 Meters Senior

8.12Oliver Song
17:02.6 PRHolmdelMuch Better!!!
18.12Stefan Stark
17:29.3 PRHolmdelBe more patient!
33.12Jon Friedel
18:05.4 PRHolmdelGettin' there...
57.12Joe Chen
18:41.5 PRHolmdelBig PB!
63.12Alfonse Muglia
18:52St Joseph
65.12Sam Walter
18:53 PRHolmdelunder 19!!!
70.12Jason Pfund
18:59.8 PRGovernor Livingston
95.12Jack Trimble
19:46.1 PRHolmdelget under 19!
131.12Ryan Johnson
20:50.7 SRHolmdelGet under 20!
141.12Anthony Petrocci
21:14St Joseph
150.12Brian Tsai
21:38.4 SRHolmdelHydrate those muscles.
186.12Matthew Plocinski
26:36.3 SRGovernor Livingston
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