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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12David Vasko
16:50Mt Carmel
2.12Kyle Plutchak
3.11Mitchell Cerenzie
4.12Michael Kloha
5.12Cree Farnes
6.11Brandon Latifi
17:39Mt Carmel
7.11Andrew Ccapatina
17:41Mt Carmel
8.10Tanner Barnes
17:48Mt Carmel
9.12Matthew Johnson
17:55Mt Carmel
10.11Max Latifi
17:57Mt Carmel
11.12Branden Foster
18:07Mt Carmel
12.10Marc Andrada
13.11Kevin Chen
14.11Collin Buell
16.10David Brewster
18:46Mt Carmel
18.11Dominic Lucisano
19.12Jared Servantez
19:11Mt Carmel
20.12Charles Whitaker
21.12Nick Deak
19:30Mt Carmel
22.12Matt Smith12
19:50 PRMt Carmel
26.12Parker Barrett
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

1.10Ryan Schall
18:29 SRWestview
2.9Eric Sindel
18:30Mt Carmel
3.10Ryan Lovelace
18:44 SRWestview
4.9Matt McEachern
18:45 SRMt Carmel
5.10J.P. Chisholm
18:49 SRMt Carmel
6.11Aaron Gursel
18:57 SRWestview
7.10Andrew Sorensen
8.11Zach Stargensky
19:39 PRWestview
9.9Kevin Rosenfeld
19:41 SRWestview
10.10Timothy Kinsey
19:42 PRMt Carmel
11.9Jared Senese
19:47Mt Carmel
12.9Austin Fellows
19:48 PRWestview
13.11Sam Pierzina
20:04Mt Carmel
14.10Blake Eaton
20:13 PRMt Carmel
15.10Steven Sanchez
20:18 PRMt Carmel
16.10Andrew Martis
20:30 SRMt Carmel
17.10Blair Bickel
20:35Mt Carmel
18.10Vincent Kudrna
20:36 SRWestview
19.10Matthew Smith
20:37Mt Carmel
20.9David Pu
20:41Mt Carmel
21.9Albert Gehami
22.10Andrew Augst
20:45 SRMt Carmel
23.9David Paulino
20:50 PRMt Carmel
24.10Ryan Nisleit
21:03 PRMt Carmel
25.9Kenny Pyle
21:19 PRMt Carmel
26.10Jakob Nichols
21:24Mt Carmel
27.10Kevin Brock
28.10Cole Dragon
21:26 SRMt Carmel
29.10Sean Madison
21:27 SRMt Carmel
30.9Alex Bueno
21:31Mt Carmel
31.9Laurence Li
32.9Anthony Truong
22:03Mt Carmel
33.10Bryce Keefer
22:06Mt Carmel
34.9Christian Cormier
35.11Andrew Griffin
36.10Zach Barnes
22:24 SRMt Carmel
37.9Daniel Stoll
22:37 PRWestview
38.10Davis Barrett
22:38 SRWestview
39.10Brent Nelson
22:44Mt Carmel
40.9Martin Davila
22:49Mt Carmel
41.9Adam Chao
23:16Mt Carmel
42.9Ryan Lesley
23:16 PRWestview
43.9Stephen Conway
23:36 SRWestview
44.9Torrey Munoz
24:14 PRWestview
45.11Kyle Nuzzolo
46.10Sean Wood
25:49 SRMt Carmel
47.11Derek Sutherland
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Womens Results

2.6 Mile Varsity

1.12Erin Menefee
15:12 PRMt Carmel
2.9Sabrina Seay
15:30 PRMt Carmel
3.10Julia Yang
16:06 PRWestview
4.12Hilary Hall
16:11 PRWestview
5.11Jacqueline Rosenfeld
16:30 PRWestview
6.12MaryCarmen Gonzalez
16:43 PRMt Carmel
7.12Lindsay Valdez
16:44 PRMt Carmel
8.12Denise White
16:51 PRWestview
9.12Kiersten Iwai
16:54 PRMt Carmel
10.10Amanda Weber
17:00 PRWestview
11.12Madeline Goldkamp
17:02 PRMt Carmel
12.9Kaelyn Harbison
17:04 SRWestview
13.12Courtney Hedgecock
17:06 PRMt Carmel
14.10Victoria Ung
17:09 SRMt Carmel
15.12Mandy Blume
17:15 PRMt Carmel
16.11Lauren Hall
17:37 SRMt Carmel
17.9Adriana Zavala
17:43 SRWestview
18.12Amanda Stinsman
17:46 PRMt Carmel
19.12McKenzie Lance
19:56 SRMt Carmel
20.12Kayla McLinden
20:19 PRWestview
21.12Barbara Sugarman
20:26 SRWestview
22.11Erin Buchner
21:10 PRMt Carmel
23.12Sonali Kumar
23:15 SRWestview
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2.6 Mile Junior Varsity

1.11Nicole Garcia
17:32 PRMt Carmel
2.11Alicia Bartick
17:43 PRMt Carmel
3.10Shelby DeLong
17:50 SRMt Carmel
4.9Paige Cavendish
17:56 SRWestview
5.11Ashley Nestojko
17:58 SRMt Carmel
6.10Hannah Sawatzki
7.10Briana Pompa-Hogan
18:41 PRMt Carmel
8.10Neha Vaingankar
18:41.5 SRMt Carmel
9.9Kellsie Holman
18:42 PRMt Carmel
10.10Miranda Miller
19:15 SRWestview
11.9Isabella Gallo
12.11Nina Liddi
19:55 SRWestview
13.9Alexis Arroyo
19:58 SRMt Carmel
14.9Sarah Goetz
20:07 PRWestview
15.9Chelsea Winegarden
20:15 SRMt Carmel
16.11Sarah Leavitt
17.9Camille Mansour
20:23 PRMt Carmel
18.10Clarissa Guitierrez
20:24 SRWestview
19.10Brianna Gibbs
20:35 PRMt Carmel
20.10Vandana Bhairi
20:48 PRMt Carmel
21.10Michelle Sung
20:51 PRWestview
22.10Brooke Watkins
20:52 PRMt Carmel
23.9Jaclyn Powell
20:59 PRWestview
24.10Olivia Wu
21:53 PRMt Carmel
25.10Brittany Smith
22:05 SRMt Carmel
26.9Neli Razavi
22:07 PRMt Carmel
27.11Andrea Martin
22:13 SRWestview
28.9Amanda Seckendorf
29.10Vianae Jarrell
22:26 PRMt Carmel
30.9Melanie Lemaster
31.10Kavitha Lobo
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