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Smokey Glenn Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
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Smokey Glenn Park

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Conor Spaulding
17:51.19Quince Orchard
2.10Evan Laratta
17:56.72Quince Orchard
3.12Thomas McNamara
18:59.89Quince Orchard
4.12Andrew Zerby
19:08.07Quince Orchard
5.12Corey Danoff
19:20.86Quince Orchard
6.12Geoffrey Moores
19:30.06Quince Orchard
7.10James Ryan
19:33.25Quince Orchard
8.11Gabe Pollack
19:51.31Montgomery Blair
9.12Alex Moores
19:56.7Quince Orchard
10.10Michael Borten
20:04.35Quince Orchard
11.11Jeremy Ardanduy
20:38.73Montgomery Blair
12.11Connor Dowd
21:00.98Montgomery Blair
13.12Alex Griffith
21:21.26Quince Orchard
14.10Kiernan Colby
21:36.07Montgomery Blair
15.11Patrick Hoerle
21:59.27Quince Orchard
16.11Shakib Marghi
22:03.26Montgomery Blair
17.9Evan Margelos
22:03.65Quince Orchard
18.11Peter Leonard
22:03.86Montgomery Blair
19.10Conor Donahue
22:09.71Montgomery Blair
20.10William Kimmel
22:23.71Montgomery Blair
21.11Avery Fuertes
22:24.93Quince Orchard
22.9Andy Fleischer
22:25.13Quince Orchard
23.10Amit Vij
22:34.26Quince Orchard
24.10Elijah Dejesus
22:40.31Quince Orchard
25.11Biruk Bekele
22:52.08 SRMontgomery Blair
26.9Thomas Flynn
23:03.07Quince Orchard
27.10Thomas Nolan
23:05.74Quince Orchard
28.11William Makabenta
23:10.75Quince Orchard
29.10Nathan Kung
23:14.36Montgomery Blair
30.9Brian Tien-Street
23:14.64Montgomery Blair
31.10Joey Chilbert
23:14.88Quince Orchard
32.11Anthony Curcio-Rudy
23:22.42Montgomery Blair
33.9Ricci Huang
23:23.32Montgomery Blair
34.9Brandon Corydon
23:24.15Quince Orchard
36.9Jack O'Keefe
23:34.45Quince Orchard
37.9Gabriel Perkins
23:42.87Quince Orchard
38.9Justin Kung
23:56.28Montgomery Blair
39.11Dominic Florin
23:56.56Montgomery Blair
40.12Chris Thomson
23:56.84Quince Orchard
41.10Cameron McPherson
23:58.90Montgomery Blair
42.10Daniel Wolfgram
24:03.31Quince Orchard
43.9Daniel Kinman
24:04.39Quince Orchard
44.10Nebiyu Fitta
24:08.64Montgomery Blair
45.9Zach Appelbaum
24:09.35Quince Orchard
46.10Andrew Lu
24:10.63Montgomery Blair
47.11Jacob Ascher
24:20.15Quince Orchard
48.11Fernando Morales
24:35.20Montgomery Blair
49.10Connor Siegel
24:46.66Montgomery Blair
50.12Sharangdev Managoli
24:49.49Quince Orchard
51.10Jerry Gu
24:49.88Quince Orchard
52.9Brent Bernardino
25:06.77Quince Orchard
53.9Teddy Meyers
25:07.18Quince Orchard
54.9Juan Newlands
25:30.50Quince Orchard
55.12Alex Denton
25:31.83 PRMontgomery Blair
56.9James Jamison
25:37.72Quince Orchard
57.9Mark Brewer
26:20.23Quince Orchard
58.10Chankea Omkar
26:29.65Montgomery Blair
59.9James Cassell
26:43.75Quince Orchard
60.9Corey Wathen
26:47.42Montgomery Blair
61.9Roland Wuu
26:47.69 PRQuince Orchard
62.9Brendon Lewicki
28:16.40 PRMontgomery Blair
63.10Daniel Ahianyo
28:23.92Quince Orchard
64.10Inderbir Pandher
31:24.03Quince Orchard
65.10Patrick Huang
31:28.90 PRQuince Orchard
66.9Nick Hagan
37:00.89Montgomery Blair
67.11Eric Edwards
44:17.19Montgomery Blair
35.9Michael Ekstrom
4 23:28.46Montgomery Blair
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