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Lake Padden Park

8,000 Meters Varsity12:00 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity11:00 AM

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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Varsity

1.FrEmmanuel Contreras
26:37Everett Community Co...
2.SoTim Welch
26:44Everett Community Co...
3.FrJosh Alexander
26:46Everett Community Co...
4.FrSeth Pierson
26:50Everett Community Co...
5.SoYon Yilma
26:57Everett Community Co...
6.FrScott Larson
26:58Everett Community Co...
7.FrMatt Miland
27:08Everett Community Co...
8.FrMarik Coic
27:16Everett Community Co...
9.SoTyler Armenta
27:42 PRSkagit Valley
10.FrJimmy Creek
27:43Everett Community Co...
11.SoRyan Eidsmoe
12.FrPhil Lussier
27:48Everett Community Co...
13.FrTonder Lystad
27:53 PREverett Community Co...
14.FrDrew Larson
28:07Everett Community Co...
15.FrRyan Lanphere
28:12Everett Community Co...
16.FrKyle Rasor
28:22Everett Community Co...
17.SoFrank Sosa
28:35Skagit Valley
18.FrJustin Marshall
28:35Everett Community Co...
19.FrDaniel Mellenberger
28:36Everett Community Co...
20.SoColby Peters
21.FrJosh Fountain
28:45Everett Community Co...
22.FrDavid Fry
28:54Everett Community Co...
23.FrSean Gregory
29:05Everett Community Co...
24.FrMouhcine Aitounejjar
29:11Green River
25.FrChris Marx
29:13Everett Community Co...
26.FrKramer Fry
29:25Everett Community Co...
27.FrBryce Rainwater
28.FrLogan Johnson
29:29Skagit Valley
29.FrPaul Huynh
30.FrNick Aldrich
29:41Everett Community Co...
31.FrChris Settle
29:46Everett Community Co...
32.FrJacob Fullen
29:49Green River
33.FrAustin Allen
34.SoBill Macdonald
35.SoMilan Drake
30:05Skagit Valley
36.SoKyle Barkdull
30:13Skagit Valley
37.FrJacob Coulson
30:13Everett Community Co...
38.-Jay Ledin
30:14Skagit Valley
39.FrAaron Mowery
40.FrJames Mattson
30:20Everett Community Co...
41.FrCory Richardson
42.FrScott Felch
31:29Everett Community Co...
43.FrGarrett Kline
31:33Green River
44.FrJeff Huge
31:37Skagit Valley
45.FrKyle Carlson
31:48Skagit Valley
46.FrEli Pemmant
33:18 PRSkagit Valley
47.SoNathan Tustison
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