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8,000 Meters Varsity
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WakeMed Soccer Park

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Varsity

1.JrJohnny Shuping
24.23.4St Augustine's
2.JrGeoffrey Langat
26.13.5Virginia Union
3.SoDaryl Sanders
26.17.1Bowie State
4.SoTimothy Davidson
27.07.8Virginia State
5.-Dwayne Townsend
27.19.3Virginia State
6.SoKenny Britt
7.SoCraig Perkins
8.JrBrandon Turner
28.45.7Virginia State
9.FrArthur Lee
28.49.1St Augustine's
10.FrJoseph Philpot
28.57.4Bowie State
11.SoMalcolm Womack
29.06.8Bowie State
12.-Sederick Green
29.13.6Virginia State
13.-Maurice Brown
29.20.0Virginia State
14.JrDamien Montgomery
29.31.9Bowie State
15.JrRashawn Cypress
29.44.3Virginia Union
16.SoCordell Waddy
17.FrChristian Deaton
18.FrTimothy Handy
19.SrDarryl Mosby
30.22.1Virginia State
20.FrMichael Wallace
30.50.2Bowie State
21.SoSantiato Ennis
30.53.9Bowie State
22.-Asteway Gass
30.56.8St Paul's
23.SoLeford Green
30.59.2Johnson C. Smith
24.-Joshua Legare
31.00.3Bowie State
25.JrVitalis Wekheye
26.JrClinton Rogers
27.SoNuri Hasan
28.-Brendon Turner
31.14.1St Paul's
29.SoDarnell Almanzar
30.SoJoshua Cleveland
31.18.1St Augustine's
31.-Carvil Batson
31.38.1Virginia Union
32.JrJoshua Robinson
31.42.2St Augustine's
33.-Daniel Roach
31.46.5Johnson C. Smith
34.-Rolland Gallop
31.48.5Fayetteville State
35.-Joseph Martin-Toney
36.SoChristopher Harris
37.-James Bailey
33.30.9Fayetteville State
38.-Najja Osiomwan
33.38.5St Augustine's
39.SoJohn Rosemond
33.46.2Johnson C. Smith
40.-Kenneth White
33.57.9Elizabeth City
41.SoOrolando Duffus
34.00.8St Augustine's
42.-John Singleton
34.14.7St Paul's
43.JrTerell Stevens
34.24.7Virginia Union
44.SrRobert Blackwell
45.FrShawn Thompson
34.38.2Fayetteville State
46.FrQuentin McDuffie
34.39.4Virginia Union
47.SoRichard Harkness
34.41.0Johnson C. Smith
48.JrLamar Shearin
49.SoAlberto DeCosta
36.24.9Johnson C. Smith
50.-Anthony Wright
36.27.3Elizabeth City
51.-Travis Diggs
36.44.3St Paul's
52.-Eric Hill
37.00.3St Paul's
53.SoCortney Slaughter
37.25.7Fayetteville State
54.SoDelaurance Rudd
38.20.5Fayetteville State
55.-Obi Onuoha
40.46.6Virginia Union
56.-Tyrone Alexander
43.06.2Elizabeth City
57.-Marcus Reid
44.11.5Elizabeth City
58.-Sam Wallace
46.48.4Elizabeth City
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.FrJenna Arnold
19.59.9Virginia State
2.JrSharona Brown
20.28.7St Augustine's
3.SoWinnie Chepchumba
4.FrBarbara Pierre
21.20.5St Augustine's
5.FrSierra Clayton
21.40.9Virginia State
6.SoShamika Patton
21.45.6Bowie State
7.FrRacquel Daley
21.48.9St Augustine's
8.JrShanise Lewis
21.50.5Virginia State
9.SoKyra Mobley
21.52.6St Augustine's
10.-Allukeyshia Guy
21.53.4St Paul's
11.FrMichelle Palmer
21.57.9Bowie State
12.SoRaphaela Garris
21.58.3Virginia State
13.SoShayla Szabo
22.16.7Virginia State
14.JrRoberta Salisbury
22.27.3Virginia Union
15.-Khamiya Smith
16.JrDonchelle Florence
17.SoAlisha George
22.53.4St Augustine's
18.SoBrittney Griffin
23.02.7St Augustine's
19.JrCamelia Blake
23.06.5Virginia State
20.SoDenesha Edwards
23.14.2St Paul's
21.-Charlene Hymon
23.19.6Virginia State
22.SoShareka Mitchell
23.-Tressa Aughburns
23.41.1Fayetteville State
24.JrAshley Bledsoe
25.-Alicia Brown
23.43.0St Paul's
26.FrT'Airra Gaines
27.FrNada Al-Arahshun
23.45.6Johnson C. Smith
28.FrChloe Frame
29.FrRay'keshia Toomer
30.SoShermaine Williams
23.58.3Johnson C. Smith
31.JrChressa Aughburns
24.11.8Fayetteville State
32.SoElaine Rhoads
24.21.8Bowie State
33.SoKezie Mwaniki
24.24.0Fayetteville State
34.-Shalyn Graves-Davis
24.26.5St Paul's
35.JrTonya Walton
24.39.4Bowie State
36.-Christina Rowles
24.46.2Bowie State
37.-Rashel Boone
38.-Kimberly Turner
24.52.1St Paul's
39.FrAngelique Henderson
25.00.4Bowie State
40.-Jesseca Gray
25.38.1Johnson C. Smith
41.-Cherrelle Montgomery
26.05.5St Augustine's
42.-Alisha Harris
26.48.2Fayetteville State
43.SoAlaura Jones
27.13.3Virginia Union
44.-Lisa Donatien
45.FrSeirra Briddell
28.01.5Virginia Union
46.-April Whitker
28.21.6Elizabeth City
47.-Ravelle Clements
28.43.7Johnson C. Smith
48.-Courtney Scott
30.17.5Elizabeth City
49.-Yasmine Washington
30.34.5Elizabeth City
50.-Breana Wilson
30.35.2Fayetteville State
51.JrCiera Scott
30.43.0Virginia Union
52.SoNickesha Martin
53.-Whitney Stokes
31.43.2Elizabeth City
54.-Kearah Jeffreys
32.10.4Elizabeth City
55.-Ken'Needra Durham
34.42.6Elizabeth City
56.-Charde Brown
34.42.9Elizabeth City
57.SoLakaevia Tyler
34.43.5Johnson C. Smith
58.-Amber White
36.05.4Johnson C. Smith
59.-Keyonna Bouier-Sai...
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