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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Varsity

1.SrJohn Riak
31:44St Martin's
2.SoJordan Welling
31:45Western Washington
3.SoBennett Grimes
31:48Western Washington
4.Sam Alexander
5.SoBlake Medhaug
32:31Western Washington
6.SrJosiah Price
32:36St Martin's
7.Charlie Sunderlage
8.FrYonas Berhe
33:02Western Washington
9.JrTahoma Khalsa
33:08Western Washington
10.FrEric Brill
33:24Western Washington
11.JrSam Bedell
33:29Western Washington
12.Wesley Drake
13.JrKyle Lampi
33:48Western Washington
14.SrJonathon Skelton
34:08Western Washington
15.Kevin Blount
16.FrDaniel Friesen
34:12Seattle Pacific
17.Kurt Hartmaier
18.Peter Ovett
19.Patrick Spilsbury
20.SoNick Harvey
34:20St Martin's
21.-Keefer Whan
34:22 PRClub Northwest
22.6USean Messiter
34:29 SRClub Northwest
23.FrNick Abraham
34:50Western Washington
24.Casper Jakobsen
25.FrDaniel Hamilton
34:52Seattle Pacific
26.FrKyle Van Santen
34:55St Martin's
27.FrAndrew Hamilton
34:55Seattle Pacific
28.FrErik Bean
34:59British Columbia
29.SoWes Hargrove
35:01Central Washington
30.SrJosh Kratzer
35:03Central Washington
31.Aaron Ladd
35:04Seattle Runn
32.Mark Davies
35:08Seattle Runn
33.David Spencer
34.SoAlex Wipf
35:13 PRWestern Washington
35.Josh Ward
35:26Seattle Runn
36.Ian Redding
35:31Seattle Runn
37.FrNigel Hole
35:32British Columbia
38.SoScott Power
35:36Central Washington
39.FrTom McKay
35:52Seattle Pacific
40.FrNathaniel Sleight
35:53Seattle Pacific
41.Kyle Johnson
42.Jake Brown
43.JrThomas Race
36:06Western Washington
44.Jake Bartholomy
36:14Seattle Runn
45.FrShane McCluskie
36:20British Columbia
46.SoAndrew Alhajri
36:27Central Washington
47.Travis Peters
48.Nicholas Cameron
49.FrTheo Jankowski
36:42British Columbia
50.FrChris Croteau
37:00Central Washington
51.SoJeff Knutson
37:54Central Washington
52.-Billy Regan
38:07 SRBritish Columbia
53.Tyler Torres
54.JrCarl Johnson
39:57 SRWestern Washington
55.Andy Randles
56.Michael Havrda
41:12Seattle Runn
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Womens Results

6,000 Meters Varsity

1.SoSarah Porter
21:24Western Washington
2.JrCourtney Olsen
22:20 SRWestern Washington
3.SrMarcie Mullen
22:38 SRCentral Washington
4.FrNatty Plunkett
22:43Seattle Pacific
5.JrKate Harline
22:47Seattle Pacific
6.FrLauren Briehof
22:49Western Washington
7.SoRachael Johnson
23:01 SRWestern Washington
8.SrKatie Hart
23:13Seattle Pacific
9.JrDanielle Slaughter
23:20 SRWestern Washington
10.JrLisa Anderberg
23:33Seattle Pacific
11.SoMcKinley Williams
23:37 SRWestern Washington
12.FrMary Williams
23:37Seattle Pacific
13.SrKimberly Beaman
23:40Seattle Pacific
14.SoKayti Krepel
23:41Seattle Pacific
15.FrMarie Kiekhafer
23:41 PRSeattle Pacific
16.FrPhoebe Hartnett
23:45Western Washington
17.JrAdriana Mendoza
24:04 SRCentral Washington
18.FrSierra Brisky
24:06 SRWestern Washington
19.FrKendra Hedges
24:15 SRWestern Washington
20.FrJennifer Bluhm
24:24Seattle Pacific
21.FrAlly Ganyo
24:29 PRWestern Washington
22.SoJessica Boyer
24:30 SRWestern Washington
23.Jenny Josephson
24.JrShellane Jensen
24:53Western Washington
25.SoCheri Watson
25:00 SRWestern Washington
26.Amber Green
27.JrValerie Matthews
25:06 SRWestern Washington
28.FrKendra Miller
25:10Western Washington
29.FrEllie Siler
25:15 PRWestern Washington
30.FrKate Berni
25:28Western Washington
31.JrNicole D'Amico
25:30Western Washington
32.FrKelsey Kreft
25:42 SRCentral Washington
33.FrElizabeth Mann
25:47 PRCentral Washington
34.SrCatherine McDonald
25:54Western Washington
35.FrMegan Northey
25:58 PRWestern Washington
36.FrEmily Sugimoto
26:00Seattle Pacific
37.FrMargaret Hanscom
26:38 PRSeattle Pacific
38.SoErin Flinn
26:48 PRWestern Washington
39.JrShannon Vreeland
26:52 SRCentral Washington
40.FrStephanie Kiracofe
26:54 PRSeattle Pacific
41.FrLaurel Ball
27:16 PRSeattle Pacific
42.SrTanja Owen
27:19 SRCentral Washington
43.Erin Fraser
44.Laura Dice
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