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Mens Races
1.5 Miles Middle School

Trophy Lake

2.7 Miles Junior Varsity
2.7 Miles Varsity
Womens Races
1.5 Miles Middle School

Trophy Lake

2.7 Miles Junior Varsity
2.7 Miles Varsity

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Welcome to the Sea-Tac league meet @ Trophy Lake & Casting in Port Orchard


Race Times are:

3:15 Girls Middle School

3:35 Boys Middle School

4:00 Girls high School

4:30 Boys High School

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Mens Results

1.5 Miles Middle School

2.8Kelvin Mason
3.8Caleb Bertolini
4.8Jimmy Prehm
5.-Dirk Douwes
8.-Justin Kreher
9.7Shawn O'Brien
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2.7 Miles Varsity

1.10Thomas Hopkins
15:54 PRSeattle Lutheran
2.12Sergio Tostado
16:22 PRMt Rainier Lutheran
4.11Kyle Dunn
16:48 PRBear Creek
5.11Josh Smith
17:03 PRBear Creek
6.11Derrick Thode
17:20 PRSeattle Lutheran
7.10Blake Wulf
17:21 PRSeattle Lutheran
8.10Britton Bangs
17:30 PRBear Creek
9.11Philip Yovetich
17:33 PRSeattle Lutheran
10.10Will McCahill
17:36 PRBear Creek
11.11Isaac Miller
17:38 PRBear Creek
12.9Paul Norman
17:40 PRMt Rainier Lutheran
13.10Vitaliy Golubkov
17:50 PRMt Rainier Lutheran
15.9Sean Hartman
18:01 PRRainier Christian
16.12Sam Davila
18:11 PRMt Rainier Lutheran
17.10Matt Mclaughlin
18:11 PRBear Creek
18.10Kyle Whitt
18:24 PRCrosspoint
19.10Matt Chitwood
18:27 PRRainier Christian
20.10Jarrod Coley
18:29 PRCrosspoint
21.9Robert Kelley
18:32 PRBear Creek
22.10Travis King
18:35 PRCrosspoint
23.12Matt Acuna
18:37 PRMt Rainier Lutheran
24.12Jason Linn
18:38 PRBear Creek
25.9Jake Matthews
18:50 PRBear Creek
28.9Kyle Carter
19:20 PRMt Rainier Lutheran
29.11Matt Yourek
19:23 PRCrosspoint
30.11Todd Lien
19:30 PRBear Creek
31.11Ben Westling
19:39 PRRainier Christian
32.9Michael Thomson
19:41.3 PRSeattle Lutheran
33.9Gordy Mueller
19:41.6 PRSeattle Lutheran
37.9Byron Rowland
20:16 PRMt Rainier Lutheran
40.10John Geiger
20:36 PRBear Creek
41.11Aaron Tsui
20:48 PRCrosspoint
42.11Alex Lovlien
20:49 PRRainier Christian
43.10PaulMichael Rowland
20:51 PRMt Rainier Lutheran
44.9Nick Lovlien
20:51 PRRainier Christian
45.11Tony Ive
21:24 PRSeattle Lutheran
47.9Hank Frantz
21:35 PRBear Creek
48.11Ryan Brumfield
21:49 PRRainier Christian
49.12Nick Connel
21:53 PRBear Creek
50.9Robert Ross
22:46 PRBear Creek
51.10Andrew Jones
23:03 PRCrosspoint
53.9Joel Smith
25:38 PRBear Creek
55.9Evan Reese
26:49 PRSeattle Lutheran
54.11Carson Alberg
26:52 PRSeattle Lutheran
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