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Mens Races
2,000 Meters Sub-Bantam
3,000 Meters Bantam
3,000 Meters Midget
4,000 Meters Youth

Shadow Cliffs Park

5,000 Meters Young
5,000 Meters Open
Womens Races
2,000 Meters Sub-Bantam
3,000 Meters Bantam
3,000 Meters Midget
4,000 Meters Youth

Shadow Cliffs Park

5,000 Meters Young

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Mens Results

2,000 Meters Sub-Bantam

1.7-8Nicholas Clay
10:11.0Revolution Express T...
2.7-8Russell Agustin
10:37.4Mission Valley Track...
3.7-8Kurtis Lee
4.7-8Dasch Ainer
11:59.1Castro Valley Track
5.6UNathan Kent
12:04.1Revolution Express T...
6.Mark Duncan
14:44.8Jr. Aggies
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3,000 Meters Bantam

1.9-10Alex Sokol
10:50.9 PRThe Heat
2.9-10Tim Falls
10:54.3 PRThe Heat
3.9-10Kent Slaney
11:00.1 PRPalo Alto Lightning
4.9-10Derek Vredenburgh
11:11.1 PRRevolution Express T...
5.9-10Gavin Hill
11:19.8 PRCastro Valley Track
6.Charlie Velez
7.7-8Miles Worthen
12:00.6 PRRevolution Express T...
8.Noah Seto
9.9-10Miguel Dickenson
12:14.9 PRThe Heat
10.9-10Skyler Haataja
12:50.8 PRPalo Alto Lightning
11.George Yoshinaga
12.9-10Ben Dahlgren
13:43.5 PRThe Heat
13.9-10Gregor Dairaghi
13:48.8 PRPalo Alto Lightning
14.9-10Joey Fraticelli
13:49.8 PRThe Heat
15.9-10Tarek Nasr
14:10.7 PRPalo Alto Lightning
16.9-10Austin Mellick
14:46.9Revolution Express T...
17.9-10Jordan Ainer
15:40.4Castro Valley Track
18.9-10Christian Taylor
17:34.4 PRCastro Valley Track
19.Matt Seto
20.Steven Burnett
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3,000 Meters Midget

1.11-12Andrew Sartor
10:08.3 PRThe Heat
2.11-12Ben Zaeske
10:11.4 PRThe Heat
3.11-12Kahale Warring
10:28.2 PRThe Heat
4.11-12Michael Dunne
10:28.8 PRThe Heat
5.11-12Peter Schlachte
10:38.7 PRThe Heat
6.11-12Logan Taggart
10:56.1 SRRevolution Express T...
7.11-12Kevin Anawalt
10:57.6 PRThe Heat
8.11-12Hardy Romain
11:05.2 PRThe Heat
9.11-12Nick Coumou
11:28.0 PRThe Heat
10.11-12RJ Agustin
11:31.7 PRMission Valley Track...
11.11-12Dennis Mandutzo
11:54.5 PRPalo Alto Lightning
12.11-12Owen Weitzel
11:55.5 PRRevolution Express T...
13.11-12Christopher Hitchc...
12:17.6 PRCastro Valley Track
14.Elias Davidson
15.11-12Andrew Mellick
13:06.0 PRRevolution Express T...
16.11-12Jeremy Mayhew
13:11.6 PRAmerican Canyon Stri...
17.11-12Jared Kozak
14:11.7 PRThe Heat
18.11-12Nicholas Rauch
14:16.9 PRSanta Rosa Express
19.11-12Ben Gurarie
14:44.4 PRThe Heat
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4,000 Meters Youth

1.13-14Aidan Goltra
13:29.0 PRThe Heat
2.13-14Tristyn Martin
14:06.0Revolution Express T...
3.13-14Neilson Powless
14:12.0Revolution Express T...
4.Stephen Giuntini
5.Joseph Diaz
6.13-14Matthew Whitman
14:45.0 PRThe Heat
7.13-14Ryan Colaco
14:52.0 PRThe Heat
8.13-14Reed Klaeser
14:58.0 PRRevolution Express T...
9.Simon Novich
15:19.0Pamakid Running
10.13-14Zach Beston
15:22.0 PRThe Heat
11.Tommy Malone
15:57.0Jr. Aggies
12.David Duncan
16:08.0Jr. Aggies
13.13-14Steven Cummins
16:10.0Revolution Express T...
14.Tyler Rossi
16:17.0Jr. Aggies
15.13-14Jasper Keukenkamp
16:35.0 SRRevolution Express T...
16.13-14Caleb Olivarez
16:51.0Castro Valley Track
17.Hans Brouwer
18.Chase Ross
17:35.0Hart Middle School
19.13-14Austin Taggart
17:51.0Revolution Express T...
20.13-14Byron Mayhew
17:52.0American Canyon Stri...
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5,000 Meters Young

1.17-18Tommy Gutierrez
19:31.0 PRPalo Alto Lightning
2.17-18Robert Gutierrez
19:44.0 PRPalo Alto Lightning
3.Robert Eggerth
19:59.7Bayhill High School
4.Carlo Rivas
21:56.3Bayhill High School
5.Michael Carin
21:57.0Bayhill High School
6.Daniel Pierce
23:43.0Bayhill High School
7.17-18Matthew Decker
24:59.0 PRRevolution Express T...
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5,000 Meters Open

1.-David Fraticelli
21:43.0 PRThe Heat
2.-Steve Sokol
23:04.0 PRThe Heat
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Womens Results

2,000 Meters Sub-Bantam

1.7-8Jaxin Woodward
09:44.1Full Stride
2.7-8Kiana Perez
10:50.2 PRRevolution Express T...
3.7-8Emily Perez
11:23.8Castro Valley Track
4.Amariah Davidson
5.7-8Rachel Gurarie
12:10.7The Heat
6.7-8Maya Barragan
12:13.9Buffalo Chips Running
7.7-8Elizabeth Vastano
13:36.6Palo Alto Lightning
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3,000 Meters Bantam

1.9-10Julia Bounds
10:44.0 PRThe Heat
2.9-10Ava Agustin
12:19.6 PRMission Valley Track...
3.Blanca Sosa
4.9-10Ailey Leduff
12:52.9 PRAmerican Canyon Stri...
5.9-10Diana Guirrero
13:03.6 PRThe Heat
6.9-10Claudia DeNove
13:07.6 PRPalo Alto Lightning
7.9-10Sierra Carmelich
13:20.4 PRFull Stride
8.9-10Emma Petersen
14:16.9 PRThe Heat
9.9-10Annaka Barragan
14:29.6 PRBuffalo Chips Running
10.9-10Catherine Rauch
15:09.0 PRSanta Rosa Express
11.9-10McKenna Weitzel
18:41.8Revolution Express T...
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3,000 Meters Midget

1.11-12Chloe Pigg
10:37.5 PRRevolution Express T...
2.Eleanor Velez
3.11-12Annaka Green
11:18.3 PRThe Heat
4.11-12Priscilla Lee
11:42.9 PRUmoja
5.Ellen Keil
6.Dariya Smith
7.11-12Femke Keukenkamp
12:09.9 PRRevolution Express T...
8.Franny Kiles
9.11-12Chase Worthen
12:22.7 PRRevolution Express T...
10.11-12Mary Orders
12:39.5 PRRevolution Express T...
11.11-12Hannah Vernot
12:48.8 PRThe Heat
12.11-12Katie Fraticelli
12:53.0 PRThe Heat
13.11-12Alexandria Embody
13:10.0 PRCastro Valley Track
14.11-12Hydeia Barney
13:25.7 PRFull Stride
15.Erica Esparza
16.11-12Cassandra Barragan
14:03.8 PRBuffalo Chips Running
17.11-12Francesca Chicoine
14:05.5The Heat
18.11-12Antiogne Piratano
14:13.3 PRUmoja
19.11-12Gina Audiss
14:41.2 PRSanta Rosa Express
20.11-12Mikaela Williams
21.11-12Alexandria Geremew
22.11-12Camille Johnson
15:43.9 PRUmoja
23.11-12Quin Sotelo
15:48.5 PRCastro Valley Track
24.Antoinette Rydell
16:34.1Hart Middle School
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4,000 Meters Youth

1.Sophie Hartley
2.13-14Amihan Agustin
15:35.0 PRMission Valley Track...
3.13-14Reaghan Emrick
15:47.0 PRRevolution Express T...
4.13-14Danielle Nivinski
16:06.0Revolution Express T...
5.13-14Allison Bayliss
16:44.0 PRRevolution Express T...
6.13-14Monique Esparza
7.Bridet Gottlieb
8.13-14Kylie Joerger
19:13.0Revolution Express T...
9.Shona McCarthy
10.Juliet Logan
11.Chole Bantock
12.Katie Moro
13.13-14Havana Coleman
24:44.0 PRUmoja
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5,000 Meters Young

1.Emily Fijat
32:35.0Bayhill High School
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