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Mens Results

10,000 Meters Varsity

1.-Casey Moriarty
31:56 PRSeattle University
2.SoJosh Babiak
32:27 PRSan Francisco State
3.-Will Dobbie
32:53Club Northwest
4.Sam Scotchmer
5.Greg Crowther
33:08Seattle Running
6.JrCarlo Lozano
33:10 PRSeattle Pacific
7.-Ahrlin Bauman
33:22 SRClub Northwest
8.JrLogan Senrud
33:25 SRWestern Washington
9.JrSam Brancheau
33:30 PRWestern Washington
10.-Steve Dekoker
33:34Club Northwest
11.-Kyle Smits
33:40 PRClub Northwest
12.-Colin Fishwick
33:42Club Northwest
13.Jonathon Rank
14.SoBrian Cronrath
33:47 SRSeattle Pacific
15.-Tony Young
33:50 SRClub Northwest
16.SoBul Nyuop
33:52 SRWestern Washington
17.Tony Tomsich
18.JrChad Portwood
34:05 SRWestern Washington
19.SoKeever Henry
34:11 SRWestern Washington
20.Ben Sauvage
34:12Seattle Running
21.SoKeith Lemay
34:12 SRWestern Washington
22.Matt Messner
34:17Seattle Running
23.SoMichael Stewart
34:18 PRWestern Washington
24.JrNathan Heitzinger
34:19 SRSeattle University
25.JrBjorn Bostrom
34:23Seattle Pacific
26.-Jason Porter
34:27 SRClub Northwest
27.-Curtis Easton
34:31 PRClub Northwest
28.-David Larpenteur
34:34 PRWestern Washington
29.-Brett Winegar
34:36Club Northwest
30.Ty Schepler
31.SoJosh Beck
34:39 SRWestern Washington
32.JrEdward Strickler
34:40 PRSeattle Pacific
33.JrJames Rosser
34:43 SRSeattle Pacific
34.SoBatbileg Bor
34:45 SRSan Francisco State
35.JrAndrew Lybarger
34:45 PRSeattle University
36.-James Sundquist
34:45 PRWestern Washington
37.-Arthur Gamirov
34:46 PRWestern Washington
38.-Bobby Carlson
34:48 PRWestern Washington
39.-Mustafa Farah
34:50 PRClub Northwest
40.JrBrian Rockenbach
34:52 PRCentral Washington
41.Glen Weissman
35:02Seattle Running
42.FrSam Bedell
35:06 SRWestern Washington
43.-Alex Jones
35:19 PRWestern Washington
44.Jon Dryver
45.FrMichael Zetterberg
35:23 PRSeattle Pacific
46.-Greg Kubitz
35:41 SRWestern Washington
47.Jake Bartholomy
35:43Seattle Running
48.SoMichael Gavareski
35:44 PRSeattle Pacific
49.-Dan Weldon
35:46 PRSeattle University
50.-Alex Elmore
35:50 PRWestern Washington
51.JrRobert Renninger
35:55 PRSeattle University
52.Mark Davies
35:59Seattle Running
53.JrCasey Barten
35:59 SRWestern Washington
54.SoDanny Weiser
36:00 SRCentral Washington
55.-Dave Messenheimer
36:04 PRClub Northwest
56.SoNicholas Dols
36:10 SRSeattle University
57.-Karl Meller
36:14 PRClub Northwest
58.-Kevin Oberholser
36:17 SRCentral Washington
59.SrGabe Andrews
36:24Central Washington
60.-Loren Hill
36:28 PRClub Northwest
61.-James Bolding
36:37 PRCentral Washington
62.-Bruce Cyra
36:39 SRClub Northwest
63.-Quoc Tran
36:41 PRClub Northwest
64.Alex Litzinger
65.JrSteve Lehman
36:54 PRCentral Washington
66.-Ian Brown
37:10Club Northwest
67.JrRyan Phillips
37:16 SRSeattle Pacific
68.FrCorey Cronkhite
37:22 SRCentral Washington
69.JrJames Roach
37:30 SRCentral Washington
70.R.B. Wick
71.SoSean Doyle
37:50 SRCentral Washington
72.Kyle Lampi
73.Will Cameron
74.Devin Branson
75.Anton Clifford
76.Cory Lampshire
77.-Mark Alexander
39:56 PRClub Northwest
78.JrDan Ferguson
40:20Central Washington
79.-Micah McDaniels
40:20 PRCentral Washington
80.Carl Johnson
81.Alan Adams
82.-Stephen Rockwell
44:35 PRNorthwest Indian
83.-Orland Kyle Roan
45:42 PRNorthwest Indian
84.-John Pau Kurtz
50:26 PRNorthwest Indian
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Womens Results

6,000 Meters Varsity

1.JrMeredith Crane
21:52Seattle Pacific
2.Cari Kuzyk
3.-Rachel Brewer
22:17 PRClub Northwest
4.SrLaura Trevellyan
22:32Western Washington
5.-Linda Huyck
22:37Club Northwest
6.FrMary Moriarty
22:51Seattle Pacific
7.Jen Tonkin
22:52Seattle Running
8.Gwen Greiner
23:01Seattle Running
9.SoKarin Rohde
23:02Seattle Pacific
10.19+Regina Joyce
23:07Club Northwest
11.-Megan Johnson
23:09Club Northwest
12.Kelly Fullerton
13.-Susan Empey
23:12 SRClub Northwest
14.SrJosanna Lavin
23:13Seattle Pacific
15.JrAlana Garcia
23:14Seattle University
16.-Camille Connelly
23:17Club Northwest
17.FrKimberly Beaman
23:39 SRSeattle Pacific
18.FrSuzanne Strickler
23:39 SRSeattle Pacific
19.FrKatie Hansen
23:42Seattle University
20.SrMolly Follen
23:45Seattle University
21.FrJolene Boogaard
23:45Western Washington
22.-Karen Steen
23:47Club Northwest
23.-Tina Dekoker
23:53Club Northwest
24.-Sarah Leonard
24:00Club Northwest
25.SrRebecca Knox
24:06Seattle Pacific
26.-Katie Galdabini
24:09Club Northwest
27.SoMegan Wrightman
24:17Seattle Pacific
28.JrSuzie Sandoval
24:18 PRSan Francisco State
29.SoKaitlin Rohde
24:23 SRSeattle Pacific
30.SrChristine Perez
24:26San Francisco State
31.Sarah Gist
24:28Seattle Running
32.SrMeghan Salveson
24:40Seattle University
33.SrKarin Hansen
24:41 PRSan Francisco State
34.JrErin Deasy
24:52Western Washington
35.JrKristin Gallup
24:54 SRSan Francisco State
36.-Angela French
24:59 PRClub Northwest
37.SrBrandi McCoy
25:02Seattle Pacific
38.-Rachael Bates
25:03 PRWestern Washington
39.JrNikki Jensen
25:06Seattle Pacific
40.JrTeona Perkins
25:06 PRSeattle Pacific
41.SrKatrina Schwerdtfe...
25:08Western Washington
42.SoTracy Kuhn
25:16Seattle Pacific
43.SoKeely Kaligis
25:17Western Washington
44.SrLydia Lauer
25:22Seattle University
45.Emily Rimas
25:23Seattle Running
46.FrCatherine McDonald
25:26Western Washington
47.SoJessica Howell
25:28 PRWestern Washington
48.FrJill Keller
25:29Western Washington
49.Liz Stahl
25:32Seattle Running
50.JrAriela Ramos
25:38 SRSan Francisco State
51.SoKate Wittrock
25:42 PRWestern Washington
52.SrLexi Baxter
25:43Western Washington
53.Molly DePasqual
54.-Corina James
25:51 PRSeattle Pacific
55.FrHeidi Peterson
25:54Seattle Pacific
56.-Sally Ryan
26:11Western Washington
57.FrAlice McIntosh
26:13Seattle University
58.-Elana Darnell
26:13 PRSeattle Pacific
59.JrCathy Fjellanger
26:14 PRWestern Washington
60.JrCrista Phillips
26:15 SRSan Francisco State
61.SoJamie Koch
26:16Central Washington
62.FrRhiannon Cadelina
26:17Seattle University
63.-Wendy Overton
26:20Western Washington
64.FrKirsten Clarke
26:39 SRCentral Washington
65.-Eileen Cafferty
26:45 PRSan Francisco State
66.Nikki D'Amico
67.-Christina Ashby
26:50Club Northwest
68.SoMarissa Harshman
26:53 SRWestern Washington
69.-Nicole Cullop
26:54Central Washington
70.-Sachi Lopez
26:59Seattle Pacific
71.SoShannon Johnson
27:01 SRWestern Washington
72.-Ali Misenar
27:08Western Washington
73.SoTanja Owen
27:14Central Washington
74.SoKristen Cornish
27:15 PRWestern Washington
75.-Kami Burse
27:17 SRWestern Washington
76.-Kathleen Weinand
27:28Western Washington
77.SoLindsey Knight
27:31 PRWestern Washington
78.FrMeghan Berdis
27:50Central Washington
79.SrAndrea Newcomer
27:56 SRWestern Washington
80.Sarah Trevellyan
81.-Annie Kawasaki-Bau...
28:00 PRClub Northwest
82.-Shellane Jensen
28:18Western Washington
83.-Jamie Knight
28:32 PRCentral Washington
84.SoErin Fraser
28:44Western Washington
85.SrChristina Murphy
28:52Western Washington
86.-Betsy Williams
28:59 SRCentral Washington
87.-Elizabeth Sheary
29:50 PRCentral Washington
88.-Stephanie Druktenis
29:54 SRCentral Washington
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