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Mens Results

10,000 Meters Varsity

1.JrBrian Kostock
32:49 PRHumboldt State
2.SoJasper Peach
33:01Humboldt State
3.-Kurt Hartmaier
33:11 PRClub Northwest
4.Angelo Baca
5.JrTimothy LeCount
33:34 SRSeattle Pacific
6.-Colin Fishwick
33:49Club Northwest
7.SoSam Scotchmer
33:50Central Washington
8.SoSam Brancheau
34:00 SRWestern Washington
9.SoAaron Dickson
34:02 SRAlaska-Anchorage
10.FrJake Hotchkiss
34:06 SRNorthwest Nazarene
11.Jason Porter
12.SrMatt DeShazo
34:19 PRHumboldt State
13.SoBjorn Bostrom
34:22Seattle Pacific
14.FrAndy Peters
34:23 PRNorthwest Nazarene
15.FrBrian Cronrath
34:29Seattle Pacific
16.SoDouglas Gibson
34:32 SRSeattle Pacific
17.-Ben Haber
34:36 SRSeattle Running Club
18.FrTyler Layne
34:38 PRNorthwest Nazarene
19.SoLogan Senrud
34:40 SRWestern Washington
20.-Glen Weissman
34:41 PRSeattle Running Club
21.SrPaul Mach
34:41 PRSeattle Pacific
22.FrMichael Stewart
34:45Western Washington
23.FrKeever Henry
34:50Western Washington
24.SrMatt Schmitt
34:52 PRCentral Washington
25.Ed Harri
34:53Unattached (FR)
26.-Greg Crowther
34:55 SRSeattle Running Club
27.FrKeith Lemay
35:14 SRWestern Washington
28.SoDrew Dickson
29.SrPhil Paul
35:21Central Washington
30.JrJake Haskins
35:22Western Washington
31.SoEdward Strickler
35:25Seattle Pacific
32.Jake Hartsoch
35:26Unattached (FR)
33.FrDanny Weiser
35:28 PRCentral Washington
34.JrGeoff Anderson
35:34Central Washington
35.JrMike Pankiewicz
35:38 PRCentral Washington
36.FrAlex Litzinger
35:41 PRWestern Washington
37.Todd Brittain
35:43Unattached (FR)
38.FrAndrew Chong
35:45 PRHumboldt State
39.FrZach Dwello
35:48Northwest Nazarene
40.JrMatt Crabtree
35:49 PRWestern Washington
41.SoCasey Barten
35:58 SRWestern Washington
42.FrPeter Ellis
35:59 SRWestern Washington
43.SrMatt Cook
36:05Central Washington
44.SoJames Rosser
36:07Seattle Pacific
45.FrTy Schepler
36:09Western Washington
46.SoKevin Lambert
36:14Northwest Nazarene
47.FrSteven Miller
36:15 PRSeattle Pacific
48.FrTim Keller
36:16 PRNorthwest Nazarene
49.SoBrian Rockenbach
36:19 SRCentral Washington
50.James Sundquist
36:22Unattached (WWU)
51.FrLawrence Graham
36:29 PRNorthwest Nazarene
52.Joel Pearson
36:37Unattached (CWU)
53.Eric Jones
36:43Unattached (WWU)
54.Jon Carwin
55.JrBrandon Whitaker
36:56 PRWestern Washington
56.Spencer Callero
36:59Unattached (WWU)
57.FrBrian Albers
37:06 PRHumboldt State
58.FrSean Doyle
37:09 PRCentral Washington
59.-Andrew Richie
37:23 PRAlaska-Anchorage
60.SoDan Ferguson
37:24Central Washington
61.SoSteve Lehman
37:28 SRCentral Washington
62.-Scott McCoubrey
37:36 PRSeattle Running Club
63.-Canyon Little
37:37 PRWestern Washington
64.JrJesus Cisneros
38:01Humboldt State
65.FrMichael Gavareski
38:06 SRSeattle Pacific
66.FrBrian Seeley
38:23 PREverett Community Co...
67.Jacob Lesser
39:01Unattached (WWU)
68.FrAndrew Cabaniss
39:10 PRWestern Washington
69.Alex Elmore
39:11Unattached (WWU)
70.Dirk VanDerHulst
39:44Unattached (CWU)
71.Steve Rydman
42:16Unattached (WWU)
72.FrAry-el Boynton
45:02 PREverett Community Co...
73.FrPat Wright
45:11 PREverett Community Co...
74.FrTyler Wells
55:28 PREverett Community Co...
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Womens Results

6,000 Meters Varsity

1.SoKaren Dickson
21:57Seattle Pacific
2.-Erica Daligcon
22:52 PRSeattle Running Club
3.JrLaura Trevellyan
23:01Western Washington
4.SrKelly Fullerton
23:15Seattle University
5.Rachel Brewer
6.SoAlana Garcia
23:53 SRSeattle University
7.FrKarin Rohde
23:54Seattle Pacific
8.JrBrandy Anderson
23:57Central Washington
9.JrMandy Kaempf
10.JrRebecca Knox
24:04Seattle Pacific
11.FrMelanie Nisley
24:11 SRNorthwest Nazarene
12.FrSara Thon
24:14 PRWestern Washington
13.SrLindy Mullen
24:19 SRCentral Washington
14.SrStephanie Stine
24:26Central Washington
15.SrNicole Campbell
24:28Humboldt State
16.JrMeghan Salveson
24:30 SRSeattle University
17.SoDavya Baker
18.SoRachel Bailey
24:34Central Washington
19.SoKristie Rice
24:43 SRSeattle University
20.SrMegan McDrew
24:45Humboldt State
21.FrSarah Benson
24:46Central Washington
22.JrNicole De Yong
23.JrDanielle Pratt
24:50 SRAlaska-Anchorage
24.SrSadie Solem
24:59 SRHumboldt State
25.FrSusan Young
25:00Northwest Nazarene
26.JrEmily Picinich
25:01Central Washington
27.SrErica Pitman
25:04 PRCentral Washington
28.JrKatrina Schwerdtfe...
25:06 SRWestern Washington
29.-Rachael Bates
25:07 SRWestern Washington
30.-Sally Bergesen
25:09 SRClub Northwest
31.SoAmber Green
25:13Central Washington
32.SoNikki Jensen
25:14 SRSeattle Pacific
33.FrTracy Kuhn
25:14 SRSeattle Pacific
34.JrBrandi McCoy
25:15 SRSeattle Pacific
35.FrKaitlin Rohde
25:19 SRSeattle Pacific
36.FrHeather Moulton
25:20Humboldt State
37.-Sarah Leonard
25:23 SRClub Northwest
38.JrMolly DePasqual
25:24Western Washington
39.FrNicole D'Amico
25:27 SRWestern Washington
40.FrMarcie Mullen
25:28Central Washington
41.FrRebecca Mishler
25:34 SRNorthwest Nazarene
42.FrJenn Grover
25:35 PRAlaska-Anchorage
43.SrBeth Rosapepe
25:37 SRWestern Washington
44.SrSarah Hansen
45.FrLindsey Graham
25:45 SRNorthwest Nazarene
46.-Annie Maclennon
25:46 PRSeattle University
47.JrEmily Ferguson
25:47 PRSeattle University
48.SoAnjuli Haydu
25:48 SRAlaska-Anchorage
49.FrEmma Rea
25:48 PRWestern Washington
50.-Liz Stahl
25:51 SRSeattle Running Club
51.SoRachel Suess
25:54 SRSeattle University
52.SoPhoebe Rohrbacher
25:57 SRSeattle University
53.JrSarah Brundidge
25:58 PRSeattle University
54.FrKate Wittrock
25:59Western Washington
55.SrStephanie Haydon
26:00Western Washington
56.SrKristin Haas
26:01Western Washington
57.FrKristen Edholm
26:05 PRSeattle Pacific
58.JrAndrea Ring
26:07Central Washington
59.Alia Parker
26:11Unattached (WWU)
60.JrLydia Lauer
26:12 SRSeattle University
61.Keely Kaligis
26:14Unattached (WWU)
62.FrHolly Mishler
26:17Northwest Nazarene
63.Sandi Halgren
64.Hanane Benanaya
65.FrShannon Johnson
26:33 PRWestern Washington
66.FrJessica Howell
26:40 SRWestern Washington
67.FrJessica Wiggins
26:46 SRNorthwest Nazarene
68.-Erica Preboski
26:47 SRSeattle Pacific
69.-Summer Huntington
26:53 PRWestern Washington
70.Emily Uhlig
26:54Unattached (CWU)
71.FrKaley Strachan
27:03 SRAlaska-Anchorage
72.-Kathleen Weinand
27:18 SRWestern Washington
73.FrRachel Cortez
27:19 PRWestern Washington
74.Sarah Trevellyan
27:23Unattached (WWU)
75.JrAndrea Newcomer
27:26 SRWestern Washington
76.SrJackie Piombo
27:28 PRHumboldt State
77.FrTanja Owen
27:29 SRCentral Washington
78.FrJamie Koch
27:30 SRCentral Washington
79.FrKristen Cornish
27:31 SRWestern Washington
80.SoJessica Rendon
27:32Humboldt State
81.FrAmanda Markell
27:47 PRWestern Washington
82.Lexi Baxter
27:57Unattached (WWU)
83.JrHolly Bueb
28:04 PRSeattle University
84.FrLindsey Knight
28:15 SRWestern Washington
85.FrErin Fraser
28:22 SRWestern Washington
86.FrJessie Oberholser
28:32 SRCentral Washington
87.FrHeather White
28:44 PREverett Community Co...
88.FrJulia Muench
28:49 PRSeattle Pacific
89.FrJessica Woehrlin
28:52 PRSeattle University
90.JrChristina Murphy
29:23 SRWestern Washington
91.FrMegan Ludington
30:45 PREverett Community Co...
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