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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Varsity

1.Eric Kiauka
31:52Iron Lung TC BC
2.Mark Bomba
32:02City Track BC
3.-Uli Steidl
32:09Club Northwest
4.Matt Johnston
32:17Valley Royals BC
5.Peter Cardle
32:31Valley Royals BC
6.SrKurt Hartmaier
32:38Western Washington
7.SrSteve Manos
32:43Seattle University
8.SrBrian Brancheau
32:47Western Washington
9.SoTimothy LeCount
32:57Seattle Pacific
10.Aaron Heidt
33:07Valley Royals BC
11.-Clay Hemlock
12.SrT. J. Garlatz
33:15Western Washington
13.SrSteve DeKoker
33:19Western Washington
14.-Chris Ashfield
33:20 PRSeattle Running Club
15.JrBrandon Stum
16.SrEric Strabel
17.-Matt Messner
33:45 PRSeattle Running Club
18.-Dylan Bailey
19.SrTodd List
20.SrDain Engebretsen
33:54Seattle University
21.Ed Harri
22.JrJason Porter
34:01Central Washington
23.JrPaul Mach
34:05Seattle Pacific
24.FrLogan Senrud
34:07Western Washington
25.Rob Lonergan
34:15Hershey Harriers BC
26.Matt Schmitt
27.FrDrew Dickson
28.FrSam Scotchmer
34:27Central Washington
29.FrAaron Dickson
30.FrSam Brancheau
34:39Western Washington
31.-Brandon Sybrowsky
34:51 PRSeattle Running Club
32.JrMichael Hughes
34:53Seattle University
33.-Greg Crowther
34:56 SRSeattle Running Club
34.FrSteve Frausto
34:57Central Washington
35.SoJustin McNeil
34:58Western Washington
36.FrBjorn Bostrom
34:59Seattle Pacific
37.Art Boileau
35:03Hershey Harriers BC
38.Dave Conen
35:04Hershey Harriers BC
39.-Aaron Libadisos
35:12Seattle Pacific
40.-Robert Bartholomew
41.SoMatt Crabtree
35:29Western Washington
42.Eric Langjhelm
35:41Iron Lung TC BC
43.FrNathan Heitzinger
35:44Seattle University
44.FrSteve Lehman
35:50Central Washington
45.FrAndrew Lybarger
35:52Seattle University
46.Keever Henry
47.FrEdward Strickler
36:02Seattle Pacific
48.Brandon Whitaker
49.-Jason Bush
36:14Central Washington
50.SoGabe Andrews
36:19Central Washington
51.SrBryan Halferty
36:21 SRCentral Washington
52.-Jacob Stewart
36:24Western Washington
53.-Trevor Kulvi
54.FrJames Rosser
36:32Seattle Pacific
55.-Clint Bjella
36:35Seattle Pacific
56.SoLeif Olson
57.SoRichard Franck
36:42Seattle University
58.-Michael Gavareski
36:45Seattle Pacific
59.-Ryan Albright
36:46Western Washington
60.FrBrian Rockenbach
37:04Central Washington
61.-Eric Sach
37:15 SRSeattle Running Club
62.-Lee O'Connor
37:23Seattle Pacific
63.Matt Cook
64.FrCasey Barten
37:37Western Washington
65.-Sean Gorton
37:44Western Washington
66.FrRyan Phillips
37:57Seattle Pacific
67.Joel Pearson
68.-Tim Marston
38:05Seattle Pacific
69.-Scott McCoubrey
38:08 PRSeattle Running Club
70.-Skyler Hunt
71.Patrick Lindsay
72.-Canyon Little
38:23Western Washington
73.-Jess Lawson
74.JrPhil Paul
38:32Central Washington
75.-Joe Baisch
38:37Western Washington
76.-Evan Garrett
38:41Skagit Valley
77.-Dayne Kinder
38:44Central Washington
78.FrJames Roach
79.-Jeff Bridges
39:08Western Washington
80.-Greg Dillard
39:40Skagit Valley
81.SoMike Pankiewicz
40:06Central Washington
82.-Reuben Joseph
40:15Seattle University
83.-Jacob Stewrt-Morales
45:02 PRSkagit Valley
84.-Nathan Jackson
48:55Skagit Valley
85.-Jacob Mureau
53:56Skagit Valley
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Womens Results

6,000 Meters Varsity

1.Nathalie Cote
21:59Mountain West Trck C...
2.JrJamie Witt
22:14Seattle Pacific
3.Nikki Knapp
22:20Hershey Harriers BC
4.Sabrina Reeves
22:31City Track BC
5.SoLaura Trevellyan
22:39Western Washington
6.Rachel Brewer
7.JrJosanna Lavin
22:52Seattle Pacific
8.-Kathleen Harri
23:09Club Northwest
9.JrStacy Edwards
10.JrSarah Hansen
11.FrKristie Rice
23:26Seattle University
12.FrRachel Suess
23:36Seattle University
13.JrStephanie Stine
23:38Central Washington
14.Marnie Caron
23:40Hershey Harriers BC
15.SoBrandy Anderson
23:41Central Washington
16.JrBeth Rosapepe
23:44Western Washington
17.Darcie Montgomery
23:49Hershey Harriers BC
18.SoAbby Growth
23:56Seattle Pacific
19.Amy Forrey
20.SrAlicen Maier
24:07Central Washington
21.Lisa Heidt
22.FrAlana Garcia
24:11Seattle University
23.SoMolly DePasqual
24:13Western Washington
24.SoRuth Harbaugh
24:17Seattle Pacific
25.FrDavya Baker
26.FrRachel Bailey
24:21Central Washington
27.SrLindsay Krous
28.-Liz Stahl
24:24 PRSeattle Running Club
29.FrSummer Huntington
24:25Seattle Pacific
30.SoEmily Picinich
24:26Central Washington
31.SrKirsten Bjork
24:27 PRSeattle Pacific
32.FrKeely Kaligis
24:30Western Washington
33.FrKaren Dickson
24:33Seattle Pacific
34.JrKristin Haas
24:34Western Washington
35.Abby Bielenberg
36.SoStephanie Myers
37.FrAmber Green
24:37Central Washington
38.Sarah Forrey
39.-Hillary Tayet
24:50Seattle Pacific
40.JrCrystal Dennis
24:55Central Washington
41.JrLindy Mullen
24:56Central Washington
42.Kelly Dobbins
43.SoDanielle Pratt
44.FrMarissa Harshman
25:02Western Washington
45.SoBrandi McCoy
25:02Seattle Pacific
46.JrLexi Baxter
25:04Western Washington
47.SoRebecca Knox
25:06Seattle Pacific
48.-Tina Stimson
25:08Western Washington
49.-Carla Mingione
25:09Western Washington
50.-Emily Forseth
25:13Central Washington
51.Bernadette Duffy
25:14Hershey Harriers BC
52.-Erica Preboski
25:16 PRSeattle Pacific
53.Liz Jones
25:28Hershey Harriers BC
54.-Amanda Hall
25:30 PRWestern Washington
55.-Ashley Becker
25:39 PRWestern Washington
56.FrNikki Jensen
25:40 SRSeattle Pacific
57.-Nicole Bandy
25:40Central Washington
58.SoMeghan Salveson
25:42Seattle University
59.-Sally Ryan
25:43Western Washington
60.Phoebe Rohrbacher
61.FrAnjuli Haydu
62.JrStephanie Haydon
26:08 SRWestern Washington
63.-Alyson Jones
26:22 PRWestern Washington
64.-Shannon Carney
26:27 PRWestern Washington
65.JrErica Pitman
26:37 SRCentral Washington
66.FrNicole Wheeler
26:42Seattle University
67.SoLydia Lauer
26:55Seattle University
68.SoAndrea Newcomer
26:59 PRWestern Washington
69.-Sarah Trevellyan
27:04 PRWestern Washington
70.-Katie Archambault
27:15Seattle University
71.-Kim Morris
27:27 PRWestern Washington
72.-Jessica Butler
27:43Seattle University
73.-Shirley Urness
27:56 PRSkagit Valley
74.-Kathleen Weinand
27:59 SRWestern Washington
75.FrCathy Fjellanger
28:02 SRWestern Washington
76.-Autumn Ruskell
28:03 PRWestern Washington
77.-Betsy Williams
28:17 PRCentral Washington
78.-Jami Jablonski
28:21 PRHighline
79.-Stephani Chatfield
28:29 PRSeattle Pacific
80.-Kelsey Crawford
29:07 PRWestern Washington
81.-Erin Roscioli
30:02 PRWestern Washington
82.SoSarah Brundidge
30:54 SRSeattle University
83.-Kristen Yates
32:46 PRSkagit Valley
84.-Jamie Johnston
33:15 PRSkagit Valley
85.-Dani Sovia
36:44 PRSkagit Valley
86.-Xanadu Daniells
38:49 PRSkagit Valley
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