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2.83 Mile Varsity
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2.83 Mile Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

2.83 Mile Varsity

1.12Devlin Crawford
15:43 PRRandolph
12Chet Kupchella
15:51 PRScituate
3.11Ryan Moran
16:06 PRPembroke
4.10Joe Vercollone
16:07 PRPembroke
5.11Brendan Adams
16:07 PRPembroke
6.11Ryan Kelley
16:08 PRPembroke
7.12Paul Cina
16:08 PRPembroke
10.12Stephen Kinuthia
16:27 PRRandolph
9.11Matthew Rindinni
16:46 PRPembroke
10.10Wesley Gallagher
16:52 PRPembroke
11.11Robert LaMarre
16:53 PRPembroke
12.11James Coner
16:53 PRPembroke
13.11Mike Romero
16:57 PRPembroke
14.11Alec Nee
17:13 PRPembroke
15.11Eric Karstunen
17:18 PRPembroke
12Bradley Newkirk
17:21 PRScituate
12tim Weydt
17:28 PRScituate
10Peter Noenickx
17:29 PRScituate
19.11Trevor Berry
17:58 PRPembroke
20.11Greg Johnson
18:04 PRPembroke
11Pat Stewart
18:06 PRScituate
22.10Dillon McMahon
18:07 PRPembroke
23.11Matt Merritt
18:20 PRPembroke
11Sean Concannon
18:21 PRScituate
24.9Patrick Cunningham
18:21 PRPembroke
26.11Jacob Schissel
18:24 PRPembroke
27.11Tim Morrill
18:30 SRRandolph
28.9Jacob Moran
18:32 PRPembroke
12Patrick Noenickx
18:33 PRScituate
30.9Evan Hurley
18:51 PRPembroke
32.11Robinson Vuong
18:58 SRRandolph
33.11Jake Sullivan
19:04 PRPembroke
10John Callanan
19:05 PRScituate
35.10Brandon Woodard
19:17 PRPembroke
36.12Matt Vito
19:20 PRPembroke
9Jack Kahrs
19:26 PRScituate
38.11Ethan Anderson
19:40 PRPembroke
39.12Erik Dunn
10Chris Durkin
19:49 PRScituate
41.10Brock Colburn
19:50 PRPembroke
9Ben Garman
19:51 PRScituate
9Paul Svensen
19:54 PRScituate
43.11Tim Cahill
19:55 PRPembroke
44.9James Walsh
19:56 PRPembroke
9Liam Ford
20:00 PRScituate
46.9Chris Warren
20:04 PRPembroke
47.9Stephen Perry
20:08 PRPembroke
48.9Chris Locke
20:09 PRPembroke
10Mike Barnard
20:14 PRScituate
49.11Edan Lai
20:14 PRRandolph
52.9Brandon Powers
10Justin Powers
20:47 PRScituate
55.11Andrew Ojastro
20:54 SRRandolph
12Mike Roder
21:03 PRScituate
57.11Chris Michel
21:26 PRRandolph
11Matt Sheehan
21:34 PRScituate
9O'toole Tarran
21:34 PRScituate
12Conor Mcmahon
21:35 PRScituate
61.12Shaun Grinnell
21:35 PRRandolph
62.12Phu Nguyen
21:37 PRRandolph
63.10Eric Duong
64.11Jimmy Briggs
21:39 SRRandolph
65.10Tan Nguyen
12Adam Farragher
22:09 PRScituate
9Brad Mccluskey
22:11 PRScituate
9Carter Kupchella
22:15 PRScituate
69.9Alex Lyons
22:36 PRPembroke
70.9Peter Graceffa
23:00 PRPembroke
71.9Pierce Scroggins
23:13 PRPembroke
73.12Victor Nguyen
23:19 PRRandolph
10Brad Donovan
23:20 PRScituate
9Alex Macedo
23:59 PRScituate
75.9Corey Kilgarriff
24:30 PRPembroke
9Dan Lynch
24:48 PRScituate
9Logan Self
25:12 PRScituate
11Brendan Horgan
26:22 PRScituate
9Chris Smith
26:27 PRScituate
80.11Thien Nguyen
31.9Zachariah White
27:24 PRPembroke
82.9Brian Nguyen
83.9Charlie Nguyen
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