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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.Ruban Sanka
2.Dave Bridgewater
3.JrJeff Trethewey
16:10 PRKeene State
4.Josh Ferenc
5.JrCorey Loonan
16:15 PRKeene State
6.Patrick Ard
7.JrEric Macknight
16:18 PRKeene State
8.SrJared Samuel
16:44 PRKeene State
9.JrBrandon Schillemat
16:47 PRKeene State
10.SoKevin Hoyt
16:53 PRKeene State
11.Jason Garrity
12.FrErik Dunn-Gaudet
16:59 PRMassachusetts-Lowell
13.JrDan Theleen
17:10 PRKeene State
14.FrAndrew Sears
17:10 PRKeene State
15.FrBrendan Devlin
17:13 PRMassachusetts-Lowell
16.FrBrenden Guinee
17:17 PRMassachusetts-Lowell
18.SrKyle Schaeffer
17:22 PRFitchburg State
19.SoChris Kibler
17:23 PRFitchburg State
20.SrBrian Anderson
17:29 PRKeene State
21.FrPatrick Lucas
17:34 PRFitchburg State
22.JrTimothy Pipp
17:34 SRKeene State
23.JrJason O'Connell
17:35 PRMassachusetts-Lowell
24.SrTim Wood
17:41 PRFitchburg State
25.SoColm Craig
17:45 PRKeene State
26.SoCasey August
17:52 PRKeene State
27.Peter Najem
28.SrJames Barone
17:57 PRKeene State
29.Jamie Aubuchon
30.-Josh Pallazola
18:00 PRMassachusetts-Lowell
31.SoZachary Sylvestre
18:01 PRMassachusetts-Lowell
32.Derrick Hamel
33.FrChristopher Plankey
18:06 SRKeene State
34.FrThomas Paquette
18:07 PRKeene State
35.JrAlex Perry
18:10 PRKeene State
36.Brock Welch
37.SoKyle Fitzpatrick
18:13 PRBabson
38.-Sean Fitzgerald
18:15 PRKeene State
39.SoAdam Boucher
18:16 SRKeene State
40.SoMichael Smith
18:17 PRBabson
41.Sean Gavaghan
42.FrJake Williams
18:21 PRBabson
43.SrJeff Goupil
18:21 PRKeene State
44.FrDavid Berube
18:22 PRKeene State
45.John Miganowicz
46.JrKevin Mulcahy
18:48 PRKeene State
47.FrMichael Grasela
18:49 PRFitchburg State
48.SoAndrew Oram
19:13 PRBabson
49.FrGreg Baldwin
19:24 SRKeene State
50.SoJustin Bowman
20:00 PRBabson
51.FrChris Pierce
20:01 SRBabson
52.JrRyan Hartman
20:01 SRKeene State
53.-Chris Koerber
20:17 PRKeene State
54.FrMark Irwin
20:33 PRBabson
55.FrJoshua Kaddy
20:40 PRFitchburg State
56.SoMatt Norton
20:58 PRKeene State
57.Troy Patoine
58.SoKwami Chambers-Pow...
21:32 PRBabson
59.JrJordan Bray
21:46 SRBabson
60.-Matt Ward
22:23 PRFitchburg State
61.-Patrick O'Connor
23:07 PRKeene State
62.Casey Driscoll
63.Ryan Gough
64.SoNathan LaRose
28:12 SRFitchburg State
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Womens Results

2 Mile Varsity

1.SoPaige Mills
12:09 PRKeene State
2.JrLyra Clark
12:10 PRMassachusetts-Lowell
3.JrAllison Chamberlain
12:24 PRKeene State
4.SrRita Marcotte
12:27 PRKeene State
5.JrSarah Bonomo
12:27 PRMassachusetts-Lowell
6.SoAndrea Walsh
12:40 PRKeene State
7.FrNicole Skotz
12:41 PRMassachusetts-Lowell
8.FrGina Butler
12:43 SRMassachusetts-Lowell
9.FrKelly Walton
12:47 PRMassachusetts-Lowell
10.SoHaley Lydstone
12:52 PRKeene State
11.FrCharlotte Margel
12:56 PRBabson
12.SoMichelle Black
13:01 PRBabson
13.FrMary Hazen
13:02 PRMassachusetts-Lowell
14.-Rachel Boudreau
13:10 PRFitchburg State
15.SoHeather Pierce
13:10 PRKeene State
16.JrAmy Knoblock
13:13 PRKeene State
17.SoMary-Ann Ford
13:18 PRMassachusetts-Lowell
18.SoKatelyn Allen
13:19 PRMassachusetts-Lowell
19.SrJennifer Nicoloro
13:22 PRMassachusetts-Lowell
20.FrColleen Kennedy
13:28 PRMassachusetts-Lowell
21.JrJennifer Carr
13:33 PRMassachusetts-Lowell
22.JrCara Boscarino
13:34 PRKeene State
23.SoSarah Titus
13:35 PRKeene State
24.FrJessica Davis
13:35 PRMassachusetts-Lowell
25.FrEmily Lane
13:37 PRFitchburg State
26.SoNatalie Ferro
13:39 PRKeene State
27.FrJasmin Medeiros
13:44 PRMassachusetts-Lowell
28.SoCallie Hartnett
13:46 PRKeene State
29.SoEmily Lukin
13:47 PRMassachusetts-Lowell
30.JrJenna Lapachinski
13:50 PRMassachusetts-Lowell
31.JrIvory Farren
13:50 PRMassachusetts-Lowell
32.FrMaggie Fitter
13:53 PRKeene State
33.SrVanesa Lovering
13:55 PRBabson
34.JrJenna Banks
14:01 PRMassachusetts-Lowell
35.SoKatelyn Page
14:07 PRFitchburg State
36.SrMelissa Pelletier
14:10 PRKeene State
37.SrKimber Stannard
14:11 PRKeene State
38.Shannon O'Brien
39.FrAllison Tamison
14:14 PRKeene State
40.FrLisa Sander
14:25 PRKeene State
41.JrLinda Fortunato
14:27 PRFitchburg State
42.SrKristen Lang
14:30 PRBabson
43.-Lauren Scannell
14:44 PRKeene State
44.JrStepanie Jarvis
14:55 PRFitchburg State
45.FrJessica Lack
15:11 PRBabson
46.SoColleen Carr
15:15 PRBabson
47.SoWendy Glickenhouse
15:29 PRBabson
48.SrAshley Sawyer
15:33 PRKeene State
49.SoCarrioe Hill
15:57 PRFitchburg State
50.SoEmiley McCole
16:01 PRBabson
51.SoLynne Resendes
16:16 PRKeene State
52.-Brittany Souza
16:17 PRKeene State
53.SoLisa Dias
16:23 PRFitchburg State
54.SrKristina Gagnon
16:29 PRFitchburg State
55.SrHeather Nichols
16:50 PRFitchburg State
56.FrJacqueline Howard
19:33 PRFitchburg State
57.JrKathryn Joslyn
21:31 PRFitchburg State
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