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Saratoga State Park

8,000 Meters Varsity
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5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Varsity

1.-Arumugam Hemagiri
26:43.84 PRMIT
2.JrChas Mitchell
26:46.34Rensselaer Polytechn...
3.JrPaul Welle
4.SrDaniel Duffty
27:12.50WPI (Worcester Poly)
5.SrBill Phipps
6.JrBrian Debronsky
27:18.97Rensselaer Polytechn...
7.SoBenjamin Mattocks
8.JrChristopher Frank
27:31.09Rensselaer Polytechn...
9.SoStephen Serene
10.SrPeter Brown
27:35.28WPI (Worcester Poly)
11.JrTimothy Ryan
27:35.53Rensselaer Polytechn...
12.SoJeff Corelli
27:40.50Rensselaer Polytechn...
13.SoBrandon Kieft
27:42.15Rensselaer Polytechn...
14.FrPatrick Condon
27:46.06Rensselaer Polytechn...
15.JrLane Thornton
27:49.88WPI (Worcester Poly)
16.-Dawit Zewdie
17.JrTodd Alexander
28:00.28WPI (Worcester Poly)
18.FrAlex Flores
28:02.84Rensselaer Polytechn...
19.FrJeff Warren
28:10.59Rensselaer Polytechn...
20.-Andres Delgado
28:11.12 PRMIT
21.FrPatrick Cavanaugh
28:12.78Rensselaer Polytechn...
22.SoMatthew Weaver
23.SoCraig Mitchell
28:17.72 SRWPI (Worcester Poly)
24.-Mike Puncel
25.SrChristop Gabrielson
28:34.65WPI (Worcester Poly)
26.FrShane Ruddy
28:36.96WPI (Worcester Poly)
27.FrTimmy Galvin
28.SoJohn LaColla
29.SoBrian Goodman
28:48.75 SRWPI (Worcester Poly)
30.JrThomas Grosskurth
28:50.69Rensselaer Polytechn...
31.FrDavid Way
32.FrJoseph Frank
29:04.84Rensselaer Polytechn...
33.JrMichael Nickerson
29:14.22Rensselaer Polytechn...
34.SrMichael Ashman
29:17.94WPI (Worcester Poly)
35.-Adam Delton
36.FrScott Burger
29:25.28 SRWPI (Worcester Poly)
37.JrMichael Boucher
29:26.56 SRWPI (Worcester Poly)
38.JrLogan Daum
39.JrScott Woodnorth
29:44.03WPI (Worcester Poly)
40.FrPatrick Whelan
29:46.24Rensselaer Polytechn...
41.SoWilliam Hawkins
29:52.38 SRWPI (Worcester Poly)
42.FrJosh Brodin
30:13.72 SRWPI (Worcester Poly)
43.-Matt Knight
30:47.15 PRWPI (Worcester Poly)
44.JrAlex Meyer
30:54.78WPI (Worcester Poly)
45.SoGreg McConnell
30:57.41WPI (Worcester Poly)
46.SoSean Dillon
31:03.62WPI (Worcester Poly)
47.JrDaniel Ritches
31:28.97WPI (Worcester Poly)
48.JrJosh Matte
31:35.41 SRWPI (Worcester Poly)
49.FrJohn Francis
31:51.25 PRWPI (Worcester Poly)
50.FrBradford Bailey
31:58.75WPI (Worcester Poly)
51.SoJonathan Gay
32:20.53WPI (Worcester Poly)
52.SoMichael Szkutak
34:03.28WPI (Worcester Poly)
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