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Battleship Alabama Memorial Park

5,000 Meters Men
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Battleship Alabama Memorial Park

5,000 Meters Women

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Men

1.SrMicah Tirop
15:43.2 PRSouth Alabama
2.SoZac Edwards
15:51.5 PRSouth Alabama
3.SoKalphys Kemboi
16:19.5 PRSoutheast Louisiana
4.FrScott Lasiter
16:43.2 SRSouth Alabama
5.SoDerrick Rodgers
16:48.8 PRSouth Alabama
6.FrMatt Miller
16:49.7 SRSouth Alabama
7.SoAlex Shields
17:12.0 PRSouth Alabama
9.SoTyler Bowman
17:36.1 SRWest Florida
10.-Jessie Mcdavitt
17:37.7 PRSoutheast Louisiana
11.SoDamien Lee
17:43.9 SRSouth Alabama
12.-Scott Richardson
17:52.1 SRSoutheast Louisiana
13.JrKyle Golden
17:54.2 PRSoutheast Louisiana
14.-Ben Chastain
17:54.9 PRWest Florida
15.SoJared Black
17:55.1 SRWest Florida
16.FrMartinigue Sykes
18:01.3 SRWest Florida
17.-Austin Fox
18:04.4 PRSpring Hill
18.SoWill Kirkikis
18:07.2 SRSpring Hill
19.FrDominique Sykes
18:09.8 SRWest Florida
20.FrTim Keebler
18:12.3 PRWest Florida
21.-Mj Ahmad
18:31.4 PRSoutheast Louisiana
22.FrThomas Kinsey
18:51.7 SRSpring Hill
24.JrZac Dufrene
19:06.3 PRSoutheast Louisiana
25.Daniel Wicks
26.FrKieran Harper
19:29.7Loyola-New Orleans
27.FrZach Gaines
28.SrMark Kirkikis
19:45.8 PRSpring Hill
29.-Sean Christie
19:50.9 PRSpring Hill
30.FrMalachi Wilkins
20:05.0West Florida
31.SoParker Carignan
20:08.1Loyola-New Orleans
32.SoJaron Ortego
20:16.2 SRSoutheast Louisiana
33.-Ben Pace
20:29.2 PRSpring Hill
34.FrAlex Mayon
20:33.4Loyola-New Orleans
35.-Garrett Schumacher
20:44.7 PRSpring Hill
36.SoBrian Otero
20:51.0 PRSpring Hill
37.SoChristian Boyer
20:58.4 SRSpring Hill
38.FrAlex Hall
21:04.0 SRLoyola-New Orleans
39.FrStephen Ferguson
40.FrKenny Tsao
21:36.2Loyola-New Orleans
41.FrByron Myles
21:49.2 SRDillard
42.SoAdam Mayon
21:49.5 PRLoyola-New Orleans
43.-Matthew Mayeaux
21:51.7 PRSpring Hill
44.-Anthony Hingle
45.-Allan Williams
22:06.9 PRSoutheast Louisiana
46.FrChris Graugnard
22:45.4Loyola-New Orleans
47.JrJosh Stodghill
22:56.0 PRMobile
48.-Bryan Dulion
23:20.0 PRSpring Hill
49.-Marcel Williams
50.-Bryan Albritton
51.JrJohn Fincher
52.-Sherman Coleman
24:58.1 SRDillard
53.-Farah Akbar
25:55.7 PRDillard
54.SoEarnest Porter
55.-David Pittman
56.SoJeffrey Caviness
27:15.5 SRMobile
57.-Kaleb Heffner
58.-Jarrod Little
59.-Nick Weaver
31:12.2 SRMobile
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Women

1.-Kapkiai Dorcus
19:35.2 PRSoutheast Louisiana
2.FrKrista Moylan
19:44.8Southern Mississippi
3.FrTori Lawson
19:52.1South Alabama
4.JrZuna Portillo
20:05.8Southern Mississippi
5.FrStephanie Ledgerwood
20:06.4Southern Mississippi
6.JrMagrina Chepkoech
20:08.7South Alabama
7.FrJocelyn Lochhart
20:11.9Southern Mississippi
8.JrNaomi Jeruto
20:37.5Southeast Louisiana
9.SoJessica Mackie
20:51.7South Alabama
10.SrKim Gastinell
20:55.5 PRSoutheast Louisiana
11.SoKate Imwalle
20:59.8Spring Hill
12.FrKara Moylan
21:03.5Southern Mississippi
13.SoBailee Hedstrom
21:06.8West Florida
14.SoStacy Paton
21:25.2West Florida
15.SoKelbe Beck
21:33.6West Florida
16.FrHannah Dougherty
22:05.7Loyola-New Orleans
17.FrKaryssa Tourelle-F...
22:10.1West Florida
18.FrKendra Lowe
22:20.9South Alabama
19.SoJasmine James
22:37.4South Alabama
20.FrDanielle Cureton
22:47.2West Florida
21.FrBethany Burst
23:16.5Southeast Louisiana
22.SrKayla Fox
23:34.9Spring Hill
23.SrErnestine Carradine
23:41.0 PRSoutheast Louisiana
24.-Vanessa Ffrench
23:41.9West Florida
25.SoCourtney Kieffer
23:44.1South Alabama
26.martin Seigne
27.SrLaSheika Dinkins
23:58.3Southern Mississippi
28.-Tori Neuber
24:00.6West Florida
29.SoAutumn Scott
24:15.1South Alabama
30.SoLauren Fereday
24:16.2Loyola-New Orleans
31.JrLynne Fritscher
24:17.8Spring Hill
32.-Clare Hearns
24:24.9Loyola-New Orleans
33.FrKiearstan Carter
24:27.6Spring Hill
34.SoAnnelise Rickert
24:29.1Loyola-New Orleans
35.-Schultheis Courtney
24:33.4 PRSoutheast Louisiana
36.FrJenna Knoblach
24:58.1Loyola-New Orleans
37.JrCeci Venker
25:06.5Spring Hill
38.Maryclara Hutchison
39.JrEsther Kemboi
26:49.6Southeast Louisiana
40.SoEmily Stewart
27:22.1Spring Hill
41.FrJoanna Canning
42.SoOlivia Taylor
28:44.8Loyola-New Orleans
43.SoJoilynn Hollies
28:50.3Loyola-New Orleans
44.SoAshley Derenbecker
29:16.7Spring Hill
45.-Davanne Piccini
29:54.9Spring Hill
46.-Julie Sellers
30:14.1Spring Hill
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