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4,000 Meters Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.11Shane Harlow
16:44Grand Forks Central
2.11Francis Mendee
16:51Red River
3.12Jamison Gehrig
16:59West Fargo
4.12Spencer Kamoni
5.10Paul Shafer
17:22Grand Forks Central
6.12Spencer Uetz
17:33West Fargo
7.10Alex Torrey
17:36Grand Forks Central
8.11Jaden Radcliffe
17:38Fargo South
9.9Darin Baltezore
17:41 SRWest Fargo
10.10Tom Fisher
17:50Grand Forks Central
11.11Dana Naylor
12.9Andrew Torrey
17:59Grand Forks Central
13.11Nate Peterson
18:04West Fargo
14.12Alex Bakken
18:07Red River
15.8Anjelo Shepherd
18:09Fargo North
16.12Dave Reimers
17.12Scott Salter
18:16West Fargo
18.9Ethan Norstog
18:21.3Fargo South
19.12Chris Savageau
20.12Aaron Wrolstad
18:21.9Fargo South
21.11Daniel Naylor
22.11Tom Kuehn
18:31West Fargo
23.11Cory Goehner
24.11Lukas Johnson
18:35West Fargo
25.10Sean Norton
18:41Grand Forks Central
26.9Brandon Quibell
18:46.4Fargo North
27.12Jason Gapp
28.12Colin Hillius
29.11Austin Battles
30.9Jace Duffield
19:10.2Fargo South
31.9Cole Mehring
19:10.8Fargo South
32.9Tanner Piper
19:11Red River
33.10Matthew Stanga
34.8Keeland Murphy
19:14.6Grand Forks Central
35.12Rob Moseng
36.12Richard Tai
19:21.0Fargo North
37.12Cody Grosz
19:21West Fargo
38.-Taylor Volk
19:22.0Fargo South
39.11Francis Landman
19:22.3Fargo North
40.12Andy Rothfusz
41.12Nathan Conzo
19:32Red River
42.9Nathan Gilliss
19:36West Fargo
43.10Matt Wenzel
19:40Fargo North
44.11Alec Redmann
45.-Zach Kraft
19:52Fargo North
46.-Drew Wiest
20:05Fargo North
47.10Zach Olson
20:07Red River
48.12Ryan Binde
20:31.0West Fargo
49.-Andrew Allen
20:31.9Red River
50.9Matt Tingum
20:34Red River
51.9Kasey Lynn
20:43West Fargo
52.9Ryan McCollum
21:32 SRFargo North
53.11Alex Krieg
22:01Fargo North
54.-Tyler Hetland
22:52Fargo North
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4,000 Meters Junior Varsity

1.9Tyler Pederson
14:40 PRShanley
2.8Thomas Startz
14:45 PRShanley
3.9Bradley Conant
14:47 PRShanley
4.9Hunter Gossett
14:48 PRShanley
5.9Philip Manley
14:54 PRJamestown
6.9Tony Schulz
15:01 PRWest Fargo
7.8Branden Scheel
15:14 PRDavies
8.10Joe Jensen
15:15 PRJamestown
9.9Michael Hust
15:23 PRJamestown
10.10Jake Nieland
15:24 PRJamestown
11.8Camron Roehl
15:27 PRGrand Forks Central
12.10Eric Hahn
15:29West Fargo
13.-Cory Byron
15:30 PRGrand Forks Central
14.9Alek Dallmann
15:31 PRJamestown
15.-Sean Ahlness
15:32Fargo South
16.10Jamison Kath
15:33 PRDavies
17.8Noah Poss
15:35Fargo South
18.9Craig Knutson
15:39 PRRed River
19.9David Eide
15:44 PRDavies
20.9Keith Lehman
15:55 PRFargo North
21.9Austin Albrecht
15:56 PRWest Fargo
22.-Andrew Nawrot
16:04.3 PRDavies
23.9Christian Thompson
16:04.7 PRFargo South
24.10Michael Brooks
16:07Grand Forks Central
25.11Shane Hillen
16:10 PRWest Fargo
26.11Jordan Fonder
16:17 SRGrand Forks Central
27.-Matt Keller
16:24 PRDavies
28.11Nicholas Hudson
16:26 SRGrand Forks Central
29.9Ted Helgeson
16:27 SRGrand Forks Central
30.10Tony Wood
16:28 PRGrand Forks Central
31.9Nick Ackley
16:29 SRGrand Forks Central
32.-Dalton Hanson
16:30.4 PRFargo North
33.-Brett Goehner
16:30.9 PRJamestown
34.9Anders Clow
16:31 SRDavies
35.9Kevin Wensel
16:32 SRDavies
36.11Landon Johnson
16:33.3 PRFargo South
37.11Justin Schock
16:33.7 PRWest Fargo
38.10Tyler Burris
16:36 SRRed River
39.10Garret Heiden
16:44 PRDavies
40.9Michael Sorensen
41.-Austin Dale
16:53.5 PRJamestown
42.-Chris Budzielek
16:53.9 PRFargo South
43.9Jacob Olson
16:56 SRShanley
44.11Riley Qualley
16:57 SRGrand Forks Central
45.12Nick Sharief
17:03 PRGrand Forks Central
46.12Taylor Warnke
17:04 PRRed River
47.11Mike Spieker
17:08 PRWest Fargo
48.12Austin Cogil
17:09Grand Forks Central
49.9Kyle Gee
17:13 SRJamestown
50.9Ryan Ewers
17:14 PRGrand Forks Central
51.9Connor Hennen
17:15 PRWest Fargo
52.10Tyler Jehs
17:16 SRGrand Forks Central
53.10Dyllan Anderson
17:21 PRJamestown
54.10Casey Nelson
17:23 SRRed River
55.11Andrew Hoeger
17:25 PRWest Fargo
56.9Maneesh Apte
17:27 PRDavies
57.11Michael Hawley
17:39 PRWest Fargo
58.9Jacob Lardy
17:42 SRWest Fargo
59.11Casey Ford
18:02 SRGrand Forks Central
60.-Pun Ajimaporn
18:15 PRGrand Forks Central
61.9Alec Rutten
18:18.6West Fargo
62.9Nathan Dunham
18:18.9 PRRed River
63.9Nathan Aswege
18:19 PRWest Fargo
64.11Levi Lepird
18:37 PRWest Fargo
65.-Landon Lang
19:15 SRShanley
66.-Tony Le
19:26 PRFargo South
67.-Luke Ammon
68.11Alex Rath
22:20 SRGrand Forks Central
69.-Rob Jepperson
23:30 PRFargo South
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Womens Results

4,000 Meters Varsity

1.10Tarin Lachowitzer
15:23Fargo South
2.10Alissa Mears
15:32West Fargo
3.11Jennifer Erickson
15:33Grand Forks Central
4.11Erin Valenti
15:45Fargo South
5.12Ellie Grooters
15:49West Fargo
6.9Jessica Rosenau
15:52West Fargo
7.11Britny Bucholz
15:56West Fargo
8.11Francis Conlin
16:00Fargo South
9.9Christine Baltezore
16:01West Fargo
10.9Brooke Grooters
16:02West Fargo
11.9Alexandra Backlund
12.11Jessica Lindsay
16:14Grand Forks Central
13.10Kelsey Zastoupil
16:22Fargo South
14.-Jennifer Storm
16:32Fargo South
15.12Katie Schalow
16:34Fargo South
16.9Alison Allmer
17.11Abby Roche
16:42Fargo North
18.8Andrea Sarafolean
16:52Fargo North
19.10Hannah Magrum
16:56.0 SRFargo South
20.11Jaclyn Sand
16:56.7Grand Forks Central
21.11Alyssa Dehne
17:04Fargo North
22.9MiKayla Forness
23.9Lora Remus
24.11Sadie Rivard
25.11Erin Wysocki
17:16Red River
26.8Taylor Baumler
27.11Ashley Zeitvogel
17:27Red River
28.11Rebecca Fee
17:28 SRGrand Forks Central
29.10Megan Boe
17:35Fargo North
30.10Hanna Brown
17:37 PRGrand Forks Central
31.12Leah Entzel
32.9Paige Holman
17:40Fargo North
33.11Alicia Schroeder
17:42 SRWest Fargo
34.10Elizabeth Entzel
35.10Danae Hoffart
36.10Julie Ficos
17:50 PRJamestown
37.10Emilie Plecity
17:55Fargo North
38.9Tori Geston
18:06Fargo North
39.9Ali Lindsay
18:09Grand Forks Central
40.9Cailey Sauvageau
18:13West Fargo
41.9Kristina Sarahfolean
18:15 SRFargo North
42.-Kayli Stenstrom
18:19Fargo North
43.11Ashley Mueller
44.11Becca Asheim
45.10Rachel Todhunter
18:25Red River
46.9Katherine Reinholz
18:33Fargo North
47.12Kaitlin Medal
18:47Grand Forks Central
48.11Kelsey Conneran
18:48Red River
49.11Kelsey McCullough
19:02Red River
50.11Erin McLeod
19:16Red River
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3,000 Meters Junior Varsity

1.-Julie Jordan
2.10Taylor Bertsch
12:57 PRDavies
3.11Kaitlyn Stoppler
13:03West Fargo
4.7Alexis Young
13:04 PRWest Fargo
5.11Kelsey Helland
13:12Fargo South
6.7Rachel Lindsay
13:13 PRGrand Forks Central
7.-Amy Aarsvold
13:18 PRFargo South
8.10Emily Bitz
13:22 SRFargo South
9.10Alyssa Nichols
13:24 PRShanley
10.-Kirsten McCullough
13:30 PRFargo South
11.10Taylor Perry
13:34.1 PRWest Fargo
12.11Elizabeth Derby
13:34.9 PRFargo North
13.10Casey Hatlevoll
13:35.3 SRDavies
14.9Beth Boatman
13:35.8 PRFargo South
15.10Vera Gaylah
13:40 PRDavies
16.11Brittany Bunde
13:42.2 PRGrand Forks Central
17.-Kirsten Sand
13:42.5 PRJamestown
18.11Shelby Jensan
13:43 PRFargo North
19.11Jennifer Parsons
13:46 PRWest Fargo
20.12Molly Gunkelman
13:49 PRFargo North
21.11Danielle Nordsletten
13:50 PRFargo North
22.9Anna Larson
13:52 PRJamestown
23.10Olivia Shockman
13:56 PRFargo North
24.9Leanne Saville
13:57 PRWest Fargo
25.9Chenelle Parr
13:58 PRWest Fargo
26.11Maddy Frei
14:01 PRShanley
27.11Paige Petty
14:04Grand Forks Central
28.11Shelby Debell
14:05 PRGrand Forks Central
29.-Emma Stong
14:08.3 PRFargo South
30.-Kirsten Unjhem
14:08.9 PRFargo South
31.-Meghan Pegel
14:10Fargo North
32.-Lauren Nelson
14:13.4 PRShanley
33.10Kaitlin Grosgebauer
14:13.7 PRJamestown
34.11Hailey Rerick
14:18 PRFargo North
35.11Emma Grant
14:20.2 PRWest Fargo
36.9Jaurdyn Dobler
14:20.4West Fargo
37.10Taylor Bruer
14:22Fargo South
38.-Emily Irsfeld
14:28 PRShanley
39.12Mollie Lackmann
14:32 PRShanley
40.11Kelsey Skunberg
14:35 PRFargo North
41.10Alyssa Daly
14:36 PRJamestown
42.-Kasie Kulla
14:37 PRFargo North
43.9Brenna Peterson
14:38 SRGrand Forks Central
44.-Corbyn Hahr
14:41 PRRed River
45.9Anna Marsolek
14:42 SRShanley
46.11Sadie Lean
14:43 PRFargo North
47.11Cora Bollinger
14:44 PRWest Fargo
48.-Claire Ivers
14:47 PRFargo North
49.-Kaitlin Zollinger
14:49 PRFargo South
50.-Jana Jorgenson
15:01Red River
51.-Audrey Benson
15:02.1 PRFargo North
52.11Andrea Clarens
15:02.4 PRFargo North
53.-Bailey Benson
15:03 PRFargo North
54.-Catherine Dorsher
15:09Red River
55.10Jill Ames
15:10 PRRed River
56.10Lydia Kingsley
15:16 PRFargo South
57.12Kylie Shorma
15:22.1 PRWest Fargo
58.-Reiley Sampson
15:22.5 PRFargo South
59.-Andrea Hollingsworth
15:30.1Red River
60.-Janelle Carroll
15:30.6 PRRed River
61.11Mikaela Walker
15:30.9 SRJamestown
62.-Kirsten Reike
15:31 PRShanley
63.10Samantha Sharief
15:38Grand Forks Central
64.9Anna Holten
65.-Kelsie Eiler
15:43 SRFargo South
66.-Emily Marsolek
15:44.2 PRShanley
67.-Ellen Brotherson
15:44.8 PRFargo South
68.10Megan Johnson
15:45.3 PRFargo North
69.9Carly Bergman
15:47 PRRed River
70.11Laura Clarens
15:54 PRFargo North
71.-Lauren Hovden
15:56Fargo North
72.9Miranda Smith
16:06Fargo South
73.11Emily Ellingson
16:23Fargo North
74.10Cyrina Paul
16:26 SRShanley
75.-Vanessa Bakken
16:54 PRRed River
76.-Beth Osman
17:00 PRFargo South
77.-Jana Lynch
78.-Kristin Lorenz
17:04.8 PRFargo South
79.-Maddi Christiensen
17:05 PRFargo South
80.9Jessie Carlson
17:11 PRRed River
81.10McKenna Redmond
18:47 SRFargo North
82.10Allison Hanson
21:55 PRFargo North
83.-Kayla Zeltinger
21:59 PRShanley
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