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Mens Results

6,000 Meters Men

1.SoLiberio Niyiragira
19:39 PRIowa Central
2.SoRyan Edwardson
19:40 PRSimpson College (IA)
3.Martin Popp
4.FrAnthony Lieghio
19:56 PRIowa Central
5.FrKennedy Kiprop
19:57 PRIowa Wesleyan
6.SrTeddy Clark
20:00 PRCentral College (IA)
7.FrTomas Cotter
20:04 SRIowa Central
8.Joe Aulwes
9.SoMatt Juhl
20:12 PRIowa Central
10.SrCasey Dunning
20:14 PRSimpson College (IA)
11.JrLuke Weber
20:18 PRSimpson College (IA)
12.Janron Byrun
20:20Los Animales
13.JrAustin Vondracek
20:23 PRCentral College (IA)
14.Michael McLoughlin
15.SoMatt Stone
20:28 PRSimpson College (IA)
16.Greg Bell
17.FrMitchell Davis
20:36 SRSimpson College (IA)
18.FrLevi Long
20:40 PRIowa Central
19.SoAndrew Hamer
20:48 SRCentral College (IA)
20.FrJon Gerling
20:50 SRIndian Hills CC
21.Seth Comfort
22.SoTitus Kiplimo
20:55 PRIowa Central
23.JrErik Johnson
20:59 PRLuther
24.SrMike Switzer
20:59 PRLuther
25.JrKyle Buck
21:00 PRLuther
26.SoShane Steele
21:00 PRLuther
27.SrKarl Larson
21:01 PRLuther
28.FrJohn Warnke
21:14 SRSimpson College (IA)
29.SrPierre Taylor
21:14 SRCentral College (IA)
30.SoPeter Kraus
21:19 PRLuther
31.SrAustin Tegels
21:19 PRLuther
32.JrJordan Lang
21:20 PRLuther
33.SoAndrew Papke-Larson
21:20 PRLuther
34.FrJohn Gonzalez
21:32 SRCentral College (IA)
36.FrJared Bruce
21:42 PRBuena Vista
37.SrDrew Burmahl
21:45 SRLuther
38.FrEvan Neubauer
21:45 SRLuther
39.FrMarty Mitchell
21:46 PRLuther
40.SoJoel Dotseth
21:46 PRLuther
41.FrAlex Rigdon
21:47 PRLuther
42.FrBrock Laue
21:47 PRLuther
43.SrCory Fitzsimmons
21:49 SRCentral College (IA)
44.FrBrandon Clough
21:57 SRCentral College (IA)
45.FrAndrew Smith
22:02 PRBuena Vista
46.SrBaron Davis
22:11 SRSimpson College (IA)
47.FrBrian Christiansen
22:16 PRBuena Vista
48.Tyler Husak
22:18Los Animales
49.SoRyan Marzen
22:22 PRBuena Vista
50.SoPat Gerhardt
22:26 SRSimpson College (IA)
51.FrJon Findlay
22:28 PRCentral College (IA)
52.SoBen Duea
22:36 SRSimpson College (IA)
53.FrMatt Rubins
22:36 PRLuther
54.FrDavid Pedrick
22:37 PRLuther
55.SoMax Molzahn
22:37 SRLuther
56.SrEric Krueger
22:38 PRLuther
57.FrJustin Bond
22:43 PRIowa Central
58.FrMikhail Markov
22:44 PRIowa Central
59.SrAaron Skopec
22:45 SRSimpson College (IA)
60.FrGage Fiscus
22:46 PRIowa Central
61.Marty Gingrich
62.FrSteele Fiscus
22:51 SRIndian Hills CC
63.FrRon Sherrod
23:03 PRIowa Central
64.FrLaroy Johnson
23:10 SRIowa Central
65.FrAdam Heatherington
23:12 PRIowa Central
66.Andrew Hoch
67.JrLouie Elbert
23:26 PRSimpson College (IA)
68.FrWillard Lewis
23:29 PRIowa Central
69.Adam Wolf
70.FrByron Tocheri
23:35 PRMarshalltown CC
71.SrJordan Flaws
23:39 SRBuena Vista
72.-Rico Roth
23:54 PRMarshalltown CC
73.FrMark Stanek
23:55 SRSimpson College (IA)
74.SrJosh Gerber
23:57 SRLuther
75.SrTom Blattner
23:58 PRLuther
76.FrMatt Beniak
23:58 PRLuther
77.FrLogan Langley
23:59 PRLuther
78.FrAndrew Bentz
24:00 PRLuther
79.FrStephen Uhl
24:00 PRLuther
80.SoAndrew Weckwerth
24:01 SRLuther
81.SrJacob Hellman
24:10 SRLuther
82.FrCalvin Simmons
24:11 PRLuther
83.JrTom Wagner
24:11 PRLuther
84.FrLucas Brightwell
24:14 PRIndian Hills CC
85.FrLucas Draisey
24:17 PRSimpson College (IA)
86.SoKenny Kemp
24:22 SRCentral College (IA)
87.FrAlex Holm
24:23 PRMarshalltown CC
88.SrAlex Moore
24:30 SRBuena Vista
89.La Cucarocha
24:34Los Animales
90.FrTrent Krough
24:41 PRMarshalltown CC
91.FrMatt Vavroch
24:51 PRMarshalltown CC
92.SoAndrew Finanger
24:52 PRLuther
93.FrBryce Kilker
24:53 PRLuther
94.FrNick Andresen
24:53 PRLuther
95.FrMatt Christensen
24:56 PRLuther
96.SoKarl Gesch
24:57 SRLuther
97.FrLars Larson
25:27 SRCentral College (IA)
98.JrJustin Saxfield
25:28 PRCentral College (IA)
99.FrShane Pasanen
25:41 PRIowa Wesleyan
100.FrEthan Wilkins
25:46 PRIowa Central
101.SoRyan Fitz
26:00 PRMarshalltown CC
102.FrMoses Moses
26:20 PRIowa Central
103.FrKeenan Wyngarden
26:23 SRIndian Hills CC
104.JrDavid Baker
26:42 SRCentral College (IA)
105.FrPaul Irwin
26:52 PRMarshalltown CC
106.FrKyle Neff
27:47 PRIowa Wesleyan
107.FrAdam Ledvina
28:21 SRCentral College (IA)
108.FrAndrew Soden
29:12 PRBuena Vista
109.FrKelly Sanderson
29:35 PRMarshalltown CC
110.SoDan Pearson
30:17 SRBuena Vista
111.FrHeath Krough
31:24 PRMarshalltown CC
112.FrArron Bodine
33:22 PRSimpson College (IA)
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Women

1.SrAngela Berry
18:30 PRCentral College (IA)
2.JrCatie Ellingson
18:56 SRSimpson College (IA)
3.Brooke Furguson
4.SrHannah Anderson
19:19 PRCentral College (IA)
5.SrSarah Hammel
19:22 PRSimpson College (IA)
6.SrAmy Ledvina
19:28 PRCentral College (IA)
7.SrAmber Mayer
19:29 PRCentral College (IA)
8.FrAyesha Rumble
19:31Iowa Central
9.SrJess Christensen
19:41 PRSimpson College (IA)
10.FrAshley Ameling
19:42Iowa Central
11.FrJenna Broghamer
20:14 PRCentral College (IA)
12.SoHannah Colter
20:15 SRGrinnell
13.SoKara Keller
20:17Iowa Central
14.SrTricia Davis
20:18 SRSimpson College (IA)
15.SrKatie Dolan
16.JrKimberly Horner
17.JrAnnie Mckay
18.JrSarah Lundine
19.SrBecky Eckerman
20:21 SRLuther
20.SrRachelle Tipton
20:22 PRCentral College (IA)
21.FrMelony McDermott
20:23 SRCentral College (IA)
22.SoAgnes Kapsoiyo
20:25Iowa Central
23.SoSachi Graber
20:28 PRGrinnell
24.SoLisa Wegman
25.Jrjulia Schiefelbein
26.JrSharon Heyer
27.SrAnna Wikan
28.SrHeather Shives
20:42 PRCentral College (IA)
29.SrRachel Whitfield
20:53 SRGrinnell
30.SoAmanda Vorthmann
20:53Iowa Central
31.JrMaja Gamble
20:55 SRGrinnell
32.SoAnnie Tempest
20:56 PRGrinnell
33.JrMeghann Burt
20:58 SRCentral College (IA)
34.FrIsabelle Miller
21:18 PRGrinnell
35.SoMelanie Louis
21:23 SRCentral College (IA)
36.SoMelissa Erickson
37.SoSamantha McAllister
38.SrNora Colter
21:27 SRGrinnell
39.SoAnna Murray
40.JrEllie Neubauer
41.FrJade Osborne
21:31 SRSimpson College (IA)
42.FrSara Lindemulder
21:33 PRIndian Hills CC
43.JrNicole Wilson
44.SoChelsea Lynch
45.JrAlyse Carlson
46.SoAnnie Tomlinson
21:40 PRGrinnell
47.FrCaitie Taylor
21:44Iowa Central
48.SoDiane Miesles
21:52 PRGrinnell
49.JrLilah Melzer
21:53 SRGrinnell
50.SoCatherine Bisignan
21:54 SRGrinnell
51.SoKristin Westby
52.FrLauren Stokke
21:58 SRLuther
53.SoAshley Matthys
54.SoErin Guzman
22:04 SRSimpson College (IA)
55.SoOlivia Horan
22:05 SRGrinnell
56.FrClaire Fleckenstein
22:08 PRGrinnell
57.JrAshley Drogo
22:10 SRSimpson College (IA)
58.FrJayde Boyle
22:11 SRSimpson College (IA)
59.SoSigne Mayland
22:12 PRSimpson College (IA)
60.JrRachel Wiesenberg
61.SoMichelle Boursier
62.JrLeah Jensen
63.SoKelsey Mitchell
64.FrKelli Ziskovsky
22:18 PRCentral College (IA)
65.SoKate Edeker
22:19 PRGrinnell
66.FrAustin Gerritson
22:20 PRDes Moines Area CC
67.FrSacha Dunbar
22:23 SRGrinnell
68.FrChristina Storlie
69.JrKatherine McDonald
70.FrAbigail Gould
22:29 PRLuther
71.FrMolly Rhodes
22:29 SRSimpson College (IA)
72.SoMaddy McAreavy
22:57 SRSimpson College (IA)
73.SoEmily Tripp
23:18 SRSimpson College (IA)
74.JrKelsey Hyde
23:21 SRGrinnell
75.FrLeah Jurgensen
76.FrShelbie Pettie
23:32Iowa Central
77.SrLiza Brost
23:37 PRGrinnell
78.SoSamantha Stykel
23:38 SRLuther
79.SoAndrea Sturdevant
23:38 PRLuther
80.JrAndrea Benson
23:41 SRSimpson College (IA)
81.SrAlyssa Hedrick
23:42 PRSimpson College (IA)
82.FrTara Goodale
23:43Iowa Central
83.SrStephanie Eide
23:48 PRSimpson College (IA)
84.FrPa Vang
23:51 SRCentral College (IA)
85.FrKelsie Van Kooten
23:53Des Moines Area CC
86.JrAli Bunde
24:14 SRBuena Vista
87.SoRachel Smith
24:23 SRSimpson College (IA)
88.SoHeidi Sartorius
24:33 PRCentral College (IA)
89.FrJacqueline Vautin
24:46 SRGrinnell
90.Christa Rieks
91.FrKari Sylvester
25:07 SRDes Moines Area CC
92.SoBrittany Lawson
25:08Indian Hills CC
93.SoRachel Bronson
25:35Indian Hills CC
94.FrAshley Reddin
25:51 PRDes Moines Area CC
95.SoCourtney Licht
26:25 SRSimpson College (IA)
96.FrAlyssa Henderson
26:40 PRSimpson College (IA)
97.JrBre Platt
27:40Buena Vista
98.FrAmber Nelson
28:15Des Moines Area CC
99.FrChristine Allen
29:26Marshalltown CC
100.SoAmelia Borgomainerio
29:34 SRSimpson College (IA)
101.FrBrooke Kilstrom
30:18 PRMarshalltown CC
102.FrTalia Wolken
31:38Marshalltown CC
103.FrHolly Johnson
32:33Marshalltown CC
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