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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men

1.SrShayn Weidner
25:53Incarnate Word
2.JrChris Taylor
26:29 PRNewman
3.FrHoward Gill
26:29Incarnate Word
4.SoAustin Hunt
26:36 SRNewman
5.SrFelix Rodriguez
26:53 SRDallas Baptist
6.JrAdrian Carrillo
27:00Incarnate Word
7.FrSolomon Rotich
27:07Incarnate Word
8.SrNick Abbott
9.FrRobert Hawes
27:16 PRIncarnate Word
10.SoChris Flores
27:23 PRIncarnate Word
11.FrJesse Benes
27:28Dallas Baptist
12.SrRobert Coronado
27:30 PRTexas A&M Internatio...
13.SoJames Blessinger
27:30 PRTexas-Permian Basin
14.FrRoy Rodriguez
27:47 SRTexas-Permian Basin
15.FrRaul Gil
27:52 PRTexas A&M Internatio...
16.JrAntonio González
28:02 PRTexas A&M Internatio...
17.JrJohana Korir
28:05 PROklahoma Panhandle S...
18.FrZac Ball
28:07 PRNewman
19.SoZach Morgan
28:11Dallas Baptist
20.SoJohn Marshall Mill...
28:17Dallas Baptist
21.FrDrew Ackler
28:19 PRNewman
22.JrKyle Graber
23.JrBrock Mintie
24.FrMarcos Gonzales
28:37Incarnate Word
25.FrDavonta Colflesh
28:41 PRDallas Baptist
26.FrJose Escalante
28:43 PRTexas-Permian Basin
27.FrNic White
28:50Dallas Baptist
28.SoSeth Tullar
28:51 SRTexas-Permian Basin
FrHilario Coronado
29:00Incarnate Word
29.SoJesus Uribe
29:11 PROklahoma Panhandle S...
30.FrEric Carrasco
29:18 PRTexas-Permian Basin
31.FrCaleb Collins
29:20 PRDallas Baptist
JrRyan Clift
29:27Dallas Baptist
32.SoKarthik Rajendran
29:31 PRTexas-Permian Basin
33.FrGabriel Trejo
29:35 SRTexas A&M Internatio...
SoKyler Lofton
30:08Dallas Baptist
34.JrQuentin Williams
30:10 SROklahoma Panhandle S...
FrHunter Bradshaw
30:11Incarnate Word
35.FrCornelius Kipkorir
30:19 PRTexas A&M Internatio...
FrJoshua Hughes
30:32Dallas Baptist
36.SrLuis Pena
30:32 PRTexas A&M Internatio...
JrBrady Srna
30:33 SRNewman
37.SoOscar Beltran
31:05 PRTexas A&M Internatio...
FrSean Geraghty
31:07Arkansas-Fort Smith
FrRylan Williams
31:33Arkansas-Fort Smith
38.FrZach Hundal
31:44 PRTexas-Permian Basin
39.SoMartin Baeza
32:36 SROklahoma Panhandle S...
40.SoKevin Geofroy
32:41 PROklahoma Panhandle S...
JrMarvin Castillo
35:30 SRDallas Baptist
FrAndrew Hubbard
35:44Arkansas-Fort Smith
41.FrShaquille Redhair
36:32Oklahoma Panhandle S...
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Womens Results

6,000 Meters Women

1.SrHannah Steffan
22:40Dallas Baptist
2.SrLaura Mucho
23:04Dallas Baptist
3.SrMelissa Ortiz
4.JrTabbitha Ashford
23:20Dallas Baptist
5.SrLacey Morrison
23:35Dallas Baptist
6.FrMarie Troufflard
23:41Incarnate Word
7.SrKaydian Howell
23:52 SRLincoln (MO)
8.SoMarlene Gutierrez
23:54Texas A&M Internatio...
9.JrRachel Oncken
24:01Dallas Baptist
10.SoLinet Kibet
24:07Dallas Baptist
11.JrKeneisha Jones
24:18 SRLincoln (MO)
12.FrAlyson Gonzales
24:45 PRIncarnate Word
13.FrLindsay Sanders
24:59 PRDallas Baptist
14.SoAriel Renteria
25:09Texas-Permian Basin
15.JrAlma Santos
25:15Incarnate Word
16.FrKatie Hamlin
SrAshley Alford
25:31Dallas Baptist
17.SoKristen Rodriguez
18.SrMarcey Morales
25:46 PRSt Mary's U (TX)
19.SoMonica Tavarez
26:00 SRTexas-Permian Basin
20.JrKimberly Hodges
26:06 SRLincoln (MO)
21.SoTatum Walden
22.FrStephanie Glatt
26:15Incarnate Word
JrErica Burgess
26:17 SRArkansas-Fort Smith
23.JrRose Caldwell
26:20Incarnate Word
SrMonica Zuniga
26:26 PRDallas Baptist
24.SoAmanda Salinas
26:27Texas A&M Internatio...
25.FrYanique Haye
26:31 SRLincoln (MO)
26.FrMindy Navarette
26:36 PRTexas-Permian Basin
27.SoAlma Salinas
26:53Incarnate Word
28.FrMeagan Hoff
27:16 PRIncarnate Word
29.FrStephanie Riley
SoNicole Thiessen
27:24 SRDallas Baptist
30.FrAriel Ornelas
27:37 SRSt Mary's U (TX)
31.FrBrittani May
27:43 SRNewman
32.SrJenny Mendez
27:47Texas A&M Internatio...
33.FrSheri Kaye Campbell
27:52 SRLincoln (MO)
34.SoGenesis Ramirez
27:54Texas A&M Internatio...
35.SrCheyenne Niehues
36.FrAshley Carrasco
27:58 SRTexas-Permian Basin
SoKristen Meyer
28:00 SRNewman
37.FrVeronica Lozano
28:13 PROklahoma Panhandle S...
38.FrAnna Kay Campbell
28:33 PRLincoln (MO)
39.JrCristina Martinez
28:34Texas A&M Internatio...
FrApryl Newkirk
28:36 PRDallas Baptist
40.FrVictoria Padilla
28:41 PRTexas-Permian Basin
41.SrAmy Crissman
28:49 SRSt Mary's U (TX)
42.SoRacquel Anderson
29:06 PRLincoln (MO)
FrMichelle Cumberbatch
29:46 SRLincoln (MO)
FrBridget Jorgensen
29:49 PRNewman
43.JrKristyn Mathewson
29:57 PRSt Mary's U (TX)
SoStephanie Fleming
30:34 SRNewman
44.JrAlyssa Alfaro
31:18 SRSt Mary's U (TX)
45.SoKatrina White
31:23 SRSt Mary's U (TX)
46.SrRachael Beck
31:29 PROklahoma Panhandle S...
47.SrJessica Alvarez
31:42 SRTexas-Permian Basin
SoJordan Eudy
32:08 PRDallas Baptist
48.JrMichelle Tello
34:23 PRSt Mary's U (TX)
49.SrAmanda Boggs
35:22 SROklahoma Panhandle S...
50.SoArlene Soto
37:05 PROklahoma Panhandle S...
51.JrKayla Joos
37:29 PROklahoma Panhandle S...
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