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Fortin Park

6,000 Meters Men
Womens Races
4,500 Meters Women

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Mens Results

6,000 Meters Men

1.SrPeter Kosgei
18:01 PRHamilton
2.JrMichael Heymann
18:30 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
3.SrNick Pampena
19:19 PRSUNY Oneonta
4.SrSeth Yernye
19:23 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
5.FrChris Burke
19:26 PRSUNY Delhi
6.JrRobert Grim
19:27 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
7.SrAlex Sico
19:30 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
8.JrTim Greenberg
19:45 PRSUNY Oneonta
9.Creig Levens
10.SrWill Reid
11.JrScott Bickard
19:57 SRHamilton
12.FrLyle Haywood
19:57 PRSUNY Delhi
13.JrChas Mitchell
20:00 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
14.SoMatt Laroe
20:01 PRSUNY Oneonta
15.FrChristopher Taylor
20:04 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
16.FrJason Phillips
20:05 PRSUNY Delhi
17.FrSteve Challacombe
20:06 PRSUNY Delhi
18.SoJosh Mitchell
20:07 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
19.SoJames Biondi
20:09 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
20.JrBrian Debronsky
20:09 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
21.JrChristopher Frank
20:11 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
22.JrDevon Lynch
20:13 SRHamilton
23.SoJeff Corelli
20:15 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
24.FrBen Reynolds
20:17 PRSUNY Oneonta
25.FrChris Harvey
20:19 PRSUNY Oneonta
26.FrZavior Brown
20:22 PRSUNY Delhi
27.JrChuck Hollister
20:24 PRSUNY Oneonta
28.SrMatthew Burdick
20:26 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
29.JrTimothy Ryan
20:26 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
30.SoNoel Lomax
20:27 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
31.JrSean Daly
20:28SUNY Oneonta
32.FrAlex Flores
20:33 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
33.JrKyle Dunn
20:34 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
34.JrChristopher Ketcham
20:35 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
35.FrJeff Warren
20:39 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
36.SoJames Grebey
37.SoWilliam Ennis
20:40 PRSUNY Delhi
38.FrNate Weber
20:42 PRSUNY Oneonta
39.FrPatrick Condon
20:45 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
40.FrRyan Millar
20:46 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
41.FrNick Lynch
20:46 PRSUNY Delhi
42.SrGarrett Armbruster
43.FrPatrick Cavanaugh
20:49 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
44.FrJoseph Frank
20:50 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
45.SrJack Swartz
20:51 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
46.SoBrandon Kieft
20:53 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
47.FrMike Cauwels
20:53 PRSUNY Delhi
48.SoKurt Pfaffenberger
20:54 PRSUNY Oneonta
49.SoJustin Harrington
20:54 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
50.SrJosh Haverlock
20:57 PRSUNY Oneonta
51.FrBrandon Kinsman
20:58 PRSUNY Delhi
52.SrLouis Winkler
53.SoRichard Adickes
21:02 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
54.SoJon Tuttle
21:03 PRSUNY Delhi
55.JrThomas Grosskurth
21:05 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
56.FrDylan Thayer
21:08 PRHamilton
57.FrSam Dupuis
58.SrKevin Kerr
21:11 PRHamilton
59.SoDan Bruton
21:14 PRSUNY Oneonta
60.JrMark Gymburch
21:16 PRSUNY Oneonta
61.FrJohn Stuligross
21:22 SRHartwick
62.FrSam Predmore
21:23 PRSUNY Delhi
63.FrJared Reynolds
21:29 SRSUNY Oneonta
64.SoMatt Burton
21:35 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
65.Josh Schultheis
66.SoRyan Douglas
21:37 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
67.-Bob Nugent
21:39 PRSyracuse Chargers Tr...
68.FrNick Reynolds
21:40 PRSUNY Delhi
69.FrChristopher Martin
21:42 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
70.FrChris Cure
21:45 PRSUNY Oneonta
71.Marc Stachowski
72.SoDaniel Bruzzese
21:49 SRHamilton
73.FrMike Greer
21:52 PRSUNY Delhi
74.JrTimothy Sattler
21:54 PRHartwick
75.FrPatrick Whelan
21:56 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
76.FrMatt Roberts
22:00 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
77.FrCharles Rumfelt
22:03 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
78.FrEthan Staats
22:10 SRHartwick
79.SrTravis Visco
22:15 PRSUNY Oneonta
80.JrMichael Nickerson
22:23 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
81.FrChris Rosenberger
22:27 PRSUNY Delhi
82.SoMichael Schmidt
22:29 PRSUNY Delhi
83.FrKevin Portillo
22:34 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
84.SoEthan Lennox
22:36 PRSUNY Delhi
85.JrJustin Pedersen
22:37 SRHartwick
86.FrBrett Kinsman
22:47 PRSUNY Delhi
87.FrRobert Woodworth
22:52 PRHamilton
88.SoLucas Harris
89.SrBen Wronkoski
24:21 PRHartwick
90.FrMatthew Koski
24:47 SRHartwick
91.FrAlexander Keir
24:58 PRHartwick
92.SoDavid Osokow
25:32 PRHartwick
93.FrMike Clark
25:40 PRBryant & Stratton
94.FrEduardo Morales
27:08 PRBryant & Stratton
95.FrOumar Diaby
28:13 PRBryant & Stratton
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Womens Results

4,500 Meters Women

2.SoStefanie Braun
17:02 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
3.JrAbby King
17:09 PRHamilton
4.JrMeredith FitzPatrick
17:13 PRHamilton
5.FrMarie Ferro
17:16 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
6.FrJulia Warren
17:29 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
7.JrCelia Alterio
17:30 PRSUNY Oneonta
8.SoLauren Brunetto
17:30 PRSUNY Oneonta
9.SrErin Kyle
17:32 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
10.FrColleen Coon
17:36 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
11.FrCarolyn Nasr
17:37 PRSUNY Oneonta
12.SoEmily Potter
17:41 PRHamilton
13.FrMolly Hassett
17:47 PRSUNY Oneonta
14.FrAmanda Schermerhorn
17:51 PRSUNY Oneonta
15.FrLindsay Romaine
17:54 PRSUNY Oneonta
16.JrChristine Koch
17:56 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
17.JrMaddy Gunter
17:57 PRHamilton
18.FrNichole Darling
17:58 PRSUNY Delhi
19.FrRachel Cackett
18:07 PRHamilton
20.FrAllie DiMura
18:08 PRSUNY Oneonta
21.JrKrystal Yernye
18:08 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
22.SrAriel Hubert
18:12 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
23.FrGracie Tilton
18:19 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
24.SoErin Keenan
18:21 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
25.SrMargaret Conlon
18:23 PRSUNY Oneonta
26.SoVictoria Grieves
18:29 PRHamilton
27.JrDanielle Cohen
18:37 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
28.FrPam Ernst
18:38 PRSUNY Oneonta
29.SoNatasha Deguile
18:39 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
30.SrKate Hails
18:45 PRHamilton
31.SrGabrielle Dello
18:47 PRHartwick
32.FrEmily Heckman
18:48 PRHamilton
33.SoErika Gates
18:49 PRHartwick
34.FrChristina Smith
18:49 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
35.FrHannah Backus
18:53 PRSUNY Delhi
36.FrShannon Hopkins
18:54 PRSUNY Oneonta
37.SoColleen Cotey
18:59 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
38.SoMichelle Perino
19:05 PRSUNY Oneonta
39.SoJessica McBeck
19:09 PRHamilton
40.JrEva Hunt
19:17 PRHamilton
41.JrLaura Gray
19:20 PRHartwick
42.SoAriel Mingrone
19:21 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
43.SoSarah Pope
19:22 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
44.SrAlexandr Leighton
19:26 PRHamilton
45.SoDiane Herzog
19:28 PRSUNY Oneonta
46.SrChelsea Stone
19:34 PRHamilton
47.SoDanielle Metz
19:37 PRSUNY Delhi
48.SoLacie Newland
19:40 PRSUNY Oneonta
49.FrBritleigh Levens
19:41 PRSUNY Delhi
50.FrSheila Niedziela
19:46 PRHartwick
51.FrAnna Paikert
19:46 PRHamilton
52.SoEllen Paccia
19:55 SRSUNY Oneonta
53.SoBrianna MacBlane
19:56 PRSUNY Oneonta
54.SoAnn Ward
20:03 PRSUNY Delhi
55.JrNicole Nolan
20:08 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
56.SoKatelyn Cole
20:26 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
57.SoJessica Sipprelle
20:32 PRHamilton
58.SoKelly Williams
20:39SUNY Oneonta
59.SrMeghan Hatton
20:39 PRRensselaer Polytechn...
60.SoSarah Schultz
21:05 PRHamilton
61.FrMeaghan Sheehan
21:10 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
62.SrMaria Towle
22:03 PRSUNY Plattsburgh
63.SoRachel Karker
64.SoKim McKay
22:45 PRSUNY Delhi
65.SoBrianne Cunningham
23:14 PRSUNY Delhi
66.SoKatie Ferguson
23:22 PRSUNY Delhi
67.FrLesslie Calle
23:31 PRBryant & Stratton
68.SoNina Pasquarelli
23:45 PRSUNY Delhi
69.FrCrystal Thomas
25:17 PRBryant & Stratton
1.SrJennifer Schaffhou...
#*16:29SUNY Plattsburgh
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