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Mens Races

Wake Med Soccer Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
Womens Races

Wake Med Soccer Park

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.10Thomas Graham
15:36Cary Academy
2.11Fred Ward
16:08Durham Academy
3.11Carl Ward
16:09Durham Academy
4.12Erik Kraus
16:50Durham Academy
5.10Chase Shermer
17:07North Raleigh Christ...
6.11Michael Cunningham
17:14Durham Academy
7.11Fadi Hanna
17:42North Raleigh Christ...
8.10Sam Goldberg
17:55Durham Academy
9.10Alex Coeytaux
17:56Cary Academy
10.9Colin Godwin
17:56Cary Academy
11.11Alex Evans
18:01Cary Academy
12.9Andy Neiswender
18:02 SRCary Academy
13.12Eric Kofman
18:02Cary Academy
14.12Dorian Crawford
18:07Cary Academy
15.9Thomas Sigmon
16.12James Lawson
18:18North Raleigh Christ...
17.9Matt Hodgin
18:23 SRDurham Academy
18.9David Bradley
18:34Durham Academy
19.9Tyler Hatton
18:40North Raleigh Christ...
20.11Luke Paulson
18:45 SRDurham Academy
21.11Ryan Hatton
18:48North Raleigh Christ...
22.11Eric Harmeling
18:52North Raleigh Christ...
23.-Ted Arapoglou
18:55Durham Academy
24.11Nathaniel Donohue
19:06 PRDurham Academy
25.12Matt Makansi
19:08Cary Academy
26.12Erik Heaney
19:10 PRDurham Academy
27.11Marshall Reid
28.11John Plonk
19:16 SRDurham Academy
29.10Christopher Crawford
19:18 SRDurham Academy
30.9Kyle Kittelberger
31.10Connor Riser
19:24Cary Academy
32.10Michael Kontos
19:27 SRDurham Academy
33.11Tyson Presnell
34.-Eric Scheier
19:58 PRRavenscroft
35.12Joel Nackman
20:02 PRDurham Academy
36.9Alex Touzov
20:11Cary Academy
37.10Zach Wilson
20:29 PRCary Academy
38.9Jeremy Kleiman
20:33 PRCary Academy
39.11Jack Lee
20:35 SRDurham Academy
40.-Fred Landis
20:37 PRDurham Academy
41.11Marshall Sandman
20:37 PRRavenscroft
42.10In-Young Jo
20:49 SRDurham Academy
43.9Chase Duncan
44.12Patrick Luo
20:56Cary Academy
45.11James Colwell
21:01 PRRavenscroft
46.11Nick Antonello
21:05 PRRavenscroft
47.11Michael Laverick
21:07Cary Academy
48.11Jamin Becker
21:10North Raleigh Christ...
49.-Banks Anderson
21:17 SRDurham Academy
50.11Dylan Sweetwood
21:21 PRCary Academy
51.9Josh Silver
52.9Alex Kumbar
53.9Addy Bollerslev
21:56 SRDurham Academy
54.9Zachary Graves
22:14 SRCary Academy
55.9Ian Henry
22:23Cary Academy
56.11David Sailer
22:30 PRDurham Academy
57.-Tre Hunt
22:56 PRDurham Academy
58.9Kyle Henderson
22:59 SRCary Academy
59.-Cameron Rabb
23:15 PRDurham Academy
60.-Mike Ryan
23:37 PRRavenscroft
61.12Chase Bernhardt
24:36 SRRavenscroft
62.9Eric Norford
24:44 SRRavenscroft
63.-Alex Young
25:40 PRDurham Academy
64.-alex Aziz
26:45 PRDurham Academy
65.10Garrett Early
27:50Cary Academy
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.9Wesley Frazier
2.7Eliza Dekker
19:18Durham Academy
3.10Lexy Bader
4.12Maegan Whiting
20:16 SRNorth Raleigh Christ...
5.9Gabi Wilberding
20:23North Raleigh Christ...
6.9Elisabeth Schricker
7.12Catherine Doyle
20:52Saint Mary's
8.12Susan Heyman
21:05 SRSaint Mary's
9.11Caitlin Kelly
21:14Cary Academy
10.10Maggie Smitherman
21:27North Raleigh Christ...
11.12Rachel Gonsalves
21:40Cary Academy
12.9Shannon Strong
13.11Annie Reali
21:54 PRRavenscroft
14.10Anna Hamilton
21:56Cary Academy
15.11Blair Barnett
22:03 SRSaint Mary's
16.12Emily Cornell
22:08Cary Academy
17.7Allison Puryear
22:10 SRNorth Raleigh Christ...
18.11Hannah Kisley
22:15 SRCary Academy
19.9Page Reynolds
22:20 PRSaint Mary's
20.9Hannah Goetz
22:30 SRCary Academy
21.9Emily Bedsole
22.9Sydney Kalin
22:52 SRCary Academy
23.11Molly Mccord
22:58Saint Mary's
24.12Casey Rogers
22:59Durham Academy
25.12Rachael Blondy
23:00Cary Academy
26.9Kyla Babson
27.-Erica Zenn
23:07 PRDurham Academy
28.10Sarah Lerner
23:11Durham Academy
29.12Jennifer Johnson
23:11 SRCary Academy
30.12Kacie Thompson
23:17Saint Mary's
31.11Caroline Spence
23:36 SRRavenscroft
32.10Sydney Branson
23:37 PRCary Academy
33.-Lauren Pratt
23:39 SRRavenscroft
34.10Gwendolyn Lloyd
23:43Durham Academy
35.9Amanda Jowell
23:49Durham Academy
36.12Catherine Bernstein
23:59 PRRavenscroft
37.12Erin Schaberg
24:00 PRCary Academy
38.12Caitlin Finn
24:12Durham Academy
39.10Juliette Parks
24:14Cary Academy
40.10Carole Verdru
41.12Ildi Gaal
24:22 PRRavenscroft
42.9Elizabeth Strohbeck
24:30 PRCary Academy
43.9Hannah Starkey
24:43Saint Mary's
44.10Lindsay Soo
24:46 SRDurham Academy
45.10Tracey Winston
46.11Caroline Collie
25:22 SRSaint Mary's
47.-Leah Shelly
25:26 PRSaint Mary's
48.10Jean Turlington
25:33Saint Mary's
49.12Mary Karasek
25:44Cary Academy
50.12Liza Wooten
26:23Saint Mary's
51.10Courtney Youngbar
52.-Rebecca Rainer
26:56 SRRavenscroft
53.10Currie Bryant
27:11 PRSaint Mary's
54.12Grayson Potter
27:35Saint Mary's
55.11Nicole Kofman
27:41Cary Academy
56.9Ashley Jowell
27:46 SRDurham Academy
57.-Anica Green
27:54 PRDurham Academy
58.-Catherine Circeo
27:58 PRDurham Academy
59.12Ally Morris
28:18Cary Academy
60.-Julie Upchurch
28:39 PRDurham Academy
61.-Margaret Blincow
28:57 PRSaint Mary's
62.-Lauren Carroll
29:12 PRDurham Academy
63.11Anderson Stark
29:31Saint Mary's
64.11Awa Sowe
29:47Saint Mary's
65.11Audrey Cook
29:55Saint Mary's
66.-Hailey Hart
30:07 SRSaint Mary's
67.10Brittney Inge
30:11Saint Mary's
68.11Charlotte Kelly
30:18Cary Academy
69.10Ann Evans
30:20Saint Mary's
70.-Hutter Black
31:04 PRSaint Mary's
71.11Hannah Silver
32:41Saint Mary's
72.-Melanie Everson
33:51 PRSaint Mary's
73.-Christian Lail
33:53 PRSaint Mary's
74.-Sarah-Randall Fuqua
34:25 PRSaint Mary's
75.-Elizabeth Prosser
38:47 PRSaint Mary's
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