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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men

1.JrEmil Heineking
23:15.5 PRVirginia
2.SoRyan Collins
23:17.8 PRVirginia
3.SrJohn Martinez
23:25.6 PRNorth Carolina State
4.SoRyan Hill
23:26.6 SRNorth Carolina State
5.JrMatt Leeder
23:33.7 PRFlorida State
6.JrBo Waggoner
23:34.1 PRDuke
7.SoWilliam Mulherin
23:34.4 SRVirginia Tech
8.FrPatrick Campbell
23:35.1 PRNorth Carolina State
9.SrDaniel Roberts
23:36.4 PRFlorida State
10.JrCiaran O'Lionaird
23:38.8 PRFlorida State
11.SoEvan Watchempino
23:40.1 PRNorth Carolina
12.SoAdam Cunningham
23:42.1 SRNorth Carolina
13.SrDevin Cornwall
23:42.5 PRVirginia Tech
14.JrCory Nanni
23:47.3 PRDuke
15.JrTrey Miller
16.SrJames Osborne
24:08.5 PRDuke
17.JrAlex Lundy
18.JrJosh Lund
24:11.6 PRDuke
19.SoGregory Dame
24:14.4 PRNorth Carolina State
20.SoStephen Clark
24:16.1 SRDuke
21.FrWesley Rickman
24:16.2 SRFlorida State
22.SoBobby Moldovan
24:16.8North Carolina State
23.SoAndrew North
24:18.7North Carolina State
24.SoJames Kostelnik
24:18.8 PRDuke
25.SoSintayehu Taye
26.FrAndrew Brodeur
24:22.9 SRDuke
27.SoMichael Fout
24:27.9 SRFlorida State
28.JrGraham Tribble
29.FrBrian Himelright
24:31.9 SRNorth Carolina State
30.JrJosh Brewer
24:32.0 SRDuke
31.SrMatt Kroetch
24:37.5 PRVirginia Tech
32.SoGeoff King
24:39.1 PRNorth Carolina State
33.SoRobbie Eckhart
34.JrEddie Judge
24:42.3 PRVirginia Tech
35.JrAndrew Revelle
24:43.4 PRVirginia
36.FrDominick Robinson
24:46.1 SRDuke
37.FrMike Moverman
38.JrChris Slate
24:51.3 PRClemson
39.JrJustin Harbor
24:52.9 SRFlorida State
40.SoJohn Curtiss
24:54.4 PRNorth Carolina
41.FrGarret Drogosch
24:57.0 SRWake Forest
42.SrZachary Dawson
25:00.2North Carolina
43.SoKyle Gaffney
44.SoThomas Petersen
25:03.4North Carolina State
45.SrPaul Lapenna
25:04.4 SRVirginia Tech
46.SoKyle Milks
25:05.6 PRNorth Carolina
47.JrD.J. McMillan
25:05.8Georgia Tech
48.SrKevin Tschirhart
25:09.0 SRVirginia
49.SrGreg Johnson
25:09.6 PRGeorgia Tech
50.SrBen Diestel
51.SrJared Bell
25:11.1 PRFlorida State
52.JrPhilip Woerner
25:11.8 PRBoston College
53.JrChris Walizer
25:14.5 SRVirginia Tech
54.FrSean Keveren
55.JrAndrew Mearns
25:18.2 SRVirginia
56.JrJonathan Sunde
25:19.6 SRClemson
57.SrMatthew Hickey
25:21.4Georgia Tech
58.SoBrian Welch
25:22.8 SRVirginia Tech
59.SoPhilip O'Brien
25:23.5 SRGeorgia Tech
60.FrLouis Serafini
25:26.0 SRBoston College
61.SrSam Pompei
25:27.6 PRNorth Carolina
62.JrGarad Soderman
25:28.0Georgia Tech
63.FrLogan Rosenberg
25:28.3 PRNorth Carolina
64.SrKeaton Morgan
25:29.3 PRWake Forest
65.FrJacob Brooks
25:29.6 PRFlorida State
66.SrJeremy Fisico
25:31.2Wake Forest
67.SrMike Cator
68.SrBrian Hughes
25:33.0 PRBoston College
69.JrTheodore Doyle
25:33.7 PRBoston College
70.SoNicholas Maedel
25:37.9Florida State
71.SoGreg Jubb
72.SrKevin Gahr
25:40.4 SRMaryland
73.SrAndrew Abernathy
25:41.3 PRMaryland
74.SoJason Cusack
25:42.1 SRVirginia Tech
75.SoTyler Price
25:45.1 PRFlorida State
76.FrSam Foster
25:46.7 PRWake Forest
77.JrTyler Morey
25:49.2 PRClemson
78.FrPatrick Barron
25:50.5Georgia Tech
79.JrMarcus Dillon
25:52.6 SRWake Forest
80.SoDoug Fenstermacher
25:55.7 SRVirginia Tech
81.SrKevin Arends
25:56.7 SRGeorgia Tech
82.FrDevin Huizenga
25:57.2Wake Forest
83.JrMichael Keebler
26:01.7Boston College
84.FrBlake Kennedy
26:07.3 PRClemson
85.SrBilly Mateker
26:11.3Georgia Tech
86.FrDaniel Kane
26:11.8 SRBoston College
87.FrBrett Baggart
26:12.0 PRNorth Carolina
88.JrCharles Michel
26:12.6Miami (FL)
89.FrTom Finneran
26:14.1 SRWake Forest
90.FrJake Graham
26:16.1 SRWake Forest
91.FrHoward Graves
26:18.5Wake Forest
92.JrChad Holt
26:23.3 SRClemson
93.JrDan Fishbein
94.FrNahed Lakkis
26:27.2 PRBoston College
95.JrMark Mendrek-Laske
26:28.1 SRGeorgia Tech
96.SoPatrick Jagielski
26:35.7 PRClemson
97.SrBryce Iverson
26:40.4 SRClemson
98.JrJoe Fulton
26:47.1 SRGeorgia Tech
99.SoAkash Chougule
26:54.3 SRBoston College
100.JrIan Thomas
26:57.4Boston College
101.FrCraig Morgan
102.SrJulio Bonilla
27:13.9Miami (FL)
103.SoMatthew Wilson
27:24.1 PRMiami (FL)
104.SoMark Pepin
27:31.7 PRClemson
105.FrJeffrey Pennings
27:35.6 PRClemson
106.FrGreg Kaczka
27:43.9Miami (FL)
107.FrReginald Buford
28:33.4 PRMiami (FL)
108.FrJordan Hamm
28:36.0Boston College
109.FrDamon Campbell
29:30.4Miami (FL)
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Womens Results

6,000 Meters Women

1.SrSusan Kuijken
19:39.3 SRFlorida State
2.JrCatherine White
19:55.9 PRVirginia
3.SrPilar McShine
20:06.4 SRFlorida State
4.SoMorgane Gay
20:06.6 PRVirginia
5.SoCarly Seymour
20:14.8 PRDuke
6.JrPasca Cheruiyot
20:18.6 SRFlorida State
7.SoEmily Pritt
20:22.9North Carolina State
8.SoAshley Verplank
20:23.4 PRNorth Carolina
9.SoKimberly Ruck
20:26.1 SRClemson
10.FrJuliet Bottorff
20:34.6 SRDuke
11.FrJillian King
20:35.4 SRBoston College
12.SrKate Van Buskirk
13.SoJennifer Dunn
20:37.8 SRFlorida State
14.FrJessica Parry
20:40.7 SRFlorida State
15.SrBrittany Tinsley
20:45.0North Carolina State
16.FrAmanda Winslow
20:46.7Florida State
17.SrLauretta Dezubay
20:49.6 PRVirginia
18.JrStephanie Garcia
19.FrJordan Jenkins
21:00.7North Carolina State
20.SoAndrea Palen
21:08.8 PRFlorida State
21.SoMary Carleton John...
21:09.7 SRDuke
22.SoDina Nosenko
21:10.6Wake Forest
23.FrSophia Ziemian
21:14.4 PRDuke
24.SoAnna Nosenko
21:15.9Wake Forest
25.FrKayla Hale
26.SrChristina Woytalew...
21:19.1 PRFlorida State
27.SrKristin Reed
21:21.5 PRMaryland
28.JrEmily Schwitzer
21:23.8 SRDuke
29.SoSuejin Ahn
21:24.9 SRDuke
30.FrMariana Lucena
21:26.7North Carolina
31.JrCallan Fike
21:32.3 PRNorth Carolina
32.JrCaroline King
21:34.7 SRBoston College
33.SoAndie Cozzarelli
21:35.5North Carolina State
34.JrAmanda Quick
21:39.4 PRFlorida State
35.SrLauren Johnston
21:39.9 PRBoston College
36.SrLauren Holesh
21:41.1North Carolina
37.FrLauren Reen
38.FrGrace Rodriguez
21:45.3 PRBoston College
39.SrKelly Gross
21:46.3 PRBoston College
40.FrErin Mercer
21:47.1North Carolina State
41.SrChristina Nelson
21:48.5 PRMaryland
42.FrCara Hayes
21:49.0 PRNorth Carolina
43.JrAngeli Sivaraman
21:51.7 SRMaryland
44.SrErin Matyus
21:55.4 SRMaryland
45.SoEsther Vermeer
21:57.7 SRDuke
46.SoMary Kate Dubard
21:58.2Georgia Tech
47.SoLaurel Macmillan
21:58.5 PRVirginia
48.JrMarley Burns
21:58.8Wake Forest
49.SoJessica Trapeni
22:02.0 SRVirginia Tech
50.FrElizabeth McGuirk
22:04.7Boston College
51.SoKacey Gibson
22:06.7 SRFlorida State
52.SrAshley Campbell
53.JrMadeline Wallace
22:10.5 SRBoston College
54.FrJulia Kick
22:11.1North Carolina State
55.SrSamantha Stafford
56.SrGretchen Andrus
22:20.3Boston College
57.JrSamantha Gawrych
22:21.4 PRBoston College
58.JrStephanie Buffo
22:22.8 SRClemson
59.SoCasey Fowler
22:22.9 PRWake Forest
60.SoLauren Bishop
22:23.3North Carolina State
61.SrAndrea Rothschild
22:24.2 PRMaryland
62.SoSammy Dow
22:24.3Virginia Tech
63.SoLauren Lemieux
22:24.9 PRVirginia Tech
64.SoAnnie Martin
22:25.0Georgia Tech
65.SrKara Mckenna
22:28.5North Carolina State
66.SoAnna Corrigan
67.SoHalsey Sinclair
68.JrChristy Titus
22:31.8 SRBoston College
69.SoTiayonna Blackmon
22:37.1 SRNorth Carolina State
70.FrCourtney Whittington
22:38.0 PRNorth Carolina
71.SrLindsay Ritchings
22:39.2 SRMaryland
72.SoAlyssa Kulik
22:41.8 SRClemson
73.JrCaitlin Crawford
22:43.0Wake Forest
74.SoLauren Pinkston
22:44.2 PRVirginia Tech
75.FrAllison Homer
22:52.2 SRWake Forest
76.SoAshley Cromartie
77.FrKelly Kavanaugh
22:56.2 PRVirginia Tech
78.FrJulie Fricke
79.FrSarah Turman
80.FrElena Hubbard
23:13.9 SRGeorgia Tech
81.SrWhitney Curry
23:16.5Wake Forest
82.JrAriane Sloan
83.JrLindsey King
23:19.2 SRVirginia Tech
84.SrVeronica Kinard
23:21.3Georgia Tech
85.JrKatherine Woodard
23:23.9Miami (FL)
86.FrNicole Saurez
23:25.5 PRNorth Carolina
87.SrAshley Vaughn
23:26.4 PRClemson
88.JrCate Berenato
23:26.9 SRWake Forest
89.SrKim Vos
23:34.0Wake Forest
90.FrLeah Vaughn
23:34.9North Carolina State
91.FrCasey Gresham
23:42.4 PRVirginia Tech
92.SoMichelle Lutz
23:48.0North Carolina
93.SoAnna Bona
23:53.4Miami (FL)
94.JrSarah Anderson
23:57.1Georgia Tech
95.SoJanet Price
24:01.4Miami (FL)
96.JrEmma Steppe
24:01.6Miami (FL)
97.JrHannah McArdle
24:04.0 PRWake Forest
98.SoErin Stehle
24:07.3Virginia Tech
99.JrCaitlin Knapp
24:10.0 SRMiami (FL)
100.JrFelicity Brower
24:20.3Georgia Tech
101.SoCandace Sapp
24:26.6 PRClemson
102.FrAlexa Gellman
24:33.0 PRNorth Carolina
103.SoNehali Patel
24:50.0 PRMiami (FL)
104.JrAnnie Castagno
24:58.7 PRClemson
105.SoCasey Crist
25:10.3 SRMiami (FL)
106.SrMaggie Bernard
25:21.0 SRClemson
107.JrMonika Freiser
25:24.4 PRMiami (FL)
108.SoKaity Bulger
25:28.7 SRGeorgia Tech
109.JrJackie Sullivan
26:01.0 PRMiami (FL)
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