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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men

1.SrDavid McNeill
24:35.8 SRNorthern Arizona
2.JrJordan Chipangama
25:31.8Northern Arizona
3.JrBen Ashkettle
25:32.9Northern Arizona
4.SrNick Atwood
25:46.3Montana State
5.SoLynn Reynolds
6.JrJason Pedersen
25:51.5Northern Arizona
7.JrKameron Holbrook
25:54.7 PRNorthern Arizona
8.SoAndrew Bellus
25:58.6Northern Arizona
9.SoPatrick Casey
26:03.0Montana State
10.SoAhmed Osman
26:11.6Northern Arizona
11.SrMichael Fisher
12.SrMatthew Atkinson-A...
26:22.5Montana State
13.JrBrett Hales
26:27.3Weber State
14.SrScott Grose
26:30.8Sacramento State
15.FrTim Freriks
26:47.8Northern Arizona
16.SrSteve Shepherd
26:48.9Weber State
17.JrCollin Fehr
18.SoKyle King
26:51.5Eastern Washington
19.SrJace Nye
26:52.7Weber State
20.SrGraydon Curry
26:53.0Montana State
21.FrChris Burnett
26:55.1Weber State
22.SrMac Bloom
23.JrAlex Smyth
26:58.5Eastern Washington
24.FrQuinton Decker
25.JrCarl Nystuen
27:02.6Montana State
26.FrKevin Dickey
27:06.0Weber State
27.JrDaniel Jackson
27:07.6Montana State
28.SrJohn Ricardi
27:09.3Idaho State
29.JrGraham Vaux
27:11.0Eastern Washington
30.SoRobbie Brooks
31.JrTyler Noland
27:21.4Montana State
32.SrTodd Gilbert
27:22.6 SRWeber State
33.SoKeanne Schuler
27:23.2Idaho State
34.JrZach Barrett
27:32.3Idaho State
35.SoJohn Coyle
27:34.5 SRWeber State
36.SrDavid Rabinowitz
27:35.4Sacramento State
37.JrAndrew Salg
27:40.4Portland State
38.SoChris Romo
27:50.1Sacramento State
39.FrSimon Sorensen
27:57.2Eastern Washington
40.JrLevi Lefevre
27:57.6 PRWeber State
41.JrCody Barton
28:03.1Eastern Washington
42.FrNathaniel Litwiller
28:04.0Sacramento State
43.SoMike Tucker
28:06.6Idaho State
44.JrJohn Lawrence
28:08.7Portland State
45.FrBryce Jenkins
28:14.5Idaho State
46.FrDaniel Mitchell
28:20.6Sacramento State
47.JrRyan Davis
28:20.8Idaho State
48.FrJordan Curnutt
28:22.6Eastern Washington
49.SoMark Bozarth-Dreher
28:22.9Portland State
50.SoDylan Hedges
28:24.0Northern Colorado
51.JrCody Bradwell
28:24.9Eastern Washington
52.SoJesse Cronin
28:26.4Portland State
53.SrEric Henderson
28:38.6Portland State
54.JrDaniel Sojka
28:40.0Northern Colorado
55.SrJosh Wagemon
28:44.7Idaho State
56.FrCody Lund
57.SrJason Sey
29:08.2Sacramento State
58.FrBen Wilson
29:16.5Northern Colorado
59.SoTaylor Hansen
29:23.5Idaho State
60.SoKyle Lackner
29:49.9Sacramento State
61.FrDavid McClelland
29:57.4Northern Colorado
62.SoSteven Casado
30:11.9Sacramento State
63.SrJoe Pummer
30:26.8Northern Colorado
64.SrDan Larsen
31:45.8Northern Colorado
65.JrBrian Pinkstaff
32:44.0Portland State
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Womens Results

5,240 Meters Women

1.SrVeronica Pohl
19:04.7 PRNorthern Arizona
2.SoKortnee Burton
19:27.6 PRNorthern Arizona
3.JrKatrina Drennen
19:29.1 PRMontana
4.FrSarah Callister
19:36.8 PRWeber State
5.SoLaken Skidmore
19:52.1 PRWeber State
6.SoHaley Lawrence
19:54.9 PRNorthern Arizona
7.SoKesslee Payne
20:02.8 PRMontana
8.JrRenisha Robinson
20:02.8 PRSacramento State
9.SrNell Rojas
20:07.5 PRNorthern Arizona
10.JrAstrid Leutert
20:07.5 PRNorthern Arizona
11.FrTaylor Thornley
20:08.8 PRWeber State
12.FrTorin Shriver
20:18.5 PRNorthern Arizona
13.JrErica Wendt-Richar...
20:23.8 PRIdaho State
14.SoHeather Haug
20:24.3 PRMontana State
15.SrKara DeWalt
20:24.9 PRMontana
16.SrKristina Holtz
20:29.3 PRSacramento State
17.SoBradi Hutchinson
20:30.7 PRIdaho State
18.SoEliza Gawryluk
20:32.9 PRNorthern Arizona
19.JrHaley Rose
20:38.5 PRWeber State
20.SrBrooke Andrus
20:42.5 PRMontana
21.JrBridgette Hoenke
20:43.3 PRMontana
22.JrKerynn Davis
20:49.0 PRIdaho State
23.JrErin Lewis
20:52.0 PRSacramento State
24.SrCaprice Bradshaw
20:52.5 PRSacramento State
25.FrJenna Deelstra
20:54.5 PRWeber State
26.FrMacinze OVery
20:58.1 PRWeber State
27.SrKim Tritz
20:58.7 PRMontana
28.JrLea Wallace
21:02.2 PRSacramento State
29.SoLoren Storey
21:06.0 PRWeber State
30.JrKala Jacquet
21:07.4 PRMontana State
31.SrDenise Kintzley
21:23.3 PRNorthern Colorado
32.SrGemma Maini
21:27.1 PRIdaho State
33.SoCorrine Malcolm
21:29.1 PRMontana State
34.FrRachel Mitchell
21:31.5 PRSacramento State
35.SoMary Kettering
21:32.7 PRMontana
36.FrChloe Palakovich
21:33.9 PRIdaho State
37.SoCydney Jacobsen
21:33.9 PRIdaho State
38.FrAmber Rozcicha
21:42.1 PRPortland State
39.SoRebecca Sorenson
21:42.7 PRMontana State
40.SrKellie Callahan
21:43.7 PRNorthern Colorado
41.SrMary O'Reilley
21:44.4 PRSacramento State
42.SoKris Thomasberg
21:45.5 PRIdaho State
43.FrBrittany Castillo
21:45.8 PRPortland State
44.SoStephanie Dye
21:49.9 PREastern Washington
45.SrErin Apsey
21:50.7 PRNorthern Colorado
46.SoJenni Eiremo
21:58.7 PRSacramento State
47.JrMorgan Dunley
22:00.3 PRMontana State
48.JrAmelia Holcombe
22:01.6 PRPortland State
49.FrTara Will
22:09.4 PRMontana State
50.FrJulie Pedersen
22:10.2 PRPortland State
51.JrKatie Blue
22:13.2 PRPortland State
52.SoStephanie Deever
22:15.7 PRPortland State
53.SoMegan Horsch
22:19.5 PRNorthern Colorado
54.JrJacqueline Lomax
22:23.1 PRNorthern Colorado
55.SoLarkin Guenther
22:26.9 PRMontana State
56.JrBrittany Williams
22:27.3 PREastern Washington
57.SrParris Hodges
22:27.9 PRIdaho State
58.FrBridget Tiernan
22:28.2 PRNorthern Colorado
59.FrAri Rios
22:39.5 PREastern Washington
60.SrRachel Forrest
22:45.2 PRNorthern Colorado
61.JrLauren Matthews
23:02.5 PREastern Washington
62.FrBrittany Long
23:07.6 PRPortland State
63.SoKelly Downey
23:29.0 PREastern Washington
64.FrBrandy Castillo
23:30.5 PRPortland State
65.FrSarah Alvick
23:56.1 PREastern Washington
66.SoAdrianne Larson
24:08.8 PRNorthern Colorado
67.FrJessi Johnson
24:58.0 PREastern Washington
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