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Woodberry Forest 5K Course

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Division I

1.12Axel Mostrag
16:30.49 PRFork Union Military ...
2.12Matthew Richardson
16:31.07 PRCollegiate
3.11Jeremy Haney
17:03.54 SRFork Union Military ...
4.12Cordon Smart
17:03.95Woodberry Forest
5.12Jonathan Lawrence
17:17.75Woodberry Forest
6.12David Johnson
17:20.82 SRFork Union Military ...
7.12Szymon Rola
17:27.04 SRFork Union Military ...
8.10Graham Glass
9.12Ross Pfenning
17:39.69Woodberry Forest
10.12Clayton Vaughters
17:42.15Woodberry Forest
11.10Patrick Hayes
17:45.07 SRFork Union Military ...
12.12Jamie Reichlen
17:45.37 PRFork Union Military ...
13.10Charles Horne
17:46.62Paul VI
14.10Dan Welch
17:48.41 SRBishop O'Connell
15.12Clay Taylor
17:51.30Woodberry Forest
16.12Brooks Williams
17:56.58 SRBenedictine
17.10Robert Mertens
18:01.11 SRCollegiate
18.-Philip Mabry
18:02.24 SRCollegiate
19.-Robert Warnefor Th...
18:04.44 PRTrinity Episcopal
20.12Andrew Jarvis
18:05.00 SRBishop O'Connell
21.12James Smyth
18:10.44 SRSt. Christopher's
22.11Rob Cavedo
23.11Chris Pherson
18:20.81 SRBenedictine
24.12Henry Winslow
18:21.92 PRCollegiate
25.11Andrew Mertens
18:26.39 PRCollegiate
26.12Trey Goggins
18:30.96 SRCollegiate
27.10Harrison Tucker
18:33.25 SRSt. Christopher's
28.11Michael Millard
18:37.90 SRWoodberry Forest
29.11David Rushing
18:38.53Norfolk Academy
30.11Kevin Rivero
18:40.28Bishop Ireton
31.-Scott Foy
18:41.35 PRCollegiate
32.11Colby Miller
18:46.56Flint Hill
33.12Alex Craven
18:48.06 PRBenedictine
34.11Grayson Cobb
18:48.73 PRCollegiate
35.12James Small
36.11Jeremiah Brown
18:53.25 SRLiberty Christian Ac...
37.9Wyatt Haas
18:55.76 SRBenedictine
38.11Kenneth Gartner
18:59.42Bishop Ireton
39.9Beirne Hutcheson
19:04.24 SREpiscopal
40.12Bryan Gunst
19:05.90 SRBishop O'Connell
41.10Patrick Hardy
42.-Sebastien Kuivenho...
19:10.55 PRHargrave Military
43.-Benjamin Harrison
19:13.56St. Christopher's
44.11Eddie Wojtan
19:14.29Paul VI
45.-Peter Thomas
19:15.01 PRSt. Christopher's
46.10Peter Markoski
47.-Kevin Beres
19:15.72 PRBenedictine
48.-Sam Hewitt
19:16.11 SRSt. Christopher's
49.12Drew Carpenter
19:20.99 SRBishop O'Connell
50.10Kevin Gottlieb
19:21.90Bishop Ireton
51.10Caleb Haney
19:22.39 SRFork Union Military ...
52.-John DiGrazia
19:22.73St. Christopher's
53.-Ben Heinz
19:23.01 SRFork Union Military ...
54.12Alexander Stefanic
55.9Hayden Hodges
19:25.52 SRTrinity Episcopal
56.-Cameron Miksch
19:26.86 SRCollegiate
57.-Carter Saunders
19:27.62Woodberry Forest
58.-Trevor Lawson
19:29.80Woodberry Forest
59.9Austin Parker
60.12Mike Watson
19:33.85Bishop Sullivan Cath...
61.10Peter Addess
19:34.47 SREpiscopal
62.12Matt Jones
19:35.27 PRBishop O'Connell
63.-Ray Woolson
19:35.75 PRLiberty Christian Ac...
64.12Damiel Bourne
19:36.69 SRBishop O'Connell
65.-David Gudeman
19:40.68 SRFork Union Military ...
66.10Matthew Dziuban
19:41.54St Stephens and St A...
67.11Francisco Pinillos
19:42.24St Stephens and St A...
68.11Dan Palmer
19:44.26 SRBishop Ireton
69.9Mark Moran
19:45.85 SRBishop O'Connell
70.8Eric Paulson
19:49.17 SRLiberty Christian Ac...
71.11Albert Yan
72.12Kevin Sweeney
19:50.25Bishop Sullivan Cath...
73.-Christian Hansen
19:50.95Trinity Episcopal
74.12Patrick Blake
19:52.86Bishop Ireton
75.10Andrew Holleran
19:53.57 SRBishop O'Connell
76.11Richard Gonzalez
19:54.48 SRBishop O'Connell
77.11Meth Gunasingha
19:55.29Flint Hill
78.12Samir Singh
20:02.45St Stephens and St A...
79.12Roland Tilar
20:02.88Bishop Sullivan Cath...
80.-Eddie Watkins
20:05.00St. Christopher's
81.12Hubie Haywood
82.-Greg Torrisi
20:07.87 PRTrinity Episcopal
83.9Ian Trebour
20:08.42Trinity Episcopal
84.-Brendan Worst
20:08.65 SRSt. Christopher's
85.-Ford Fraley
20:10.36 SRFork Union Military ...
86.11Karl Lee
87.-Kyle Currie
20:13.02Woodberry Forest
88.-Graham Perkins
20:18.43St. Christopher's
89.9David Blanchard
20:20.26Cape Henry Collegiate
90.-Grayson Burch
20:20.61 SRLiberty Christian Ac...
91.12Justin Lefere
20:22.41Bishop Sullivan Cath...
92.-Jason Kennedy
20:25.09 SRNorfolk Academy
93.11Chris Free
20:29.80Bishop Sullivan Cath...
94.-Tommy Blissert
20:31.28Trinity Episcopal
95.11Alex Ocampo
20:31.60 SRBishop O'Connell
96.12Bryson Norris
20:31.88Bishop Ireton
97.11Mike Bouffard
20:32.09 PRBishop Ireton
98.12Kent Henry
99.-Jordan Erickson
20:37.52 PRHargrave Military
100.12Peter Hanneman
20:38.13St. Christopher's
101.-Andy Drake
20:39.48 SRLiberty Christian Ac...
102.10Max Coffey
20:42.40 SRSt Stephens and St A...
103.12Mike Krauss
20:45.04Bishop Ireton
104.-Charlie Blanchard
20:45.60 SRSt. Christopher's
105.-Jimmy Foit
20:45.99 PRLiberty Christian Ac...
106.11Colin Barbalace
20:46.71Flint Hill
107.9JW Stohlman
20:47.26 SRPaul VI
108.-Scott Richardson
20:49.21St. Christopher's
109.11Alex Leoncio
20:56.40Bishop Sullivan Cath...
110.11Stephen Vaccaro
20:56.64Bishop Ireton
111.11William Hoey
21:01.65Bishop Sullivan Cath...
112.-Brad Bracey
21:02.65 SRWoodberry Forest
113.11Luke Perry
21:04.99Woodberry Forest
114.9Jazz Rosier
21:05.61Cape Henry Collegiate
115.12Mark Bezold
21:09.51Bishop Ireton
116.-Alex Garten
21:10.98 PRHargrave Military
117.10Aaron Jumani
21:11.87St Stephens and St A...
118.11Matt Hein
21:15.06Bishop Sullivan Cath...
119.12William Sinnott
21:16.15 SRBishop O'Connell
120.-Matt Davis
21:17.26 SRFork Union Military ...
121.-Joe Meese
21:17.54Woodberry Forest
122.9Robbie Connors
21:25.51 SRPaul VI
123.-Jamar Smith
21:26.72 PRHargrave Military
124.12Simeon Brown
125.-Chatman Clark
21:27.25Trinity Episcopal
126.12Robert Grazioli
21:29.11 SRPaul VI
127.-Witt Booth
21:29.37 PRNorfolk Academy
128.12Harry Floyd
21:32.27St Stephens and St A...
129.12Chad McEnroe
21:33.48Cape Henry Collegiate
130.12Chris Perry
21:34.82Cape Henry Collegiate
131.-David Crouch
21:35.54 PRNorfolk Academy
132.12Daniel Dziuban
21:35.79St Stephens and St A...
133.11Russ Leggett
21:44.03St Stephens and St A...
134.-John McManus
21:44.29 SRFork Union Military ...
135.-Mike O'Donnell
21:47.51 SRNorfolk Academy
136.7Will Overman
21:50.22Cape Henry Collegiate
137.12Case Thompson
21:54.53 SREpiscopal
138.12Michael Dunn
21:57.10 SRBishop O'Connell
139.-Hunter Ertel
21:59.73 SRBishop Sullivan Cath...
140.10Bryan Kloster
22:01.08St Stephens and St A...
141.-John Warner
22:05.68 SRNorfolk Academy
142.-Bryce Kimmel
22:08.90 PRLiberty Christian Ac...
143.9Alex Gromelski
22:24.63 SRNorfolk Academy
144.11Michael Blanchard
22:28.96Cape Henry Collegiate
145.11Joey Chelak
22:32.92Bishop Ireton
146.11Blake Zucker
22:37.51St Stephens and St A...
147.10Davis Rose
22:46.57 PRFlint Hill
148.9Richard Pastorino
22:59.75Bishop Ireton
149.-Gordon Randlett
23:00.40 SRNorfolk Academy
150.10Ethan Redway
23:08.82Flint Hill
151.-Matthew Allen
23:14.92 PRLiberty Christian Ac...
152.10Chris Rusnak
23:21.92Bishop Sullivan Cath...
153.10Sean Watson
23:31.89Bishop Sullivan Cath...
154.10Connor Bleakley
23:35.38Cape Henry Collegiate
155.10Michael Sautter
23:36.47Cape Henry Collegiate
156.10Matt Coleman
23:39.09Flint Hill
157.-Jay Flippen
23:43.63 SRNorfolk Academy
158.8Douglas Reutzel
23:55.38 SRCape Henry Collegiate
159.9Curtis Bolduc
24:27.71Flint Hill
160.12Adam Rose
24:42.86 SRNorfolk Academy
161.9Sal Serpe
25:57.66Cape Henry Collegiate
162.9Joe Reedy
25:59.38Cape Henry Collegiate
163.-Geoff McKenzie
26:24.60 PRLiberty Christian Ac...
164.-Chester Tynes
26:41.86 SRNorfolk Academy
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5,000 Meters Division II

1.11Austin Ellis
16:38.88 SRCovenant
2.11Johns Ross
17:05.85Potomac School
3.-Chris Boozer
17:09.01 SRFredericksburg Chris...
4.-Thomas McConnel
17:25.37 SRRoanoke Catholic
5.11Stephen Serene
17:27.63Potomac School
6.10Aaron Zook
17:28.67 SREastern Mennonite
7.11Ian Tupper
17:31.34Norfolk Collegiate
8.-Dan Nafzinger
17:34.85 PREastern Mennonite
9.-Andrew Nordhaus
17:36.90 SRRoanoke Catholic
10.12Max Hensley
17:39.12 SRThe Miller School Of...
11.11Darren Simpson
17:41.58 PRFuqua
12.-Thomas Gounley
17:43.63Peninsula Catholic
13.12Patrick Ketchersid
17:46.76 PRFuqua
14.-Leavitt Brendin
17:47.41 PRNorfolk Collegiate
15.10Trey O'Brien
17:50.60Norfolk Collegiate
16.-Tim Hoerner
18:00.08 PRHighland
17.12Hunter Johnson
18:01.25 SRThe Miller School Of...
18.11Joe Souter
18:02.05 SRCovenant
19.-Daniel Pesich
18:10.17Norfolk Christian
20.-Jesse Shannon
18:13.76 SRThe Miller School Of...
21.-Hunter Vap
18:14.19 PRQuantico
22.-Matt Hill
18:15.86 SRCovenant
23.-Caleb Baker
18:16.99Norfolk Christian
24.11Chris Schulz
18:19.28Walsingham Academy
25.-Conor Kantwill
18:20.36 SRSt Annes Belfield
26.10Sean Flynn
18:20.71 SRRoanoke Catholic
27.-Raleigh Hazel
18:40.47 SRFredericksburg Academy
28.-Sheel Patel
18:41.55 SRNorth Cross
29.-Peyton Bertwell
18:44.23 SRThe Miller School Of...
30.-D'Andre Corbin
18:44.57 SRThe Miller School Of...
31.11Lou Hendley
18:49.37 SRCovenant
32.-BO Waldo
18:51.21 SRFaith Christian
33.11Bryce Johnson
19:00.52 SRCovenant
34.-Devin Brummel
19:04.87 PRCalvary Christian Sc...
35.-Ben Bower
19:05.66 SRThe Miller School Of...
36.12Kenzan Tanabe
19:08.26Potomac School
37.-Matthew Ryals
19:10.18St Annes Belfield
38.-Chris Botti
19:11.58 SRBlue Ridge
39.12Vincent Parenti
19:13.16 SRPotomac School
40.10Bobby Writtenberry
19:13.54Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
41.11Emerson Burkey
19:16.58Walsingham Academy
42.9Brian Shenk
19:18.05 SREastern Mennonite
43.-Nathan Barclay
19:19.03Norfolk Christian
44.-Cameron Taylor
45.-Eddie Boylan
19:26.96Peninsula Catholic
46.-Jonathan Lewis
19:27.25 SRFredericksburg Academy
47.10Nick Miller
19:28.31Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
48.10Forrest Spencer
19:29.74 SRRoanoke Catholic
49.-Tim Wiles
50.-Carter Ellis
19:34.12 SRCovenant
51.-John Kim
19:34.44 SRThe Miller School Of...
52.-Masson Flippo
19:35.76 PRRichmond Christian
53.-Freeo Giuliano
19:36.77 PRVirginia Episcopal S...
54.10Elliot Nuss
19:37.69Norfolk Collegiate
55.-Andrey Cocke
19:38.62 PRNorfolk Christian
56.9David Leber
19:39.59Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
57.-MO Safren
19:40.19 SRHighland
58.10Teddy Watson
19:41.32Potomac School
59.11Joe Meakem
19:43.92 SRCovenant
60.11Andrew Blythe
19:44.24Norfolk Collegiate
61.11Chase Ward
19:44.57Greenbrier Christian
62.10Brian McKenna
19:48.65 SRPeninsula Catholic
63.-Sean Koehr
19:56.04 PRSeton
64.-Patrick Collins
19:59.37Potomac School
65.8Michael Glur
19:59.65 SRRichmond Christian
66.11Ryan Patrick
20:00.02Hampton Roads Academy
67.12Justin Simmons
20:00.26Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
68.-Todd Lear
20:01.16 SRPeninsula Catholic
69.-Steve Conradi
20:01.71 SRShenandoah Valley Ac...
70.-Mike Detrane
20:02.31 SRFredericksburg Academy
71.10Matt Layman
20:03.75 SREastern Mennonite
72.11Alex Brandt
20:04.11Potomac School
73.-Tommy Miano
20:05.04 SRPeninsula Catholic
74.-Kevin Bright
20:07.87 PRVirginia Episcopal S...
75.-Barth Ducharme
20:09.88 PRFredericksburg Academy
76.12Jeremy Hyman
20:10.64Hampton Roads Academy
77.-Greg Coffin
20:11.20St Annes Belfield
78.9Justin Gonzalez
20:12.23Peninsula Catholic
79.9Joseph Stuart
20:17.77St Annes Belfield
80.-Patrick Reece
20:19.11 SRHighland
81.-Nick Rehmus
20:19.34 SRNorth Cross
82.-Matt Will
20:19.90Fredericksburg Chris...
83.-Ryan Cooper
20:21.13 PRFredericksburg Academy
84.12Andrew Metcalf
20:24.09Potomac School
85.-Gannon Blanon
20:25.65 PRNotre Dame Academy
86.9Tony Myers
20:27.07 SRRoanoke Catholic
87.9Jeff Warner
20:28.53 SRNorfolk Christian
88.-Brant Pallasch
20:29.12 PRVirginia Episcopal S...
89.-Josh Fuller
20:31.43 SRFaith Christian
90.9Andy Jones
20:32.66 SRDenbigh Baptist Chri...
91.-Miguel Garza
20:37.27 PRRoanoke Catholic
92.-Matthew Adams
20:39.17 SRQuantico
93.-Paul Hess
20:40.74 PRThe Miller School Of...
94.-Will Dittmar
20:42.72 SRCovenant
95.-Ricky Schroff
20:44.25 PRPeninsula Catholic
96.-Nicolas Paranti
20:44.52Potomac School
97.-Kit Mahoney
20:46.85 SRRoanoke Catholic
98.9Chris Mobley
20:47.28 SRDenbigh Baptist Chri...
99.-Colin Macatee
20:47.52 PRWalsingham Academy
100.-Matt Amonett
20:47.88 PRBlessed Sacrament-Hu...
101.-Colin Benusa
20:48.13 SRBlessed Sacrament-Hu...
102.11Andrew Kafer
20:49.74Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
103.11Patrick McDonald
20:50.26Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
104.9Frank Spicer
20:50.56 SRSeton
105.10David Crowe
20:52.38 SRPeninsula Catholic
106.9Morgan Kempster
20:52.83Norfolk Collegiate
107.9Ben Goldwasser
20:53.17 SRRoanoke Catholic
108.-Ben Bilodeau
20:55.19 SRFredericksburg Academy
109.-Daniel Wiggin
20:58.30 PRAtlantic Shores Chri...
110.8Jesse Hendrick
20:58.56 SRCovenant
111.11Henry Young
21:00.26 SRCovenant
112.12Nick Orsino
21:00.88Hampton Roads Academy
113.9Peter Carpenter
21:01.64Notre Dame Academy
114.-Nate Harry
21:04.06 SRFredericksburg Academy
115.-Joe Bender
21:04.38 SREastern Mennonite
116.10Calvin Jory
21:04.86Potomac School
117.-Curtis Anglin
21:05.94 SRFredericksburg Chris...
118.9Clint Boyer
21:08.67Norfolk Collegiate
119.-Marty Diensteiber
21:09.67 SRRichmond Christian
120.11George Zaras
21:10.59Potomac School
121.-Taylor Guss
21:11.75St Annes Belfield
122.10Hank Donaldson
21:13.42 SRVirginia Episcopal S...
123.-Benjamin Post
21:14.29 SRThe Miller School Of...
124.12Ryan Myrehn
21:14.88 SRHighland
125.-John Waldo
21:21.69 SRFaith Christian
126.-Sean McKeown
21:22.06 PRSteward
127.-Matt Wilson
21:22.82 PRDenbigh Baptist Chri...
128.-Tyler Campbell
21:25.06 PRRoanoke Catholic
129.-George Brady
21:27.13 PRVirginia Episcopal S...
130.12Scott McCusker
21:28.61Peninsula Catholic
131.-Daniel Desenberg
21:32.14 SRBlue Ridge
132.-Cheyne Vap
21:34.25 SRQuantico
133.-Stephen Germano
21:34.59 SRDenbigh Baptist Chri...
134.-Lee Coppock
21:34.95 SRCovenant
135.-Thomas Cumby
21:35.47 PRThe Miller School Of...
136.9Cy Clemo
21:36.92 SRRoanoke Catholic
137.12Ankoor Patel
21:37.29Hampton Roads Academy
138.8Ansel Steele
21:39.19 SRNorth Cross
139.10Peter Werszner
21:39.99Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
140.-Jacob Smith
21:40.68 SRFuqua
141.-Matthew Crone
21:40.96 PRBlessed Sacrament-Hu...
142.-James Souder
21:42.13 SREastern Mennonite
143.-David Rapp
21:47.21 PRCovenant
144.9Peter Booker
21:49.59Norfolk Collegiate
145.8Greg Swanson
21:49.93 SRNorfolk Christian
146.9Christophe Powers
21:50.37Norfolk Collegiate
147.-Nick Roman
21:50.59 PRBlue Ridge
148.-Sam Elliott
149.10Dan Wheeler
21:55.43 SRSeton
150.-Greg Bliss
21:55.91 SRSeton
151.-Cullen Reed
21:56.78 PRFaith Christian
152.10Brian Nagurny
21:57.36 SRSeton
153.-Robert Pickus
21:59.44 SRBlessed Sacrament-Hu...
154.-Michael Reazin
22:00.06 PRSteward
155.-John Blair
22:01.06 PRVirginia Episcopal S...
156.-Peetan Chen
22:02.41 SRBlue Ridge
157.-Tyler Robinson
22:03.21 PRFaith Christian
158.-Joel Reynolds
22:03.63 PRRichmond Christian
159.12Emerson Ridley
22:05.42Hampton Roads Academy
160.9Michael Arnold
22:06.10 SRSeton
161.-Russ Lucas
22:06.76 PRSeton
162.11Spencer Norman
22:10.89Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
163.-Ethan Lipscomb
22:11.79 PRFaith Christian
164.-Brent Chargois
22:12.27 PRNotre Dame Academy
165.-Tyreak Murray
22:13.34 PRCalvary Christian Sc...
166.9Dalton Gross
22:14.56 SRPeninsula Catholic
167.-Obiero Okeyo
22:16.10 PRRoanoke Catholic
168.-Alex Deriugini
22:17.99 PRBlue Ridge
169.6Graham Frazier
22:18.31 SRBlessed Sacrament-Hu...
170.-Tyler Lytash
22:18.62 SRNorth Cross
171.-James Hayden
22:20.75 PRRoanoke Valley Chris...
172.-TJ Flanagan
22:22.51 SRQuantico
173.-Addison Moslow
22:22.80 SRFaith Christian
174.-Andrew Richards
22:27.27 PRBlue Ridge
175.-Tyler Selfe
22:32.26 SRHighland
176.-Thomas Hughes
22:35.44 SRFredericksburg Academy
177.-Peter Blevins
22:35.88 PRNotre Dame Academy
178.-Griffin Hamilton
22:40.27 SRFredericksburg Academy
179.-William McIvor
22:46.95 SRNorth Cross
180.10Bradford Downs
22:55.14Peninsula Catholic
181.-Justin Taylor
22:55.40 PRCalvary Christian Sc...
182.9Edwin Nieves
22:55.80Peninsula Catholic
183.11Chris Passarello
22:57.64Notre Dame Academy
184.-Paul Parker
22:58.04 SRStonebridge
185.9Drew Sinesi
22:58.39Norfolk Collegiate
186.8Matthew Via
23:04.53 SRRoanoke Catholic
187.-Will Huffman
23:07.48 PRVirginia Episcopal S...
188.-Tready Gardner
23:09.36 SRFaith Christian
189.-Tucker Dinning
23:15.18 SRStonebridge
190.-Patrick Delbuono
23:17.79 PRHighland
191.-Paul Haakenson
23:20.02Fredericksburg Chris...
192.-Bezhou Feng
23:20.96 SRSt Annes Belfield
193.9Brian Gibson
23:24.66 SRDenbigh Baptist Chri...
194.9Tyler Charbonneau
23:26.36 SRDenbigh Baptist Chri...
195.-Taylor Sutton
23:30.21 PRFredericksburg Academy
196.-Evan Sullivan
23:31.29 SRFredericksburg Academy
197.-Alex Newman
23:35.86 PRSteward
198.11Jordan Tutwiler
23:37.10Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
199.-John Hunt
23:41.43 PRDenbigh Baptist Chri...
200.-Brian Thomas
23:41.69 SRDenbigh Baptist Chri...
201.-John Greenbacker
23:47.11 PRVirginia Episcopal S...
202.-Chris Skove
203.-Ben Stith
23:51.08 PRBlue Ridge
204.-Chris Thomas
23:54.21 SRRichmond Christian
205.-Jonathan Thomas
23:54.60 SRRichmond Christian
206.-Alex Chandel
23:58.62 SRNorth Cross
207.-Luke Courey
24:00.54 PRFaith Christian
208.-Gareth Jones
24:04.34 SRFredericksburg Academy
209.-Colin Clayton
24:06.56 SRSt Annes Belfield
210.11Dean Manno
24:10.40Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
211.10Samuel Epps
24:14.33Greenbrier Christian
212.9John Abelt
24:14.95 PRWalsingham Academy
213.-Trevor Tafolla
24:17.73 SRQuantico
214.-Gabriel Ixtlahuac
24:18.29 SRQuantico
215.11Kip Nazda
24:26.32 SRDenbigh Baptist Chri...
216.-Daniel Inman
24:32.57 SRNorth Cross
217.9Austin Ness
24:36.55 SRPotomac School
218.-Donovan Watson
24:36.84 PRCalvary Christian Sc...
219.-Josh Liams
24:38.45 PRNansemond Suffolk Ac...
220.-Zach Nichols
24:44.36 SRHighland
221.-Jonathan Austin
24:45.88 PRAtlantic Shores Chri...
222.-Robbie Boys
24:49.94 SRRichmond Christian
223.-Michael Mann
24:55.48 PRBlue Ridge
224.10Tyler Overfelt
24:59.90 SRVirginia Episcopal S...
225.-Dale Langford
25:02.20 SRRichmond Christian
226.-Derek Wortsell
25:02.48 PRWalsingham Academy
227.9Douglas Parr
25:04.39Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
228.-Sean Condrey
25:17.80 SRRichmond Christian
229.-David Schlake
25:24.46 PRBlessed Sacrament-Hu...
230.12Edward Budimer
25:28.06Norfolk Collegiate
231.-Sheldon Gagne
25:33.56 SRWalsingham Academy
232.10Billy Bucci
25:35.82Notre Dame Academy
233.-James Eldred
25:39.59 PRDenbigh Baptist Chri...
234.-Casey Stutzman
25:42.75 PRBlue Ridge
235.-Billy Easton
25:58.96Walsingham Academy
236.-Josh Benton
25:59.43 SRAtlantic Shores Chri...
237.-Cullin Nally
26:10.23 PRWalsingham Academy
238.-Brian Robbins
26:18.25 PRStonebridge
239.9Julian DeNiijs
26:29.91Norfolk Collegiate
240.-Michae Ketchersid
26:31.52 PRFuqua
241.-Kyle Duffy
26:37.46 SRBlessed Sacrament-Hu...
242.-Matt Hall
26:46.74 SRSteward
243.-Tyler Eacho
27:05.72 PRDenbigh Baptist Chri...
244.-Bryan Smith
27:09.10 PRQuantico
245.-Steven Mobley
27:39.77 PRDenbigh Baptist Chri...
246.-Bryan Hayes
28:39.94 SRStonebridge
247.-Sami Ghosn
29:02.69 PRStonebridge
248.-Taylor Hellstrom
30:06.44 SRAtlantic Shores Chri...
249.-Dakota Lane
30:15.13 SRAtlantic Shores Chri...
250.-Zachary White
30:37.50 SRAtlantic Shores Chri...
251.-Bryan Perkins
30:37.50 SRCalvary Christian Sc...
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Division I

1.10Barbara Strehler
19:52.48Trinity Episcopal
2.10Megan Fitzpatrick
20:04.91 SRBishop O'Connell
3.11Michelle Kew
20:35.97 SRPaul VI
4.11Katie Walls
20:44.35 SRBishop O'Connell
5.12Anica Bilisoly
20:46.62Norfolk Academy
6.12Kelsey Budd
20:49.93Paul VI
7.10Taryn Schrader
20:52.13Bishop Sullivan Cath...
8.9Kelly Morrissey
21:04.66Cape Henry Collegiate
9.11Julianne Tela
21:06.28Bishop Ireton
10.-Jennifer Cruser
21:15.41Norfolk Academy
11.-Catherin Harrison
21:18.44 PRVirginia Episcopal S...
12.8Julia Sroba
21:23.72 SRCollegiate
13.-Coles Lawton
21:33.66 PRVirginia Episcopal S...
14.-Erin Crabtree
21:33.97 SRSt Catherines
15.12Melinda Sisk
16.12Lee Shine
21:59.65 SRPaul VI
17.8Sophie Wolfe
22:07.72Norfolk Academy
18.-Annabel Rose
22:13.32 PRVirginia Episcopal S...
19.-Martha Wright
22:16.84St Catherines
20.12Laura Anderson
22:24.03 PRCollegiate
21.-Laura Bagbey
22:25.05 PRCollegiate
22.-Madelie Giaquinto
22:25.98 SRBishop O'Connell
24.9Emily Gower
22:30.44Norfolk Academy
25.12Nichole Kauffman
22:35.14Paul VI
26.11Mackenzie Singh
22:37.69Paul VI
27.9Margo Breiner
22:37.96 PRBishop O'Connell
28.7Sydney Baril
22:50.39 SRSt Catherines
29.6Ali Doswell
22:51.73 SRSt Catherines
30.8Mary Buoyer
22:51.98 SRSt Catherines
31.7Barrett Haynes
22:56.09 SRSt Catherines
32.12Rosie Loftus
23:14.59Paul VI
33.12Sloane Beaver
34.9Ellen Hubbard
35.7Maggie Cuthbert
23:26.70 SRCollegiate
36.-Emily Whitesel
23:36.89 PRBishop O'Connell
37.8Owen McMillan
23:43.19 SRNorfolk Academy
38.10Lucy Tamberrino
23:43.51 SRBishop O'Connell
39.10Nicole Shadowen
23:44.33 SRCollegiate
40.8Whitney Rayner
23:45.54 SRCollegiate
41.11Natalie Stier
23:53.95Bishop Ireton
42.-Elly Montague
23:55.08 PRVirginia Episcopal S...
43.12Virginia Adams
44.10Neena Maizels
23:57.26 SRCollegiate
45.10Lauren Bolton
23:59.94 SRBishop O'Connell
46.9Lizzie Greene
24:01.38Paul VI
47.12Isa Bryant
24:04.33Bishop Sullivan Cath...
48.-Stephanie Fort
24:04.73St Catherines
49.9Mamie Robertson
24:05.35 SRSt Catherines
50.-Casey Sweeney
24:06.18 SRTrinity Episcopal
51.11Karen Nirschl
24:10.23 SRBishop O'Connell
52.11Michelle Hopke
24:15.31Bishop Ireton
53.11Jamie Crumley
24:25.81St Stephens and St A...
54.-Camille Begin
24:30.26 PRBishop O'Connell
55.11Kristina Fabi
24:32.97Bishop Ireton
56.9Hannah Lieberman
24:34.38 SRTrinity Episcopal
57.8Alex Mertes
24:35.06Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
58.-Leah Andress
24:36.49 PRVirginia Episcopal S...
59.11Emily Baird
24:38.12Bishop Ireton
60.9Rachel Gross
24:40.10 SRNorfolk Academy
61.10Sara Edwards
24:42.64 SRNorfolk Academy
62.-Rebecca Hart
24:43.34 PRVirginia Episcopal S...
63.11Ali Fracasso
24:45.88Bishop Ireton
64.-Paige Harland
24:46.38 SRTrinity Episcopal
65.8Allie Valentine
24:47.19 SRTrinity Episcopal
66.10Danielle Gemender
24:47.51Bishop Sullivan Cath...
67.11Monica Bennett
24:49.24Bishop Sullivan Cath...
68.9Meera Venkataraman
25:02.41Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
69.9Molly Dundon
25:17.47Paul VI
70.-Rachel Thompson
25:22.13 PRLiberty Christian Ac...
71.-Libby Woodard
25:25.24 PRNorfolk Academy
72.12Connie Ciarleglio
25:26.90St Stephens and St A...
73.12Madeline Martin
25:29.46Bishop Sullivan Cath...
74.-Katie Hall
25:29.88 SRNorfolk Academy
75.12Ruth Conkling
25:30.34 SRNorfolk Academy
76.-Madeline Nardacci
25:31.95 PRBishop O'Connell
77.10Michelle Sutherland
25:38.46 SRNorfolk Academy
78.-Carolyn Royce
25:44.47Trinity Episcopal
79.-Grac Fenstermaker
25:52.01 PRVirginia Episcopal S...
80.10Molly Dvorak
25:56.59Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
81.9Caitlin Degnan
26:01.29Bishop Ireton
82.10Emily Conron
26:13.22Bishop Ireton
83.10Lisa Kessler
26:17.27Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
84.-Betty Blomer
26:36.84 PRTrinity Episcopal
85.10Maddy Woodson
26:57.78Cape Henry Collegiate
86.12Gaby Lontos
27:05.06Bishop Ireton
87.10Caitlyn Pugsley
27:11.84Bishop Sullivan Cath...
88.-Amber Reed
27:23.19 PRLiberty Christian Ac...
89.11Meg O'Brien
27:32.71Cape Henry Collegiate
90.12Kathy Gorby
27:43.88Bishop Sullivan Cath...
91.9Janet Tela
27:53.81Bishop Ireton
92.-Katherine Lowder
28:18.05 SRNansemond Suffolk Ac...
93.10Becky Wendland
28:38.63 SRNansemond Suffolk Ac...
94.9Jill Bernstein
29:07.17 SRNorfolk Academy
95.11Carina Tate
29:36.59Cape Henry Collegiate
96.12Danielle Horton
29:55.64St Stephens and St A...
97.9Shannon Pruitt
30:02.20 SRBishop Sullivan Cath...
98.-Megan Powell
30:02.20 PRLiberty Christian Ac...
99.-Katherine Hensley
30:02.20 SRLiberty Christian Ac...
100.-Mia Bolakas
30:02.20 PRLiberty Christian Ac...
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5,000 Meters Division II

1.-Jane Gay
19:22.34 SRNorth Cross
2.12Michaeline Nelson
20:18.88 SRPotomac School
3.-Kara Lofton
20:32.10 SREastern Mennonite
4.-York Woodsmall
21:07.67 PRCovenant
5.9Shivani Kochhar
21:14.80Potomac School
6.-Amanda Panholzer
21:29.53Peninsula Catholic
7.-Caroline Wilke
21:31.81Walsingham Academy
8.10Brittany Murphy
21:33.95 SRCovenant
9.-Elizabeth Delaney
21:40.44 SRSteward
10.-Mirenda Gwin
21:42.65 PRRoanoke Catholic
11.-Katlin Rodgers
21:44.26Norfolk Christian
12.-Hannah Snead
21:44.61 SRVirginia Episcopal S...
13.9Lucy Green
21:51.60Potomac School
14.9Colleen Thom
21:59.93Peninsula Catholic
15.-Katelyn Rhodes
22:03.04 PRDenbigh Baptist Chri...
16.9Dalton Kuhar
22:05.08 SRFuqua
17.10Kylie Regan
22:07.88Peninsula Catholic
18.10Katie Mlynczak
22:10.43Peninsula Catholic
19.10Kimmy Fiscella
22:12.67 SRPeninsula Catholic
20.-Louisa Wall
22:14.69 PRPotomac School
21.10Stephanie Lee
22:15.34Greenbrier ChristianAll State
22.10Blythe Fiscella
22:15.67Peninsula Catholic
23.-Rachel Lambrecht
22:22.46 PRSeton
24.8Emily Strelka
22:32.81 SRRoanoke Catholic
25.-Madalyn Crowell
22:37.31 PRChatham Hall
26.-Brooke Kirchmeir
22:43.73 PRFredericksburg Chris...
27.-Elena Petrocci
22:46.28 SRRoanoke Catholic
28.11Nina Castelli
22:49.21Potomac School
29.-Kendal Huennekens
22:50.46 PRSteward
30.12Julie Vassar
22:52.11Potomac School
31.7Bethany Barclay
22:55.20 SRNorfolk Christian
32.9Kierra Stutzman
22:58.24 SREastern Mennonite
33.-Rebekah Hardy
23:00.68 SRDenbigh Baptist Chri...
34.-Sarah Brighton
23:01.65 SRRoanoke Catholic
35.12Kristen Berg
23:11.17Notre Dame Academy
36.10Bethany Coppock
23:18.33 SRCovenant
37.9Tori Meakem
23:21.98 SRCovenant
38.-Eliza Janus
23:32.66 PRFredericksburg Academy
39.11Adele Ball
23:36.33Potomac School
40.-Rachel Nafzinger
23:40.09 PREastern Mennonite
41.9Amelia Moore
23:42.17Potomac School
42.-Elizabeth Daugherty
23:42.42 PRNorfolk Christian
43.-Hannah Palmerton
23:43.21 PRRoanoke Catholic
44.-Katie Zook
23:43.47 SREastern Mennonite
45.7Jessica Thomas
23:45.12 SRDenbigh Baptist Chri...
46.6Kaitlyn Rountree
23:46.24Norfolk Collegiate
47.11Corbett Wicks
23:46.48 SRSt Annes Belfield
48.-Tori Hunter
23:48.19 PRVirginia Episcopal S...
49.12BG Green
23:49.60Potomac School
50.7Abby Velie
23:52.54 SRSt Annes Belfield
51.-Becca Pesich
23:53.33 PRNorfolk Christian
52.-Kristin Curatola
23:53.64 SRQuantico
53.-Lindsay Papet
23:53.96 PRAtlantic Shores Chri...
54.-Sarah Locke
23:54.53 SRSeton
55.-Nikki Smith
23:59.55 PRThe Miller School Of...
56.Linnea Saby
24:04.61Renaissance School
57.-Alex Cummings
24:04.85 SRSeton
58.10Chelsea-Ann Patry
24:08.31 SRHighland
59.-Mauri Waller
24:09.76 SRDenbigh Baptist Chri...
60.-Rebecca Reed
24:12.84 PRNorfolk Christian
61.-Claire Hunter
24:14.79St Annes Belfield
62.9Maggie Thompson
24:19.81 SRRoanoke Catholic
63.-Summer Penrose
24:20.29 SRQuantico
64.-Alyssa Shaw
24:21.80 PRSeton
65.9Hannah Lowell
24:29.68 SRSeton
66.-Anna Thompson
24:30.78 SRRoanoke Catholic
67.9Cat Lipsher
24:31.26Potomac School
68.-Lindsey Weech
24:34.69 SRDenbigh Baptist Chri...
69.-Samantha Mcnair
24:37.62 SRQuantico
70.8Nella Hendley
24:39.92 SRCovenant
71.-Bunge Okeyo
24:42.49 PRRoanoke Catholic
72.-Page Conway
24:47.46 SRSteward
73.-Rachael Pesich
24:51.25 SRNorfolk Christian
74.-Katie Bigbee
24:58.53 PRChatham Hall
75.-Olivia Mills
25:00.32Fredericksburg Chris...
76.-Lindsay Lutterloh
25:02.99 SRDenbigh Baptist Chri...
77.-Caitlin Morin
25:04.01 SRVirginia Episcopal S...
78.6Hailey Lain
25:04.37 PRNorfolk Collegiate
79.-Alyx Miser
25:12.87Peninsula Catholic
80.-Candace Crum
25:16.72 SRQuantico
81.-Hayde Vanderlinde
25:17.57 SRSt Annes Belfield
82.7Megan Holley
25:22.13Norfolk Collegiate
83.-Sophie Gibson
25:22.40 SRSt Annes Belfield
84.8Rachel Gildersleeve
25:23.99 SRCovenant
85.-Allison Coleman
25:26.21 SRVirginia Episcopal S...
86.8Renee Layne
25:34.84Greenbrier Christian
87.-Sarah Fiorito
25:39.83 PRVirginia Episcopal S...
88.8Miranda Phaup
25:40.15 SRDenbigh Baptist Chri...
89.12Kelly Kane
25:42.45 SRDenbigh Baptist Chri...
90.9Sydney Wicks
25:48.59St Annes Belfield
91.10Katie Keating
25:51.19 SRDenbigh Baptist Chri...
92.-Egle Karolyte
25:51.71 PRVirginia Episcopal S...
93.-Jackie Morin
25:51.96 PRVirginia Episcopal S...
94.-Gisela Mullican
25:54.15 PRRichmond Christian
95.9Grace Griffin
25:57.92 SRSt Annes Belfield
96.-Mirjiam Gerning
25:59.37 PRChatham Hall
97.-Jessica Gee
26:02.42 PRRichmond Christian
98.-Stacy Hamilton
26:08.29 SRCovenant
99.-Meredith Jackson
26:13.38 SRFredericksburg Academy
100.-Stephanie Pruett
26:18.08 SRRichmond Christian
101.-Chelsea Russell
26:19.73 PRSt Annes Belfield
102.-Mingyoung Rho
26:20.57 PRChatham Hall
103.-Emma Breeden
26:21.12 PRRichmond Christian
104.-Alex Riebel
26:23.84 PRFaith Christian
105.-Lauren Fraze
26:25.59 SRRoanoke Catholic
106.11Ansley Fraser
26:27.41Norfolk Collegiate
107.-Rachael Spencer
26:27.70 PRHighland
108.-Mackenzie Jackson
26:29.93 PRFredericksburg Academy
109.-Madison Park
26:32.11 SRChatham Hall
110.-Kristi Cullison
26:35.08 SRRichmond Christian
111.-Lindsay Mcdole
26:37.02 PRRoanoke Catholic
112.-Mary Ashle Hughes
26:40.20 SRRichmond Christian
113.12Suzanne Spiller
26:46.08 SRPeninsula Catholic
114.-Caroline LaRoche
26:47.63 PRFuqua
115.-Kaitlyn Cox
26:48.01 PRFuqua
116.-Ashley Glover
26:51.50 SRRoanoke Catholic
117.-Kaylyn Deming
26:54.41 SRRoanoke Catholic
118.-Martina Marcuccilli
26:54.69 SRHighland
119.-Jessica Jackson
26:58.63 SRFredericksburg Academy
120.-Sara Voltz
27:02.15 SRPeninsula Catholic
121.-Ridgely Knight
27:10.19 SRChatham Hall
122.-Sarah Kim
27:10.50 SRThe Miller School Of...
123.-Anne Haney
27:20.83 SRThe Miller School Of...
124.10Maria Martin
27:28.62 SREastern Mennonite
125.-Camille Smith
27:33.33 PRQuantico
126.6Lee Markley
27:34.49 SRNorfolk Collegiate
127.7Alexis Turner-Iafv...
27:35.77Norfolk Collegiate
128.12Lydia Smith
27:41.62 PRNotre Dame Academy
129.-Katherine Gormley
27:42.96 PRFredericksburg Academy
130.-Suzie Jackson
27:51.74 SRSeton
131.12Rebekah McCann
27:58.25Greenbrier Christian
132.-Erika Altenhofen
27:59.89 SRThe Miller School Of...
133.10Mary Germano
28:04.48 SRDenbigh Baptist Chri...
134.-Emily Arnold
28:08.52 SRDenbigh Baptist Chri...
135.-Haynes Hicks
28:09.11 PRVirginia Episcopal S...
136.-Alexa Greatsinger
28:12.55 PRQuantico
137.-Kelly Clifton
28:13.93 PRPeninsula Catholic
138.-Carol Lampert
28:16.60 PRThe Miller School Of...
139.-Diana Kevorkian
28:20.22 SRNorth Cross
140.-Paulette Freeman
28:28.92 SRThe Miller School Of...
141.-Taylor Booth
28:29.19 PRSteward
142.-Kyleigh Kramer
28:34.49 SRAtlantic Shores Chri...
143.-Lauren Luckay
28:39.50 PRNorth Cross
144.12Katia Chaterji
28:44.31Hampton Roads Academy
145.-Kitty Milburn
28:47.69 SRWalsingham Academy
146.-Anneke Early
28:49.46 SRWalsingham Academy
147.10Christina Correa
28:51.85Greenbrier Christian
148.9Cassie Eagal
28:56.87 SRFredericksburg Chris...
149.10Megan Gretka
29:06.83Hampton Roads Academy
150.-Meagan Green
29:18.89 SRCovenant
151.12Aja Ewing
29:24.46Potomac School
152.-Kaitlin Good
29:28.67 SRCovenant
153.-Keaton Cunningham
29:39.30 SRFuqua
154.-Lindsey Brinkman
29:47.29 SRAtlantic Shores Chri...
155.-Hannah Stoltzfus
29:57.31 SREastern Mennonite
156.-Chelsea Tipton
30:19.67 PRQuantico
157.-Kate Holsopple
30:19.96 PREastern Mennonite
158.-Whitney Phelps
30:28.29 PRChatham Hall
159.-Dasha Afanaseva
30:30.91 PRHampton Roads Academy
160.-Sarah Quinones
30:31.22 SRHighland
161.-Teresa Stevens
30:34.77 PRFredericksburg Chris...
162.-Parker Wheat
31:10.91 PRSteward
163.9Young Kyoung Kim
31:33.11Hampton Roads Academy
164.-Caitlyn Bishop
31:41.92 PRChatham Hall
165.10Adrian Tierney
31:49.19Hampton Roads Academy
166.-Katherine Jones
31:54.12 SRFredericksburg Chris...
167.-Carole Hall
31:54.12 SRFredericksburg Academy
168.-Melanie Gott
31:54.12 PRSeton
169.9Sarina Patterson
31:54.12Hampton Roads Academy
170.9Ruth Hampton
31:54.12 SREastern Mennonite
171.-Rhianna Cockrell
31:54.12 PREastern Mennonite
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