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Northwestern State University

3 Mile Varsity11:30 AM
Womens Races

Northwestern State University

3 Mile Varsity10:00 AM

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Mens Results

3 Mile Varsity

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Official Team Scores

1.First Baptist37
4.Holy Rosary80
7.Grace Christian180
8.Johnson Bayou194

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Caleb Earhart
17:58.6 SRFirst Baptist
2.10Nick Ulmer
17:58.6 SRGeorgetown
3.10Michael Alphonse
18:49.3 SRHoly Rosary
4.10Corey Plumlee
18:55.8 SRElizabeth
5.11Christian McCabe
18:59.4 PRFirst Baptist
6.11Taylor Brown
19:03.9 SRFirst Baptist
7.9Cleofe Tirado
19:12.2 SRHoly Rosary
8.12Seth Anderson
19:12.3 SRElizabeth
9.9Jordan Sutterfield
19:20.0 SRElizabeth
10.11Daniel Benasco
19:27.7 SRFirst Baptist
11.12Thomas Beavers
19:31.5 SRHoly Rosary
12.10Jaron Maloy
19:31.8 PRGeorgetown
13.8Zach Lasyone
20:10.5 SRGeorgetown
14.11Luther Fisher
20:14.8 PRGeorgetown
15.12Anthony Benasco
20:25.2 PRFirst Baptist
16.6Kolby Friday
20:41.6 SRElizabeth
17.7Collin McClellan
20:51.1 SRElizabeth
18.9Kade Durham
20:56.2 PRGeorgetown
19.11Craig Schayot
21:02.5 SRFirst Baptist
20.12Justin McKnight
21:13.3 PRGeorgetown
21.12Brandon Jinks
21:13.4 PRHackberry
22.12Colton Stanley
21:16.4 SRJohnson Bayou
23.8Joseph Thomas
21:20.4 PRHackberry
24.12Jacob Guillory
21:29.1 PRGrace Christian
25.11Colby Patterson
21:42.5 SRHoly Rosary
26.9Kelby Friday
21:46.9 SRElizabeth
27.10Storm Davis
21:50.0 SRFirst Baptist
28.8Devin Dill
21:53.7 SRPlainview
29.8Houston Brady
21:53.8 SRElizabeth
30.7Caleb Lasyone
21:59.9 SRGeorgetown
31.8Zachary James
22:09.6 PRPlainview
32.12Preston Stanley
22:15.0 PRJohnson Bayou
33.7Adam Spence
22:16.7 SRGrace Christian
34.8Jay Chiasson
22:18.1 SRHoly Rosary
35.10Eddie Bird
22:19.2 PRHackberry
36.10Randall Brady
22:21.1 PRPlainview
37.11Jerad Maricle
22:27.7 PRPlainview
38.10Daniel Silvera
22:35.3 SRHoly Rosary
39.11Jamarco Greenard
22:52.4 PRCotton Valley
40.10Calvin Ivie
22:53.0 PRGrace Christian
41.11Brandon Kelley
23:02.4 SRGrace Christian
42.10Tyler Hall
23:02.7 SRAssembly Christian
43.6Kory Kyle
23:10.4 SRHackberry
44.8Brett Bird
23:11.5 PRHackberry
45.9Blake Badon
23:33.5 SRJohnson Bayou
46.10Chris Lloyd
23:53.2 SRGrace Christian
47.10Aaron Alexander
24:33.8 PRAssembly Christian
48.7Travis Burns
24:59.4 SRGrace Christian
49.9Luke Carter
25:09.4 PRGrace Christian
50.11Taiylor Fee
26:15.4 PRPlainview
51.8Giles Russo
29:38.2 SRAssembly Christian
52.11Damien Jinks
29:40.4 PRJohnson Bayou
53.8Richard Keefe
29:52.1 SRJohnson Bayou
54.8Tyler Maricle
30:01.1 PRPlainview
55.7Ricky Smith
33:44.3 PRHackberry
56.8Logan Willis
35:45.8 SRPlainview
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