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City Park River Trail

5,000 Meters Varsity
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City Park River Trail

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Stephen Decatur
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.11Eric Wood
16:17 PRParkside
2.12Mitchell Witherow
16:28 PRStephen Decatur
3.12Zachary Temple
16:37 PRParkside
4.12Nolan Matthews
16:52 PRKent Island
5.12Mark Shaw
17:03 PRQueen Annes County
6.12Jon Frey
17:33 PRKent Island
7.10Ian Andrews
17:34 SRKent Island
8.9Carleton Stuecker
17:36 SRKent Island
9.12Maurice Cotton
17:40 PRWashington
10.10Casey Azarsa
17:42 PRQueen Annes County
11.12Nick Leffers
17:50 PRKent Island
12.11Patrick Mcgean
17:58 PRStephen Decatur
13.11Jon Linthicum
17:59 SRCambridge South Dorc...
14.12Kris Knox
18:03 PRKent Island
15.11Franklin Taylor
18:04 PREaston
16.11Anthony Schilling
18:05 PRNorth Caroline
17.12Sam Machulcz
18:15 PRKent Island
18.10Tommy Robinson
18:23 SRParkside
19.11Cameron Campbell
18:28 PRStephen Decatur
20.12Helmut Bevensee
18:35James M Bennett
21.11Costen Merritt
18:36 PRJames M Bennett
22.11Andrew Murrell
18:38 PRStephen Decatur
23.11Gray Reeves
18:39 SRJames M Bennett
24.11Mark Bradley
18:47 SREaston
25.10Garrett Mohammadioun
18:48 SRStephen Decatur
26.11Stephen Miller
18:49 SRQueen Annes County
27.11Evan Geary
18:53James M Bennett
28.11Paul Turner
18:55 PRJames M Bennett
29.11Steve Mills
18:56 PRCambridge South Dorc...
30.12Kevin Klenkel
18:59 PRQueen Annes County
31.11Sam Kulp
19:00 PREaston
32.12Walls Alex
19:06 PRQueen Annes County
33.11Joshua Wilder
19:10 PRStephen Decatur
34.12David Cassavant
19:11 PRJames M Bennett
35.11Desi Guida
19:14 SRNorth Caroline
36.9Jacob Redmer
19:15 SRCambridge South Dorc...
37.11Hoyt Novak
19:16 SRQueen Annes County
38.11Jonathan Cannon
19:17 PRCambridge South Dorc...
39.12Zach Marion
19:23 PRNorth Caroline
40.10Bo Dyson
19:26 SRNorth Caroline
41.10Sean Irwin
19:33 SRParkside
42.9Tyler Saia
19:44 SRCambridge South Dorc...
43.11Manzi Whaley
19:45 SRWicomico
44.9Jacob Schinault
19:46 PRQueen Annes County
45.12John Ritter
19:47 PRPocomoke
46.12Zack Hague
19:50 PRKent County
47.12Jesse Klump
19:53 PRSnow Hill
48.12William Vincent
49.10Kyle Morrison
19:58 PRJames M Bennett
50.10Robert Sterling
20:09 SRParkside
51.10Derek Walls
20:18 PRCambridge South Dorc...
52.10Brandon Bell
20:19 PRNorth Caroline
53.12Alex Greenlee
20:20 PREaston
54.9Timmy Travitz
20:22 SRParkside
55.10Andrew Schnoor
20:39 SRCambridge South Dorc...
56.12James Shaw
20:59Snow Hill
57.12Daric Evans
21:02 SRCrisfield
58.12Tyler Greene
21:08 PRPocomoke
59.11Fritz Plinke
21:09 SRNorth Caroline
60.12Michael Mcguire
61.10J D Melender
21:16 PRPocomoke
62.10Garon Clark
21:24 PRParkside
63.10Ben Owens
21:28 PRKent County
64.11Porter Harrington
65.10Corey Zimmer
22:05Stephen Decatur
66.9Tyler Spurry
22:09 SREaston
67.12Austin Dittrich
23:47 PRSnow Hill
68.10Travonte Paulson
24:43 PRSnow Hill
69.9Kyle Ailstock
24:54 SRSnow Hill
70.10Michael Jones
25:40 PRSnow Hill
71.10Darcy Cooper
25:43 SRSnow Hill
72.9Jalon Doane
26:49 PRWicomico
73.10Cameron Morris
28:55 SRWicomico
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Lindsay Chetelat
19:03 PRStephen Decatur
2.12Jackie Fisher
19:04 PREaston
3.10Hailey Spinapont
20:00 SRParkside
4.10Ashley Simmons
20:15 SRCambridge South Dorc...
5.12Katherine Janson
20:58 PRStephen Decatur
6.10Elizabeth Davidson
21:08 PRStephen Decatur
7.11Autumn Irby
21:22 PRNorth Caroline
8.11Suzy Stuecker
21:29 PRKent Island
9.9Jessica Brown
21:31 PRCambridge South Dorc...
10.12Leigh Hobson
21:33Queen Annes County
11.12Emily Smith
21:34 PRQueen Annes County
12.12Whitn Kellermeyer
21:37 PRNorth Caroline
13.9Nicole Clarke
21:49 PRKent Island
14.10Madeleine Breza
21:50 PREaston
15.9Maggie Holecheck
21:53 SRCambridge South Dorc...
16.11Teona Collins
21:57 PRCrisfield
17.11Jessica Ames
21:58 PRStephen Decatur
18.12Carrie Early
22:10 PRMardela
19.10Morgan Nicholls
22:21 PRKent Island
20.12Molly Vimini
22:22 PRParkside
21.9Amy Turner
22:32James M Bennett
22.11Alison Kim
22:57 PRJames M Bennett
23.9Amara Canfield
23:04 PRStephen Decatur
24.12Sierra Turner
23:05 PRNorth Caroline
25.9Clare Dougan
23:14 PRStephen Decatur
26.10Paxton Mitchell
23:18 PRStephen Decatur
27.9Becky Early
23:31 SRMardela
28.12Grace Bourne
23:36 PRKent County
29.10Katie Craft
23:40 SRJames M Bennett
30.9Olivia Skeen
23:44 SRWicomico
31.10Christina Rodriguez
23:47James M Bennett
32.12Courtney Sanderson
23:50 PRKent County
33.10Maddie Leisten
23:54 PRJames M Bennett
34.9Jocelyn Bell
23:55 PRWashington
35.11Katie Blumbergh
23:59 PREaston
36.10Katherine Wooten
24:13 PRCambridge South Dorc...
37.12Katie Giordano
24:27 PRKent Island
38.12Brittney Zulauf
24:34 SRQueen Annes County
39.11Erin Kennedy
24:40 PRCambridge South Dorc...
40.10Michelle Ferre
24:56 SRKent Island
41.12Mariah Irvin
25:10 PRKent Island
42.11Caroline Hyneman
25:14 PRJames M Bennett
43.12Hannah Hagler
25:21 PRPocomoke
44.9Lyn Midcap
25:30 SREaston
45.11Annastasia Slaughter
25:31 PRSnow Hill
46.10Lauren Tull
25:47 PRQueen Annes County
47.10Amber Lester
25:53 SRNorth Caroline
48.11Molly Helms
25:54 PRKent Island
49.11Dinah Lake
26:00 SRWashington
50.9Molly McAllister
26:06 SRSnow Hill
51.11Caroline Franks
26:17 SRMardela
52.12Claire Merson
53.10Mary Kathryn Overs...
26:48 PRCambridge South Dorc...
54.12Taylor Burns
27:15 SRMardela
55.10Jessica Ornstein
27:20 PREaston
56.9Paige Diller
27:22 SRParkside
57.9Katy Hobson
27:40 PRQueen Annes County
58.11Kendra Hodgdon
27:51 SRWicomico
59.10Sarah Trice
28:05 PREaston
60.9Shannon Vaughan
28:18 PRWicomico
61.10Sharryse Piggott
28:22 PRPocomoke
62.11Megan Severn
28:33 SRMardela
63.12Kc Spicer
29:52 PRCambridge South Dorc...
64.9Rachelle Allman
29:54 PRSnow Hill
65.11Faryn Muir
31:06 SRSnow Hill
66.12Nicole Sinkola
32:45 PRSnow Hill
67.11Rachel Wood
36:05 SRWicomico
68.12Lauren Verstegen
39:15 PRPocomoke
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