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Grand Vue Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.9David Ciarolla
18:05.33Fairmont Senior
2.12Brian Floyd
18:20.21Parkersburg South
3.12Paul Conaway
18:39.79Parkersburg South
4.11Bryan Wilson
18:42.52Oak Glen
5.9Ethan Harris
18:44.38North Marion
6.12Drew Richardson
18:52.67North Marion
7.12Derek Daniel
18:53.29North Marion
8.10Ryan Beabout
18:54.08Wheeling Park
9.11Chuck Richards
18:55.68Ritchie County
10.12Donald Reese
11.9Ronald Read
12.9Corey Urse
19:13.57Fairmont Senior
13.11Chris Gallaway
19:16.46Wheeling Central Cat...
14.11Thomas Carpenter
19:23.74North Marion
15.12Collin Ferrell
19:24.89Wheeling Park
16.12Ryan Johnson
19:30.07Parkersburg South
17.12Jonathan Langer
18.12Chris Burdick
19:34.79Fairmont Senior
19.9Kyle Gramlich
19:39.33Wheeling Park
20.12Earl Ambrozak
19:40.70Fairmont Senior
21.10James Haldeman
19:42.72Fairmont Senior
22.10Garrett Glover
19:51.15North Marion
23.10Kyle Harris
19:53.20Ritchie County
24.9Neil Bland
19:55.26North Marion
25.11Brian Blanc
19:57.97Parkersburg South
26.10Adam Rothlisberger
27.12Shawn Birch
20:01.29John Marshall
28.12Cody Mills
20:01.91Ritchie County
29.11Adam Stair
20:02.46Parkersburg South
30.10Tyler Sellers
20:08.31Ritchie County
31.11Todd Offenberger
20:13.69Parkersburg South
32.9Ryan Richards
20:17.08Ritchie County
33.10Donald Goodnight
20:17.55Ritchie County
34.10Brandon Janeczko
20:18.26Wheeling Park
35.10Jacob Lafferre
20:23.78Ritchie County
36.11Zach Tennant
20:31.23North Marion
37.10Andrew Varlas
20:31.82Wheeling Central Cat...
38.9Rob Bonenberger
20:42.23Wheeling Central Cat...
39.11Spencer Teufel
20:44.39Wheeling Park
40.10Scott Safesak
20:50.08Wheeling Park
41.10Hemal Patel
42.9Jordan Saseen
21:03.53Wheeling Central Cat...
43.10Phil Provenzano
44.12Sean Freeland
21:16.12John Marshall
45.12Cody Hartley
21:22.37John Marshall
46.11Jared Wylie
21:23.80John Marshall
47.-Billy McCartney
21:26.76 PRZanesville
48.11Sean Droginske
21:32.93Wheeling Central Cat...
49.12Justin Coffee
50.12Brady Defibaugh
21:44.29John Marshall
51.10Ian Higgins
21:49.01Parkersburg South
52.9Jason Bennett
21:56.81Wheeling Park
53.10Cody Miller
22:17.42Oak Glen
54.11Bobby Caputo
22:18.82Fairmont Senior
55.12Joey Oliver
22:19.20 PRZanesville
56.9Aaron Schons
57.12Paul Roebrecht
22:25.22Wheeling Central Cat...
58.11Evan Sesitito
22:27.52Fairmont Senior
59.10Pat Bilderback
60.12Josh Keister
22:36.74John Marshall
61.12John Huff
62.10Jake Blatt
63.12David Gianessi
64.12Brad McLaughlin
22:51.35Wheeling Central Cat...
65.-Patrick Goddard
66.11Fedor Deichman
24:26.95 PRThe Linsly School
67.11Brandon Kelly
24:27.55 PRThe Linsly School
68.9Nathan Weese
24:59.09Tyler Consolidated
69.12Mike Bray
25:00.96 PRThe Linsly School
70.10Ben Raines
25:07.44 SRZanesville
71.10Joe Bradshaw
72.10Minho kim
26:38.94 SRThe Linsly School
73.9Hayden Wright
26:59.14 SRThe Linsly School
74.10Joel Ness
27:34.79 PRThe Linsly School
75.9Tyler George
27:36.24 PRThe Linsly School
76.10Alan Kaine
77.10Chad Brown
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

1.9Chris Corwin
20:17.00North Marion
2.11Todd Gramlich
20:50.00Wheeling Park
3.11Will Sullivan
20:54.00 SRWheeling Park
4.9Ronnie Melott
21:20.00Ritchie County
5.9Trey Sayre
21:21.00North Marion
6.12Mike Fedzcak
21:36.00 PRWheeling Park
7.10Joe Matheny
21:45.00Parkersburg South
8.9Josh Hughes
21:49.00Wheeling Park
9.9Jacob Leonard
21:53.00 SRWheeling Park
10.9Henry Workman
21:58.00Ritchie County
11.12Remington Markos
22:02.00Wheeling Central Cat...
12.11Nic Troeger
22:03.00 SRWheeling Park
13.11Ezra Ward
22:06.00Parkersburg South
14.12Zach Kuhl
22:22.00Parkersburg South
15.9Alex Taylor
22:30.00Parkersburg South
16.10Isaac Hickman
22:31.00Wheeling Central Cat...
17.12Scott St. Clair
22:35.00Parkersburg South
18.12Keith Meredith
22:36.00 PRWheeling Park
19.10Kenny Cunningham
22:37.00Ritchie County
20.9Devin Jones
22:39.00Ritchie County
21.9Russell Mulley
22:41.00 SRWheeling Park
22.11Geoff Hempelman
23:06.00Wheeling Park
23.9Josh Freshwater
23:07.00 PRWheeling Park
24.9Ryan Aston
23:18.00John Marshall
25.10Matt Custer
23:25.00Wheeling Park
26.9Dale Sampson
23:30.00 PRJohn Marshall
27.10Ryan Anderson
23:31.00Wheeling Central Cat...
28.9Ethan Casey
23:32.00Wheeling Park
29.9Stephen Schramm
23:36.00 PRWheeling Park
30.10Ryan Hosfelt
23:50.00Wheeling Park
31.11Kevin Johnston
24:14.00 PRWheeling Park
32.9Mark Kenamond
24:15.00 SRWheeling Park
33.11Mark Wilson
24:16.00 PRJohn Marshall
34.11Brandon Aston
24:23.00John Marshall
35.9David Dudzik
24:26.00Wheeling Central Cat...
36.11Ethan Bloomfield
24:40.00Wheeling Park
37.10Jacob Flanagan
24:45.00Wheeling Park
38.10Ben Amend
24:53.00 PRWheeling Park
39.10Chris Metcalf
24:54.00 SRWheeling Park
40.11Bobby Mendenhall
25:17.00 PRWheeling Park
41.12Hooter Stumpp
25:25.00Wheeling Park
42.12Rob Pickett
25:57.00North Marion
43.10Jered Rial
26:21.00Ritchie County
44.-Patrick Gines
26:30.00Fairmont Senior
45.9Eric Knuth
27:08.00Wheeling Central Cat...
46.10Patrick Robrecht
27:09.00Wheeling Central Cat...
47.11John Allen
27:21.00Parkersburg South
48.12Zach Johnson
27:55.00 PRWheeling Park
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.11Keri Bland
20:35.37North Marion
2.11Stephanie Caruso
21:33.36Wheeling Central Cat...
3.10Emily Corley
22:08.08Fairmont Senior
4.12Jamie Cokeley
22:13.67Ritchie County
5.10Mariah Hamilton
22:19.83North Marion
6.9Courtney Yaeger
22:36.90Wheeling Park
7.10Melanie Manning
22:45.09Ritchie County
8.11Alexis Emch
9.11Lauren Bauer
22:58.57Wheeling Central Cat...
10.10Elizabeth Henderson
23:32.21Fairmont Senior
11.11Brittany Sellers
23:40.70Ritchie County
12.9Cayla Parrish
23:42.13North Marion
13.11Cara Parrish
23:48.06North Marion
14.10Megan McCue
23:50.66North Marion
15.10Alyssa Ruberto
23:59.14Fairmont Senior
16.12Angela Kimbler
23:59.54Ritchie County
17.12Kristen McCabe
24:08.15John Marshall
18.12Shae Maybaum
24:26.99Wheeling Park
19.9Debbie Amos
24:39.31Parkersburg South
20.12Allison Crislip
24:40.25Parkersburg South
21.9Kelley Mortakis
24:53.29Wheeling Central Cat...
22.11Danielle Perkins
25:00.61North Marion
23.10Paige Govey
24.10Caitlyn Tuba
25:05.37Wheeling Central Cat...
25.9Kaitlin Curtis
25:45.96Oak Glen
26.12Ashley Wolfe
25:52.55Wheeling Central Cat...
27.11Kendyl Morris
25:53.06John Marshall
28.9Cara Hagan
25:53.53The Linsly School
29.12Emily Kolas
25:58.16John Marshall
30.12Lindsey Miller
26:09.43Wheeling Park
31.10Hannah Gerstner
26:10.53 PRZanesville
32.9Rachel McIntosh
26:28.38Wheeling Park
33.-Maggie Gompers
26:37.26Wheeling Park
34.-Jessica Kinley
26:39.52Wheeling Park
35.11Sarah Harvey
26:40.44Parkersburg South
36.11Christina DiBartol...
37.12Krysta Greenleaf
26:42.56Parkersburg South
38.12Stephanie Duke
26:45.45John Marshall
39.11Gennie Conline
27:06.41Wheeling Park
40.9Jenna Wylie
27:10.88John Marshall
41.12Brianna Clark
27:12.96Tyler Consolidated
42.11Emily Hannan
27:13.33John Marshall
43.12Mattie Hamilton
27:35.46North Marion
44.10Tiffany Proper
27:41.67Ritchie County
45.11Jennifer Riggle
46.9Kecia Vandergrift
27:51.74Parkersburg South
47.9Ashley Watson
28:25.52Ritchie County
48.10Leann Haught
28:32.48Oak Glen
49.11Audra Francis
50.12Ashley Carson
29:11.81Tyler Consolidated
51.10Leah Skrypek
29:17.35John Marshall
52.9Kylee Utt
53.11Tammy Wilson
29:20.20Oak Glen
54.12Lauren Mckiernan
29:21.36Parkersburg South
55.12Chasity Morris
29:26.92Parkersburg South
56.9Franchica Miller
29:45.80Wheeling Central Cat...
57.10Averi Hansen
29:47.88Fairmont Senior
58.11Deidra Polego
59.11Jael Pitts
60.10Kelli Sealover
30:48.63Ritchie County
61.10Sharron Gianessi
62.-Kandice Brantley
30:58.94 PRZanesville
63.10Brooke Wright
31:27.32Fairmont Senior
64.12Lesya Zyznewsky
31:33.12The Linsly School
65.11Kelcey Mazzella
66.12Casey Michalski
32:10.39The Linsly School
67.9Sierra Fout
34:28.22 PRThe Linsly School
68.10Hannah Goas
35:46.03 PRThe Linsly School
69.11Jennifer Wood
70.11Jesse Kim
36:21.25 PRThe Linsly School
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

1.9Lindsey Menas
26:40.00North Marion
2.11Annie Flatley
27:37.00Wheeling Park
3.10Jennifer Collins
28:06.00Ritchie County
4.10Jami Fonner
28:12.00John Marshall
5.10Kayla Hudimac
28:18.00Wheeling Park
6.11Lauren Fissell
29:23.00Ritchie County
7.11Keli Schupbach
8.9Alexandra Jebbia
29:41.00Wheeling Central Cat...
9.10Lillian Brown
29:56.00Ritchie County
10.10Lauren Myers
29:57.00 PRWheeling Park
11.10Daisy Dorton
30:07.00Parkersburg South
12.11Kiley Freshwater
30:44.00Wheeling Park
13.11Breanne Baker
31:34.00Parkersburg South
14.11Kayla Watson
32:10.00Parkersburg South
15.11Jennifer Clark
32:41.00Parkersburg South
16.11Sarah Granta
33:19.00Wheeling Park
17.9Lisa Mazzella
18.9Tia Knox
35:55.00Parkersburg South
19.10Amber Parisi
36:01.00 PRWheeling Central Cat...
20.11Anne Knight
36:16.00 PRParkersburg South
21.11Krystle Loar
37:09.00North Marion
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