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East Valley HS

3 Miles Varsity
3 Miles Junior Varsity
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East Valley HS

3 Miles Varsity
3 Miles Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

3 Miles Varsity

1.11Jayson Taylor
16:31Central Valley
2.11Jason Stoker
16:44Central Valley
3.12Nathan Damiano
17:06Central Valley
4.11Bryce Aguilar
17:08Central Valley
6.11Andrew Cesal
17:26Central Valley
7.10Justin Hoff
18:15Central Valley
8.11Jake Andersen
18:20 SRCentral Valley
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3 Miles Junior Varsity

1.12Brandon Close
17:38Central Valley
2.12Eric Clow
18:29Central Valley
4.11Brandon Heintz
18:33Central Valley
5.10Kyle Staples
18:34Central Valley
6.11Andy Richards
18:54Central Valley
7.10Matt Grozdanich
19:11Central Valley
8.10Jon Swanson
19:16 SRCentral Valley
9.11Kasey Panther
19:22Central Valley
10.12Nick McGuire
19:30 SRCentral Valley
11.12David Churchill
19:30Central Valley
12.9Will Richards
19:31Central Valley
13.11Will Bernbaum
19:35Central Valley
14.11Eric Anderies
19:38Central Valley
15.9Bryan Aguilar
19:38Central Valley
16.11Brad Penwell
20:21 PRCentral Valley
17.10Kyle Brown
20:29Central Valley
18.9Philip Keeve
20:44Central Valley
19.11Andy Vidmar
20:53 PRCentral Valley
20.10Sean Kinard
21:09Central Valley
22.10Conrad Miller
21:11Central Valley
23.9Zane Allinger
21:12Central Valley
24.11Anthony Eisele
21:22Central Valley
25.9Jordan Baker
21:41Central Valley
27.9Kyle Rindlisbacher
21:50Central Valley
28.11Matt Edlin
21:58Central Valley
30.10Nick Skladany
21:59Central Valley
31.9Daniel Willard
22:00 SRCentral Valley
34.10David Wang
22:23Central Valley
35.11Brandon Gunn
22:26Central Valley
36.10Jason Walker
22:28 PRCentral Valley
37.12Dustin VanOrman
22:29Central Valley
38.11Joe Cook
22:55 PRCentral Valley
42.11Brian Schaefer
23:33Central Valley
45.10Cameron VanOrman
28:28Central Valley
46.10Sanjay Bappudi
29:21Central Valley
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