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Mens Races
3,000 Meters Open8:30 AM
15,000 Meters Relay Team9:00 AM
Womens Races
3,000 Meters Open8:30 AM
15,000 Meters Relay Team9:00 AM

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 Tahoma 15K Coed Cross-Country Relays

Saturday, September 11th, 2010 
Lake Wilderness Park, Maple Valley, WA

 Race Times:

  • 8:30 Open 3K run
  • 9:00 Relay Race begins
Information: (Course Map
  •  Teams consist of five runners: no more than three male or female (2 boys/3 girls or 3 boys/2 girls).
  • Each school can enter unlimited teams.
  • Teams can pick their own order to run.
  • Bring your extra runners to join with other schools to form relay teams.
  • Each leg is 3 kilometers.
  • 10% Pavement,  35% Grass, 50% Trails,  5%(or less) Water
  • There will be a 3K Open Run starting at 8:30. Cost is $5.00 per individual at time of race, except coaches and team entrants not on a relay.
  • Awards: Medals to 1st – 10th place teams (one for each member of the team)
  • BBQ pits are available for teams that would like to enjoy a picnic after the race.
  • This event is intended to be a good team building activity.
Entry Fee is $100 per school, unlimited number of relay teams.
  Mail to:
Tahoma XC Running Club  #191
26828 Maple Valley Hwy.

Maple Valley, WA 98038
When you arrive, you will be handed a packet with entry forms for your teams, please fill the forms out and return it to the registration table to get your race numbers. You can get race tags for the open run for each member on your team that will be running in the open run (coaches welcome as well) at the registration. More details will be available in your packets. 

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Mens Results

3,000 Meters Open

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

12Meron Simon
11:03 PRFederal Way
11Hap Emmons
11:16 PRKing's
12Brandon Thornton
11:16 PRFederal Way
12Bereket Piatt
11:24 PRPort Townsend
12Alex Horton
11:26 PRKentridge
11Luke Garcia
11:39 PRLindbergh
12Miles Hille
11:39 PRRedmond
12Nate Tandecki
11:48 PRLindbergh
12Seth Bailey
11:48 PROlympic
10Johnathan Stevens
11:53 SRRedmond
12Killian Marsh
11:55 PRNorthwest
11Mark Garcia
11:57 PRLindbergh
11Mitchell Montgomery
11:58 SRCedarcrest
12Patrick Crews
12:01 PRFederal Way
9Haftom Tafere
12:03 SRTodd Beamer
11Nathan Haley
12:05 PRLindbergh
12Josh Denison
12:05 PRCedarcrest
12Troy Bunker
12:06 PRKentridge
11Danny Lunder
12:08 SRKentwood
12Bruk Tafere
12:09 PRTodd Beamer
11Max Dunn
12:09 PRRedmond
12Garth Ward
12:13 PRTodd Beamer
12Chad Linnerooth
12:14 PRCedarcrest
12Habtamu Rubio
12:15 PRPort Townsend
12Cotter Boyle
12:15 PRRedmond
10Will Van Cleve
12:15 SRNorthwest
11Talon Abernathy
12:16 SRKentridge
8.12Grayson Wolf
12:16 PRFederal Way
10Ben Platt
12:20 PRLindbergh
9.12Nathan Brewster
12:21 PRFederal Way
10Sterling Bath
12:22 SRKentridge
11Matthew Lutz
12:22 PROlympic
10Santos Zaid
12:23 SRJuanita
10Mohamud Abdi
12:24 PRLindbergh
12Will Richmond
12:25 PRKentwood
10Zack Coulson
12:26 PROlympic
11Sean Eidsmoe
12:27 SRTodd Beamer
12Tom Bowman
12:28 PRTodd Beamer
12Josh Sowinski
12:32 PRKing's
13.9Ben Willis
12:33 SRFederal Way
10Cody Wanichek
12:34 SRCedarcrest
12Alex Nelson
12:36 PRLindbergh
11Deshar House
12:38 PRTodd Beamer
12John Curry
12:38 PRNorthwest
9Zach Kirwan
12:39 SRRedmond
11Eric Jacobson
12:40 PRKentwood
12Aleksey Kozlov
12:40 PRTodd Beamer
11Billy Van Hoff
12:40 PRRedmond
11Will Johnston
12:41 PRKentwood
9Kris Angus
12:42 SRKentwood
12Kasey Hattrup
12:42 PRKentwood
10Mitchell Hughey
12:42 PRLindbergh
11Dante Bournique
12:42 PRCedarcrest
12Matte Bailey
12:43 PRKing's
9Mussie Simon
12:44 SRFederal Way
10Varrick Anderson
12:45 SRKentwood
12Kyle Willis
12:45 PRFederal Way
11Travis Downen
12:47 PRLindbergh
10Peter Han
12:47 PRLindbergh
11Noah Clow
12:47 PRTodd Beamer
12Caleb Ferrell
12:47 PRJuanita
12Alex Tran
12:49 PRFederal Way
10Dasan Telford
12:50 SRKentwood
12Alex Porter
12:50 PRKentridge
10Grant Wilson
12:51 SRKentridge
10Xavier Frank
12:53 SRPort Townsend
24.11Isaiah Forward
12:53 SRFederal Way
10Dominic Dams
12:55 SRCedarcrest
12Tyler Westlake
12:57 PRPort Townsend
11James Bauman
12:57 SRJuanita
10Craig Boekenoogen
12:59 PROlympic
9Westerling Nugent
13:05 PRLindbergh
12Neil Sherwin
13:06 PRKentridge
11Darius McClain
13:06 PRKentridge
11Jonathan Yu
13:07 PRKing's
10Galen Kornowske
13:10 SRKentwood
12Mackenze Bemis
13:12 PRPort Townsend
10Jack Crawford
13:14 PRRedmond
10Tom Howe
13:16 SRIssaquah
9Daniel Kubay
13:16 SRTodd Beamer
9Hunter Bryson
13:17 SRKing's
11Ian Goldizen
13:18 PROlympic
11Joshua Chipley
13:20 PROlympic
10Eric Keenan
13:21 SRRedmond
12Joe Miller
13:25 PRTodd Beamer
11Evan Fiore
13:26 PRLindbergh
11Mitchell Miyashita
13:26 PRJuanita
10Drew Cusack
13:28 PRKentwood
10Matt Nelson
13:28 PRLindbergh
11Brett Hamre
13:28 PRJuanita
9Alexander Olson
13:28 PRNorthwest
12Gibson Lisk
13:32 PRCedarcrest
9Kepler House
13:32 PRTodd Beamer
12Kevin Jensen
13:33 PRLindbergh
11Brian Gibbon
13:34 SRKentridge
10Max Meaker
13:35 SRKentridge
10Blake Hamm
13:36 PRKing's
10Evan Lamb
13:37 PRLindbergh
9Logan Orndorf
13:37 SRCedarcrest
12Luke Kosbab
13:38 PRTodd Beamer
11Daniel Luu
13:40 SRTodd Beamer
11Matt Kroll
13:43 SRKentwood
12Daniel Teeler
13:43 PRLindbergh
11Matt Smith
13:43 SRKentridge
9Alec Ward
13:44 SRCedarcrest
12Michael Przystupa
13:45 PRJuanita
11Seth Retzlaff
13:46 PRJuanita
12Logan Sychtysz
13:47 PRKentwood
12Luke Fruhling
13:47 PRKing's
12Marshall Lewis
13:47 PRKing's
12Garrett Persinger
13:47 PRFederal Way
12Koya Matsuno
13:47 PRNorthwest
9Grant Haley
13:49 SRLindbergh
11Madison Waterman
13:49 SRCedarcrest
11MinSeung Choi
13:50 PRKing's
11Eugene Pioquinto
13:51 PRLindbergh
11Ryan Hersey
13:53 PRKentridge
11Luke White
13:54 PRJuanita
9Kevin Kitts
13:59 SRKentridge
10Spencer Groulik
14:00 PROlympic
10Eli McMeen
14:01 SRKentwood
12Jacob Mutch
14:05 PRCedarcrest
9Kenneth Luu
14:06 SRTodd Beamer
10Brenton Ausen
14:07 SRKentwood
11James McCarty
14:08 PROlympic
11Lex Mundell
14:08 PRRedmond
9Gage Catherman
14:09 SRCedarcrest
9Carter Aebi
14:09 SRRedmond
9Josh Zimmerman
14:12 SRCedarcrest
9Alex Zuvich
14:12 SRCedarcrest
9Ryan Mills
14:13 SRKing's
12Matthew Matysik
14:14 SRKing's
10Caleb Hynes-Hoffman
14:14 SRNorthwest
9Blake Tibbits
14:15 PRLindbergh
12Ricky Pennington
14:15 PRTodd Beamer
9Will Bush
14:15 SRNorthwest
9Brian Lunder
14:16 SRKentwood
10Spencer Clair
14:17 PRLindbergh
10Justin Holter
14:18 PRKing's
11Jeff Madsen
14:20 PRKentwood
10Nathan Woo
14:22 SRKentwood
10Blake Smith
14:22 SRKing's
9Jake Gregg
14:22 SRTodd Beamer
12Tim Bergquist
14:23 PRKentridge
10Shaun Walsh
14:24 SRKentridge
12Chris Lindermeier
14:25 PRKentwood
12Louis Cohen
14:26 PRNorthwest
10Ryan Woodward
14:27 PROlympic
11Eli Gremmert
14:28 SRCedarcrest
11Micah Kipple
14:28 PROlympic
10Vincent Lau
14:30 SRKentridge
11Daniel Scott
14:32 PROlympic
11Austin Hitchcock
14:33 PRTodd Beamer
11Milo Wilkes
14:34 PRRedmond
10Alec Hannaford
14:34 SRNorthwest
12Lucas VanDeMark
14:35 PRIssaquah
9Colton Green
14:38 SRCedarcrest
11Justin Konersmann
14:41 SRCedarcrest
9Quinn Radbourne
14:41 SRCedarcrest
9Evan Atwater
14:44 SRCedarcrest
10Parker Danowski
14:44 SRRedmond
10Peter Sakowicz
14:46 PRTodd Beamer
11Mitchell St. Clair
14:46 SRTodd Beamer
10Max Peet
14:49 PRPort Townsend
12J.J. Rogers
14:49 PRJuanita
11Tyler Horn
14:51 SRKentwood
10Nick Co
14:51 SRIssaquah
11Keith Griffin
14:52 PRCedarcrest
10Dylan Bruneau
14:54 SRPort Townsend
11Thomas Crosley
14:54 PRRedmond
10Will Barcelona
14:57 SRTodd Beamer
10Ryan Turner
14:58 PRKentwood
12Davis Pruett
14:58 PRJuanita
10Hunter Wilkes
14:58 PRRedmond
10Zach Simon
14:59 PRRedmond
12Trevor Stephens
15:01 PRFederal Way
11Kyle Hadley
15:02 PRKentwood
11Alexander Churchil...
15:02 PRRedmond
10Casey Downey
15:03 PRRedmond
11Matt Hartmann
15:05 SRKing's
10Peter Biethan
15:05 PRRedmond
10Nick Tillotson
15:07 SRKentwood
12Max Berkes
15:08 PRNorthwest
12Pinxuan Lu
15:09 PRKentridge
10Scott Miller
15:12 SRKentwood
9Jonathan Gunderson
15:13 SRCedarcrest
10Ryan McGinnis
15:15 PRCedarcrest
10Michael Brothers
15:15 PRSouth KitsapOPEN
11Zach Wynakos
15:17 PRCedarcrest
9Sam Tomkins
15:18 SRKing's
12Cameron Hines
15:22 PRJuanita
9Luke Russell
15:23 SRKentridge
11Michel Ghanem
15:24 PRRedmond
12Joseph Webster
15:25 PRIssaquah
11Peter Geyser
15:25 PRRedmond
9Zach Frohardt
15:28 SRKing's
12Chris Chalmers
15:29 PRRedmond
10Robby Weinmeister
15:29 PRRedmond
11Nick Fuller
15:30 SRKing's
11Ethan Cossey
15:33 PRSouth KitsapOPEN
9Joe Stack
15:34 PRKing's
11Matthew Meerdink
15:35 SRTodd Beamer
11Ben Stilin
15:38 PRRedmond
9Clayton Regehr
15:41 SRTodd Beamer
10Alexander Strayer
15:41 PROlympic
10Jack Herbst
15:43 SRIssaquah
12Will Bigbee-Hansen
15:43 PRKentridge
10Fernando Duran
15:47 PRLindbergh
9Titus Owen
15:47 SRLindbergh
11Sam Seid
15:47 PRLindbergh
11Brian Glinski
15:51 PRSouth KitsapOPEN
10Josh Standridge
15:52 PRSouth KitsapOPEN
9Patrick Wheeler
15:52 PRSouth KitsapOPEN
9Matt Maloney
15:54 SRTodd Beamer
12Kyle Steiner
15:55 PRRedmond
12Joseph Costello
15:56 PRRedmond
12Jonah Bylenga
15:57 PRCedarcrest
12David Foulds
15:59 PRLindbergh
9David Huff
15:59 SRLindbergh
11Nathan O' Farrell
15:59 SRJuanita
10Steven SanMiguel
15:59 PRSouth KitsapOPEN
12Miguel Manzueta
16:04 PRFederal Way
10Daniel Hart
16:10 SRFederal Way
11Dallin Candland
16:17 SRCedarcrest
10Eric Kammers
16:17 SRRedmond
12Brandon Asheim
16:20 PRCedarcrest
11Matt Erickson
16:24 SRCedarcrest
11Byron Gomez
16:26 PRKentwood
12Langley Ngov
16:26 PRFederal Way
11Russ Ronholt
16:28 PRSouth KitsapOPEN
11Aaron Tinker
16:30 PRSouth KitsapOPEN
10Colin Hauck
16:34 PRKentwood
10Patrick Mogg
16:37 SRKing's
9Ben Yamamoto
16:39 SRKentridge
9Tristan Story
16:52 PRPort Townsend
10Stephen Johnson
16:55 PRJuanita
9Isaac Derline
16:57 SRKentridge
9Alex Fischbeck
17:02 PRKentridge
12Colton Cox
17:04 PRCedarcrest
9Evan Jones
17:08 SRKentridge
11Matt Brumbaugh
17:16 PRKentwood
10Kevin Aliment
17:16 PRKentridge
10Christian Moore
17:22 PRKentridge
11Robert Layton
17:24 PROlympic
10Matt Martin
17:26 SRKentridge
11Dylan Sears
17:30 PRKentridge
10Blake Qualls
17:31 PRKentridge
12Dominic Bizak
17:36 PRKentridge
10Alex Bruell
17:36 SRFederal Way
9Paul Leigh
17:37 PRIssaquah
9Tristan Martin
17:37 PRSouth KitsapOPEN
10Ammon Nelson
17:39 PRKentwood
9Connor Rosin
17:39 SRKentridge
12Damon Heinen
17:39 PRFederal Way
11Marco Levario
17:46 PROlympic
10Tevin Chomthanat
17:47 PRFederal Way
10Vincent Ly
17:48 PRJuanita
10Mitchell Schrader
17:51 SRRedmond
10Daniel Meyers
17:52 SRKentridge
10John Satak
18:09 PROlympic
9Taylor Russell
18:13 SRNorthwest
10Kendric Bizak
18:16 PRKentridge
10William Nguyen
18:40 PRKentwood
10Greg Bertolacci
19:07 SRKentridge
9Spencer Choe
19:18 SRKentridge
9Caleb Judd
19:35 SRKing's
10Ethan Flanagan
19:35 PRPort Townsend
9Guiness Ayers
19:39 SRKentridge
9Jack Kelly
19:41 SRKentridge
12Josh Freed
20:24 PRFederal Way
9Matt Sessa
20:30 PRKentridge
9Nick Merrill
21:30 PRKentridge
10Nate Roland
22:40 SRTodd Beamer
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15,000 Meters Relay Team

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

12Isaac Robinson
12Connor Higgins
11Patrick Violette
10Sean Ratcliffe
9Ryan Higgins
9Jack Corscadden
12Joey Tom
10Keagan Moo
10Hunter Sapienza
10Adam Meyer
9Ben Corman
9Alex Kane
10Bob Varney
12Will Borom
10Parker Phair
10Zachery Bickford
13:08Spanaway Lake
12George Gay
16:02Spanaway Lake
9Teruhito Kondo
13:56Spanaway Lake
12Chris Lindsey
14:30Spanaway Lake
10Jared Long
13:42Spanaway Lake
12Edward Pendon
13:15Spanaway Lake
12Dwight Santos
15:23Spanaway Lake
12Stuart Weaverling
18:41Spanaway Lake
10Orrin Boese
13:11South KitsapTeam 545
10Kyle Norris
12:17South KitsapTeam541
11Daniel Schulte
12:13South KitsapTeam 541
10LaForrest Church
12:01South KitsapTeam 541
10Nick Sleigh
12:24South KitsapTeam 542
11Greg Lane
13:24South KitsapTeam 542
10Phillip Skala
12:57South KitsapTeam 542
11Chris Snead
13:47South KitsapTeam 546
10Nathan Ford
13:46South KitsapTeam 546
11Daniel Clark
13:57South KitsapTeam 546
10Brady Tinker
12:24South KitsapTeam 543
11Austin Fritz
13:03South KitsapTeam 543
12Cody Pace
12:33South KitsapTeam 543
11Kellen Kennedy
13:43South KitsapTeam 543
12Dan Hnatovic
13:37South KitsapTeam 543
12Max Berkes
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters Open

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

11Maddie Meyers
12:36 PRNorthwest
11Sarah Reiter
12:57 PRLindbergh
11Sara Mussa
13:24 PRTodd Beamer
12Cara Strodel
13:37 PRCedarcrest
12Kailey Ulland
13:41 PRKentwood
9Kelsey Dunn
14:00 SRRedmond
10Lila Rice
14:03 SRRedmond
11Tia Smith
14:12 PRCedarcrest
12Jessica Beam
14:13 PRCedarcrest
11Jasmine Fallgreen
14:20 PRLindbergh
12Jenna Sanders
14:20 PRRedmond
11Allie Nichols
14:34 PRRedmond
9Kacey Kemper
14:46 SRKing's
12Elizabeth Webber-B...
14:46 PRNorthwest
11Sami McDevitt
14:50 PRKing's
9Diana Carr
14:51 SRCedarcrest
11Savannah Luther
14:54 PRKentwood
11Mary Ryan
15:02 SRKentridge
10Erin Sofinowski
15:02 SRKentridge
9Amelia Anderson
15:03 SRCedarcrest
12Lauren Thomas
15:05 PRTodd Beamer
9Tessa Carlin
15:07 SRKentwood
11Molly Shiroishi
15:10 SRKentridge
11Molly Grager
15:19 SRJuanita
11Melia Lagat
15:28 PROlympic
12Michelle Yang
15:29 PRKing's
11Grace Piatt
15:29 PRPort Townsend
12Stephanie Rice
15:30 PRKing's
10Carly Horn
15:33 SRKentwood
10Elizabeth Hansen
15:35 PRLindbergh
10Ariel Hodges
15:35 PRLindbergh
12Jocelyn Pease
15:45 PROlympic
9Cassidi Smith
15:48 PRTodd Beamer
9Megan Brimley
16:03 SRCedarcrest
11Mercedes Tischer
16:06 PRLindbergh
11Shayna Van Den Boo...
16:06 PRJuanita
10Frehiwot Piatt
16:09 PRPort Townsend
9Rachel Blanch
16:14 SRJuanita
10Kate Wagner
16:14 SRRedmond
11Brenna Fisher
16:18 PRLindbergh
10Beth Parrish
16:19 PRKentwood
9Miranda Vergillo
16:20 SRCedarcrest
10Megan Lee
16:22 PRKentwood
11Jessica Roberts
16:28 SRKentwood
11Rachel May
16:32 PRRedmond
10Monique Smith
16:35 PRLindbergh
11Kathryn Wuchter
16:36 PRJuanita
10Kenedy Ramos
16:39 SRKentridge
11Andie Young
16:39 PRRedmond
11Stephanie Herring
16:41 SRJuanita
11Camille Canter
16:42 SRNorthwest
10Molly Hammontree
16:46 SRCedarcrest
11Maddie McGrath
16:47 PRRedmond
12Glynis Bawden
16:48 PRCedarcrest
11Constance Kuhnly
16:49 SRTodd Beamer
9Kyra Weidner
16:49 PRPort Townsend
9Olivia Waterman
16:50 SRCedarcrest
9Peri Muellner
16:51 SRPort Townsend
12Makayla Walker
16:53 PRRedmond
12Maggie DeLaVergne
16:57 PRKentridge
11Katy McClintic
16:58 PRCedarcrest
11Leila Braun
16:59 PRNorthwest
9Kaitlyn Boyd
17:07 SRKentridge
9Kristen Maggs
17:10 SRKing's
11Kaycie Bircher
17:10 PRRedmond
9Anna Lamping
17:12 SRKentridge
10Madison Smith
17:15 SRCedarcrest
9Thuong Nguyen
17:16 PRLindbergh
9Elizabeth Coleman
17:17 SRKentwood
9Maggie Harger
17:19 SRRedmond
11Lindsay Holcomb
17:25 PROlympic
11Honore Cole
17:28 SRNorthwest
10Carli Scheevel
17:31 PRKing's
12Dana Simmons
17:31 PRRedmond
9Carly Rhome
17:38 PRKentridge
10Claire Hedman
17:51 PRKing's
9Tanya Parkhotyuk
17:52 PRTodd Beamer
11Michelle Mead
17:54 PRRedmond
9Janina Dukart
17:55 SRJuanita
10Shaini Candland
18:00 PRCedarcrest
12Theodora Shure
18:02 PRNorthwest
10Gwen LaFountaine
18:07 PROlympic
12Annie Emswiler
18:16 PRKentridge
11Charlotte Wangelin
18:16 PRRedmond
10Zoe Rohaly
18:17 PRKentwood
11Courtney Hoekstra
18:18 PRCedarcrest
9Natalie Covarrubias
18:22 PRTodd Beamer
11Tana Rill
18:24 PRSouth KitsapOPEN
12Jana Lempp
18:28 PRPort Townsend
11Janaya Rangel
18:47 PRKentwood
12Amy Eller
18:47 PRKing's
12Kelsey Morgan
18:52 PRCedarcrest
12Michelle Mudrovich
18:55 PRRedmond
11Sam Saleba
18:57 PRRedmond
10Suhyun Bae
18:59 PRTodd Beamer
10Emma Longo
19:11 PRIssaquah
12Lexie Baslington
19:20 PRIssaquah
11Nicolle Dourte
19:20 PRLindbergh
12Kate Brunette
19:22 PRIssaquah
12Lynn Seland
19:27 PROlympic
9Ashley Pigott
19:30 SRLindbergh
10Meggie Ottinger
19:35 PRIssaquah
9Lucy Mathews
19:55 SRTodd Beamer
12Katy Snyder
20:33 PRJuanita
9Brenda Resendiz
21:15 PRLindbergh
12Amber Amin
21:27 PRRedmond
9Lily Mundell
24:27 SRRedmond
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15,000 Meters Relay Team

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

9Kathleen Adkins
9Amanda Chalfant
10Lindsey Yamane
11Sam Salmon
11Kaileen Dougherty
11Eva Perry
12Kim Varney
10Nikita Sirohi
11Rachel Osgood
11Nicole Migotsky
12Victoria Albright
16:38Spanaway Lake
12Sarah Brauneis
17:46Spanaway Lake
12Jazmyn Carroll
16:58Spanaway Lake
11Ashley Davis
15:29Spanaway Lake
12Katelyn Longshore
18:28Spanaway Lake
12Ashley McKnight
19:17Spanaway Lake
12Shirley Santiago
19:45Spanaway Lake
12Vanessa Thomas
18:56Spanaway Lake
12Amber Veldman
19:15Spanaway Lake
10Erin Koohns
21:30Spanaway Lake
10Keegan Tasker
14:30South KitsapTeam 541
10Jessica Peterson
13:49South KitsapTeam 541
10Claire Polley
16:49South KitsapTeam 542
11Robyn Thompson
16:21South KitsapTeam 542
11Rhianna Boe
17:12South KitsapTeam546
12Sarah Lowell
17:53South KitsapTeam 546
11Amanda Wilson
14:19South KitsapTeam 543
11Molly Wheeler
14:19South KitsapTeam 543
11Sheridan VanGesen
17:27South KitsapTeam 545
10Justine Morris
16:50South KitsapTeam 543
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