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Mens Races

Salt Creek Park

3 Mile Mens Open Race9:45 AM
3 Mile Mens Junior Varsity11:00 AM
3 Mile Mens Varsity 12:01 PM
Womens Races

Salt Creek Park

3 Mile Womens Open Race9:45 AM
3 Mile Womens Junior Varsity10:30 AM
3 Mile Womens Varsity11:30 PM

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We would like to extend a "Roughrider Welcome" to you at the Salt Creek Web page.


Dwayne Johnson, Office: 360.565.1608, Cell 360.477.7280,

Hy-Tek, Please load all data on Sign up early so I can accept your school entry!

  1. I will download data off at (September 15, 2010 8:00pm).
  2. Make a reservation for the camp ground on line if you are camping.
  3. Make a reservation for the ferry if you are on a bus.

The Scoring System

  1. Pay your entry fee to get your team packet. {40.00 per team per race}
  2. Pick up your team packet at the white tent, inside the packet will be your race numbers that need to be pinned upon the chest of your runners.
  3. Please do not fold the tag under the #. Please fill out Name and school on the race number with permanent marker.
  4. Any corrections need to be made prior to 9:00am at command central.
  5. I would like to have the data to you and posted 30 minutes after each race.
  6. I will upload all data to
  7. Mail P.O. / Checks to Diana Tschimperle
  8. Port Angeles High School
  9. 304 East Park Ave. Port Angeles WA 98362
  10. E-Mail

Open race begins at 9:45am
JV Girls 10:30
JV Boys 11:00
National Anthem
Varsity Girls 11:30
Varsity Boys 12:00
Awards @ 1:00

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Mens Results

3 Mile Mens Open Race

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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Forrest Ohnhaus
16:33.84 PRNorth Kitsap
2.Andrew Crain
16:48.29Z PA Community Open
3.Marty Krafcik
16:59.51Z PA Community Open
4.Cameron Groh
17:20.38Z PA Community Open
5.11Benjamin Staker
17:37.96North Kitsap
6.Case Bateman
17:43.51Z PA Community Open
7.Nick Perry
17:51.36Z PA Community Open
8.12Trevor Davies
17:55.61Nathan Hale
9.9Aedan Roberts
17:55.97 SRNathan Hale
10.Tom Lucas
18:08.14Z PA Community Open
11.John Johnson
18:09.68Z PA Community Open
12.Alexander Barry
18:11.94Z PA Community Open
13.12Nicholas Brooke
18:21.09North Kitsap
14.11Omar Estrada
18:23.56 PRForks
15.9David Hall
18:25.61 PRKentlake
16.9Kyle Pratt
18:27.97 SRBellevue
17.10Conor Dynes
18:29.36 SRNathan Hale
18.12Zak Gormanson
18:38.44 PRKingston
19.10Abdul Mohammed
18:39.04 PRNathan Hale
20.Cameron O'Neil
18:40.10Z PA Community Open
21.Alex Frank
18:41.09Z PA Community Open
22.11Alex Marvick
18:41.66 SRSammamish
23.11Rex Shaw
18:42.55 PRForks
24.11Adam Beck
18:52.17North Kitsap
25.11Woody Butler
18:54.84 SRBellevue
26.11Walter Wilson
19:04.94 SRNathan Hale
27.11Devereaux Kesler
19:05.38 SRBainbridge
28.11Troy Pottinger
19:06.58 PRBellevue
29.Cameron Little
19:06.89Z PA Community Open
30.12Brandon Mecham
19:07.32 PRSammamish
31.Jedd Danielson
19:08.08Z PA Community Open
32.11Cameron Patterson
19:12.51 PRAuburn
33.11Forrest Taylor
19:14.45 PRKingston
34.9Nicholas Fogg
19:16.98 PRKingston
35.11Nicholas Stevens
19:20.24 SRKingston
36.12Sean Larkin
19:20.72 PRInterlake
37.10Brendan Dennis
19:27.16 SRPort Angeles
38.12Thomas Berak
19:29.42North Kitsap
39.12Parley Scott
19:29.78 SRPort Angeles
40.9Andrew Bailey
19:30.08 PRNathan Hale
41.10Alex Rockhill
19:32.77 SRNathan Hale
42.11Jimmy Chang
19:34.67 PRBellevue
43.Dan Spencer
19:35.83Z PA Community Open
44.11Jesse Stigile
19:36.59North Kitsap
45.10Kenneth Miller
19:37.24 PRKingston
46.10Max Breitbarth
19:38.04North Kitsap
47.10Cameron Niesen
19:38.70North Mason
48.11Zach Reshovsky
19:39.24 PRInterlake
49.11Martin Garcia
19:40.14Nathan Hale
50.9John Ghiglione
19:40.49 SRNathan Hale
51.9Avery Koehler
19:40.81 PRPort Angeles
52.12Isaac Stockdale
19:41.03 PRNathan Hale
53.10Sam Reddy
19:41.47 SRBainbridge
54.9Liam Lawrence
19:42.15 PRNathan Hale
55.11Shawn Swanson
19:42.79North Kitsap
56.12Peter Brandes
19:50.04 SRBellevue
57.11Adam Kirstein
19:51.79 SRKingston
58.12Jared Johnson
19:53.38 PRNathan Hale
59.David Roberts
19:53.93Z PA Community Open
60.10Dylan Szerlog
19:55.47 SRKingston
61.9Joseph Pooley
19:56.76 SRInterlake
62.12Benjamin Tucker
19:57.30North Kitsap
63.Lyle Beck
20:00.36Z PA Community Open
64.10Andrew Phelps
20:00.64 PRNorth Kitsap
65.9Brendan Herridge
20:02.85 SRSammamish
66.10Jonah Falk
20:06.17Nathan Hale
67.9Stephen Houck
20:09.70 SRKingston
68.12Aaron Adams
20:12.23 SRForks
69.10Ryan Johansen
20:13.78 SRForks
70.10Marshall Watrous
20:14.54Nathan Hale
71.10Joe Misenti
20:16.64 SRBainbridge
72.11John James
20:22.55 SRForks
73.12Alan Ginn
20:23.12 PRNathan Hale
74.Kevin Sanford
20:32.91Z PA Community Open
75.12Nichita Stancov
20:36.23 PRPort Angeles
76.9John Griffin
20:40.90 SRKingston
77.12Sam Gronhovd
20:42.07 PRNathan Hale
78.9Kevin Fox
79.9Jack Keaney
20:45.07 PRLake Washington
80.9Ricky Dyer
20:45.56 PRForks
81.Wayne Frank
20:55.29Z PA Community Open
82.10Brian Frederick
20:56.82Nathan Hale
83.10Ton Rich
84.12Daniel Olleman
21:07.00 SRInterlake
85.11Mathew Dahl
21:12.74 PRLake Washington
86.10Tim Keller
21:15.90 SRKingston
87.10Zachary Caldwell
21:21.06 PRKingston
88.Michael Wall
21:22.03Z PA Community Open
89.10Michael Smith
21:24.19 SRLake Washington
90.9Aaron Krume
21:25.35 SRForks
91.10Logan Reimann
21:26.31 PRKingston
92.9William Fischahs
21:31.30 PRPort Angeles
93.10Eliot Barash
21:31.86Nathan Hale
94.10matt Metcalf
21:32.92 PRShelton
95.12Ygnacio Waring-Enr...
96.11Jack Murdock
21:35.72 SRKingston
97.12Connor Spurr
21:35.93 PRPort Angeles
98.9Vincent Garcia
21:43.97 SRSammamish
99.Glen Melin
21:46.42Z PA Community Open
100.11Peter Wahl
21:47.76 SRKingston
101.Russell Bishop
21:53.99Z PA Community Open
102.10Marvin Robles
21:54.44 SRKingston
103.12Dean Belcher
104.10Samuel Yu
21:56.01 PRSammamish
105.9Jonathan Backous
21:56.41 SRSammamish
106.9Hayden Murphy
21:56.86 PRBainbridge
107.9AC Parker
21:57.32 SRForks
108.12Samuel Phillips-Co...
21:59.14 SRNathan Hale
109.10Rajah Matthews
22:00.66Nathan Hale
110.11Chaz Zacharof
22:01.82 PRKingston
111.10Bradley Morgan
22:02.16 PRBremerton
112.Michael Shiach
22:02.44Z PA Community Open
113.10Derrick Baker
22:03.97 PRBremerton
114.9Eli Bennett
22:05.41 SRBainbridge
115.Charley McCabe
22:07.18Z PA Community Open
116.11Lucas Mays
22:08.30 SRKingston
117.11Andrew Uhrich
22:08.67Nathan Hale
118.11Marcus Kopp
22:13.31 SRInterlake
119.9Sean Simonsen
22:19.22 SRBainbridge
120.10Darien West
22:28.71 PRNorth Kitsap
121.10Scott Leeming
22:29.92North Kitsap
122.9Allan Hayes
22:31.49 PRInterlake
123.10Armand Shahbazian
22:32.24 PRInterlake
124.11Robert Layton
22:33.74 PROlympic
125.10Vincent Hing
22:37.11 SRNathan Hale
126.Nick Fritschler
22:37.77Z PA Community Open
127.Sheamus Mahoney
22:39.80Z PA Community Open
128.12Evan Skandalis
22:42.81 PRNathan Hale
129.11Zachary Oleszko
22:43.35 PRNathan Hale
130.12Casey Smith
22:44.70 SRPort Angeles
131.10Malachi Mulhair
22:44.96 PRPort Angeles
132.Allen O'Brien
22:46.13Z PA Community Open
133.12Gabriel Velasquez
22:48.14 SRForks
134.9Bryce MacDonald
22:49.34 SRBainbridge
135.10Brenden Smith
22:49.95 PRInterlake
136.12Umed Sharipov
22:51.72Nathan Hale
137.10Ian Barrett
23:00.66 PRNorth Kitsap
138.9Daniel Bouchie
23:11.72 SRShelton
139.Dr. Garry Cameron
23:17.49Z PA Community Open
140.11Theodore Shisler
23:19.36North Kitsap
141.10Gordon Shelton-Jenck
23:42.20 SRBainbridge
142.Tom Shindler
23:42.58Z PA Community Open
143.Rob Schippers
23:47.14Z PA Community Open
144.9John Baker
23:50.79 SRBainbridge
145.David Bernhard
23:55.70Z PA Community Open
146.9Timothy Case
23:56.32 PRKentlake
147.9Franklin Shen
24:06.90 PRInterlake
148.9Alexander Cebulla
24:14.16 SRKentlake
149.9Kevin Ji
24:14.91 SRInterlake
150.9Bill He
24:17.25 SRInterlake
151.12Josh Scott
24:18.51 PRPort Angeles
152.9Suhong Lee
24:22.42 SRSammamish
153.11Gabe Morris
24:23.28 PRInterlake
154.Ed Dunning
24:27.50Z PA Community Open
155.12Matthew Spencer
24:35.04North Kitsap
156.9Israel Blackwell
24:39.25 PROlympic
157.11Marco Levario
158.John Waller
25:09.90Z PA Community Open
159.10Huangbin Huang
25:14.60 PRInterlake
160.Elijah Baccus
25:22.35Z PA Community Open
161.Mr. Clark
25:28.40Z PA Community Open
162.9Scott Wahlquist
25:29.24 SRBremerton
163.9Jared Peterson
25:37.19 PRKingston
164.10Sean Martin
25:39.30 PRLake Washington
165.9Walker Hauptman
25:41.01 PRBainbridge
166.9Collin Betz
25:52.59 PRBainbridge
167.11Loren Henry
26:08.26 SRPort Angeles
168.11Brandon Moate
26:11.22 PRKentlake
169.11Aidan Hunt
26:12.59 SRSammamish
170.Evan Ruan
26:33.07Z PA Community Open
171.Steve Banks
26:52.41Z PA Community Open
172.7Brayden Banks
27:41.82 SRCrosspoint
173.Shane Shislet
27:42.28Z PA Community Open
174.9Cole Reeves
28:57.03 SRSammamish
175.11Curtis Hawthorn
176.Max Hawthorn
29:55.24Z PA Community Open
177.Chuck Perrizo
29:55.65Z PA Community Open
178.10Evin Fairchild
31:37.25 SRNathan Hale
179.11Colter Brooks
33:26.71 SRKentlake
180.Stuart Koehler
34:10.59Z PA Community Open
181.10James Mehl
35:22.95 PRKingston
182.10Paul Brown
35:26.12 SRNorth Kitsap
183.James Reick
35:40.30Z PA Community Open
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3 Mile Mens Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Taylor Demars
16:36.77Central Valley
2.11Isaac Seward
16:39.58 SRCentral Valley
3.12Colin Brinton
16:44.57 PRBellevue
4.11Jared Seckel
16:47.87 SRCentral Valley
5.11Andrew Schutts
16:50.00Central Valley
6.9Corey Hunter
17:00.57Central Valley
7.10Casey Strauss
17:03.98 SRCentral Valley
8.9Andrew Foerder
17:04.60Nathan Hale
9.9Matt Hommel
17:04.98 SRCentral Valley
10.11Destin Kawaka
17:21.03 PRNathan Hale
11.10Matthew Williams
17:26.82 SRBellevue
12.11Moshe Gordon
17:35.72 PRNathan Hale
13.11Colin Glenny
17:37.14 SRInterlake
14.10Riley Pratt
17:40.83 PRBellevue
15.12Matthew Turner
17:48.78 PRNathan Hale
16.11Kian Alden
17:53.07 PRNathan Hale
17.11Aaron Zilz
17:56.52 SRBellevue
18.11Andrew Nurse
17:57.07 PRBellevue
19.10Jacob Rasely
17:58.11 PRKingston
20.10Cooper Wall
17:59.38 SRNorth Kitsap
21.12Kevin Holton
17:59.88 PRBellevue
22.12Jake Kvistad
18:00.40 PRKingston
23.12Thomas Campbell
18:00.94 PRNathan Hale
24.10Kiwi Sheldon
18:02.19 SRBainbridge
25.11Axl Alvarez
18:04.53 SRInterlake
26.10Jonathan Andrewski
18:12.95 SRShelton
27.11David Daigle
18:16.01 PRNorth Kitsap
28.10Will Penner
18:16.96 SRBellevue
29.10Nicholas Thibault
18:17.59 SRKingston
30.9Nolan Stockman
18:18.44 SRBainbridge
31.10Jacob Rothschild
18:23.23 SRNathan Hale
32.11Jeremy Felty
33.10Egan Dunning
34.12Zane Ravenholt
18:30.46 PRKingston
35.10Matthew Liang
18:37.81 PRInterlake
36.12Vince Ho
18:38.97 PRInterlake
37.11Nathan Maris
18:40.18 SRLake Washington
38.10Hans Schippers
18:40.62 SRKingston
39.10Josh Basden
18:48.10 PRPort Angeles
40.9Trevell Beasley
18:50.50 PRKentlake
41.11Alex Posielski
18:51.87 SRKentlake
42.10Andre Weeks
18:54.11 PRBainbridge
43.10Anthony Woelke
18:56.26 SRKingston
44.9Trevor Wikstrom
18:59.13 PRBainbridge
45.10Chey Hards-Lane
46.9Tyler Church
19:05.14 SROlympic
47.9Nick Entress
19:06.28 SRBainbridge
48.11Christian Olson
19:12.77 PRKentlake
49.9Evan Herbert
19:13.13 SRPort Angeles
50.11Amadeo Sanchez-Cob...
19:13.61 SRInterlake
51.12Ryan Anselmi
19:14.33 PRLake Washington
52.11Chris Wilkerson
19:15.36 SRBainbridge
53.11Nick Surratt
19:21.40 PRShelton
54.9Connor Blok
19:25.69Lynden Christian
55.11James McCarty
19:25.66 SROlympic
56.10Bridger Deschamps
19:27.72 SRAuburn
57.10Taylor Reid
19:28.81 SRNorth Kitsap
58.10Darren Hou
19:32.46 SRInterlake
59.10Ryan Helgeson
19:33.07 PRLake Washington
60.10Parker Hansen
19:35.59 SRLake Washington
61.9Holt Maki
19:36.09 SRLake Washington
62.12Tyler Lanfear
19:42.98 PRInterlake
63.10Michael McPherson
19:53.56North Kitsap
64.10Graham Potter
19:55.68 PRBainbridge
65.10Connor Veach
66.12Matt Jones
19:59.47 PRAuburn
67.11Trevor Waller
20:00.62North Kitsap
68.10Jake Hagen
20:07.97 PRKentlake
69.10Taylor Carlson
20:08.71 SROlympic
70.11Michael Striplin
20:11.95 PRShelton
71.12Jake Krauskopf
20:15.43 PRLake Washington
72.11Daniel Scott
20:17.25 SROlympic
73.10Matt Seeley
20:20.02 PRAuburn
74.9Christian Lovelace
20:21.46 SRNorth Kitsap
75.9Hunter Core
20:33.03 PRShelton
76.10Alexander Martinez
20:44.66 SRKentlake
77.12Corey Nelson
20:50.03North Kitsap
78.10Sam Neubert
79.11Cameron Patterson
80.12Nehemiah Salo
81.10Nathan Newell
21:18.31 SRShelton
82.9Adam Stafford
21:21.98 SRAuburn
83.9Cole Urnes
21:40.45 PRPort Angeles
84.12Jake Mahaffay
85.9Kyle Rutledge
86.12Justin Claudon
21:55.92 SRNorth Mason
87.10Gabe Carillo
22:07.21 PRKentlake
88.10Alexander Strayer
89.9Matt Huff
22:24.59 SRKentlake
90.9Colton Kendall
91.11James Crow
92.9Caleb Baird
93.11Michael Wood
23:24.54 SRPort Angeles
94.9Tyler Kessler
95.12Noah Mays
24:28.91 SRAuburn
96.9John Doster
25:08.06 PRPort Angeles
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3 Mile Mens Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Nicholas Schippers
15:17.39 SRKingston
2.12Ethan Davis
15:19.23 PRNathan Hale
3.12Phillip Matthews
15:25.49 PRBellevue
4.12Max Crowell
15:34.29 PRInterlake
5.12Kaden Woolf
15:40.13 PRCentral Valley
6.11Ryan Long
15:42.77 SRBellevue
7.11John Fowler
15:44.46 SRBellevue
8.10Ryan Harber
15:45.34 PRBellevue
9.12Austin Cherry
15:46.90 PRKingston
10.12John Weiser
15:49.14 PRCentral Valley
11.11Drew Brown
15:53.21 PRCentral Valley
12.12Daniel Hansen
15:54.49North Kitsap
13.11Will Sheeran
15:55.81 PRBellevue
14.12Jacob Hollander
15:59.10 PRLynden Christian
15.12Nicholas Lichtenst...
16:03.79 PRNathan Hale
16.12Ashish Suntosh
16:06.06 PRInterlake
17.10Sam Giner
16:06.31 SRInterlake
18.11Cody McCranie
16:07.86 SRAuburn
19.10Natan Lee-Engel
16:08.57Nathan Hale
20.11Scott Allen
16:09.97 SRCentral Valley
21.11Addison Woolsey
16:17.10 SRBellevue
22.12Bryce Samuelson
16:19.81 PRCentral Valley
23.10Tyler Flannery
16:20.79 SRAuburn
24.10Logan Giese
16:22.12 SRCentral Valley
25.10Jay Taves
16:25.14 SRInterlake
26.12Staal Githinji
16:25.92 PRInterlake
27.11Kyle Koon
16:26.59 SRKentlake
28.12Aundray Williams
16:30.04 SREvergreen (Vancouver)
29.11Nick MacLean
16:30.96 SRBellevue
30.11Noah Heidenreich
16:31.30 SRNathan Hale
31.11Ivan Leniski
16:32.39 SRInterlake
32.11Skylar Core
16:32.85 PRShelton
33.10Tyler Cox
16:33.30 SRBainbridge
34.10Ian Christen
16:33.56North Kitsap
35.11Kyle Ramsey
16:33.85North Kitsap
36.11Eason Everett
16:34.48 PREvergreen (Vancouver)
37.10Daniel Hollowell
16:37.92 SRNathan Hale
38.12Chad Trask
16:42.71 PRKingston
39.12Matt Summers
16:46.66 PRCentral Valley
40.11Nathan Morgan
16:47.02 PRShelton
41.10Tomas Delgado
16:47.30 SRBainbridge
42.12Alex Graeber
16:50.27 PRNorth Mason
43.11Nick Shindler
16:50.76 SRPort Angeles
44.9Cody Williamson
16:52.79 SRShelton
45.11Cole Frampton
16:53.30 SRAuburn
46.11Jonah Nibler
16:54.34 PREvergreen (Vancouver)
47.12Tavish Taylor
16:58.39 SRPort Angeles
48.11Ian Goldizen
49.10Russell Melin
17:00.11 PRCrosspoint
50.11Zach Gallimore
17:01.59 PRNathan Hale
51.12Trevor Taylor
17:03.77 PRPort Angeles
52.10Zack Coulson
53.10Jason Curlanis
17:04.47 PRLake Washington
54.12Sean LaBelle
17:04.79 PRBainbridge
55.11Kyle Cloyd
17:06.62 SRShelton
56.10Tyler Reardon
17:07.71 SRLynden Christian
57.11Matt Butler
17:08.89 PRKentlake
58.10Hunter Weinert
17:09.80 SRLynden Christian
59.11Dane Ballou
17:10.39 SRKlahowya
60.10Brennan Wallin
17:10.86 SRAuburn
61.11Wade Doty
17:12.14 SRKingston
62.12Andrew Lytle
17:12.66 PRKentlake
63.10Brendan Willerford
17:13.10 SRBainbridge
64.10Davin Fitzgerald
17:15.36 SRBainbridge
65.12Austin Rains
17:16.11 PREvergreen (Vancouver)
66.12Jacob Neubert
67.12Tyler Rockhill
17:18.92 PRNathan Hale
68.12Robert Larribas
17:19.85 PRShelton
69.11Kameron Ashley
17:20.66 SRKingston
70.10Lucas Thompson
17:21.10 SRKingston
71.11Sam Zimmerman
17:21.31North Kitsap
72.11Tommy Danielsen
17:24.01 SRSammamish
73.12Ryan Danisiewicz
17:24.54 PRPort Angeles
74.12Luke Blok
17:27.82 PRLynden Christian
75.12Michael Mcgee
17:28.15 PRNorth Mason
76.12Josh Deshazer
17:30.33 PRLake Washington
77.11Kenny Drabble
17:30.63 PRLake Washington
78.12Derris Davis
79.10Thomas Gill
17:31.08 SRKingston
80.12Zachary Jenson
17:32.05North Mason
81.10Cody Velthuizen
17:34.16 SRLynden Christian
82.12Drew Wickens
17:34.72 PRBainbridge
83.11Matthew Lutz
17:35.41 SROlympic
84.10Zach Taylor
17:35.92 SRShelton
85.12Eric Fallon
17:38.36 SRSammamish
86.11Hank Tea
17:39.34 SRSammamish
87.12Alex Ruan
17:39.89 PRInterlake
88.11Ryan Ball
17:40.87 SRAuburn
89.11Keith Ryan
90.11Tanner D'Amato
17:47.71 SRKentlake
91.12John Murphy
17:48.33 SRBainbridge
92.12Alex Cook
17:49.79North Kitsap
93.9Ryan Utz
17:51.73 PRKentlake
93.10Weston Whitener
17:52.0Lynden Christian
94.12Jack Wall
17:52.32North Kitsap
96.10Kevin Steiger
17:56.23 PRLynden Christian
97.11Jared Sell
98.11Kenny Hata
99.12Matt Turley
17:57.43North Kitsap
100.9Devon Grove
17:59.07 SRLake Washington
101.10Caleb Smith
18:02.36 SRBremerton
102.11Matt Baker
18:02.83 PRShelton
103.10Mike Ward
104.10Mikal Pattee
18:08.26 SRCrosspoint
105.11Brian McCarty
18:12.99North Mason
106.11Cameron Braithwaite
18:16.27 PRPort Angeles
107.11Sam Cooper
18:17.95 PRKentlake
108.12Cody Tedrick
18:22.88 SRAuburn
109.10Jonathan Day
18:24.90 SRNorth Mason
110.9Joey McClanahan
18:26.91 SREvergreen (Vancouver)
111.10Zach Oelsner
18:36.14 PRLake Washington
112.9Tony Dalgardno
18:42.65 SRPort Angeles
113.11Ben Burnett
18:47.98 PRKentlake
114.11Kyle McAnally
18:50.11 PREvergreen (Vancouver)
115.11Marcus Johnson
18:52.43 SRBremerton
116.11Jake Weipert
18:52.84 PRAuburn
117.11Thomas Roberts
19:05.37 PRLake Washington
118.10Spencer Groulik
19:09.16 PROlympic
119.10Ryan Woodward
120.11Joel Ferguson
19:18.45North Mason
121.10Joe Castro
19:19.45 SRLake Washington
122.11Rosalio Contreras
19:25.26 PREvergreen (Vancouver)
123.11Micah Kipple
124.12Joe Wiltz
19:34.52 SRCrosspoint
125.10John Reichel
19:37.47 SRCrosspoint
126.12Gavin Borchers
19:37.74 SRBremerton
127.11Will Crummey
19:49.32 SRNorth Mason
128.11Kluge Zane
129.10O'Brien Shannon
130.12Bobby Dingle
131.9DJ Degnan
22:52.20 SRCrosspoint
132.12Jimmy Prehm
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Womens Results

3 Mile Womens Open Race

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Brianna Durkin
21:04.70 PRNorth Kitsap
2.Barbara Maxwell
21:57.56Z PA Community Open
3.8Kari Larson
22:05.43 SRForks
4.12Kia Sutter
22:14.96 PRNathan Hale
5.Jamie Kirkman
22:16.40Z PA Community Open
6.11Marisa vonRuden
22:30.17 PRBainbridge
7.Beth Krause
22:44.18Z PA Community Open
8.Kelsey Kenck
23:04.24Z PA Community Open
9.12Sarah Redmond
23:08.72 PRBainbridge
10.9Olivia Krol
23:13.98North Kitsap
11.Melissa Dunning
23:19.99Z PA Community Open
12.11Kristen Larson
23:31.70 SRForks
13.Janine Sanford
24:13.59Z PA Community Open
14.9Marissa Stanaway
24:14.07 PRBellevue
15.9Elizabeth vonRuden
24:15.61 SRBainbridge
16.Annika Pederson
24:30.20Z PA Community Open
17.12Leonie Dehne
24:33.09 PRNorth Kitsap
18.11Erin Blackford
24:35.23 PRBainbridge
19.12Belle Eastman
24:35.55 PRPort Angeles
20.Shelley Turner
24:36.77Z PA Community Open
21.9Madeline Corbin
24:37.78 SRBainbridge
22.10Ella Tudor
24:48.31 SRNathan Hale
23.9Lyndsey Barnhill
25:02.40 SRKingston
24.Campbell Kirkman
25:02.78Z PA Community Open
25.9Margaret Coyle
25:12.36 PRInterlake
26.9Grace Sheeran
25:13.43 SRBellevue
27.9Kristina Reid
25:16.86North Kitsap
28.10Antonia Papajani
25:24.84 SRBainbridge
29.12Samantha Hing
25:25.27 SRNathan Hale
30.10Megan Uffens
25:26.16North Kitsap
31.11Sabrina Baker
25:29.88 PRNathan Hale
32.12Ellen Moline
25:33.74 SRSammamish
33.10Christina Seader
25:38.44North Kitsap
34.10Hadleigh Davis
25:41.66 PRInterlake
35.9Katherine Wade
25:45.61 SRBainbridge
36.9Mira Liu
25:49.97 SRInterlake
37.9Alison Wise
25:56.06 SRBainbridge
38.12Lauren Abrams
26:07.76 SRBainbridge
39.11Aria Lampi
26:21.77 SRSammamish
40.11Erin Byrne
26:22.50 SRInterlake
41.10Samantha Scott
26:29.57 SRBainbridge
42.10Anna Colando
26:32.01 SRNathan Hale
43.10Courtney Chaney
26:36.28 PRNathan Hale
44.9Natalie Posey
26:40.90 PRBellevue
45.Finlay Wahto
26:46.16Z PA Community Open
46.9Indigo Larson
26:50.92 PRBainbridge
47.Debbie Jo Rock
27:04.86Z PA Community Open
48.Sue Swanson
27:05.17Z PA Community Open
49.11Roya Hegdahl
27:06.64 PRSammamish
50.10Betty Vogeley
27:16.52 SRNathan Hale
51.9Kari Jessett
27:18.30 SRBellevue
52.9Jesslyn Lewis
27:18.68 SRNathan Hale
53.10Macy Walker
27:19.08 PRPort Angeles
54.Raelyn Lucas
27:19.45Z PA Community Open
55.9Dawn Liang
27:21.12 PRInterlake
56.11Faith Hamilton
57.9Felicidad Smith
27:24.44 SRNathan Hale
58.10Sanjana Dewan
27:28.85 PRInterlake
59.Dr. Pryne
27:34.92Z PA Community Open
60.12Kendell Sanson
27:36.19 PRBainbridge
61.Raychel McCarty
27:51.58Z PA Community Open
62.10Sylvia Woods
27:58.04 PRNathan Hale
63.10Danielle Shiach
28:50.68 SRBainbridge
64.9Sarah Adamek
29:41.80 PRNathan Hale
65.11Megan Sandstede
29:43.70North Kitsap
66.12Ashley Berninghaus
30:03.60 SRNorth Kitsap
67.12Kimberly Peterson
30:11.67 PRShelton
68.Alisandra Baccus
30:24.48Z PA Community Open
69.Jessica Baccus
30:26.16Z PA Community Open
70.10Kari Slotten
30:34.89North Kitsap
71.12Ciara Carlsen
30:47.30 PRForks
72.9Ashley Foster
31:15.79 PRShelton
73.Audra Perrizo
31:25.65Z PA Community Open
74.Hannah Little
31:26.11Z PA Community Open
75.12Melissa Algerio
31:36.14 PRKingston
76.Jackie Johnson
32:01.80Z PA Community Open
77.Madeline Beck
32:32.21Z PA Community Open
78.11Alissa Buchholz
33:23.86 PRSammamish
79.Mackenzie Cammack
34:12.18Z PA Community Open
80.Abby Beck
36:23.79Z PA Community Open
81.9July Bain
38:35.47 PRPort Angeles
82.Niki Wilke
38:35.47Z PA Community Open
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3 Mile Womens Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Holly Warendorf
21:27.53 SRBellevue
2.11Theo Fehsenfeld
22:04.14 SRBainbridge
4.10Cassidy Trevors
22:09.70 PRKingston
5.11Kallie Sullivan
22:18.73 PRBellevue
6.12Michaela Koke
22:27.75 PRNathan Hale
7.9Abby Morgan
22:28.72 PRBainbridge
8.12Natasha Way
22:39.52 SRNathan Hale
9.12Victoria Yuen
22:48.82 SRNathan Hale
10.10Alexis Burton
11.10Kendra Saathoff
22:56.57 SRBellevue
12.10Kate Jaffe
22:58.56 SRBainbridge
13.11Joli Holmes
23:01.80 SRBainbridge
14.10Julia Thomas
23:08.58 SRBainbridge
15.11Immy Hawley
23:17.46 SRBainbridge
16.10Rebecca Steiger
23:17.50 SRLynden Christian
17.9Madison Crittenden
23:46.61 PRBainbridge
18.10Hallie Chase
23:50.44 PRKingston
19.11Abbey Swanson
23:54.25 SRNorth Kitsap
20.9Anna Socha
24:00.94 SRNathan Hale
21.9Maria Rosari Ponce
24:02.14North Kitsap
22.9Annabeth Rodriguez
24:03.04 SRBellevue
23.10Lily Johnson
24:05.39Nathan Hale
24.9Lilian Raymond
24:08.88North Kitsap
25.11Alie Shipley
24:09.16 PRKentlake
26.11Alexis Torres-Dawson
24:12.12 PRBellevue
27.10Gwen LaFountaine
24:16.08 SROlympic
28.10Janice Rubbert
24:33.75 PRLynden Christian
28.10Cori Bolstad
24:33.98 SRKentlake
29.9Madison Eggerding
24:40.09 PRKentlake
30.11Lajoie Bradley
24:42.38 SRKingston
31.10Sara Cannarella
24:44.34North Kitsap
32.12Lena Easton-Calabria
24:45.32 PRNathan Hale
33.9Sarah Yaghmaee
24:52.10 SRBellevue
34.9Rachel Fry
25:08.99 PRBremerton
35.12Caitlin Morley
25:10.22 PRNathan Hale
36.11Sophia Wrench
25:12.18 SRBellevue
37.9Kimberly Anderson
25:27.79 SRAuburn
38.11Kimmy Williams
25:31.98 SRKentlake
39.11Eliane Medina
25:33.25 PRAuburn
40.12Julie Bolstad
26:08.32 PRKentlake
41.9Molly Champ- Gibson
26:12.92 SRAuburn
42.12Alyssa Ingham
26:23.65 SRAuburn
43.10Paige Heaps
26:28.34 SRKingston
44.10Krystal Jimenez
26:39.47 PRBremerton
45.9Rachel Holmes
26:40.68 PRKentlake
46.12Kayla Kirk
26:42.73 SRAuburn
47.12Melissa Ring
27:08.10 PROlympic
48.12Gabrielle Wilke
27:27.79 SRNorth Kitsap
49.12Lauren Leicht
27:49.21North Kitsap
50.10Erin Hennessey
27:52.49 SRPort Angeles
51.11Megan Perrizo
27:56.66 SRPort Angeles
52.12Nikka Badri
28:02.30 PRAuburn
53.11Shelley Highsmith
28:05.11 PRAuburn
54.12Kara Wages
55.12Stephanie Frei
35:07.84 SRBremerton
56.10Ivy Rodolf
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3 Mile Womens Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Marina Roberts
17:30.29 SRKingston
2.9Marissa Hielkema
18:12.83 PRLynden Christian
3.12Alison Maxwell
18:15.74 PRPort Angeles
4.11Summer Hanson
18:27.10 SRInterlake
5.12Rose Bishop
18:27.44 SRKingston
6.10Anna de Carteret
18:41.21 SRAuburn
7.12Lindsay Frederick
18:43.39 PRNathan Hale
8.10Reagan Colyer
19:03.52North Kitsap
9.9Kathleen Ramsey
19:04.97North Kitsap
10.10Nadia Lucas
19:13.38 SRInterlake
11.9Nikita Waghani
19:15.55 SRInterlake
12.12Sarah Robbins
19:17.04 PRKentlake
13.9Annie Roberts
19:25.70 SRKingston
14.12Brooke Niemann
19:27.05 PRInterlake
15.11Isabel Ferguson
19:28.51 SRBainbridge
16.11Josie Scruggs
19:36.46 SREvergreen (Vancouver)
17.11Eleanor Tansley
19:47.85 SRInterlake
18.10Melia Beckwith
19:52.14 SRKingston
19.10Julia Ellings
19:54.86 SRBellevue
20.11Vandan Kasar
20:02.66 SRBellevue
21.10Erika Lovas
20:04.20 PRBellevue
22.10Courtney Parker
20:06.04 SRBainbridge
23.12Catherine Sedy
20:13.62 PRNorth Kitsap
24.9Clara Lund
20:13.95North Kitsap
25.11Laynee Viniotis
20:14.62 SRSammamish
26.9Signe Lindquist
20:16.63 SRBainbridge
27.11Kelly Grant
20:24.98 PRAuburn
28.12Emily Kreifels
20:26.73 PRKlahowya
29.9Elaina Hitt
20:27.61 PREvergreen (Vancouver)
30.9Katrina Weinmann
20:28.04 SRNorth Kitsap
31.12Alana Langdon
20:30.76 PRShelton
32.9Alison Johnson
20:32.69 PRBremerton
33.12Courtney Odell
20:36.50 SRBainbridge
34.11Olivia Whidby
20:37.18 PRLake Washington
35.11Mackenzie Toher
20:40.56 SRLake Washington
36.12Kate Sibley
20:41.26 SREvergreen (Vancouver)
37.10Anna Misenti
20:42.49 PRBainbridge
38.9Annie Davis
20:43.43 SRInterlake
39.10Grace Hsieh
20:44.90 PRInterlake
40.11Sofi Grellner
41.11Megan Rogers
20:48.11 SRKentlake
42.10Bailey Nurmia
20:51.90 SRNathan Hale
43.11Pearl Terry
20:53.17 PRBainbridge
44.10Jessie Thoreson
20:53.71 SRNathan Hale
45.11Nicola Scutt
20:55.00 PRLake Washington
46.11Tiffany Eisenbach
20:56.77 SRBellevue
47.11Melissa Pitchford
21:08.45 PRKentlake
48.12Jamie Gladfelter
21:09.79 SRPort Angeles
49.11Lorin Ferris
21:12.02 PRBellevue
50.10Terra McGinnis
21:16.40 SRKentlake
51.12Kendall Rock
21:18.72North Kitsap
52.12Audrey Nordness
21:20.47 PRLake Washington
53.9Khason Politika
21:20.94 PRPort Angeles
54.11Elena Smith
21:21.71 SRNathan Hale
55.11Hannah Wahto
21:24.08 SRPort Angeles
56.11Alexis Neuman
21:25.15 SRBellevue
57.10Rebecca Frei
21:26.60 SRBremerton
58.12Jocelyn Pease
21:28.51 PROlympic
59.10Nicole Tom
21:29.34 PRBellevue
60.12Abbie Love
21:30.20 SRBainbridge
61.12Kelsey Wyre
21:34.69 PREvergreen (Vancouver)
62.11Liz Green
21:35.37 SRSammamish
63.10Veda Newton
21:36.05 SREvergreen (Vancouver)
64.11Nicole Kuntz
21:37.32 SRKentlake
65.10Anna Starr
21:37.70 SRAuburn
66.11Elisabeth Moriarty
21:47.86 PRPort Angeles
67.10Danica Dvorachek
21:51.60 PRLynden Christian
68.11Katie Vanden Bos
21:52.67 PRLynden Christian
69.11Ellie Phillips
21:54.83 SRNathan Hale
70.11Stephanie Simon
21:58.96 PREvergreen (Vancouver)
71.11Cass Busch
72.10Cailyn Crossland
22:12.34 SRKingston
73.12Cassie Summers
22:17.90 PREvergreen (Vancouver)
74.9Rita Thorsen
22:24.66 PRNathan Hale
75.10Emily Visser
22:26.34 SRLynden Christian
76.9Kelsey Albaugh
22:35.51 PRShelton
77.12Kristy Nahley
22:37.78 SRShelton
78.11Kelsey Vander Veen
22:39.73Lynden Christian
79.11Michelle Gordon
22:40.05 SRKentlake
80.10Sarah Wahl
22:46.10 PRKingston
81.11Kara Ikeda
22:46.62 SRKentlake
82.9Tova Houck
22:48.06 SRKingston
83.12Mia Unrein
22:55.06 PRLynden Christian
84.11Nicole Cramer
23:06.66 PRAuburn
85.12Alexis Moore
23:07.00 SRAuburn
86.12Lauren Richardson
87.12Liza Snyder
23:25.51North Kitsap
88.9Madeleine Jones
23:36.26 SRAuburn
89.11Heather Danielson
90.9Morgan Mitchell
24:07.45 PRShelton
91.10Megan Gustafson
24:51.39 PRPort Angeles
92.10Elizabeth Quintana
93.11Katherine Dacko
26:10.34 SRPort Angeles
94.12Jamie Cantin
26:17.29North Mason
95.12Alexis Baynes
26:24.13North Mason
96.10Kate Talotta
97.10Bonnie Casper
98.11Ashley Nelson
28:45.13 PRNorth Mason
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