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Mens Races
2.42 Mile Freshman
2.42 Mile Junior Varsity
2.42 Mile Varsity
2.42 Mile Sophomore
Womens Races
2.42 Mile Junior Varsity
2.42 Mile Varsity
2.42 Mile Frosh/Soph

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Mens Results

2.42 Mile Freshman

22.9Rudy Suchil
15:48 PRJesuit
13.9Gautam Sowda
15:52 PRLeland
29.9Jack Richardson
16:04 PRJesuit
34.9Will Androvich
16:18 PRJesuit
21.9Zach Nollette
16:24 PRLeland
44.9Christopher Sommers
16:33 PRJesuit
50.9Ned Geeslin
16:52 PRSan Francisco Univer...
63.9Logan Day
17:10 PRJesuit
64.9Chris Graff
17:12 PRJesuit
17.9Austin Neri
17:18 PRSan Francisco Univer...
70.9Andrew Barney
17:19 PRCastro Valley
71.9McClane Sjolund
17:23 PRJesuit
74.9Lindsay Deffarges
17:26 PRSan Francisco Univer...
82.9Vince Verspieren
17:41 PRJesuit
85.9Jack Tannenbaum
17:46 PRSan Francisco Univer...Injured Toe
86.9Ian Wilson
17:47 PRSan Francisco Univer...
89.9Caleb Eddy
18:04 PRJesuit
90.9Tanner Leon
18:07 PRJesuit
77.9Collin Mielke
18:13 PRLeland
79.9Ross McFadyen
18:40 PRLeland
98.9Felix Le
18:40 PRCastro Valley
100.9Nathan Owyang
18:47 PRCastro Valley
82.9Shane Smith
18:48 PRLeland
106.9Alex Wilson
19:07 PRCastro Valley
106.9Marshall Elliott
19:11 PRJesuit
113.9Drew Standriff
19:42 PRJesuit
95.9Eric Bender
19:47 PRLeland
116.9Patrick Sapunor
20:15 PRJesuit
120.9Mark Lerner
21:20 PRSan Francisco Univer...
132.9Jerry Lue
26:48 PRLeland
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2.42 Mile Junior Varsity

5.12Justin Brown-Piniz...
15:12 PRJesuit
8.12Andrew Burrows
15:43 PRJesuit
16.11Chris Medina
16:14 PRJesuit
17.11Tim Jones
16:15 PRJesuit
23.11Travis Mattas
16:42 PRCastro Valley
35.12Jeremy Verke
16:56 PRJesuit
44.11Robert Barney
17:08 PRCastro Valley
46.11Jay Yu
17:18 PRCastro Valley
47.12Zach McPherson
17:20 PRJesuit
55.11Will Danforth
17:40 PRSan Francisco Univer...
40.11Connor Mahoney
17:51 PRLeland
71.12Jeremiah Ziebert
18:21 PRJesuit
72.12Ian Tsurumoto
18:30 PRCastro Valley
73.11Brian Zhang
18:31 PRCastro Valley
83.12Kwame Hudson
18:53 PRCastro Valley
87.11Timo Bitterli
19:48 PRLeland
102.12Joey Pardini
19:55 PRJesuit
104.11Nicholas Leonardo
20:38 PRCastro Valley
113.11Steven Park
21:43 PRCastro Valley
115.12Dave Carter
21:54 PRCastro Valley
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2.42 Mile Varsity

1.10Richard Ho
13:16 PRLeland
2.12Cormac McCullaugh
13:19 PRJesuit
3.12Ned Tannenbaum
13:23 PRSan Francisco Univer...
9.12Joe Mahoney
13:56 PRJesuit
11.9Tristyn Martin
14:01 PRJesuit
12.12Drew Azevedo
14:02 PRLeland
13.12Colton Misono
14:04 PRJesuit
17.11Duncan Hosie
14:17 PRSan Francisco Univer...
19.10James Burton
14:20 PRSan Francisco Univer...
21.11Luke Gary
14:28 PRJesuit
23.10Chris Goode
14:32 PRJesuit
36.12Sulayman Diomande
14:51 PRCastro Valley
53.11Sean Flaherty
15:22 PRLeland
62.11Eshed Margalit
15:38 PRCastro Valley
71.10Will Dolan
15:52 PRSan Francisco Univer...
74.12Ben Davis
15:57 PRCastro Valley
77.10Liam Gallivan
16:03 PRSan Francisco Univer...
80.11Arad Margalit
16:06 PRCastro Valley
85.11Andrew Coulter
16:14 PRCastro Valley
98.10Daara Jalili
16:35 PRSan Francisco Univer...
104.12Juan Berman
16:48 PRCastro Valley
112.11Andrew Finn
17:11 PRSan Francisco Univer...
113.12Greg Owyang
17:15 PRCastro Valley
146.12Jacob Bartenhagen
19:59 PRLeland
10Connor Clark
San Francisco Univer...Injured
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2.42 Mile Sophomore

8.10Jacob Calvillo
14:58 PRLeland
9.10Jack Hu
15:01 PRCastro Valley
10.10Sam Stoll
15:02 PRJesuit
13.10Greg Woollgar
15:13 PRJesuit
21.10Matthew Eva
15:31 PRCastro Valley
22.10Flavio Medrano
15:31 PRJesuit
24.10Brandon Arias
15:34 PRCastro Valley
33.10Spencer Jensen
15:56 PRJesuit
45.10Austin Burrows
16:27 PRJesuit
48.10Scott Mill
16:35 PRCastro Valley
35.10Frank Wang
16:37 PRLeland
49.10Alvin Lin
16:37 PRCastro Valley
57.10Daniel Nourot
16:54 PRCastro Valley
65.10Alex Fong
17:14 PRCastro Valley
54.10Alex Gilbert
17:17 PRLeland
68.10Jacob Orlowicz
17:59 PRLeland
76.10Imran Meskienyar
17:59 PRCastro Valley
72.10Jacob Humphreys
18:14 PRLeland
80.10Leonardo Chan
18:24 PRLeland
84.10Jeremy Dang
18:27 PRCastro Valley
110.10Hareesh Iyer
19:26 PRLeland
120.10Nicholas Riqueros
20:09 PRLeland
126.10Thor Pedersen
20:38 PRLeland
108.10Max Schmidt
21:15 PRJesuit
132.10Dylan Lawrence
21:53 PRLeland
133.10Alexander Narayanan
21:53.1 PRLeland
145.10Marek Moreno
25:24 PRLeland
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Womens Results

2.42 Mile Junior Varsity

27.12Amanda Kielian
21:00 PRMercy (Burlingame)
42.11Kate Gridley
22:23 PRSan Francisco Univer...
49.12Erica Maldonado
22:39 PRMercy (Burlingame)
44.12Schuyler Schwartz
22:41 PRSan Francisco Univer...
52.11Jacquelyn Colman
23:11 PRLeland
73.11Colleen Hoskins
25:02 PRMercy (Burlingame)
82.12Taimane Tuiasosopo
25:55 PRMercy (Burlingame)
88.12Hannah O'Brien
26:30 PRMercy (Burlingame)
90.11Andrea Rodriguez
26:43 PRMercy (Burlingame)
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2.42 Mile Varsity

1.11Holland Reynolds
15:40 PRSan Francisco Univer...
4.11Bridget Blum
16:36 PRSan Francisco Univer...
35.11Samantha Fong
18:23 PRCastro Valley
36.10Lizzy Teerlink
18:24 PRSan Francisco Univer...
43.11Emily Reddish
18:43 PRGolden Sierra
46.10Jamie Kerester
18:45 PRSan Francisco Univer...
50.10Charlotte Young
18:55 PRSan Francisco Univer...
47.12Megan Harston
18:58 PRGolden Sierra
58.11Amanda Zen
19:17 PRCastro Valley
61.11Aurora Bailey
19:23 PRCastro Valley
62.12Carolyn Gilchriese
19:30 PRCastro Valley
84.12Tessa Piccillo
20:37 PRCastro Valley
88.11Lauren Little
20:53 PRGolden Sierra
101.10Kiki Hosie
21:31 PRSan Francisco Univer...
102.12Nghi Le
21:32 PRCastro Valley
124.12Gwen Brown
27:52 PRGolden Sierra
125.9Kadee Felton
30:02 PRGolden Sierra
12Taylor Amato
Golden Sierradnf
10Jennie Callan
San Francisco Univer...Injured
12Adrian Kerester
San Francisco Univer...Soccer
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2.42 Mile Frosh/Soph

2.10Alyssa Johnson
16:20 PRLeland
5.9Dominique Chan
17:24 PRLeland
15.10Rebecca Horpel
18:19 PRCastro Valley
25.9Mohini Narasimhan
19:04 PRLeland
27.10Sara Delucchi
19:27 PRMercy (Burlingame)
30.9Alissa Huntington
19:32 PRSan Francisco Univer...
42.10Sarah Tanase
20:15 PRLeland
48.10Jordan Chase
20:23 PRMercy (Burlingame)
52.10Dakota Kramer
20:54 PRCastro Valley
68.10Jennifer Foot
20:59 PRLeland
54.10Melissa Poon
21:10 PRCastro Valley
59.9Kaylin Hui
21:44 PRCastro Valley
87.9Ruth Colom
21:58 PRMercy (Burlingame)
69.10Liana Mukha
22:10 PRCastro Valley
100.9Penina Tuiasosopo
22:34 PRMercy (Burlingame)
117.10Rebecca Lee
23:23 PRLeland
126.9Jennifer Valladares
24:17 PRMercy (Burlingame)
139.9April Bartenhagen
25:17 PRLeland
145.9Delenne Franco
25:51 PRMercy (Burlingame)
9Julie Wultanski
Castro ValleyDNF
9Alana Zack
San Francisco Univer...Basketball
9Sydney Locksley
San Francisco Univer...Soccer
9Morgan Locksley
San Francisco Univer...Soccer
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