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Mens Races

Westmoor HS

2.4 Miles Frosh
2.4 Miles Sophs
2.4 Miles Varsity
0 Miles
Womens Races

Westmoor HS

2.4 Miles Varsity
2.4 Miles F/S Girls
2.4 Mile Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

2.4 Miles Frosh

9Henry Stroud
14:35 PRJesuit
9Perry Hansen
14:38 SRJesuit
9Danny Diaz
14:40 PRJesuit
9Samuel Wilson
14:46 SRJesuit
9.9Ben Hu
15:00 SRLelandMedaled
9Eric Frame
15:28 SRJesuit
9Justin Lobo
15:39 SRJesuit
23.9Sean O'Malley
15:53 PRLelandMedaled
26.9Ingar Wang
15:58 PRLeland
9Charlie Stevens
16:10 SRJesuit
9Steven Crayne
16:27 SRJesuit
9Wesley Nanjo
16:53 PRJesuit
9Cameron Skreden
16:57 SRJesuit
9Neil Barth
16:59 SRJesuit
66.9Ravi Gupta
17:50 PRLeland
70.9San Pandey
18:08 PRLeland
77.9James Nguyen
18:24 PRLeland
80.9Paul Kim
18:34 PRLeland
83.9Alex Ehler
18:52 PRLeland
85.9Stephen Ng
18:59 PRLeland
95.9Paul Medlin
20:53 PRLeland
98.9Josh Carreon
23:48 PRLeland
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2.4 Miles Sophs

1.10Matt Vera
13:39 SRLelandMedaled
2.10Frank Gao
13:47 PRLelandMedaled
5.10Joel Ayala
14:04 PRLelandMedaled
13.10Braden Kolte
14:25 PRLelandMedaled
15.10Tony Gerbino
14:31 PRLelandMedaled
28.10Ryan Hirahara
15:05 SRLelandMedaled
10Erick Bajamundi
15:09 PRJesuit
10Pat O'Brien
15:38 PRJesuit
10Blake Formanek
15:41 SRJesuit
10Nick Csicsery
15:52 SRJesuit
57.10Guido Spanjaart
16:07 PRLelandMedaled
68.10Alex Tom
16:23 PRLeland
10Blake Carr
16:35 PRJesuit
77.10Matt LaRochelle
16:53 SRLeland
80.10Louis Carleton
16:58 SRLeland
82.10Andrew Silverman
17:04 PRLeland
85.10Patrick O'Malley
17:16 PRLeland
9Robert Bonner
17:17 PRJesuit
99.10Chris Chih
17:46 PRLeland
10Ryan Feeney
17:49 PRJesuit
100.10John Lee
17:49 PRLeland
108.10Dustin Tao
18:07 PRLeland
111.10Chris Coutinho
18:15 PRLeland
120.10Joshua Pi
19:14 PRLeland
10Mark Miller
21:04 SRJesuit
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2.4 Miles Varsity

12Joe Krtil
13:40 PRJesuit
10Bryce Yee
13:56 PRJesuit
11Charles Calkin
14:02 PRJesuit
12Sam McCrimons
14:11 PRJesuit
10Joseph Illustrisimo
14:15 PRJesuit
12Justin Velez
14:20 PRJesuit
11Ian Dougherty
14:46 PRJesuit
12Jon Deutsche
15:00 PRJesuit
144.11Alex Powell
15:59 SRLeland
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0 Miles

5.12James Vasquez
14:31 PRJesuit
20.12Zach Kesthely
15:06 PRJesuit
11Michael Whisenand
15:09 PRJesuit
12Ian Manza
16:08 PRJesuit
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