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1.9 Mile JV and Varsity

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Mens Results

1.9 Mile JV and Varsity

12Nicholas Schippers
9:54 PRKingston
12Daniel Hansen
9:57 PRNorth Kitsap
12Austin Cherry
10:01 PRKingston
12Chad Trask
10:37 PRKingston
11Kyle Ramsey
10:38 PRNorth Kitsap
11Dane Ballou
10:40 PRKlahowya
10Ian Christen
10:44 SRNorth Kitsap
10.12Alex Graeber
10:45 PRNorth Mason
10Nicholas Boles
10:46 SRKingston
13.12Zachary Jenson
10:48 PRNorth Mason
12Jacob Neubert
10:55 PRKlahowya
12Zackery Weber
10:56 PRCentral Kitsap
11Michael Thorsen
10:56 PRCentral Kitsap
17.10Russell Melin
10:57 SRCrosspoint
11Kenny Hata
10:59 PRKlahowya
11Sam Zimmerman
10:59 PRNorth Kitsap
11Jared Sell
11:00 PRKlahowya
11Keith Ryan
11:05 PRKlahowya
12Jack Wall
11:10 PRNorth Kitsap
11Kameron Ashley
11:13 PRKingston
11Wade Doty
11:13 PRKingston
12Derris Davis
11:14 PRKlahowya
10Mike Ward
11:16 SRKlahowya
10Benjamin Kunkel
11:17 PRCentral Kitsap
12Alex Cook
11:17 PRNorth Kitsap
10Lucas Thompson
11:19 SRKingston
10Jacob Rasely
11:20 SRKingston
10Hans Schippers
11:20 PRKingston
10Anthony Woelke
11:21 SRKingston
11Samuel Bailey
11:22 PRCentral Kitsap
11Sam Williams
11:25 PRCentral Kitsap
12Matt Turley
11:27 PRNorth Kitsap
10Thomas Gill
11:29 SRKingston
40.11Brian McCarty
11:30 PRNorth Mason
10Devon Jacob
11:31 PRKingston
42.12Michael Mcgee
11:31 PRNorth Mason
10Ross Burk
11:33 SRKingston
11Jeremy Felty
11:33 PRKlahowya
11David Daigle
11:33 SRNorth Kitsap
11David Young
11:34 PRCentral Kitsap
11Brandon Carlson
11:38 PRCentral Kitsap
10Justin McAlister
11:38 PRCentral Kitsap
12Zane Ravenholt
11:40 PRKingston
10Nicholas Thibault
11:44 SRKingston
10Cooper Wall
11:44 SRNorth Kitsap
10Egan Dunning
11:46 SRKlahowya
10Drew Guertin
11:48 PRCentral Kitsap
53.10Jonathan Day
11:49 SRNorth Mason
10Jon Kunkel
11:50 PRCentral Kitsap
11John Murphy
11:56 PRNorth Kitsap
57.10Mikal Pattee
11:57 SRCrosspoint
11Royce Ramos
11:58 PRCentral Kitsap
11Cody Jennings
11:58 PRKingston
12Jake Kvistad
11:58 PRKingston
12Jakob Haws
11:59 PRNorth Kitsap
63.12Joe Wiltz
12:06 PRCrosspoint
10Nicholas Vasquez
12:07 PRCentral Kitsap
10Josh Wyllie
12:07 PRCentral Kitsap
11Forrest Taylor
12:11 PRKingston
9Joel Corlew
12:12 PRCentral Kitsap
9Samuel Murdock
12:12 PRKingston
11Nicholas Stevens
12:17 PRKingston
12Zak Gormanson
12:19 PRKingston
10Taylor Reid
12:23 SRNorth Kitsap
74.11Joel Ferguson
12:32 PRNorth Mason
11Adam Kirstein
12:34 SRKingston
9Nicholas Fogg
12:38 PRKingston
12Corey Nelson
12:38 PRNorth Kitsap
10Connor Veach
12:40 PRKlahowya
12Christian Nalley
12:43 PRCentral Kitsap
10Michael McPherson
12:44 SRNorth Kitsap
9Kevin Fox
12:45 SRKingston
84.11Will Crummey
12:48 PRNorth Mason
9Christian Lovelace
12:50 PRNorth Kitsap
11Eliot Orando
12:51 PRCentral Kitsap
10Sam Neubert
12:52 PRKlahowya
10Zachary Caldwell
12:55 PRKingston
11Cam Winger
12:57 PRCentral Kitsap
12Nehemiah Salo
12:58 PRKlahowya
10Timothy Woodworth
13:01 PRCentral Kitsap
92.10John Reichel
13:02 SRCrosspoint
10David Bofinger
13:03 PRCentral Kitsap
11Jack Murdock
13:04 PRKingston
11Brandon Brink
13:05 PRCentral Kitsap
11Trevor Waller
13:06 PRNorth Kitsap
10Dylan Szerlog
13:10 SRKingston
12Jake Mahaffay
13:10 PRKlahowya
9George Liu
13:13 PRCentral Kitsap
9Joel Houpt
13:15 PRNorth Kitsap
9Alex Waddell
13:16 PRNorth Kitsap
12Ygnacio Waring-Enr...
13:19 PRKingstonOpen
9John Griffin
13:20 SRKingston
9Lucas Hughes
13:22 SRKingstonOpen
10Chey Hards-Lane
13:25 PRKlahowya
10Scott Leeming
13:26 PRNorth Kitsap
10Tim Keller
13:27 PRKingston
11Peter Wahl
13:28 SRKingston
9Stephen Houck
13:29 SRKingston
10Ansel Hartman
13:31 SRKingstonOpen
12Dean Belcher
13:36 PRKingston
11Truman Elder
13:42 PRCentral Kitsap
11Joseph Santos
13:46 PRCentral Kitsap
116.9Matt Zink
13:50 PRNorth Mason
10Marvin Robles
13:54 SRKingstonOpen
11Chaz Zacharof
13:54 PRKingstonOpen
10Joshua Conner
14:05 PRNorth Kitsap
9Jameson Bruce
14:08 SRKingston
11James Crow
14:19 PRKlahowya
9Caleb Baird
14:22 PRKlahowya
9Colton Kendall
14:25 PRKlahowya
10Darien West
14:26 PRNorth Kitsap
125.9DJ Degnan
14:28 SRCrosspoint
126.11Jason Zink
14:32 PRNorth Mason
11Charles Wallace
15:01 PRCentral Kitsap
12Matthew Spencer
15:06 PRNorth Kitsap
9Tyler Kessler
15:13 SRKlahowya
12Kyle Noyer
15:14 PRCentral Kitsap
11Theodore Shisler
15:20 PRNorth Kitsap
132.12Jimmy Prehm
15:21 PRCrosspoint
12David Woodard
15:26 PRCentral Kitsap
9Parker Veach
18:02 PRKlahowya
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Womens Results

1.9 Mile JV and Varsity

11Marina Roberts
11:17 SRKingston
12Rose Bishop
11:42 PRKingston
10Reagan Colyer
11:53 SRNorth Kitsap
9Annie Roberts
12:13 PRKingston
10Melia Beckwith
12:29 PRKingston
9Kathleen Ramsey
12:29 SRNorth Kitsap
12Catherine Sedy
12:46 PRNorth Kitsap
9Sarah Zimmerman
12:54 PRNorth Kitsap
11Becca Cates
12:55 PRNorth Kitsap
9Katrina Weinmann
13:04 SRNorth Kitsap
9Clara Lund
13:09 SRNorth Kitsap
12Kendall Rock
13:09 PRNorth Kitsap
12Emily Kreifels
13:22 PRKlahowya
9Rose Christen
13:23 PRCentral Kitsap
11Sofi Grellner
13:46 PRKlahowya
10Krista Holden
13:54 PRCentral Kitsap
12Gee Mi Jorde
13:56 PRCentral Kitsap
9Sophie Carroll
13:59 PRCentral Kitsap
10Sarah Wahl
14:05 PRKingston
12Ashley Gardipe
14:10 PRCentral Kitsap
10Cailyn Crossland
14:10 SRKingston
11Liana Merrill
14:13 PRCentral Kitsap
11Kelsey Rico
14:15 PRCentral Kitsap
9Tova Houck
14:19 PRKingston
12Ashley Field
14:21 PRCentral Kitsap
10Cassidy Trevors
14:27 PRKingston
12Liza Snyder
14:36 PRNorth Kitsap
11April McCabe
14:41 SRNorth Kitsap
10Hailey Brennan
14:44 PRCentral Kitsap
11Abbey Swanson
14:48 PRNorth Kitsap
11Taylor Cox
15:08 PRCentral Kitsap
12Brianna Bofinger
15:09 PRCentral Kitsap
10Valerie Miller
15:09 PRNorth Kitsap
11Lindsey Wicklein
15:17 PRKingston
9Maria Rosari Ponce
15:21 PRNorth Kitsap
9Lilian Raymond
15:45 SRNorth Kitsap
11Lajoie Bradley
15:57 PRKingston
10Sara Cannarella
15:58 SRNorth Kitsap
12Megan Brown
16:19 PRCentral Kitsap
10Paige Heaps
16:22 PRKingston
9Brianna Durkin
16:34 PRNorth Kitsap
47.12Jamie Cantin
16:35 PRNorth Mason
9Emily Wyma
16:38 PRCentral Kitsap
12Amanda Clark
16:44 PRCentral Kitsap
12Gabrielle Wilke
16:51 PRNorth Kitsap
11Maggie Snaza
17:01 PRKingston
53.11Faith Hamilton
17:06 PRCrosspoint
12Lauren Leicht
17:28 PRNorth Kitsap
10Ivy Rodolf
18:18 SRKingston
11Shannon Olson
18:19 PRCentral Kitsap
12Ashley Berninghaus
18:51 PRNorth Kitsap
61.11Ashley Nelson
19:02 PRNorth Mason
10Briana Drennon
19:12 PRCentral Kitsap
11Janessa Vonscheele
19:55 PRKlahowya
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