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5,000 Meters Varsity
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Bear Lake Invitational

5,000 Meters Varsity
2,500 Meters Middle School

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

12Joshua Call
17:47 PRStar Valley
12Jared Inskeep
18:02Star Valley
10David Livingston
18:18Star Valley
5.11Cody Moore
18:37Soda Springs
6.11Coby Young
18:40Soda Springs
11Michael Rider
18:50Star Valley
11Mike Rider
18:50 SRStar Valley
11Justin Belk
18:55Snake River
11Ernie Whitworth
18:56Snake River
12Nathan Merritt
18:57Star Valley
12.12Micah Bowman
19:15Soda Springs
10Grant Cameron
19:35Star Valley
14.12Aaron Peterson
19:37Soda Springs
9Zachery Dubisz
19:39Star Valley
12Brandon Anglesey
19:48Star Valley
19.12Devin Fullmer
19:58Soda Springs
20.11Austin Schmitzer
20:00Soda Springs
21.9Logan Young
20:05Soda Springs
10Ben Sabat
20:10Star Valley
12Logan Christensen
20:14Star Valley
10Gabe Waldron
20:16Star Valley
10Mitch Heap
20:20 PRStar Valley
10Kody Shaw
11Ben McArthur
20:29Star Valley
29.11J.D. Bailey
20:31Soda Springs
10Kai Baldwin
20:39Snake River
31.11Caden Steele
20:43Soda Springs
10Joseph Fife
20:44Snake River
9Kaden Hall
20:44 PRStar Valley
34.10Steven Torgesen
21:09Soda Springs
11Jake Andersen
21:16Snake River
11Jeff Hansen
21:18Snake River
39.11Domini Camptell
21:50Soda Springs
40.12Jesse Villines
21:59Soda Springs
9James Whittier
22:33Snake River
12Zeke Zeller
10Jackson Stokes
22:56Snake River
9Coulton Hirschi
23:14Star Valley
48.9Beau Poulsen
23:26Soda Springs
9Kobe Nelson
52.11Wesley Clark
23:46Soda Springs
53.12Jack James
24:04Soda Springs
12Ammon Boone
54.12Seth Stoor
24:25Soda Springs
9Joey Winjum
9Caleb Williams
26:30Snake River
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2,500 Meters Middle School

1.7Joseph Van Orden
8:10 PRSnake River
2.8Josh Bowman
8:19 PRSoda Springs
4.7Wyatt Smith
8:32 PRSoda Springs
6.7Joshua Balls
8:40 SRSoda Springs
9.7Cameron Walker
8:47 PRSoda Springs
11.7Dima Kimball
8:53 PRSoda Springs
13.7Garet Cunningham
8:57 SRSoda Springs
15.-Will Kress
9:27 SRSoda Springs
16.-Stephen Medina
9:31 PRSoda Springs
7Rad Smith
9:40 PRRirie
20.7Hyrum Brown
9:40 SRSoda Springs
22.6Kase Griffiths
9:46 PRSoda Springs
25.7Kaden Brown
10:09 PRSoda Springs
27.6Chris Walker
10:39 SRSoda Springs
7Paul Landon
13:57 SRRirie
39.6Dallin Seyfried
14:50 SRSoda Springs
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

10Hailey Ricks
20:09Star Valley
11Brittney Nethercott
20:26Star Valley
11Brooke Nethercott
20:47Star Valley
5.12Quincie Clark
21:18Soda Springs
6.9Kelsey Yamauchi
21:19Soda Springs
8.9Hannah Farnes
21:55Soda Springs
9.9Geneva Plakke
21:56Soda Springs
10.9Anndee Neuman
21:59Soda Springs
11.11Dominique Froehlich
22:03Soda Springs
12Abby McArthur
22:30Star Valley
13.9Hailey Call
22:42Soda Springs
14.9Jamie Nielsen
22:46Soda Springs
11Ashley Hall
22:55Star Valley
16.12Janalee Berg
23:10Soda Springs
9Quincy Van Orden
23:16Snake River
18.9Sydney Clark
23:31Soda Springs
9Jessica Woodford
23:47Star Valley
9Dakota Bateman
23:50Star Valley
11Christy Clinger
24:29Star Valley
10Meredith Wells
24:36Star Valley
11Sydney Robinson
24:37Star Valley
9Olivia Anderson
25:21Snake River
10Erin McBride
25:25Star Valley
11Bailey Smith
12Lacey Hokansen
25:32Snake River
10Elisha Mabey
10Kimille Furniss
25:58Snake River
11Kaelie Teeter
12Joana Kordt
27:02Snake River
10Zandi Chamberlain
27:08Star Valley
10Rebecca Ryan
27:15Star Valley
10Hailee Linsenmann
12Chelsie Hawker
28:14Snake River
10Lindsey Christensen
28:47Star Valley
11Cassie Albertson
28:57Snake River
10Jessie Albertson
29:41Snake River
10Nicole Moon
30:09Snake River
10Alicia Larsen
10Jenna Weekes
10Ivy Myers
31:11Star Valley
9Rachel McArthur
32:23Star Valley
54.12Justine Harris
32:31Soda Springs
10Moriah Peterson
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2,500 Meters Middle School

1.8Genny Joe McCullough
9:06 PRSoda Springs
3.6Alexa White
9:15 SRSoda Springs
4.-Mary Ann Barker
9:29 SRSoda Springs
6.8Chelsey Rasmussen
9:49 PRSoda Springs
11.-Kendra Froehlich
10:06 SRSoda Springs
8Bailey Marion
10:23 PRRirie
16.-Kali Petersen
10:44 SRSoda Springs
19.7Sierra Woods
10:48 PRSoda Springs
21.8Lauren Worthington
11:03 PRSoda Springs
25.-Kiersten Rasmussen
11:15 SRSoda Springs
29.7Callie Gronning
11:22 PRSoda Springs
34.8Sidney Harris
14:20Soda Springs
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